Talk Like a Pirate Day 2006

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What did ye do on September 19th?

... and the days before and after (we're discoverin' that tryin' to confine pirattitude to a single day is like tryin' to keep rum in a barrel with the bung pulled out!)! Let us know, an' we'll tell the world!

Read the party reports here. And don't miss the photos!

Find out what the media's saying about Talk Like A Pirate Day here. And what the Pirate Guys themselves (and associated wenches) have been up to here. And don't miss the fan mail!

There are still Talk Like A Pirate activities ahead for this weekend! Scroll down the list to see if there's one in your area.

2006 highlights:

Pirates share the booty

Pirate ship for charity: Staff at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library in central Illinois wanted a different kind of fund-raiser, so they built a land-cruising pirate ship - starting with a motor home chassis. The ship won first prize for creativity in the town's 4th of July parade - and then put it up for sale on eBay to raise money for the library. The winning bidder paid $2,550 to have their very own land-worthy pirate vessel.

Other groups around the world usin' Talk Like A Pirate Day as the focus o' their charitable fund-raisin' plans include:

Our favorite tales from TLAPD 2006

Pirates on the Web

GoComics, the official on-line home of Calvin & Hobbes, FoxTrot and other fine comics, is runnin a ton o' pirate strips for Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Many, many Web sites were "piratized" for the day, including LiveJournal, Dogpile,, StockCarPitPass,, SlipperTalk (an orchid enthusiasts site), the Graphic Designs forum, and more. We managed to grab screencaps of a few - if anyone has more, send 'em along! organized a day of "driving around looking for booty in England dressed as pirates."

Apple (yes, that Apple): "We be celebrating with ye' for years now at Apple! My pirate horde be flying the Jolly Roger on the iChat seas!" -- Nate Graf

The gamers at GumpCon, Scotland's Biggest LAN Gaming Party, held a treasure hunt on Sept. 19 for fabulous pirate prizes.

ChannelOne, the cable channel for US public schools, has a new pirate games site, with plans for special features as Talk Like A Pirate Day approaches.

TeamUTZ, a multi-gaming network, "be holding a ITLAPD here in the midlands B'ham and worldwide! a day of feastin and swash bucklin' held with the online drinking buddies - Englanders, Swedes, Americans, Fins, Danes and Dutch will spend the day online comparing each others scabbards!" - Oster

Pirate podcasts:

The Theme Show - a 23-tune playlist of the best pirate songs ever (starting with Tom Smith's official TLAPD anthem), enough to fuel an entire Talk Like A Pirate Day party. Direct download link here. Warning: This a *huge* file of high-quality audio, and it could take hours to download on a dial-up connection. Thanks to Tonya "Cap'n Ishtar" Taylor fer puttin'; it together.

GTtoGo - Local newspaper podcast interviews Chumbucket and Mad Sally about their "WenchSwap" experience.

Radio1UK is ran pirate spots on the Scot Mills show

Scientific American had a special piratical podcast for Sept. 19!

ThisIsAKnife, the videoblog for the UK's Channel14 "bringing you the the internet week in compact form," featured our site (*waves at bloggers*) on Sept. 19.

OhMyNews, an English-language media site serving Korea and Japan, chimed in with a special podcast introduced by the Pirate Guys themselves.

(See the Buzz page for pirate blogging links)

Pirates on the ground:

Parties and other events by fans of Talk Like A Pirate Day around the world, some public, some not; some planned, some spontaneous.



Glastonbury, CT - For the third year running, popular children's entetainer Kevin "Scupper" Burke sailed the waters o' the Glastonbury Barnes & Noble bookstore on Sept. 19, roaming around in costume, singing pirate songs and pushing the pirate books (including, dare we hope, Pirattitude?)

Baltimore, Maryland - Ed Deiaco-Lohr plannned to paper Georgetown Law School, Johns Hopkins Resident Life, and possibly the University of Maryland with his 2006 TLAPD poster, which he's given us for your downloading pleasure.

Baltimore, Maryland - The Pirates of the Drunken Ferret, a small crew of pirates-for-hire who perform twice weekly pirate shows on the Tall Ship Clipper City at the Inner Harbor, celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day with a three-hour, adult pirate party cruise on the ship Sept. 19.

Baltimore, Maryland - Captain Larry's Bar & Grill at 601 E Fort Ave. in South Baltimore celebrated TLAPD with grub, grog, and fabulous booty giveaways, including tickets to the Birds last Sunday game, commemorative TLAPD koozies, their famous Latvian Lovin’ t-shirts and assorted pirate trinkets and treasures.

Ocean City, Maryland - Bootys Bar and Grill, a pirate-themed restaurant that opened this March, celebrated TLAPD on the 19th with a live radio remote, prizes for the best-dressed pirate and the best pirate impersonation, plus a DJ and drink and food specials.

Acton, Massachusetts - The Children's Discovery Museum, 177 Main St., Acton., celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 19; tykes learned the language, made maps of buried treasure, and decorated pirate hats.

Boston, Massachusetts - The historic Brattle Theater showed Monty Python's Yellowbeard on Sept. 19

Marlboro, Massachusetts - The Metrowest Animal Awareness Society celebrated TLAPD in pirate regalia, but not like you've ever seen! They threw a kitten adopt-a-thon on Saturday, September 16, at the the Pet Source in Marlborough, Massachusetts. "These kitties are of the friendly, cuddly variety, but on that day, they will be sporting pirate togs! Can you just see a calico with an eye patch? Or a tabby with a corsairs black and white striped shirt? We are trying to work on dreadlocks for a Maine Coon kitten, but she ain't cooperating! " -- Jocelyne Durrenberger

Waltham, Massachusetts - "September 19th, 2006 happens to be the day that I do the interview part of my Citizenship Test. Which means that if I pass it, all that's left is the actual ceremony and I am an American Citizen!! (I'm a legal resident that has gone throgh the ardous naturalization process and its harder and more time consuming than one would think!) So in honor of becoming not only of becoming an American Citizen but also turning 30, I am coming to work as a pirate, and going out to the bars in Boston as a pirate! In fact I'm definitely going to use some of the Pickup lines from your site. (Even though I really want to go dressed as a pirate to the Citizenship interview, I really can't risk it!) I'm an admin at a small Software engineering firm in Waltham, Massachusetts. I'm the one that usually sets up the kitchen and main conference room for Halloween, Christmas, St. Paddy's the Pirate theme is going to prevail at the office no matter what!" -- Carolina The Barbarian

Concorcd, New Hampshire - Members of the Porcupine Pirates and their pals celebrated with a "Dress like a Pirate" outing including a viewing of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, preceded by dinner at the nearby Long John Silver's, They're invited' the local Browncoats - space pirates welcomed!

Cornell University, New York - The university Museum Club got a head start on the holiday Sept. 15 with a pirate party to help promote " Dangerous Waters ", an exhibit at the Johnson Museum of Art. Visitors were greeted by scantily clad belly dancers balancing swords atop their heads and jugglers tossing brightly colored objects into the air. Before them was a night of revelry, filled with a treasure hunt, customized eye patches, dancing, music, a little pirate humor and, of course, art.

New York City - They partied like on Sept 19 at Otto's Shrunken Head, 538 E.14th St. Bands included The Scurvy Pirates, NYC's premiere pirate-core band, and Brine & Bastards , swingin' pirate-rock from New Jersey Costume contests, prizes and more! Check out their poster.

