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Just before International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2014!

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Avast, me hearties!

Welcome to the one and only, official, accept-no-substitutes International Talk Like A Pirate Day Web site.

Ever since Dave Barry mentioned us in his nationally syndicated newspaper column in 2002, what once was a goofy idea celebrated by a handful of friends has turned into an international phenomenon that shows no sign of letting up. Whether you be new to the notion, or one of the millions who've made it your own personal excuse to party like pirates every September 19th, welcome! Stick around, check out our social media sites, an' learn all about September 19 - International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

What's new?

Are ye ready for International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2014?

After a few years of shoehorning celebrations into weekdays, we're delighted that the calendar has rolled back around to give us a Friday TLAPD - a date that should please the junior pirates (and their teachers) and the "grown-ups" alike!

There's still time to plan yer celebrations, mates, and when ye know what ye're doin' (and where - that's kinda important for the map), let us know! And be sure to follow us on Facebook for the most up-to-the-minute pirattitude and hijinks, year 'round!

The Googly Map o' Pirate Fun

The new GoogleMaps interface isn't displaying our cool X-marks-the-spot icons in our custom map, but ye can still see links to the parrrrties, fund-raisers, pub crawls, and other fun people around the world have planned for ITLAPD this year - or at least the ones they've told us about. Want yours added? Send brief details - including a geographic location - to the Webwench. Online events, promotions, broadcasts, media mentions, and other festivities that lack a physical location can be seen here. Have trouble viewin' the map? Try clearin' yer browser cache. Otherwise, ye can see the whole thing - only without the nice treasure map interface - on Google Maps.

Thanks and a tip of our pirate hats to Sean Hasselback for the arrrrsome custom pirate version of our GoogleMapThing.

News from Team Pirate

The Chumbuckets are rampagin in N'Awlins; Cap'n Slappy's been shuttling between LA (for more pirate ink) and Oregon, and the Webwench is ponderin' modernizin' the site ... but not too much ... sometime Real Soon Now..

Check out the OfficialWench's videos on the official Talk Like A Pirate Day YouTube channel: How to Dress Like A Pirate (On the Cheap!) might be useful at this time o' year!!

Social Pirattitude

Team Pirate has ports o'call on:

  • Facebook: Check out our Facebook Page - more than 76,000 fans strong!
  • Twitter: Cap'n Slappy tweets, under "thecapnslappy" - and ye can now read his latest tweets over on the Ask Cap'n Slappy page, too!
  • Flickr: We have both a gallarrrry o' photos our fans have sent us and a Flickr group where ye can post yer own.
  • Curious about how a middle-class family from Oregon is livin' the pirate's life? Follow the adventures of the Chumbucket clan in their renamed blog, Bayou Time.
  • YouTube, via the Official Wench's channel (see below)
  • And fer the retro amongst ye, MySpace. Although we don't do much with that page any more.

You'll still find the best, most complete news about Talk Like A Pirate Day right here on our Web site, including:

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The Official Talk Like A Pirate Day Song, by Tom Smith
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Welcome aboard, mates; roam around an' let us know what ye think.

-- Mark "Cap'n Slappy" Summers, John "Ol' Chumbucket" Baur
Tori "Mad Sally" Baur
(and Pat "Jezebel" Kight, too)