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Ol' Chumbucket, ed.
ISSUE NO. 101, Sept. 19, 2012
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Today Is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

In this issue:



As if ye didn't know! We've been havin' a grand time, talkin' to radio audiences from Perth to Pennsylvania and all ports in between! Our website has been busy as a crew of buccaneers let loose in a harbor town. It's been so busy we broke the map! The Web Wench had to make some adjustments to the Calend-Aarrr! and what ye see right now is not the usual grand pirate chart, but the more common Googly map. Still, if it's piratey adventures yer lookin' for, the map is the place to go!

According to the metrics she floated our way, we've been getting 1,900 visitors every second! That's every SECOND! And you know how many seconds there are in a day? A lot, that's how many!

Ten years we've been babbling like buccaneers every Sept. 19 and it doesn't look like the wind is leavin' our sails anytime soon. THANK YOU to all who have made the holiday the unexpected phenomena it is. What a joy to number all of ye in our crew!

And the winner is ...

It was a tough decision. The difference between first and second was just a hair. But we are ready to announce it.

The winners of the International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2012 Video Contest are –

The Arizona Corsairs! In the end, what gives them the nod is that they thought outside the box. They were the only entry the sort of tried to tell a story. Great job, and the little jig-dancing bit towards the end was just terrific!

You can see the winner at:

Second place, by the thinnest of margins, goes to:

The Jade Dragon Pirates of British Columbia. Theirs was one of the entries that married the music with "scrapbook" type images of pirates at play during festivals. What lifted the Canadian's entry is, this group had sword fights! And cannons! And just generally, they looked like one of the most entertaining group of marauding merrymakers I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot! With a lot of well-rehearsed schtick. If I ever get back up in your neck of the woods, you're a crew I'd be proud to pirate with!

Their entry is at

Also notable was the entry by Lady Dawn Carabas, which started great, but was a little Fellini-esque – or perhaps Feline-iesque would be a better description. But an awesome opening. And it was certainly interesting. You'll find it at

All the entries have something to recommend them, and ALL of them show people havin' fun, dressed and swaggering like pirates! You can find them all on youtube by searching for ITLAPDAY2012VIDEOCONTEST.

There's also a video by Tom Mason himself, the guy who wrote and sang the song that was the basis of the contest. My favorite part of Tom's is the guy at 1:20 syncing the line, "If you want to woo a wench." Great face! It's at:

The guy shows up again at 2:20. Just a great face! Oh, and some other buccaneers you'll recognize flash briefly across the scene, including Mad Sally, Millie, me, and Cap'n Killy.


Thanks to all of you! Keep spreadin' the word – and the word is "Aarrrr!"

Ol' Chumbucket

– Ol' Chumbucket, ed.