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ISSUE NO. 76 (I believe), Sept. 22. 2009
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362 Days Until Talk Like a Pirate Day

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A New World Record!!

The Portland Pirate Festival seems to have broken the mark for assembling the most costumed pirates in one place at one time.

It's unofficial until confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records, but it looks as if on Sunday they easily topped the previous record – the Brixham, England, pirate festival drew 1,469 last spring, which beat the previous old mark of 1,140 held by a festival in Soltau, Germany.

Well, Brixham and Soltau can take a back seat now. The record will now be 1,651, set at the Portland Pirate Festival in Cathedral Park, Portland Oregon.

Good on ye, Portland! Congrats to our friends Margot La Mechante, B.O.O.M., Bogg & Salty, nd all the rest of the crew!

Now, who wants to try to break that NEXT year?

A Very Good Day

Saturday was another grand, global celebration of pirattitude! But how do you measure it? Aye, that's always the tricky part. Besides the world record above, Jezebel the Web Wench has amassed a few statistical geegaws (what the statisticians call "metrics") that might give you an ideaaar!

* Number of Google Alerts on Sept. 18-19 in the Webwench's gmail box for news stories containing "talk like a pirate day": 120.

* Average number of new stories per alert: 23. Do that math -- that's 2,760 news stories that Google collected, or as Cap'n Slappy would say, "a lot!"

* On Sept. 19, the top 10 "trending" topics on Twitter included – No. 1 – Pirate Day; No. 4 - Talk Like a Pirate; No. 5 - Ahoy and No. 7 - Avast. Cap'n Slappy's Twitter followers more than doubled.

* Hits to the official TLAPD Web site on Sept. 18-19: 1.85 million.

* E-mails received leading up to the holiday telling us bout TLAPD events and Web sites: 237 (this includes more than a few people who kept telling us bout World of Warcraft, FaceBook, etc., even though we already had that posted.

* On our Myspace page we added almost 200 new friends on the day, or as we like to think of them, crewmates.

* We have an all-time high number of Poopdeck subscribers -- 3,311, more than 200 of whom subscribed since Sept. 17.

* So many media references Jezebel didn't even bother listing them all. The story was a particularly good one, and I see where the New York Daily News did a story about the holiday without even talking to us, which is all to the good. I mean, when they do Christmas stories, they don't talk to Santa. It's just sort of out there, it belongs to everybody.

* Tons of bloggers. Tons of Web references. Several "convert it to pirate talk" utilities (Facebook, Google, etc.), iPhone pirate applications, etc.

* Stores, online and on the street, are using it as a marketing tool. Seemed like half the ecommerce sites had TLAPD sales and offers.

* The "international" reach is spreading. This year we heard from Finland, Brazil, France, Italy, Israel, Taiwan, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, the Phillippines and Bequia, St. Vincent and The Grenadines (look it up), in addition to the usual spots.

Thank You, Alaska!

Cap'n Slappy is back from Alaska, where they treated him like a pirate king (which he is of course.) He is absolutely exhausted. You've heard of Southern Hospitality? Well, apparently it has nothing on Great White Northern Hospitality!

No stories of his grand adventure yet, he's still in recovery from all that hospitality. But we know he received several official proclamations marking his visit, from the University, from Fairbanks from others. He says, "My favorite proclamation was from a village they call, 'The People's Republic of Esther.' … Esther's proclamation -- apparently like ALL of Esther's official proclamations and pronouncements -- was hand-written on a paper plate. I'm coming home with all of them and plan on having them framed."

He did ask me, before passing out again, to thank – in no particular order – Dave, the gruff but lovable manager of Gulliver's Books, Nick and Van at Barnes and Noble – both stores had signings for him. They were both jammed. EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE he went was jammed with people being hospitable. Also, and most importantly, thanks to Cap'n Chuck and The Fair Phyllis as well as their daughter, Hard Hearted Hannah, for hostin' the Alaskan adventure! He also thanks the mayors of Fairbanks, North Pole and Esther, as well as the chancellor of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, for their official proclamations in support of International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

"And, of course, I want to thank all the folks who came out to our events all over Fairbanks and made this a very special Talk Like a Pirate Day for Cap'n Slappy."

Photos of the Adventure will go up on our Flicker page as soon as we get some from Alaska. There they'll join the pictures of me and Mad Sally and friends cavorting on the beach of Cane By with flaming swords, huge bottles of rum, lots of pirate music, and an especially good shot of Mad Sally wielding a flaming hatchet – which she buried into the target from distance of 20 feet – setting it on fire. What a woman I married! And thanks to Cp'n Killy and Link for setting that ll up. A time was had.

If you haven't yet, make sure to send us word of how YOU spent the holiday, with a photo if you've got a good one. We want to share it with the world!

This year was a good one. What do we do to make next Sept. 19 even better?

-- Ol' Chumbucket, editor

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