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ISSUE NO. 46 - Sept. 27, 2007
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357 Days Until the Next One!

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It's Not Too Early, Start Planning for 2008!!

Yes, we had a great International Talk Like a Pirate Day this year, with the holiday reaching new heights. We'll get to that in a minute. But first, let's look ahead.

Next year, thanks to the quirk in the calendar known as Leap Year, International Talk Like a Pirate Day falls on a Friday. That can mean only one thing –

Next September 19th it will be time to party like a pirate like you never have before!!

Start thinking now about how you're going to celebrate, because the calendar gives us the best of both worlds – a chance to talk like a pirate (and maybe even dress like one) at work and school, and then a whole weekend to party like a pirate. We'll even have a T-shirt up soon (give me just a little while to recover from this year, okay?) with that logo on it.

It's never too early to start planning your raids. So get busy – only 357 days to get ready!


The Highest Honor Yet!

Spotted by a fan watching NASA TV: Astronaut Clayton Anderson on the international space station celebrated ITLAP day, complete with eye patch! Does this make it Interplanetary Talk Like a Pirate Day now? Probably not. If the astronomers can downgrade Pluto's status, they probably aren't ready to go along with us on this. But it's still amazingly cool.

Every year I always say, "This is it. This is as good as it gets." Then the next year something comes along to top it. So I'm not saying it anymore. I don't know what it will be, but next year something is going to top our first off-planet Talk Like a Pirate Day.


More Stories and Surprises!

This year's holiday was huge. Here are some of the highlights.

* A fan reported dining in the White House mess on the 19th and said the Navy personnel who staff the mess were talking like pirates, complete with eyepatches, hats and parrots.

* Several fans reported that at his Sept. 18 concert in Madison Square Garden, Jimmy Buffett mentioned TLAPD, urged people to take part, and let out several "Arrrrrs!"

* Dave Barry has been on tour pimping his own book, but on the 19th he made a point of mentioning the holiday on "The Today Show" (getting Al Roker to say "Arrr!") and later that day doing the same thing on NPR. Thank you Dave! Did we mention how grateful we are for all his support? We are. And to show our gratitude and pirattitude we urge you all to go out and buy "Dave Barry's History of the Millennium (So Far.)" Least we can do, and we always do the least we can do.

Gee, is there a chance that next year Cap'n Slappy and I can make it to "The Today Show?" They know about the holiday already, it'll be huge next year, and we'll have the new book out. Anyone out there with any pull on the show?

* The baseball analysts on ESPN's "Around the Horn" talked like pirates – very funny.

* Craig Ferguson mentioned the holiday again in his "Late Late Show" monologue. If the other late shows did, I haven't heard about it yet.

* Between phone interviews Wednesday morning I flipped on TV and found the History Channel (porn for trivia geeks like me.) They were repeat airing their "True Caribbean Pirates" special and their show about excavating Blackbeard's ship.


Our Own Holiday

Cap'n Slappy and I spent the holiday in Los Angeles doing appearance at a pirate party sponsored by Ye Olde Tattoo Shoppe in Studio City (thanks for everything, Clay!) and warming up the crowd for an L.A. screening of "Pirates of the Great Salt Lake." (Terrific film.) Did a book signing as well.

Well, as I said, the event was sponsored by a tattoo shop, and at one point they brought out a hundred dollar bottle of rum. So – do I even need to finish this story? – both Slappy and I are now tattooed. And the rum was delicious. You can see pix of the inking at our Flickr page and the shop will soon have a video of the event online. We'll let you know when it's up.

We did more than 30 interviews with radio stations around the world. At one point I sang the pirate birthday song to an Australian radio host, so I now list on my resume, "International Singing Sensation!"

My favorite interview story, however is this. My pirate mate Mad Sally stayed home manning the computer and the phone lines, doing several interviews herself because we were booked and they kept calling. At 3 in the morning the phone rang and my 21-year-old daughter Alex answered. It was a station in England desperate to talk to someone from Team Pirate, so Alex took it! She'd heard the story enough to know the whole routine and handled it fine!

Upon returning home, Slappy and I lit right back out for the Portland (OR) Pirate Festival last weekend, where there were pirate battles, a tall ship, many merchants, another book signing, and our favorite pirate band (Cap'n Bogg & Salty – it's actually a six-person pirate rock band.) We generally had a great time until we collapsed in exhaustion.


Where Were YOU?

We heard from pirates in (at least – some didn't say where they were writing from) 39 U.S. states, D.C., Guam and the US Virgin Islands, and 29 countries, plus a handful of ships at sea and one oil-drilling rig. We also heard from U.S. troops serving in Guam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Germany, some of whom sent photos. And offices of the U.S. Border Patrol in Vermont and the US Homeland Emergency Response Organization (US-HERO) went pirate for the day, either live or via their Web sites.

Our Web site,, took more than 10 million hits, and we received more than a hundred photos from people all around the globe. You can see all those photos here.

But it begs the question – We heard from 39 states. Where were the other 11?


Anyway, we all want to say thank you to the millions of people around the globe who took part this year. It started as a small private joke among a few friends, and grew into a small private joke among a few million friends. It warms the hearts of these two ol' seadogs to see that people aren't afraid to have fun once in a while, and the idea that we're all doing it together makes it even better.

From me, Cap'n Slappy, Mad Sally, our Web Wench Jezebel (who did incredible service keeping up with all the stuff you sent) and all the pirate family, thanks from the bottom of our scurvy souls!

-- Ol' Chumbucket, ye ed.


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