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ISSUE NO. 41 - August 27, 2007
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22 Days Until International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!

"A Li'l Pirate's ABSeas" now available!

"A Li'l Pirates ABSeas is now available for purchase, the perfect gift for little kids who are too polite and too well-mannered to be seen in decent pirate company. This illustrated alphabet book does for the ABCs what a well-placed broadside does for a Spanish galleon – softens it up so that pirates can have their way with it.

Written by Cap'n Slappy and me, Ol' Chumbucket, and illustrated by Jonathan "Pilferin' Pooter" Cooke (his drawings alone are worth the price of the book!), "A Li'l Pirate's ABSeas" brings pirattitude down to the early reader set – with all the fun, danger and subversiveness you'd expect from pirates.

It's a large format trade-paperback and, at only $9.50 a copy makes a great gift. It's available for purchase only online, because no responsible publisher would touch it with a handspike. That makes it extra rare and valuable, we suppose. Right? To order, visit our Web site. Click the link to the order page and buy a copy or four. It couldn't be easier!

What Are YOU Planning for the Holiday?

Still plenty of time to get us word about your event, which we'll post in our calendaarrr! A lot of you have started sending us stuff, and there are wonderful parties and festivities happening all over the globe, in schools, workplaces, taverns and homes. Here's one of my favorites.

The Jackson High School Fencing Club (somewhere in Michigan, he wasn't specific) is hosting its first annual "Talk Like a Pirate" Fencing Tournament. This is a sanctioned event open to all fencers rated C and under, all three weapons. Of course, Sabre will be the preferred weapon for the true pirates taking part! The tourney is slated for Sept. 22.

Pirate talk and pointy things! It doesn't get much better than that, especially for those too young to buy alcohol. For those who are old enough to drink, best leave the pointy things at the door.

So drop us a line and tell us what you've got planned to celebrate this most sacred holiday. We'll get it posted online just as quick as we can so that everyone will know just who has pirattitude in your community!

"Pirattitude" contest at Pirates and Privateers

Our friend Cindy Vallar – pictured with me own Mad Sally – at the Pirates and Privateers Web site is sponsoring a contest to see which entrant has the most Pirattitude.

The contest is open to anyone. Details will appear at Cindy's site, Pirates and Privateers on September 1st and in the monthly newsletter that goes out around the same time.

Cindy is one of those invaluable people (Jamaica Rose at No Quarter Given is the other) who knows pretty much everything there is to know about pirates, and when she doesn't know something, she knows who does. She was a lot of help to me on my YA novel (that's still awaiting a publisher – just a hint to any publishers who happen to be reading this,) pointing me to a couple of people who helped and steering me away from a few shoals. Her contest ought to be fun.

A Chance to Win In Cincy!

On September 19th, radio station WGRR will change its calls letters for the day to AGRR and is holding a “Talk Like a Pirate contest all day long. Listeners are invited to call and talk like a pirate." Winners will be selected throughout the day and awarded a family 4 pack of tickets to the National Geographic Pirates Exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center and a trip on the famous BB Riverboats cruises. The contest will continue hourly from 6 a.n. to 7 p.m. DJs will also get in the act and practice their best pirate imitation. BB Riverboats (with a pirate captain named Cap’n Jack) will do a Pirate Day aboard one of their boats and will serve lunch to WGRR radio personalities and six to eight of WGRR Talk Like a Pirate Contest winners.

"Wench Swap" Rerun Tonight

Our friends (if that's the word we want) at ABC inform us that the episode of "Wife Swap" that Cap'n Slappy, Mad Sally and I took part in will be rebroadcast tonight (Monday, Aug. 27) on your local ABC station. We're not sure of the time. A "pirate family" meets a super-organized and obsessively "normal" family and hilarity ensues, or something like hilarity, anyway. We probably won't be watching ourselves – hell, we don't need to see it. We LIVED it. – but if you didn't catch it last September you might want to tune in.

Another Calendar Posting

Just got word from Brie Price of Prudential California real estate, that the company's official day planner sent out o all the agents lists Talk Like a Pirate Day. Good work, Prudential, for recognizing the growing popularity of the holiday!

Anyone else know of any corporate or organizational calendars that are noting the holiday? Pass the word along and we'll plug 'em here.

Well, blast me deadlights if I haven't gone and used up all me space without even mentioning this issue’s Book Club. That’ll have to wait until next week, I guess. In the meantime – you have your assignments! Tell us what your plans are for Talk Like a Pirate Day, pass the word about the holiday, encourage friends to sign up for The Poopdeck, keep spreadin’ the word – and the word is "Aarrrr!"

Ol’ Chumbucket, editor

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