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Ol' Chumbucket, ed.
ISSUE NO. 45 - Sept. 19, 2007
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Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

While the lads be away, the wenches will ...

Yr faithful editor, Ol' Chumbucket, is in Los Angeles with his pal Cap'n Slappy, no doubt tryin' to grab a few winks before their wee-hours phone interviews, followed by a full day o' carousin' an' carryin' on with the crew from Studio City Tattoos.

That leaves the wenches, Mad Sally an' me, back here in home port to do our own carousin' an' carryin' on (which is t'say: More interviews, and keepin' the Web site ship-shape until time t'get tarted up fer our local gatherin', startin' at 7 p.m. at Riley's in beautiful downtown Albany, Oregon).

Wherever ye be ... however ye celebrate ... we hope ye have (or had, fer those in distant places where the day has come and gone) have a tarrrrrrific Talk Like A Pirate Day. Try not t' burn down the port or put each other's eyes out (or if ye do, make sure ye've got eyepatches on hand), an' don't feel ashamed t'hand the helm over to a sober mate if ye indulge in a touch too much o' the grog. We wenches likes our pirates live, we do.

When ye've had time t'recover, be sure t' send us yer best stories, an' yer best picture to post on our gallery at:

(That's ONE picture, mateys, in .jpg format, sent to One. Singular. An' don't send 'em all an' expect me to choose. Me mailbox is already strainin' at the seams, an' any message that comes stuffed full o' photos risks gettin' chucked overboard.)

If past practice holds true, ye won't hear much from Team Pirate for a few days. All this fun is *work* fer us, an' it takes us some time to recover. So don't fret if yer e-mails go unanswered, or if Cap'n Slappy fails t' respond to yer urgent plea fer advice. We'll get around to it when we're back in fightin' trim.

Now get out there an' talk like pirates!!!

-- Jezebel, Webwench to the Pirate Guys
On behalf of Team Pirate

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