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Ridley Pearson, Dave Barry and a Guy. We'll let Ol' Chumbucket tell it: "For those who have purchased our book (and God love ya for doing so!) I have an editing assignment. Get out yer blue pencils and delete the references to the fact that we've never met Dave Barry, our Close Personal Friend and Winner of the Pulitzer Prize. Because on Friday, Sept. 24, I did just that! OK, Slappy didn't, because he was still feeling the effects of our celebration the previous weekend. But Mad Sally, the Official Lusty Pirate Wench and I, traveled up to Portland to see Dave and Ridley Pearson, his co-author (and officially Our New Best Pal) read from their new book, "Peter and the Starcatchers."

" It was a fun presentation, and afterwards we got to meet Dave. What a great guy! His charm is that he's just a normal guy, very funny, but of course he's not. He's Dave Freakin' Barry! But he couldn't have been more generous, more pleasant, more like a guy."