Mannheim, Pennslyvania - It's an all-pirate weekend at the Pennslyvania Renaissance Fair Sept. 23-24 during the Invasion of the Pirates. Dozens of activities, performers, exhibits, vendors and fun, including a Pyrate Ship and Pyrate parade.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - The Grey Lodge Pub, 6235 Frankford Ave., invited patrons to "put on an eye patch, suck down some Belgian beers and brace yourself for the number one pirate pick-up line, "Prepare to be boarded!" on Sept. 19.

Newport, Rhode Island - M/C Jeff Chilcote, a morale representative at the US Naval Academy Prep School, tells us he planned a Talk Like A Pirate Day party fer the students in his platoon. Now that's the way to lift morale!

Blacksburg, Virginia - Students at Virginia Tech can joined in the Talk Like A Pirate Day fun on Tuesday with "Captain Growley's Pirate Adventure" at Shultz Dining Center. A pirate riddle treasure hunt features prizes including a flat-screen HDTV, DVD player, and a swashbuckling pirate movie.

Washington, D.C. and Glen Ridge, NJ - "Wanted to let you know that large flocks of mates will be celebrating this fantastic holiday both in Washington DC and Glen Ridge NJ (thankfully it does not conflict with our monthly Stop Continental Drift meetings). Festivities will take place at The Angry Inch Saloon, 2450 18th St. NW, Washington, DC, and The Hat in Glen Ridge" - Hessian


Atlanta, Georgia: "Me mates an' meself are hosting a party in the far too landlocked town of Atlanta, Georgia, where all who attend will carry their own bottle of Rum and will wear pirate garb wearing a minimum of one eye patch per person. Just thought ye might like to hear tell of it." -- Brian Tedder

Gulf Shores, Alabama - "Ahoy mate, thisl be me second talk like a pirate day i am celebrating. last year i was in yosemite california. this year i am gulf shores alabama. last years party we had about 12 people wasted talking pirate slang, this year i have somewhere around 45 people geared up to throw down like pirates." -- Daniel

Key West, Florida - "The Pirate Soul and Rum Barrel crews celebrated this year's holiday with a Surrender the Booty fundraiser to benefit a local charity, A Positive Step, as well as our first-ever Drink Like A Pirate Day at the Rum Barrel. Both events were a monster success... We sent out a band of pirates to kidnap local celebrities and politicians and held them in Pirate Soul's jail until they raised enough money for their release. We even scored the mayor and he ended up drunk and dancing with brazilian wenches at the Rum Barrel later that night! Good times. Anyway, we'll be hosting Drink Like a Pirate day as a monthly event at the Rum Barrel on the 19th of every month and we'll be throwing a monster party every year on 9/19th. Keep in touch mateys! Ps... we were successful in persuading the Key West city commission to pass legislation declaring talk like a pirate day a local holiday!" -- Jeff Sorg

New Smyrna Beach, Florida - "I work in the children's department at the New Smyrna Beach Library in Florida. I've been doing displays on pirates and ran across your site which we all enjoyed. For Sept.19 we are planning a children's program on pirates called "Shake your booty, Blackbeard", during which we'll dress and talk like pirates. We are also doing a storytime for the preschool landlubbers Aug. 29. I made a 3-d pirate ship with photos of our staff and patrons along the railings. You are inspiring! Keep up the good work." - Linda Girouard

Port Richey, Florida - The aptly named Gulf High School Buccaneers Band put together a piratical half-time show for the 2006-2007 football season, and they rehearsed on Sept. 19. "I have asked the students to dress and talk like pirates for the entire evening as well as myself and my staff. The students are looking forward to it greatly and I think we are going to have a lot of fun with it!" -- William L. Rutherford, Director of Bands, Gulf High School, Check out their photo

Saint Augustine, Florida - Crew of the Black Heart/Secret Loyal Order of Pirate Scum (SLOPS) and the Swashbucklers, Pirates and Buccaneers Social Society of St. Augustine celebrated on September 16th by raidin' the old city, Spanish Quarter and Tiberna Tavern, with proceeds to support historical preservation on the Old City. Check the photo!

South Florida - "The night before my 10 year old daughter, Lauren, commandeered my pirate hat for her day in school. In fact she slept in it! She also got some vital information from your web site to bring into class for extra credit. She was forced to carry the hat for most of the day, due to a no hats in school policy but she snuck it on whenever possible. I arrived at work, hat-less but spouting Ye's, Avasts and a liberal dose of Bilge Rat's thrown in. That wasn't enough so I quickly created a parrot for my shoulder out of some office supplies and attached it with scotch tape (hey, I'm a puppeteer!). I marched into the office of the big cheese and let him have it! (the big cheese dresses in a giant rabbit costume for Easter, so he took the bird and pirate talk in stride). They kind of expect it from me by now. I wore the parrot for the ride home and go some great looks at lights and toll booths. Thanks for the inspiration! Can't wait until 2007. I'm planning on a traveling puppet show that I can wear." David Goboff, Simply Puppets! ,The Puppet Guild of South Florida

Monticello, Georgia - "Shiver me timbers - it's almost time for ITLAPD 2006, and I can't wait! I coach a middle school math team as part of a national program called MATHCOUNTS, and this year we are practicing on Tuesdays. How exciting that ITLAPD is on Tuesday this year! At our September 19th practice, the "mathletes" will go on a treasure hunt. I will divide them into two teams and give them maps of the school marked with 10 X's. They will find each X and solve the math problem at that location. Whichever team gets back first with the most correct answers will win the booty, a chest full of chocolate coins. Arrr!" -- Betty Jean Jordan, a.k.a. "Dirty Bess Flint" (See Dirty Bess's pirate math questions on our teacher resources page!)

Louisville, Kentucky - "I'm a senior in high school and go to a really crazy school (awesome crazy, not bad crazy) started by hippies, so it's a bit laid back. There's a good deal of freedom at my school, so I decided to put that to use and begin a Pirate club! As a group, we will learn about pirates and build our pirate vocabulary. Then we plan to have a little fest to celebrate and we will talk like pirates all day long." -- Morgen Bailey

Louisville, Kentucky - Uncle Pleasant's celebratedTalk Like A Pirate Day with The Barbary Merchants and "special guest." $50 dollars goes to the one who best be speakin' like a pirate! (Lookin' Piratical be increasin' yer 'piratitude' an' be helpin' yer chances t' win, Arrr!!)

Louisville, Kentucky - Comedy Caravan celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 19 with an 18-and-over show featuring Patrick 'Leg-O-Wood' Spring, Chuck 'Davey Jones' Locker' Savage from the Hell Gig tour (50 shows, 50 states, 50 days), Dan 'Swashbuckler' Fontaine, Danny 'Buckaneer' Rios (he just won funniest person in Houston) and a motley crew of jokesters. Dust off yer good eye-patch, dress up like yer favorite swashbuckler and bring yer wenches for the swap. There be laffs a plenty and grog fer all... arrrrgghhh!

