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ISSUE NO. 58-and-a-half- Sept 19, 2008
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An update from the Webwench

Ahoy, lads and lasses (and especially the several hundred of ye who've signed on to the newsletter in the last couple of days). As ye know, the lads are off carousin' in Philadelphia, so I thought I'd hijack the Poopdeck fer a couple o' quick notes that might enhance yer Talk Like A Pirate Day/Weekend fun:

We've been Googleblogged! As Team Pirate's lone geek, nothin' warmed me black heart like the news that the greatest search engine on the planet has finally recognized Talk Like A Pirate Day - not, alas, with one o' them nifty special holiday logos, but with a blogpost announcing that they've added pirate to the list o' languages in which ye can do yer Google search:

Meanwhile, reports about parties and other celebrations continue to pour in. We've heard from all but four US states (Hawaii, Rhode Island, Dakotas North and South - where are ye?), countries on every continent, one pole (South) an' the high seas, as well as sites and blogs all over the Internet. And in Australia and New Zealand, where the International Dateline gives them the jump on the rest of us, we're already startin' to get reports - and photos - of the pillagin' and plunderin'. Visit

to find out what's goin' on in your port, an' around the world. (And no, I can't help ye find a party in yer town. If it's not on the list, I haven't heard of it. Grab some friends, invade a local pub, park or esplanade and create yer own!)

While the Guys are off carousin' in Philly an' the rest o' the world is talkin', dressin', partyin', gamin' an' bloggin' like pirates, the ol' Webwench is chained to the wheel, doin' her best to keep the site ships-shape an' afloat. Here's where ye can help:

* Keep sendin' yer plans an' party reports to Keep 'em short and to th' point - but please remember to say where yer event is. I don't have time t'try an' figger out which "Springfield" yer writin' from, so without that key information, yer missive may wind up in the bit-bucket.

* Take pictures. Send ONE. Honest t' Neptune, lads an' lasses, the number o' rascals who ignore that simp0le request is astoundin' ... an' they're BREAKIN' ME MAILBOX. I'm at the point where messages with multiple images get stuck in the "for later" folder, and later may not come for a good long while.

So pick yer best shot (no crappy cellcam pix, please) and send it to along with a bit o' who-what-where description. If ye want to share more than one picture with the pirate world, ye can find out how here:

Time t' get back to the updates. Keep spreadin' the word, an' the word is ARRRRRRRRR!

Jezebel, Webwench to the Pirate Guys


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