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The buzz is spreadin'!

Thanks to th' wonders o' the Internet (and our Close Personal Friend and Pulitzer Prize Winner, Dave Barry), newshounds around th' world have lined up each September for the past decade (!) t' talk to The Pirate Guys. (Ye think we're exaggeratin'? Take a look at our partial list o' previous interviews !)

Since two members o' Team Pirate are former members o' the Fourth Estate themselves, we figger on makin' the job a bit easie by puttin' our press kit on line. Or ye can contact the lads directly:

Press kit:

Press kit material, including photographs and PSAs, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, and may be used freely with attribution.

Want a banner to promote Talk Like A Pirate Day on yer own Web site? Here's a transparent GIF:


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