Raleigh, North Carolina - The Low Down Cheap Little Punks celebrated TLAPD on Friday the 15th with their Fourth Somewhat-Annual Pirate Night at the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Note: This film is rated "Arrrrr!" by the LDCLP Piratical Association.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - "I am the Student Council advisor at Putnam City High School in Oklahoma City. We are the "Pirates" and very proud of it. I saw the article in the newspaper a couple of years ago and learned about TLAP Day and decided it would be fun and most appropriate for our students to observe. We have a competition each year to see who can talk best as a Pirate. Our principal brings in outside adults to judge the contestants. It was covered by the local media last year. This year's winner receives an activity pass to all school events, a free meal from Long John Silvers, and gets to watch this week's football game from the lower level of our new 2 million dollar pressbox. I use TLAP Day as an example in Student Council when talking to the students about creative new ideas and not knowing where they might lead!" -- Mike Hardesty

Summerville, South Carolina - Here Be Books, a bookstore at 4650 Ladson Road in summerville (northwest of historic Charleston) celebrated on both September 16 and September 19 "Here Be Books has a treasure hunting/old world theme and pirates fit right in with that!Our name "Here Be Books" is a reference to the "Here Be Dragons" fabled to have been written on ancient maps to denote unexplored areas." -- Tina McDuffie, co-owner.

Alvin, Texas - "For TLPD, we have invited the AUTHOR of WHERE THE PIRATES ARE and other seafaring young adult novels, to speak at our school! We will also wear our best pirate garb! Thanks for your inspiration to get the ball rolling for this event at our school! This will go great with our pirate theme this year in which our class is studying everything from the Phoenicians to the Whydah AND we do a monthly PIRACY report covering the piracy that is happening today on the "seven seas." -- Sincerely, Faithful pirate scholars of Ms. Sowers' 6th Grade GT class at Walt Disney Elementary in Alvin, Texas

Dallas, Texas - FenCon, a local science fiction convention, extends the Talk Like A Pirate Day celebration to Friday, September 22nd, with a day of pirate-themed activities and a concert of sea shanties and pirate songs by Heather Alexander. Read more here.

Fort Worth, Texas - "I be he who wrote ye earlier about plannin' to be taking me beloved, Cap'n Jane JaspeR, on a trip and then tripping her up when I tripped her into garb and tripped the light fantastic for the evening of TLAPD. ... As it a' turned out, the evenin' was different, but better, than I had a'planned. We wound up taking ship to an incredible Irish pub owned by one Martin O'Flynn, a good-hearted Englishman who absolutely loved the idea of me crew descending upon his fine establishment. He war a member of the English Merchant Marine and considers himself a bit of a pirate and he made us all feel extremely welcome and desireous of returning, often-like, to his lovely tavern. He played fine sea shanties on his "steer-e-o", whatever that bloody well be, passed out some piratical bracelets that I had a'brought for party favors, let us hang our flag on the fence out front, and even called some of his crew to join us. Which they did, in pirate attire. And we drank, and we drank, and a good time was had by all! Following this extremely pleasant evenin' of drink and song, me lovely bride, Cap'n Jasper, and I retired to the "Steak and Ale" restaurant that was, thank all the sea gods!, only a few blocks down the road. It being after eight bells on the last dog watch, there were only a few lubbers in attendance but we, to be sure, made the most of the moment and the stares and the giggles and the laughs and had another extremely good time. After that, the Cap'n 'n me went back to our quarters . . . and I don't know ye well enough to regale ye with what went on there!" -- Blackbead

Salado, Texas - "The weekend a'fore the hallowed day me and Cap'n Jane Jaspe will be selling off some of our plunder and swag at the Tablerock Renaissance Fantasy Faire in Salado, Texas. We be piratical vendors extra'ordinaire, don't ye see, selling "hand-plundered" jewelry out of me treasure chest at Renaissance faires, arts 'n crafts shows, smuggler's markets, and the like. We sail into a port town (yes, yes, I know . . . Salado, Texas is in the heart of the Texas hill country and several hundred miles from the sea, but you get the idea!), drops anchor and commences to sell, sell, sell! It's not a livin' yet but we be werkin' on it. Then, on the day of days, I'll be surprisin' me Cap'n by taking her out to see "POTC II" in garb and then it's on to a fancy restaurant to fill our gullets with the finest wines and meats! How I'm going to get her in garb and surprise her will be the subject of tales told around the fo'c'sle for ages to come!" - Blackbeard, Master of the Adventure Fantasy

Seguin, Texas - Staff at the Seguin High School Library encouraged students and staff to talk like pirates all week in an effort to promote reading (yes, READING) through the library.  After "Talk Like a Pirate", we've added "and Read Like an Educated Pirate" to our flyers and posters and displays (of PIRATE oriented books, of course).  This has sparked many questions and comments such as, "but WHY?" (to which we reply, "why not?").  And, as a matter of fact, some students actually are checking out books, with or without a pirate theme!  So, again I say, THANK YOU for putting some fun into our reading promotion this fall.  We may even do it again next year. -- Jamie Aven

Morgantown, West Virginia - Pirate Mike Olson had a birthday on the 16th , and his wife Kristina threw' him - what else? - a pirate party, with grog and appetizers. The invitations warn "costumes optional, pirate talk mandatory." That's pirattitude!

Shepherdstown, West Virginia - At radio station WHSC, Shepherd College, they planned a recruiting party on Sept. 18 to get students psyched for the following day. "We are also going to promote “Talk Like A Pirate Day” during our normal broadcasts starting next week (just found your press kit). If we make some PSAs of our own we would be willing to pass them on if you guys are interested in sharing them from your site. We are looking for a bunch of ‘pirate’ music to play over the air but we wont have enough for this year; maybe next. I want to be able to play ‘pirate’ music all day long on the 19th every year.... We are going to have a large decorated area and show pirate movies a good chunk of the day to students and community. We are going to have some contests and give-aways as well. One idea was to show little pirate clips between the movies like the Five A’s you guys have on your site. ... This is being planned as our yearly promotion for our station and for Talk Like A Pirate day. " -- Buck Lam


Lake Forest, Illinois - "I be wishing to tell ya me plans fer TLAPD 2006. Sep. 19th be me birt'day. So it seems only natural to party twice as hard. Last year for my 21st, I got my shipmates (people I go to college with) to wear shirts with pirate themes and drink all day (even through class). This year the same thing will happen. Inspired by our many trips abroad this year, my friends and I have decided to include the international theme as well. We will once again be making our own shirts but they will have pirate jokes in Spanish, French, and English. We will be drinking again, but never fear, Cap'n, we're all legal. My favorite shirt slogan so far says "International Talk Like a Pirate Day = My Birthday" And on the back " Aye, aye, matey! - Plunder me BOOTY!!" -- Katy Burroughs

Columbia City, Indiana - For the second year in a row, The Peabody Public Library converted its Web site to pirate talk in honor of the holiday.

