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ISSUE NO. 65, more or less - April 21, 2009
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150 Days Until Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"Where there is a sea there are pirates” ~Greek Proverb

Vote for the Pirates

The crew at Pirate Eye comics have one week and need your help. They are in the heat of the contest sponsored for the month of April by DC Comics.

Pirate Eye is a nice little strip. Mixing two great genres, it's the story of a pirate named Smitty who is a a private detective with a talent for solving mysteries for a fee. What he doesn't know is that the case he's embarked on – to locate some ointment! – will lead him to the center of an ancient mystery involving Plato, Sparta, immortal pirate lords, Atlantis, The Fountain of Youth, and a weapon with the power to destroy the known world.

The link is

Here's where you come in.

Go to the link, read the strip (or not, there's no rule that says you have to, although you really will enjoy it) then vote for Pirate Eye and rate it. You'll have to register with ZUDA to do so, but it's free and relatively easy.

And to say thank you to all the pirates who support Pirate Eye, the crew is holding its own Talk Like a Pirate contest on their message board! On April 30, they'll pick users who've left ten of the most "piratey" comments on the board and e-mail them a special edition Pirate Eye desktop poster with a clean limerick thankin' them fer their support.

So let's review:

  • Go to the Pirate Eye link (above.)
  • Vote for Pirate Eye
  • Add them to your favorites.
  • Rate the strip with five stars\
  • Leave a PIRATEY comment
  • Spread the word!

Remember, the contest ends April 30th, so get in to ZUDA, register and vote! As of this writing they are ranked 6th. We've GOT to push the pirates higher!

And enjoy Pirate Eye. Pirate tale AND film noir detective? How can you beat it?

Calling Canadian Pirates!

Especially any freebooter fans in Hamilton, Ontario!

Gord Bowes, the senior editor of The Hamilton Mountain News, is looking for local pirates to feature in his publication this Talk Like a Pirate Day.

You can contact him at 905-308-7757, extension 335, or send him an e-mail at

We know we've got lots of fans in Canada and there must be at least a few of you in Hamilton. So give Gordon a call and shout "Aarrr!" at him.

Sea Wolf Announces 2009 Line

Some of the best pirate-themed T-shirts and paraphernalia come from Sea Wolf Clothing – "Made for Pirates by Pirates." And they've just posted their new line online.

To get to their site to see all the goodies, go to our links page, where we've recommended our favorite purveyors of piratey products.

Scroll down to the fifth on the list – that's Sea Wolf.

And if you like what he's got up there now, there's a VERY special design coming in June. Start saving your pennies now, because you're going to want pretty much everything you see on Sea Wolf's site. And you'll definitely want what he's putting up in June.

Curacao – the Caper Continues

After a lot of inattention for which we have no excuse except to say – Hey! Our Bad! – we have finally gotten serious again about our ongoing pirate story – The Curacao Caper.

In the first 14 months we managed to crank out 11 chapters. Eleven! That's pathetic! Well, we've picked up the pace, knocking out the last six in in the last three weeks and we now promise (or as close to a promise as we ever make) that we'll have it wrapped up by mid-summer late August at the very latest.

John the crew of The Festering Boil as they seek gold in an unlikely place – the highest security cell in the gaol of Willemstad, capital of the Dutch possession, Curacao. There's action, suspense, humor, and at least a few surprises in store as Cap' Slappy, Ol' Chumbucket, Sawbones Burgess, Cementhands, George the Greek, and the rest of the crew try to unravel a riddle from Slappy's past, a riddle that could lead to a double treasure.

Go to our Web site and scroll down to the last screenful. There you'll find the link to our story, which we post on Blogger.

Ol' Chumbucket's Book Club – The Pirate of Panama

"The Pirate of Panama" is part of the collection of out-of-print pirate books that are available in a special collection through Bibliolife. It's part of "The Talk Like A Pirate Day Classics of Pirate Literature" series. The books are available at the Bibliolife Web site on a print on demand basis.

And did we mention that Slappy and I wrote the forward to the collection? I didn't? That was careless of me, because we did. And it's funny. We think.

There's scores of books available - from classics of pirate literature to books you've probably never heard of. Fiction and non-fiction.

One such is "The Pirate of Panama." Written in 1904 by William MacLeod Raine, who seems to have been better known for his cowboy novels, "The Pirate of Panama" even features a misplaced cowboy. Written in 1904, "Pirate of Panama" has all the melodrama you'd expect from a period piece, plus plenty of action and a plot that, shall we say, indicates the author is familiar with Stevenson's "Treasure Island." The hero keeps getting himself in scrapes he shouldn't because of the love of a good woman (same woman every time) as they race a persistent piratey foe for the ancient treasure.

Good characters and a classic plot (literally, it's a plot from a classic, but is that something a pirate is going to complain about?) I'm hoisting three of five tankards of rum to "The Pirate of Panama."

And I'm looking forward to reading more of these classic pirate yarns.

Until next time, I remain your ed., Ol' Chumbucket


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