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ISSUE NO. 67,I think- June 2, 2009
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108 Days Until International Talk Like a Pirate Day

In this issue

Inspirational Pirate Quote –

"I think it'd be rather exciting to meet a pirate."
Young Elizabeth Swann, PotC

Sea Wolf Presents the TLAPDay T-shirt to End All T-shirts

Our friend Sea Wolf of Sea Wolf Clothing ("Made for Pirates, by Pirates") is introducing the official 2009 Talk Like a Pirate T-shirt,

Oh lads and lasses, it's a thing of beauty, a black shirt with a pirate skeleton offering a few lessons from Cap'n Slappy and meself on how to palaver like a pirate. It's simply beautiful, designed with our input and and drawn in awesome detail by Sea Wolf's very own Richard Becker. The man can draw a piratey skeleton, and that's a fact!

Cap'n Slappy and I have bestowed our official seal of approval (it looks sorta like a rum stain, but trust us, it's a seal of approval) on this fine shirt. You can see it by visiting the Sea Wolf Web site. Get there by going to our links page at -

and going to the link for Sea Wolf Clothing Company. Or go directly to his site at, but we'd prefer you go through our links page. We need the eyeballs, you know?

You can order them (the shirts, not the eyeballs) directly from Sea Wolf's site. And you'll want to order several, for when you spill ale all over the first so that you can quickly change into a fresh one. And get plenty extra for your friends. Wear this for a night on the town and you'll have plenty of new pals!

And don't forget there's a selection of Talk Like a Pirate T-shirts of our own design available through our Web site. But we have to admit, we don't draw nearly as well as Sea Wolf and his crew.

Enter Captain Jack's Video Contest!

The MacKay has a contest that you want to be part of if your one of the lucky ones who wears his fine head gear.

The MacKay (also known as Captain Jack) is the entrepreneur of Cap'n Jack's Pirate Hats and The Pyrate Trading Company. I have one of his hats meself, and it's right proud I am to wear it.

Here's the details of the contest. Make a video of yourself, wearing a Captain Jack hat and talking about why and how much you love your pirate hat. Post it on youtube by Aug. 1, and title it "Captain Jack's Video Contest" with your name. Be creative, be imaginative, be funny, be daring. But be part of the contest. If you wear a Captain Jack hat, you don't want to miss this. First prize will receive a custom hat and other pirate booty.

For details visit Captain Jack's Pirate Hats by going to our links page at He's top o' the list. And well he should be.

June is a busy month for festivals

Here's the low-down on how to spend your first days of summer vacation – by taking a road trip to some of the most fun you can have - a pirate festival. Some of the biggies are slated for June.

You can get more information on each of these by visiting their Web sites. Find them on our links page at -

  • The Hampton, Va., Blackbeard Festival
    Beginning at noon Friday, June 5, (that's this weekend!) and running until 6 p.m. Sunday, June 7, the Blackbeard Festival is a family friendly, fun tribute to the scariest blackguard who ever sailed the seas.
  • Fifth Annual Port Washington Pirate Festival in Port Washington, Wisconsin. The event will be held in and around Rotary Park on June 5 through 7. Also this weekend. It's a good bet that our pal Bilgemunky will be there.
  • Northern California Pirate Festival, in Vallejo Ca. June 20-21. If you're on the West Coast try not to miss this one. And when you run into our friends the B.O.O.M. Pirates (Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries) and Robert "Cockroach" Blair, tell 'em Ol' Chumbucket said hello. You can try telling them I said they have to buy you a drink, but that probably won't get you anywhere.
  • Charleston Harbor Fest June 26-29. A celebration of all things nautical and maritime, including tall ships and the men who love to raid them - pirates! In Charleston, S.C. My favorite city I haven't been to yet.

And as always – If you think you have a better pirate festival and are mad at me for not mentioning it, remember that I don't know about it if you don't tell me. I'm one guy. Get me the info and I'll be happy to promote it in The Poopdeck.

So lets recap – Get your Sea Wolf T-shirt, enter Captain Jack's video contest, and spend a weekend pirating things up at one of these festivals. You'll be glad you did! That oughta do it for now.

Until next time, I remain,

-- your editor, Ol' Chumbucket

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