Fort Riley, Kansas - "From one Cap'n to another, while we could not have a proper Pirate celebration out here at Ft. Riley KS. we did manage to shoot some heavy machine guns all day and drove the Army crazy with our mastery of the Pirate lingo. Currently there are 50 of us Air Force folk here in training for a few months then off to Iraq for a year. After shooting all day we did mange to put a good drunk on in celebration of International Talk Like a Pirate day. Sadly next year at this time we will be scattered to the four winds in Iraq but I'm sure as long as there is e-mail I will be sure to remind them all to raise a glass of something in celebration. I'm sure some pictures will be sent next year." Capt. Tom Johnson USAF

Detroit, Michigan - The aptly-named YarrrPR ("Oxymoronically honest publicity") threw a picnic at Belle Isle. "Food, drink, and pirate kites - the perfect excuse to skip work!!!" - Becki Carr

Somewhere in Michigan - "I had heard of Talk like a Pirate day last year on the 20th! I felt cheated!I have been talking like a pirate on and off for years, much to the dismay of my three kids!... This year I was prepared! I sent the link out yesterday to the 26 people that work for me, my bosses around the world, and quite a few others at work. I work at a large global company and a lot of times I feel many here in the US and abroad are lacking a sense of humor! Well, Talk like a Pirate day was excellent! I was greeted this morning with arrrsss and yaaaars and even pirate email from around the globe! I became closer with some folks I have pegged as having no sense of humor who talked or emailed like a Pirate, and we all are having an excellent time. I even got my x-wife e-mailing me in Pirate talk today! AND if the kids want to be fed this evening, I'll be having an Arrrrrr! out of them for sure! Now, perhaps you guys need to see if this can be used to promote world peace!" -- Chris Falco in Michigan

Columbia, Missouri - Flat Branch Pub & Brewing held its third annual Talk Like A Pirate Day celebration with family fun followed by and grownup carousin' . "Just a few pieces of eight will get ye aboard, and let ye pillage the buccaneer buffet. Thar be specials on grog n'those fine handcrafted ales. Ye might even plunder some pirate booty from the depths of Davy Jones' locker!"

Kansas City, Missouri - "To celebrate talk like a pirate day, I am planning to use a pirate storytime theme on my family storytime. At 7pm at the Plaza Branch Library in Kansas City, MO, there will tales of brave pirates, sea shanties sung, and even some crafts…er…treasure to be had. Pirates and landlubbers of all ages are welcome to join us." - Elizabeth Moreau, Children's Librarian, Plaza Branch, Kansas City Public Library, 4801 Main Street

Columbus, Ohio - The Linden Branch of the Columbus Public Library celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 19 with real pirattitude. Along with pirate music and pirate talk, the library staff wore eye patches and pirate nametags, they've got a display of pirate books, they'll be flying the Jolly Roger and their usual evening story time will become a family program of "Pirate Yarns and Sea Shanties."


Anchorage, Alaska - Cap'n Kevin Hall has the right idea: He invited his friends to a travelin' pirate party aboard a rented bus. From home port at an Anchorage hotel, they set sail - in full pirate regalia - Sept. 16 and traveedl from one fine establishment to another, eatin', drinkin' and pillagin' as they saw fit. His invitation warns: "People will be drunk, dancing and singing! Not for the faint of heart."

Barrow, Alaska - "Ay! I got ship wrecked in Barrow, Alaska back in '72 when we struck an iceberg, been here ever since! I'll be spendin' the day watching the local whaling crews preparing for the whaling season opening on Sept 25. Probably eye ball a few wenches and pound a few pints of grog. Also will listen to our "Pirate Radio Station" 99.5 FM. (It's in a guys garage) -- "Sow Belly" Mike in the Frozen North

Mesa, Arizona - The Desert Flame, a "Gentleman's Club" in East Mesa/Apache Junction, Arizona planned a huge TLAPD celebration: Pyrate-brand Rum shot specials and other "grog" specials all day long (if you talk like a pirate). "And, if you wear your pirate garb, ye be gettin in free! The hatches open smartly at noon and we'll be jiggin' til 2:30 in the morning! Stop by and say "Ahoy" to our Beauties and bar lasses." - A.J. "Dread Pirate Jasper" Porter

Brisbane, Calif. -" I've organized the first ever Talk Like a Pirate Day party at my office. There'll be plenty o' rum, of course, and some tidbits to soak it all up such as dried salt beef, hardtack and citrus fruits (to ward off the scurvy, dontcha know). I hate to admit it, but I work with a passle of lubbers who don't know what ter wear (curse 'em if they haven't seen POTC yet) but I'm givin' them as many pointers as possible as well as directin' them ter yer wonderful website. Now, if I can jes' get the receptionist to answer the phone "g'mornin', ye've reached Arthurrr Courrrt Designs, we'll have a great day!" -- Miss Molly Goodhead

Fullerton, Calif. - "I just wanted to let you know that my kindergarten class is celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day tomorrow during class! I have eye patches for each of them and we'll be reading pirate stories, writing about pirates, and definitely talking like pirates! The kids don't know it yet, but they are going to have a blast!" - Stephanie Klewer, Fisler School, Fullerton, California

Hermosa Beach, Calif. - "My birthday is sept.19th so it makes it one hell of a party day for me. A local radio station gives it alot of atention and thats really how i first heard of it. The radio station is 106.7 KROQ. They talk like pirates the whole day. I wanted to ask you if you guys knew of any specific event in southern california that goes on and celebrates international talk like a pirate day? Im asking because me and a few friends just go to the local pub and try to get everyone in the bar into the pirate day. Some are into but most really are not. I just think it would be so much more fun to be around people that really enjoyed that day and were into the whole deal. So if you know of anything please let me know. Thanks alot and keep up! AAAaarrrrrrrrr!" - Mike Hughes

Huntington Beach, Calif. - Mike and Laurie Thurkettle threw their third annual Talk Like A Pirate Day party. Last year 40 bold and brave souls showed up, and this year they expect edeven more (we'll spare them a flood of strangers by not posting the flyer they sent us with their home address ...)

Los Angeles, Calif. - Studio City Tattoo celebrated TLAPD with "grub, drinks and $25 tattoos". And a damned fine poster, too.

Monterey, Calif. - The fifth annual Pirate Milonga, a combination pirate party and tango evening commemorating the 1818 arrival of Argentine pirate Hippolyto Bouchard, takes place on Sept. 25 at House of the Four Winds, 540 Calle Principal, Monterey. Outrageous costumes are encouraged! More information at, or e-mail

Northern California: Employees at KEWB-FM radio are adding a TLAPD theme to their annual company houseboat party, and plan lots of promos in the weeks leading up to the date.

Oceanside, Californa - The 26th annual Harbor Days event in Oceanside, CA has caught on to pirates in a big way. The schedule includes a pirate water show via the local Naval history museum folks, a Capt Jack Sparrow look-a-like and an assortment of pirate merchants to the event to complete the ensemble.

San Diego, Calif. - A bit early for TLAPD, but Moxie Theater of Encinitas scheduled its second annual $100-a-ticket Pirate Party benefit on Aug. 25 aboard the HMS Surprise (the ship featured in the movie "Master and Commander") in San Diego Harbor. Check out the poster! (and if you read this before Aug. 25, call 760-634-3965 for tickets).

