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ISSUE NO. 37 - Feb. 12, 2007
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218 days until International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!!

In this issue:

New (Sorta) Books Available Online Only!

Two stories of piratey adventure by Cap'n Slappy and meself are now available in book form.

For two years now, Slappy and I have been writing an online, ongoing pirate adventure story in our blog. It started life as "A Pirate Tale," a writing exercise, and grew to Stephen King proportions. We have now put the first two complete stories from it for sale as books from Lulu, the online print-on-demand service.

"The Diego Garcia Caper" tells the story of the crew of the Festering Boil as they race from Tortuga to the Indian Ocean on a madcap race for riches, revenge and romance. In "The Sao Paolo Caper," the Festering Boil returns to the New World, in search of gold and glory in Brazil only to run into a much more fierce and frightening adversary!

You can buy them direct from Lulu.

These are for people who've written to us (there really are some) asking to get the story in book form, something they can put on a bookshelf or in a backpack. And we're continuing the story online (we're almost to the conclusion in Havana!) and that'll be available soon as well. If you enjoyed them and want a hard copy to show off to your friends, or if you've never seen the stories and enjoy piratey adventure and humor, you won't want to miss them!

"Diego Garcia" is much, much longer than "Sao Paolo," but both contain all the elements that make the Festering Boil stories such a fun read – humor, adventure, anachronisms, great characters and the occasional howling error.

A Very Important Technical Note from The Web Wench

More and more Internet providers are blocking big mailing lists (and ours is big) in the ongoing effort to fight spam. We don't blame them for wanting to keelhaul the spammers, but legitimate, opt-in lists like ours get caught in the battle.

All our subscribers, for instance, are now blocked from getting their occasional dose of Poopdeck goodness.

We will continue sending out the Poopdeck by e-mail, because it's the most convenient medium for many people to get news about Talk Like a Pirate Day. But if you or your provider has concerns about spam, or if you'd just like to try a different way of reading, check our our RSS/Atom feed. All you need is a feed reader (and most newer browsers have one built in) when a new Poopdeck goes up on the Web site, you'll get an automatic notification with a built-in link where you can read all the latest pirate news.

To subscribe to one of our feeds, go to:

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Royaliste: Afloat, But Still Needs Help

The Royaliste, a pirate re-enactment vessel, has been refloated and is now tied up in harbor, but it still needs the help of the pirating community.

The ship is a living history interpretation/reenactment vessel. It grounded and then fell over on her starboard side, flooding the interior.

The ship has been righted and refloated, but there's a lot of work to do, according to her owner,

Gary and Kathy Bergman, owners and skippers of the ship, had this to say in a recent e-mail:

"Today we moved Royaliste to a Marina about 10 miles down river in Myrtle Beach, SC. We were able to motor under our own power! Gary successfully purged the motor and the tranny is cooperating, so she lives."

The ship will be in the marina for a month while they catalog what needs fixing and do what they can. Here's a partial list of the damages, according to Kathy –

  • Everything below deck was pretty much swamped and infused with diesel tainted water.
  • It will take at least a week to clean the cabins, which then will be repainted and varnished.
  • All six bunks need new mattresses, covers and linens.
  • Some of the wiring needs to be replaced.
  • Topside there are some damages that happened during the recovery process that will require glue/epoxy/sanding, etc. Also, the mizzen boom was broken during recovery, so that is on the fix it list also.

Once they've done everything they can dockside, they'll motor it to a haulout yard and take a look at the hull and make any necessary repairs, including re-caulking seams that were tweaked when she was rolled upright, as well as any damage that happened while she lay on her side.

Kathy said, "We cannot begin to tell you how much the support of the online piratical community means to us! We truthfully could not do this on our own. There may be some specific items we need as we go through the refit process, but right now I cannot give specifics ... We are challenged at the amount of diesel contamination our costumes, clothing, bedding and personal items suffered. Things like the toaster, coffee pot, microwave, camera, etc. are toast. Some floated away at high tide and some were just plain drenched. I'm hoping to salvage much of the clothing and costumes and am currently soaking our 4 wool hudson bay blankets in a tub in the back of the pickup, determined to get the damn smell of diesel out. The dry cleaner wont touch anything that smells this strong since it may contaminate his entire drum of fluid. I guess the thing I am trying to convey is that we will have a better handle on what kind of help we need within a couple weeks, once we have really gone through everything, taken stock of the ruined items, and determined what we need to replace."

Anyone who wants to help out this privateering vessel that brings alive the golden age of piracy for education and fun, can visit their Web site and make a Paypal donation.

Pirates Magazine

Cap'n Slappy has become a regular contributor to Pirates Magazine, the glossy new publication that launched last summer. Each issue contains one of his "Profiles in Pirattitude," a series of articles looking at people in the modern world who, while not being pirates themselves, show their pirattitude in their approach to life.

You can find the magazine online by going to our links page - it's the third link down. Subscription information is available at their Web site, and a spring issue is in the works and will be available soon.

A Freebooter Face-Off in New York

Two piratey musicals take the stage in the Big Apple this spring.

1 – New York City Opera will present Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Pirates of Penzance" from March 3 through 30. A special promotional event is slated to take place March 29. Ticket information is available online at

For the record, the program for "Penzance" includes an article by Cap'n Slappy and meself on why pirates are so darned popular. Gee, that alone should make it an evening well-spent! In case you can't make the show, the opera company will be posting the article online. We'll let you know as soon as it's up.

2 – And the new musical "The Pirate Queen," begins preview performances March 6 on Broadway. the official opening is April 5.

"The Pirate Queen" tells the true story of Grace O'Malley. It is written by the creative team responsible for "Les Miserables" and "Miss Saigon," Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg, and is produced by the producers of "Riverdance." From what we've seen and heard, this looks like it might be a great, great show. We can't wait to see if we're right.

Further information is available online at

That's all for now, until I think of somethin' else to say!

-- Ol' Chumbucket