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ISSUE NO. 49 or thereabouts- May 2, 2008
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139 Days Until International Talk Like a Pirate Day!


Wanted to start out by reminding everyone that today, May 2, is International Scurvy Awareness Day. Celebrate by putting on our favorite Cap'n Bogg & Salty song, "Scurvy!" and eating a lime! (And thanks to Foxmorton, Cap'n Slappy's lady love, bought and paid for, for pointing this out to us.) For more information on this important public health observance, go to our links page.

My Usual Lame Excuses

It's been a while since I've knocked one of these out (more than four months, actually) and I have to apologize. It's been extremely hectic here, and a lot of it has to do with Pirate Guy activities.

Our new book has gone through the copy editing process, and the upcoming young adult novel has gone through two revisions for a potential publisher. Keep your hooks crossed on both of those. Mad Sally, Cap'n Slappy and I visited Chicago for Capricon and had a great time (Thank you, Capriconians! Especially Scott and Cindy and whoever fed us all that alcohol!) a trip to L.A. I'll tell you about another time, and there was more than a little personal stuff in there too. Oh, and the ball took a bad hop and the sun got in my eyes.

But the Pirate Guys are back at the helm and ready to catch you up on all the latest piratey news – not all in one gulp, that'd be too much, but we'll get you up to speed.

Our New Book Has a New Title

For those who remember all the way back to the last November, we announced that our new book would be out in time for Talk Like a Pirate Day this year. That's still true. But the very next week our publisher changed the title again (because our publisher's lawyers were a'feard of a certain mouse-eared entertainment goliath being offended. Lawyers! They're worse than ninjas!)

Our book, which is very funny and you should all buy many, many copies of for yourself and all your friends – assuming you have any – is now called (and will be forevermore):

The Pirate Life
Unleashing Your Inner Buccaneer

It's the only book you'll ever need – except for any other book we ever wrote or will write or which we think is particularly good and recommend to you. But you'll definitely want this – it'll help you lose weight, find a date, become a candidate, choose a mate, check your mental state, stop being celibate and do many other important and very funny things that I couldn't think of an -ate line for.

The book will be published by Kensington and is due out August 26. We'll keep you up to date on progress and plans for the release.

Special Congrats to the Pirate of the Year

We missed PyrateCon this year, just couldn't make it, but didn't want to miss the opportunity to congratulate Clay Clement, who at the gathering in New Orleans was voted Pirate of the Year!!!

Hurrah for Clay! A great honor and well-deserved. I'll say this once and I'll brook no argument - Clay is one hell of a guy! You have my affadavy on it! And so says Cap'n Slappy!

Besides being a pirate, Clay is owner of Ye Olde Tattoo Shoppe in Studio City, California, and is planning his annual Sept. 19 Talk Like a Pirate Day Tattoo and Bacchanal Street Extravaganza a Go Go! With all the trimmings. (That might not be the actual title.) If you're a Southern Cal pirate or have any way you can make it down there, by all means do yourself a favor and attend! You'll have a grand time, if you can remember anything the next day.

Which leads me to:

It's Not Too Early to Plan!!

Oh, sure. Planning is not a high priority for most pirates. We might hang tomorrow, so why make plans for next week?

But International Talk Like a Pirate Day falls on a Friday this year, which gives us a whole three days to party! Clay's got his plans! We've got ours (we have a book coming out, remember?) What are YOUR plans for the holiday!

Let us know and we'll let the world know! Whether it's a party, a concert, a pillaging raid or a or a quiet evening at home with a marlinspike and a bottle o'rum, we'll list it on our calendar of events.

There's plenty of pirate festivals going on all around the world all summer long leading up to the 19th. Keep your eyes out for The Poopdeck, and we'll tell you all about 'em! But we can't if you don't tell us!

I'll be posting another Poopdeck soon (really, I will!) and we'll resume our usual features. Until then, keep spreadin' the word – and the word is Aaarrr!

- Ol' Chumbucket


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