San Diego, Calif. - "My name is Andrew and I am writing you from Al Asad Iraq.... Point is; I am so happy that while perusing the internet I came to this site and have now come up with and am planning my "ITLaPD Festival" in San Diego. I have invited my friends and family along with allot of the Marines coming back with me from here in September and I (being use to setting up events like this) have gotten allot of the planning done for the Festival itself and thought I could share my plans with you two Pirates. ... The holiday will be celebrated on the 16th or 23rd, I haven't had anyone complain about either yet but I am making sure everyone is good for one of those dates before cementing it. It will start at 1000 near the Fire Pits on Coronado Beach, San Diego ..." - Sgt. Andrew N. Becerra, USMC,

San Francisco, Calif. - " Arr, there matey. I be readin yor book, piratitude, and i be deeply inspired. i be livin by San Francisco, and I be introducing your holiday to me area. At first, i just told me mateys, but it escalated, and i soon was makin an announcment infront of me whole school, along with me sisterr, Mad Lizzie McDoom. we then be spreadin it to every landlubber we could get our hands on. and the next thing we be knowin, every wench-wrestlin, deck-swabbin schoolmatey be talkin like pirates! We then went a-pilagin (mooching lunch off of friends), and had a very piratey day. " -- Captain Twiggy

San Marcos, Calif. - "Ok so last year we didn't hear about TLAPD until the 20th - that's a bummer.... but this year we are prepared (ok - by "we" I mean 3 of us in the IT department at Cal State Univ San Marcos (just north of San Diego, California) - but I've put signs up on our doors and we are prepared to do our best to represent proper pirateness. I've even saved a $5 bill that I got shortly after TLAPD last year that has Abe Lincoln wearing an eye patch and sporting a beard." -- Deirdre

San Mateo, Calif. - "Coyote Point Yacht Club in San Mateo will be partyin' on a Saturday, the 16th with an Open House to invite any and all to come visit our little clubhouse and see how the pirates of San Mateo do things! There will be wenches aplenty with grog, shark bites and some chum on a shingle to go around." -- Faye Stevens

Selma, California - "I said my hail Newton's this morning, so I should be good for TLAPD. We are indeed running the old Newton Treasure Island flics for our 491 employees.My fellow Managers here, and I are having a blast. We had the maintenance people hoist a Jolly Roger this morning, but the installation Manager made us take it down and replace it with the Stars & Stripes. We did get some funny looks from passerbys..." -- Captain Craig, United States Postal Service Manager, Remote Encoding Operations (A), Selma Remote Encoding Center, Selma, CA

Somewhere in Colorado - "Saturday marked the 4th annual Pirate Party at the Lister household here in Colorado. I am always amazed at how many people are so ready to dress up and act like pirates. At one point about 30 pirates started moving furniture and dancing in my living room. Then we had some Matrix/Kill Bill/Pirate sword fight (they never touched me). My throat still hurts from talking like a pirate all night. We had a guy show up dressed as the pirate cook. It was great, he smelled like a lake and carried a cleaver. My sides still hurt from laughing." -- Allen

Colorado Springs, Colorado - " Talk Like a Pirate Day is being actively celebrated at the United States Air Force Academy. ...Today many dressed up in whatever pirate gear they could find and even the freshmen are allowed to as long as it was simple items from their room. I’m afraid many freshman were scared to dress up, I was the only one that showed up to breakfast out of the four thousand Cadets. I was decked out in my eye patch, made of a cut up sock and shoe lace, and my sword, made out of a broke coat hanger with lots of duct tape. Some people don’t quite understand and would say “look at the nerd four degree” while many others returned a hearty AARR!!" -- Iron “Teabag” Morty

Denver, Colorado - "Let it be known that the official (as it gets) Colorado Chapter of Pirate Guys presents its first gala in honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day! The celebration will begin at 6:00 PM on the eve of Sat-arr-day, the 16th of September at Harlow's Tavern located near the Denver Tech Center at 5650 Greenwood Plaza Boulevard in Greenwood Village, Colorado. ... Thar's no reservations, no sign up, and no scurvy... Just plenty o' pirate talk and fun with rum drink specials and booty, includin' a $100 bar tab prize fer th' best dressed (costume). So come one and come all, bring yer "Pirattitude" and party like it's 1699!!!"- Cap'n Salty Limbs Akimbo

Denver, Colorado - Tim Murray, Liz Brown, and Brian Kertesz hosted their second annual Talk Like A Pirate Day Happy Hour and Fund-raiser (with the proceeds benefiting the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer) on Sept. 16 at Pints Pub.

Denver, Colorado - Geeks Who Drink Pub Quizzes will honored Talk Like a Pirate Day on Sept. 19 by awarding a FIVE point headstart on the quiz to all teams who come sporting pirate garb. Two locations: Nallen's Irish Pub, 1429 Market St. and The Exchange Tavern, 11940 Bradburn Blvd., Westminster.

Denver, Colorado (evidently vying with Australia to become the 2006 TLAPD capital of the world!) - The Potcheen Folk Band, billing themselves as Colorado's only Celtic-Pirate-Rock Band, threw a Pirate's Ball at the Walnut Room, on Sept. 16, starting at 8pm. with costume contests and music by Sweetwater Mojo and The Potcheen Folk Band.

Littleton, Colorado - "On TLAPD, me and our community big band (the Windjammers) crew seizes the Oasis (local pub)… boards the wenches and conscripts them to serve me matey’s enuff brew and grog to secure a sloppy, monkey dancer drunk. Sea chantys shall rule the airwaves as me cranks up the noise on the karaoke box. Ev’ry wench and bloke must belch out a pleasing tune or suffer me cutlass… and be in appropriate natty piratitude attire. " -- Cap’n BlackBEAR

Billings, Montana - The local Barnes & Noble outlet celebrated TLAPD with special events, including a pirate name generator for those who stop by in garb.

Albany, Oregon - In the Pirate Guys' home port, Riley's Billiards and Grill was once again be the place to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day, from 7-9 p.m. - with drinks named after Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket! The Pirate Guys, Mad Sally and the Webwench were on hand - check the photos

Albany, Oregon - Calapooia Brewing Company (formerly The Oregon Trader) is throwing a post TLAPD- party on Friday, Sept. 22, startin' at 7 p.m. The Pirate Guys, Mad Sally and the Webwench will be judgin'costumes and pirate talk and generally have a Piriffic time.

Albany, Oregon - "We're so impressed with TLPD that here in City Hall the Public Works Department is joining in We're having a pirate Pot-luck lunch, complete with Slumgullian and Lubber Balls at noon and we're including an actual Treasure Hunt. Happy to participate here in the home town of Cap'n Slappy, Chumbucket & the Wench" -- Cap'n Bob Woods

Coos Bay, Oregon - Cap'n Adventure tells us "Sept 16th will a big beach pirate costume party in coos bay ..." We don't quite know where, so put on yer pirate gear and head fer the beach!

Eugene, Oregon - The Eugene Opera held auditions for a TV commercial promoting their upcoming production of The Pirates of Penzance on Talk Like A Pirate Day! Actors chosen to appear in the commercial may also be given the opportunity to appear as a supernumerary in the operetta, December 29-31, 2006.

Eugene, Oregon - "Avast ye hardies, my first mate and I will be setin’ sail on the seven seas with a little Disney Magic to parts afar. We’ll be sailin’ in fine style and having our own “Pirates in the Caribbean” party. Being that we call Eugene, Oregon our home port, I’m not knowin’ if ye have ever heard of anyone else celebratin’ your day like this…if ye’d like pictures ARG…I know, only one e-mail and I’ll be sure to send ya’ Mickey as a Mouseketeer! Ye be havin’ to wait until we pull into port on the 23rd of September ~ we’ll be settin’ sail the 16th for a glorious week at sea!" - Thea

Newport, Oregon - Pirate's Plunder in Aquarium Village, 3145 Ferry Slip Road not far from Oregon Coast Aquarium, celebratedTalk Like A Pirate Day with lessons in pirate talk and pirate swagger, sea shanteys and other piratical music. Youngsters who declared they are pirates or mermaids can reach into Captain Robert Blair's bottomless treasure chest and take away some free booty.

Portland, Oregon - Looking for a pirate party in Portland - or lookin' to promote one o' yer own? Head over to, choose "calendar" from the menu and fill out the details.

