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Ol' Chumbucket, ed.
ISSUE NO. 35 or thereabouts - Sept. 12, 2006
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One Week Until International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!

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Pirates in New York!

This Talk Like a Pirate Day will find half of the Pirate Guys – Ol' Chumbucket – along with his family in Manhattan to celebrate the holiday!

Cap'n Slappy will be home in Oregon singlehandedly manning the phones for the annual onslaught of radio interviews, while Ol' Chumbucket, Mad Sally and their three nippers take the Big Apple. Our itinerary so far includes PR on Monday Sept. 18 and the taping of another TV show – Dr. Keith Ablow – on Sept. 19.

BUT – our crew is hard at work right now setting up a book event the evening of the 19th, and we'll have some time available Tuesday morning as well. So the second we know details we'll let you know!

Look for us in Manhattan!!!

Other Events

While New York is big deal for us, there's plenty more going on.

Thanks to all of you for sending us your own Talk Like a Pirate Day activities. We've got 'em posted here -. Check it out to find pirate event in yer stretch o' the seas. And if there's nothing listed for your port, plan your own event and let us know about it!

Meanwhile, the Pirate Guys are setting up a full week of interviews, plus a book reading at Third Street Books in McMinnville, Oregon. (What do ye want to bet the store is on Third Street?) We'll be there at 7 p.m. this Wednesday, Sept. 13.

Cap'n Slappy and Jezebel the Web Wench will hold court at Riley's Billiard Room & Grill in downtown Albany, Or., on the evening of Sept. 19. They hope to see all our local friends there. Riley's is putting on a pirate feast. And we'll all gather together at the Calapooia Brewing Co. here in Albany, directly around the corner from Cap'n Slappy's house, on Friday, Sept. 22. We'll be judging pirate costumes and pirate talk at a post-TLAPD pirate party at Albany's great little brewpub (formerly Oregon Trader).

Finally (for now) we're planning to attend the first Portland Pirate Festival on Saturday, Sept. 23. It's up in the St. John's neighborhood and features the pirates of B.O.O.M. (the Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries) plus music and other entertainment.

You can keep track of our schedule (which is more than Slappy and I usually can) here.

Another New York item

Kathleen Moore, of the Daily Gazette in Schenectady, NY, wants to cover Talk Like a Pirate Day, but needs a local angle. If you're in that neck of the woods and know of a piratey event going on to celebrate the day, call her at 518-395-3120 (or e-mail She'll probably feature you!

Major Geek News!!!

Some of you may receive the A Word A Day e-mail. It's just what it sounds like. Each day you get an e-mail with the word of the day. Usually they do weeklong themes.

Next week it'll feature pirate words!!! Yes, 600,000 word people – from academics to professional writers to plain old word mavens and geeks in more than 200 countries – will get a full weeklong collection of piratey words just in time for celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!!

And – and this is where I reveal my geekdom to the world – I'm guest wordsmith!!!

Okay, so maybe you have a life. But for me this is incredibly cool!

For those who want to subscribe, go to Even after the holiday and the week of pirate words, you'll want to have this show up in your inbox every morning, expanding your vocabulary and increasing your word power!

About That Hot Editor

In last week's Poopdeck I had a listing for news of a "hot editor," but then in the rush of getting it out, forgot to actually write the item. Here it is. is a publishing industry news Web site. In a poll of galleycats readers, the hottest editor in book publishing is none other than Liz Scheier, the editor at New American Library who handled our book!

Congratulations Liz! And remember, use your crown to promote world peace!!

And Pirattitude!


Speaking of our editor and our book, let me just take a moment to thank all of you who helped keep sales hopping all year! We just passed the first anniversary of its official release, and "Pirattitude!" is in its sixth printing, with a pretty good chance of a seventh before the month is out.

Also thanks to all of you who have purchased T-shirts, bumper stickers and other assorted goodies from our Cafe Press Web shop. Keep spreadin' the word, and the word is "Aaarrrr!"

Contests! Buccaneer Bachelor and more!

This is it! We're down to our final two contestants on Buccaneer Bachelor. Starting with a field of 22 at the beginning the summer we have two left standing – Wild Celtic Rose and Foxmorton! They've been fantastic all summer long and now will battle it out for the heart, the hook or some other piece of Cap'n Slappy, plus some fabulous prizes!

We've just added to the prize pot – the top three finishers will also receive a copy of Angus Konstam's new biography, "Blackbeard."

Check out all the action.

Also, our friends at, official Disney fan site for the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, will be holding a contest this week leading up to Talk Like a Pirate Day. They've sent me the details but I frankly haven't had the time to go through them yet. All I really caught is that contestants will be asked to answer questions about material on OUR Web site!

So pore over our pages, and get details on the contest by visiting their site. You can find it by gong to our home page, scrolling all the way to the bottom and clocking on the banner ad for their site.

Mark yer calendaarrrs!

One more thing for now. Disney has announced the release date for the DVD version of "Dead Man's Chest!" It's coming out Dec. 5! We'll have more on it at the time, including – possibly, negotiations are under way – a chance to win a copy of the release of the season – in future Poopdecks.

- Ol' Chumbucket