The Pirate Guys* in action

The Pirate Guys

* and friends

Cap'n Slappy (left) an' Ol' Chumbucket (right) ham it up with fans at California's Twisted Oak Winery, August 2005

Team Pirate on TLAPD 2003 Meeting Cracked Carrie Pirates in Las Vegas The Pirate King!
The book release party Riding the Duck Cap'n Slappy and Peanut Pirate dad
Two generations o' pirates Team Pirateo n TLAPD 2004 The morning after Borders book signing
Police pirate An OSU Pirate fan Those crazy college kids Ridley, Dave and a Guy
The guys at Pirates of the Caribbean Interactive Cap'n Slappy and kids at POTCI The Ship Ashore in Smith River, Calif. Leading the Slappy Rap in California
Seattle Seafair 2005 Seattle Seafair Gold Arrow Camp Twisted Oak

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