Portland, Oregon - There was piracy galore at Salvador Molly's, the popular Caribbean-themed restaurant and rum joint with two (count 'em) Portland Locations. On Saturday, Sept. 17, the West side Salvador Molly's, 1523 SW Sunset Blvd, celebrated its tenth anniversary with pirate themed music, food and games as a BOOM benefit for the Wilson High School Pool. On Sept. 19, both locations observed Talk Like a Pirate Day, but The BIG party was at the East side location.

Portland, Oregon - Callaloo Caribbean Escape, 1639 NW Glisan, invited all pirates to enjoy island hospitality and, prizes for best dressed pirates, games, music and more. A portion of the proceeds go to Katrina Hurricane Relief.

Portland, Oregon - Pirates Tavern Vegan Restaurant, 2839 NW St Helens Rd, plannned a "pre-grand opening" on Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Bothell, Washington - On September 19th, Pizza Works in Bothell, Washington honored TLAPD with a discount to anyone who ordered over the counter - in pirate talk.

Everett, Washington - Imagine Children's Museum in Everett is throwing a "High Seas Pirate Day on Saturday, Sept. 23, "a day filled with pirate themed activities, a treasure hunt, boating demonstrations, readings of the book How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long and the highlight of the day, the Seafair Pirates with their ship the “Moby Duck.” There will also be a street-fair where food vendors will be available and there will be additional activities and demonstrations."

Seattle, Washington - Our Close Personal Friend and Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Dave Barry, along with writing pal Ridley Pearson, appeared at Third Place Books, to promote their new children's book, Escape from Carnivale. While he was at it, he met up with some SeaFair Pirates and took the opportunity to blog like a pirate ... and, we're told, wound up giving away copies of our book, Pirattitude, as door-prizes to the crowd!

Salt Lake City, Utah - The Salt Lake Public Library plann celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day. "Pirate booty will be distributed to all the swashbucklers who come aboard at the Level 2 Canteena or the Children's Library. And we won't even make you walk the plank!"

Salt Lake City, Utah - Cap'n J.R. Reynolds and Admiral Sue Reynolds hosted their fourth annual TLAPD party on Sept. 16. Their invitation reads: "In this year of our Lord 2006, on the 16th day of the month of September, (Saturday closest to actual holiday - Our shipmates need the following day,possibly two to recover sufficiently to return to the hard on Monday) ... All volunteers will be received at the said rendevous by Captain J.R. Reynolds & Admiral Sue Reynolds, where they will meet with all due encouragement, And the best treatment. Appropriate buccaneer attire is strongly recommended as the dress of the evening. Ladies be forwarned, the Captain will be checking for proper cleavage. Proper roasted fowl and grog will be served. Bring a suitable dish to share and, if desired, alternate liquid refreshment."

Salt Lake City, Utah - TLAPD was observed at the downtown Main City Library, in the children and teens' departments. The librarygave out pirate booty just for stopping by and saying "Aaarrrrgh!" — the all-purpose pirate expression. The library also has a list of helpful words and pirate phrases, such as "ahoy," "bilge rat," "buccaneer," "doubloon," "scurvy," "shiver me timbers," "walk the plank" and "yardarm."


Abbotsford, British Columbia -- "All government offices will be closed on tuesday september 19th, and as such, we will be hosting a event in the muddy water of mill lake, complete with grog..and row-boats, and grog for the wee'ins The grand scheme is now afoot, next we will commence the final solution... no vitamin C for the masses... yar.. ya scurvy ridden dogs." -- (Admiral) Reverend whack

Burnaby, British Columbia - The BC Renaissance group is threw an all-ages Talk Like A Pirate Day fundraise Sept. 19 at the Scandinavian Centre, 6540 Thomas St., with dinner, music, dancing and games; a cash bar for those who preferred stronger stuff.

Eastern shore of Nova Scotia --Four whole days of pirate talk and fun were planned for the first Eastern Shores Pirate Festival, with raiding parties, costume contests, street dances and pirate feeds at local restaurants including The Lobster Shack, The Jeddore Lodge and Cabins and the Salmon River House. Check their Web site for the details!

Sylvan Lake, Alberta - "Our crew will be meeting at Smugglers Restaurant on the beach at Sylvan Lake, Alberta. We have only met for two years and this is the first year that we will be close enough to the water to throw anyone overboard should their be threat of a mutiny. Will retire to our pirates den to watch Pirates of The Carribean II after dinner." Beverly Keeshig-Soonias

Winnipeg, Manitoba - "As a displaced maritimer on the prairies i be proud to inform ye of my dictator-astical decision to force me employees to recognize TLaP day this year. Aalto's Garden Cafe, on the Pembina highway in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I be sure to send some pictures to the web wench of our festivial-astic-oucious time" - Jason Foote, Assisistant manager Aalto's Garden Cafe

Latin America

Brasilia, Brazil - "So, I noticed that there are no events for South America this year! My friends and I have been planning for a few months now the celebrations for TLAP Day, so I tought: why not submit it to the website? Anyone with a bottle of rum and a pirate spirit is invited! Heck, make it the official South America party of this year's TLAP day!The party is probably going to be in Lago Norte (one of the "divisions" of Brasilia), however, last minute changes are possible (its very likely going to be at someones house :-P) Anyway, the time is at around 19:00." .-- Felipe

Montevideo, Uruguay - Lost In Ether: Perdidos En El Eter (Lost In Ether) is a internet radio show from Montevideo, Uruguay, about comics, roleplaying, scifi and other related subjects, and of course, pirates! The South American radio showheld its third yearly celebration, dedicating an entire show to pirates, which was taped during their party on the 16th, but the show will be available for download about a week after TLAPD. The show will feature a review of Pirate Of The Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest, and a lengthy catalogue of real-life European and American pirates. After the show was taped, they played the 7h Sea roleplaying game. Co-Producer/Co-Host Black MaGnUs says, "We wore our pirate attire, we drank rum, vodka and beer (and some soda), and ate some seabiscuits.All in all, a blast of a time, and each year more and more people here celebrate ITLAPD, including my 2 year old son, Gabriel. He's a pirate through-and-through!" Check the photo.


Somewhere in Belgium: "I be here to tell to thy how I is going to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day. I es going to be drinking lots of thy rum stash matey. I be deserving it, September 19th is me date of me birth it is!I be partying like it was 1709, I be! If you happen to be looting near the harbors of Belgium, I suggest you swing for a minute, savvy? We be having big party, with many British pirates and many British hookers, aye!! We be having a blast, we be rocking the boat!" -- Stéphan, aye!!!

