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ISSUE NO. 70 - probably. Sept. 8, 2009
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10 Days Until International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!

Today's Inspirational Pirate Quote

You think you can choose to be a pirate? ... Anyone
who sees you will see through to your pirate heart
and know you are a pirate, through and through!"

- Captain Kirk Redgrave, "Pirates of the Great Salt Lake"

In this issue:

Social Network Pirates

Join us on myspace – Visit our myspace page at

Follow Cap'n Slappy on Twitter. He's registered there as thecapnslappy, and you'll enjoy following as he tweets as if he were a 17th century buccaneer at sea.

Speaking of social networking, there's a fella on Facebook who has an interesting bet with his girlfriend. If he gets 1 million people to join his group, the wench will let him turn their house into a replica pirate ship! Here's part of what he said.

"I've always wanted to be a pirate, and the only way I can truly do this is to live aboard a pirate ship … the only thing I can do is to turn my house into a massive pirate ship … If one million people joined this group it would help her understand that this isn't such a bad idea, and lots of people would do it as well, and it would help my dream come true. If you can leave a piratey message on the wall, it would also help."

C'mon you Facebook pirates! Go to and help the lad live his dream. Because this is just too good to miss!

And there's this note from the Web Wench. A lot of folks have asked her for the coding for the countdown clock she uses on our Web site, Apparently it requires a bit of finesse, but she's found a new one available that she seems to think will delight all of you. You'll find it at :

Coast to Coast to Coast Pirate Festivals

Check out our calendar at the Web site, to learn about Talk Like a Pirate events in your area, and keep checking as the day approaches because it's growing. As people send us news of their events the Web Wench will post 'em as fast as a she can (And that's pretty darned fast!) And if there's nothing planned in your area – set something up yourself, a party or pub crawl, parade or picnic and let us know the details. We'll tell the world for you!

Here's three you should know about.

-- The Portland (Or.) Pirate Festival

If you're in or anywhere near the Pacific Northwest, get down to Cathedral Park in the St. Johns neighborhood for this festival. They're shooting for a record – most costumed pirates in one place at one time. The current record is 1,469 held by the pirate festival in Brixham, England (confirmed last month by the Guinness Book of World Records.)

The Portland festival is Sept. 19 and 20, and they're shooting for the record on Sunday the 20th. Put on your eye patch and head scarf and get to the festival. And say hello to all me old mates – Cockroach, the gang from B.O.O.M., Cap'n Bogg & Salty, The Mackay, Quicksilver, Shayna from Dress Like a Pirate. It'll be a great time, and you could end up being part of a world record!

For further info go to our links page

… and click the link for the Portland Pirate Festival. There they've got the rules for what constitutes a pirate costume to the Guinness people.

-- The Second Annual Long Island Pirate Festival

Ye Pyrate Brotherhood is hosting the second annual Long Island (N.Y.) Pirate Festival from 10 a.m. To 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 19, at the Brookhaven Amphitheater at Bald Hill in Farmingville, NY. For more info, visit

-- Gold Coast Pirate Festival

In Ojai, California, on the shores of Lake Casitas. This has always been one of the biggest gatherings of costumed pirates in the world. They'll be carrying on throughout the weekend, and if you're in Southern California you don't want to miss it. (Ojai and the lake are inland, roughly between Ventura and Santa Barbara,) The Gold Coast Festival is one of the big ones. If you're in Southern California, you should definitely make the effort to get to it. Again, go to our links page – – and click the link for their festival. You'll be glad you did!

And the Winner Is …

You may or may not have noticed this line from the header of the last issue of The Poopdeck.

"Issue No. "69 Dude!"(Bonus points to anyone who recognizes that quote and can ID the movie it's from.)"

The Web Wench was quite surprised by the number of people who wrote in with the correct answer. Not because so many of you remembered the scene from "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" but because so many people actually *read* the header!

The first person to write to me with the correct answers was Chip Kerby of Washington D.C. His prize – 1,000 bonus points. I had to break it to him that the bonus points aren't good for anything since it's not like I had planned this all out. But he's got them.

Second prize, and 900 equally useless bonus points, went to "Salty Susie" ("Don't Call Me Sue!") Elins of Clackmannan Primary School in Scotland where she teaches fifth grade. Then me wife, Mad Sally, gave her an additional 100 points, equally worthless, because Mad Sally ALSO teaches fifth grade (here on the island) and there's solidarity in upper primary edumacation.

Pirates in the News

For those of you who may be sports fans, the Chicago Cubs defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates last night. Why mention it? Because it clinches that the Pirates will have a losing record - the 17th season in a row that they've lost more than they've won. That's a record of futility unmatched by any professional U.S. team in any sport. Think of it, the last time the Pirates were a winning team, it was early in the Reagan Administration, "Father Murphy" was still on the air, the IBM PC had only just been introduced.

Not something to brag about, but at least it shows Pirates are record breakers. Not, in this case, a record we can take any pride in, but a record nonetheless.

That's all for now, but with the holiday so close, you can bet you'll be hearing again from me shortly.

-- Ol' Chumbucket, editor

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