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Ol' Chumbucket, ed.
ISSUE NO. 14 September 3, 2004
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Delivered to 751 of the likeliest lads and lasses to sail the seven seas!

In this edition:

Win a Weekend at Gasparilla - Really!!!!

During the month of September is playing host to a great contest. Stop by and register to win a trip for two to Florida for the Gasparilla Festival, one of the best and biggest pirate celebrations on the planet!!

We're sorry, but the contest is open to U.S. residents only. We didn't make the rules, we're just providing the portal for people to sign up.

The winner will receive three nights at the TradeWinds Island Resort, right on the Gulf of Mexico in St. Pete's Beach, and round trip airline tickets for two on Southwest Airlines. While in Florida you'll spend time across the bay in Tampa enjoying the world famous Gasparilla Festival from Jan. 27 through 30. The festival is an annual weekend festival of raucous revelry and beach-front fun.

To register to win, go here and sign up.

This special contest is for fans of Talk Like A Pirate Day and is sponsored by TradeWinds Island Grand Resort, Southwest Airlines and the Tampa Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Hurry and register now! The contest is open until Sept. 30! Can you imagine a better way to spend the cold, wet days at the end of January than lounging on St. Pete's Beach and enjoying the Gasparilla Festival? Neither can we! So sign up now!

Keep a Weather Eye Out for More Chances to Win Stuff!

We are already working on another project with the help of a major company to promote another contest that will give winners the chance at a pretty cool prize. And we're hoping for the chance to do more. So keep yer eye on the Web site. We're having fun with it, you'd better believe.

As If We Had to Mention it - TLAPDay Weekend is Coming!

It's two weeks to go to Talk Like a Pirate Day Weekend! Do you have your plans laid yet?

Many of you have been sending me your plans for the big weekend. They will be posted in the Ship's Log (our blog) by the beginning of next week - as fast as we can get stuff done this time of year.

In fact, keep on eye on the Ship's Log for the most recent updates on International Talk Like a Pirate Day Weekend. Things get so hectic around here that it's often not possible to update the Web site as often as we'd like. The Ship's Log may be the best way to do it.

Meanwhile, keep reminding your friends that this year we're celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day all weekend - from Sept. 17 through Sept. 19. It'll be a great time.

Also, as our schedule firms up, we'll be posting on the blog when and where you can hear Cap'n Slappy and me on the radio. Should be fairly solid within about a week.

And, a Reminder That the Book Is Out There and Selling Well

"Well Blow Me Down: A Guy's Guide to Talk Like a Pirate," has been selling briskly, thank you very much. The book, by meself and Cap'n Slappy, is drawing this kind of praise from its readers - "I laughed so hard I choked." Really, that's what someone told us. She was staggering around her apartment at 3 in the morning choking and laughing. So perhaps the book should come with a warning.

Anyway, we'd like to thank all of you for your help in spreading the word and buying the book. And special thanks to our hardy team of Ambassad-Aaarrs who have volunteered to spark sales and attention both for the book and the holiday in general in their own towns.

A Special Award to Special Pirates

It was an honor to participate in the awarding of the first Flying Dutchman Award for Outstanding Pirattitude, which has been presented to The American Pirate Association of Holland, Mich.

The award was the brainchild of Gerard at He read about the exploits and travails of the American Pirate Association of Holland, Mich., and was moved to act. But here, read a description excerpted from

"In spring of 2004, The American Pirate Association took their small town by storm. It was during the annual Tulip Time Kinder Parade in Holland, Michigan, that this small group of teens dressed up as pirates and entered the parade lineup without a permit (oh, the humanity.) The crowd cheered them on, but it wasn't long before the police escorted them off the premises and fined them $100 apiece ... The members of the American Pirate Association opted to hold a carwash fundraiser, again dressed as pirates. Members from all over the community came to show their support, many making donations without even getting their cars washed, some dressing as pirates themselves. At the end of the day, enough money was raised to pay all fines, with cash leftover to make a contribution to the Boys and Girls Club ... In a move of both wit and class, the American Pirate Association kept just enough money to make one last charitable donation, this one in the form of purchasing a brick for the new Holland Police Station - the very same precinct that had pulled them from the parade in the first place. And this brick will forever be engraved "American Pirate Association". [update: in a tragic display of poor sportsmanship, the Holland Police Department has declined to accept the donation.]"

Anyway, great story, isn't it? And we're so proud we were asked to be part. The prize includes a handsome pewter medallion struck by Bilgemunky himself, a copy of our book and our Dead Men, T-shirt, the CD of the Ben Gunn Society, a year's subscription to No Quarter Given magazine, a complete, autographed set of Scurvy Dog comics, and a free hat from Captain Jack's Pirate Hats (and those are good hats! That's where I got mine! The man does nice work.)


A Plea For Help In a Worthy Cause

Finally, we received the following missive Justin Gifford. It's a cry for help, and it's up to all of us to help in this most worthy endeavor to correct an outrage!

"It's just come to my attention that Lego no longer produces the Pirate line! As a child, I didn't know there were any other kinds of Legos, and when I found out I couldn't figure out who would want to play with any Legos that weren't pirates. And now millions of children won't have that privilege. I've gotten as many people as I can to write to Lego and this tragedy, but I don't think our few voices will be enough ... Children around the world deprived of a basic freedom - to pursue little blocky yellow people with plastic bandanas and cutlasses - will be thankful."

Bring a tear to yer eye, doesn't it? Well then, what are you waiting for. Contact the Lego company and let them now this just must not be allowed to stand!

They have an online contact form at

Their physical mailing address is:

LEGO Systems, Inc.
555 Taylor Road
P.O. Box 1600
Enfield, CT 06083-1600

Save the Lego Pirates!!!!!

And keep spreading the word. And the word is "Aarrrr!"

-- Ol' Chumbucket