Somewhere in Denmark: "Well… to cut at long story short… heard of the Talk Like A Pirate Day 2006 on the Danish National Radio (Danish like in Denmark... not the stuff ya eat!... small conutry in Scandinavia if you should have missed a few Geography lessons at school. I’m spending this years TLAPD with 2 freinds. We’ll watch the 2 “pirates of the carribean! Movies and have som chow and probably lots o’ rum. Thanks for introducing this fine day..".--Lasse Thorsted

Birmingham, England - The Carl Rosa Co., touring the UK (and coming next year to North America) with a production of Gilbert & Sullivan's "Pirates of Penzance," was at the Hippodrome in Birmingham for Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Brighton, England: "We be celebrating for the 3rd year running TLAPD in the traditional manner of downing as much Grog and Rum as possible. Being wrecked on the beach has meant our crew will be staggering around the seaside taverns of Brighton looking for wenches and more crew to enlist, to help us with our plundering. Last year we tried to invade the scurvy governments annual meeting in our ole town, but their watchmen stopped us before we could get in. This year we will be waiving our cutlasses' and pistols once again at them. We will be raising the jolly roger at the Fortune of War, on the seafront, as the sun passes over the yardarm - and would encourage all other pirates to join us at this venue for much yarring!" -- he crew of the 'Bloated Gull'

Cheltenham, England - "My Name is Peter Kimball-Evans, I'm 17 and on the charity committee of my school (Pate's Grammar Cheltenham) For Talk Like a Pirate Day I have single handedly organised a school-wide treasure hunt to raise the piratey spirits of the 1000-something members of our school. We're also dressing as pirates and having a 'booty collection' in aid of charity. Good to see the hard work you swashbucklers put in to yer website"

North of England - The Marie Curie Cancer Care organization once again used ITLAPD as a fund-raising opportunity for the good work they do: "... We’ve simplified it a bit this year and we’re encouraging people to raise money by talking like pirates and playing “Cap’n Tom’s Treasure Hunt Game” with their shipmates. Additionally, people who register to take part online will receive a “Booty Bag” by mail to collect booty from their workmates/colleagues on the big day – they will be encouraged to do this at cutlass point!" -- Jez Verity. And check their Web site for some downloadable pirate fun!

London, England - "Our band (much enamoured with pirates already) was so overjoyed to hear about TLAPD that we have decided to launch our demo: The Bunnies! in an Adventure with Pirates on Sept 19th! Not only that, but we have convinced the venue to let us put on a proper pirate night with cutlasses and eyepatches and parrots and rum! Please post this on you site in case any UK based pirates are at a loss for where the action will be, come Sept 19th. Info: Water Ship Down presents: The Bunnies! in an Adventure with Pirates live at The Pleasure Unit, 359 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 doors open from 8pm 5 pounds entry - or come dressed as a pirate to qualify for a discount at the door." -- Tom, Matt and Amy

London, England - "There`s going to be Pirates gallore at a Starfury scifi convention in London, UK - we will be celebrating with the stars of the cancelled TVseries Firefly and cult film Serenity. Officially there`s normally planned themed parties, but unofficially the Pirates have had their wicked way, and should be drinking the hotel out of Rum on the Saturday night (Sept. 16). Hopefully we will get some good photos (if we can find a dedicated photographer who isn`t as drunk as the rest of us :) Looking to have a great time."-- Darin a.k.a. Captain Zol, who sent us a great photo

London, England - "Arrrrr! That were a great gatherin' on the good ship Queen Mary. Me black heart swells wi' pride to see all o' them renkneegades with their jolly rogers enhancin' the skyline o' ye olde London Towne. Here's a phrase you don't hear often. 'I'm giving my jolly rogers a good wash today!" Then I'll be hanging my jolly rogers out to dry. I hope the pegs don't leave nasty marks on 'em. Oo-er, missus!' Come to think if it, there's not that many folks as possesses a brace o' jolly rogers and those who do, are apt to have 'em strung up on a flag pole or a mizzen mast. Very few jolly rogers are likely to have experienced a little dose o' 'Bold' or to have enjoyed the benefit of being given a good tumble and an extended spin by a vibrating Hotpoint automatic! I'll stop now." -- The Knee Wench, Christophaaaaar and Cousin' Moosie. See a photo

London, England - Them what weren't pirated out by then headed to Clapham Common on Saturday, Sept. 23. Pirates gathered for for games and frolic. Read more about it on the event's MySpace page.

Manchester, England - The monthly "Saturday Club"for children ages 5-11 resumed after summer break with a celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day

Northants, England - "We’re group o’ landlubbers from Northants in England who, on occasion, talk like pirates an’ I thought ye lubbers in Americae might like to hear from us. We gather at our humble tavern ( Rushden Historical Transport Society ) most evenings. There be no grog served here, just real ale from all quarters of England. Run by a group o’ privateers (the committee) is an award winning ale establishment. Last night I mentioned that I’d heard about TLAP on our national Radio 2 radio station and all of a sudden arrrs and things like Oy matey belay wi’ the wench an’ get ee to the bar, etc were abound! It really is very catching and great fun." -- Steve

Southampton, England - The Southampton Boat Show, Sept. 15-24, takes "Talk Like A Pirate Day" as its theme this year, with piratical events and activities for all ages. Even if ye can't make it, their Web site has some great .pdf downloads fer makin' yer own eyepatch, parrot and Bluebeard mask! Instant TLAPD costume!!!

Glasgow, Scotland - Glasgow's Garage nightclub was been transformed forTLAPD with its own galleon, cannons, treasure hunts, ghostly pirates and they even have a plank to walk. They gave cash prizes for the best dressed male and female pirates. The main hall was resplendent with swashbuckling Buccaneers, a skeletal 10ft pirate captain, and DJ Nicola W whipped up the hits in Davy Jones' Locker.

Longniddry, East Lothian, Scotland: - "Pirate frivolity a-plenty is on the cards for the children of Longniddry, a coastal village in the beautiful county of East Lothian, Scotland. Local Church of Scotland minister, the Rev Dr Robin Hill, is to make a guest piratical appearance at a special "Pirate Play Morning" on Saturday 2nd September, as a precursor to the 2006 International Talk Like a Pirate Day (19th September). The fun event, which lasts from 10am to 12, will encourage all present (whether old sea dogs or wee cabin boys and girls) to talk, act, eat and play like pirates, encouraged by Dr Hill (aka "Red Robin", global chaplain to International Talk Like a Pirate Day). This be a grand opportunity for all the land lubbers o' the village to have some pirate fun together of a mornin'. If the honorable ladies and gents so desire, they can take a tour o' our newly restored church buildin', wi' its finery and accoutrements all ship-shape and gleamin' bright in the noonday sun. Arr, it be a most prestigious occasion, an' no mistakin'. Be there, all ye who reside in the parish! An' ye who don't ... well ... be there too, if you know what's fun for 'ee! Editorial note: Longniddry can lay claim to a degree of fame in pirating circles for the totally unexpected, quite inexplicable and really rather wonderful mention it receives in "Muppet Treasure Island". (If you can't be bothered watching for it, Squire Trelawney's butler mentions the village by name near the start of the movie.)" -- The Rev. "Red Robin" Hill

Kaiserslautern Germany. --" We be celebratin by having a little hash from the Sembach Hash House Harriers. We be doing some running and drink ale, as well as checking out the females booty. The entire event will be spoken entirly in Pirateeze!!!" -- Jake "The Snake Pirate"

Tilburg, the Netherlands - "We're gonna be havin ourselves a little party to do here in our abode, along with many a live action roleplayer from all over the country see. A pillaging we go then, fully dressed and up te shape in our jolly gear, on tha town and through the markets te see who we can scare inta giving us their swag. Tilburg is one of the most "normal" large towns in Holland...completely filled with people who frown on anything that's different and 'dressed up' that isn;t done during Karnival... SCREW 'EM. Let the pirates ATTAAAAAAAACK!!!" Mel and Arjen (aka Puzzle Pirate characters Yatimah and Bubba the Red)

Linköping, Sweden - "Today when I visited the local computer club (where I'm the captain, I mean chairman) my friend Mr Lemming greeted me with a loud "Arrr!". I suddenly remembered... Oh, it's that day today. Since it was 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the time when all people in Sweden have a "fika" (coffee/tea and something sweet), and we had my mother's home made apple pie in the freezer, I decided we should celebrate this special day. This was how we dit it: A bunch of computer geeks had tea and pie while we tried to talk like pirates and listened to suitable music like... well, like the Sailor Moon soundtrack. Worth mentioning was that we had a couple of members of the Pirate Party (a serious political party, yes) in the room, but they talked like land lubbers, and so did most of us. "-- Anna, Lysator Academic Computer Society, Linköping, Sweden

Australia & New Zealand

Adelaide, Australia: "My mates and i happened to come across your fine website when we were in an insane pirate mood and we were over joyed to find an international talk like a pirate day(god bless you boys) any way, we printed off your posters and put them around our schools....we had an interview with the principal, and ta da!!! two schools are now celebrating talk like a pirate day on september 19...TEACHERS AND ALL!!!! just thought youd like to know. So from Christies Beach High School, and Eastern Flurio Peninsula High School Strathalbyn, South Australia, i'd like to say thank you for this insane gift....we shall all enjoy swearing at non exsistant scurvy seadogs ... AAAAAARRRRR!!!" -- Mike

Adelaide, Australia - "After last year turning the Chief Executive's office into the crowsnest with a treasure hunt benefitting the Australian Refugee Association, this year the folks of the Office of the Chief Executive of the Department for Administrative and Information Services will be havin' a piratical lunch together. Prizes will be awarded to the most worthy pirates who manage to plunder the most food from other people's plates and the pirate who can use the most words from the Word a Day list. The countdown has begun, with a pirate activity a day in the lead up - one day a cutlass fight, on another tricorner hat making and another practising all things pirate inspired by Pirattitude! We might work for a boringly named government department, but for one day a year we are PIRATES!!!" -- Monica Leahy

Brisbane, Australia - Childhood Cancer Support is a Brisbane-based charity that assists children diagnosed with cancer and their families. They've organized their major fund-raiser for the year around Talk Like A Pirate Day, and as of late August, more than 6,000 people from around the state of Queensland had registered to take part, with more coming every day. Visit their Web site to learn more!

Melbourne, Australia: "We are having huge ITLAPD party at “The Tote” Hotel in Melbourne Australia, with three pirate related bands: The Pirates, The Reefers, and The Loose Cannons . It should be a hugely fun night; we might run a best “arrrgh” competition and give away some cds from the bands. We are doing our best to get at least 100 buccaneers." -- Armando Cevolatti,The Pirates (the band)

Melbourne, Australia - A group o scurvy seadogs held the first Talk Like A Pirate Day sailing regatta on - where else - the Yarra River. See their YouTube video of the event!

Melbourne, Australia - "... I've been so inspired that the poetry/performance gig I run monthly in Melbourne Victoria will be celebrating TLAPD. So come along, dress up, have fun, we have three guest acts doing poetry/performance & music, plus open stage if ye feel inclined to recite a shanty or two." Details are as follows: Tuesday 19th September 7.30 til late @ Barbukka, 279 Smith St. Fitzroy. featuring; Capt'n Tom, Edward Burger, and Meg Dunn's Whore Island." - Annie The Red

South Nowra, Australia - "I be celebratin' Talk Like A Pirate Day with me hearties, at McDonalds, South Nowra, NSW, Australia. We be usin' th lingo and a bit of Pirattitude all day long for th' enjoyment of brave land lubbers who dare to procure vittals from our galley!!!" -- Tamalain "D'Ye Want Fries With That, Matey?" Anstess

Sydney, Australia - "We at Books Kinokuniya in Sydney, Australia have embraced the pirate ways and are celebrating “talk like a pirate day” on September 19th. Staff will be dressing as pirates and attempting to convert unaware, landlubber customers to the cause. Ahhhhhhh!" -- The Kinokuniya Krew

Townsville, Australia - "I'm part of IT project based in Townsville in far north Queensland in Australia. We are having the first of the project get planning sessions on Sept 19 and have adopted the Talk Like A Pirate code to try and bring the different and somewhat conflicting groups of the project together with pirate related activities. Just so that we didn't cop too much stick from the brass we thought we would also hook up with CanTeen (an Australian teenage cancer charity) that runs a national bandanna day and buy a heap of bandannas so that even the most reluctant participant will be basically shamed into going Pirate." - Damian Cox

Auckland, New Zealand - Pirates take over the Dogs Bollix Irish Bar, 21 Newton Road, on Friday, Sept. 22. for an all-out pirate party featuring "good, dirty fun from the local pirates of rock. Bands include Slavetrader, Don Julio & The Hispanic Mechanic, Jonnie Rose, The Rebelles, The Lovehaters, and DJ Netti Page. Doors open at 8pm, music starts at 9pm, $10 entry. "This will be a packed night (and the sauciest gig this September), so make sure you get in early to catch all the great bands! Goodie bags on the door for the first 100 punters, and there will also be prizes for the best-dressed pirates. KISS ME – I’M A PIRATE is sponsored by the beverage most favoured by pirates…. Jagermeister! So you know this is going to be a great night"

Tanaraki, New Zealand - "Last Talk Like a Pirate Day, four lonely New Zealand pirates celebrated alone. The bar staff thought we were mad, however we thought it important to take the day off work, dress & talk like pirates and of course drink plenty of rum. Since then, we have diligently spread the word and campaigned thoroughly. This year we present to you the inaugural event: TARANAKI PIRATE FESTIVAL ... on Friday 22nd September." -- Amandaaarrrrrrrr

Western Australia - "i work in a childcare centre which looks after children aged 0-5 years. we (all the workers) are planning to dress like pirates, we are also going to encourage the parents to dress their children up. we will also be running 'pirate activities' which include making eye patches, singing and dancing." -- Crew mate Lou ;)


Shanghai - "We’re swabbing the decks and getting the wenches ready for an event in Shanghai, an appropriate place to drink the grog and be like pirates – a place with a history of dastardly history. We’ll follow the rules and share the gold of our event. Funny thing…….it’s a couple of Oregonians who have found themselves in Shanghai, lighting the torch and spreading the word. ... The party will gather at thar Capt’s Bar in Shanghai, and include barbecue, grog and music, plus viewing of a Pirate’s bestest favorite film, Treasure Island and PofC." - Capt. Slimshins

Middle East

Somewhere in Iraq: "YARRR! I’ve been an avid supporter of TLAPD for a couple of years now and I’m trying to get all the scalawags I’m here in Iraq with to hop on the proverbial ship. As much as I’d like to make this the best holiday for myself and my co-workers, our location makes it rather difficult to acquire pirate, pirate-ish, or even pirate-esque supplies. We are here for all the major holidays (i.e. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, and most important of all, Talk Like a Pirate Day!). ...Thanks for giving us all something to look forward to out here in the desert, and hopefully this will be the best NTLAPD ever!" -- SrA David J. Cazalet III, 447 ELRS/LGTR, Cargo Processing / HAZMAT / JI (aka Privateer Remus McScurvy)

Istanbul, Turkey, and the waters nearby - "Now me'n me mates, Les Reines Mal de Mer, would normally just be a-wreakin havoc of various an sundry sorts around the Bay. But this year, Sida and Pirate Jenny be settin' their sights and sailin towards bigger plunder in Istanbul and down the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. Now, any o' you be knowin how to say "Herrgghhhh!" in Turkish? No, not "Arrggghhh!" - we be She-pirates!" - Wild West Berkeley


West Africa: John Heylin planned a big party for Sept. 19 in Zinder, Niger, and invited us to "drop on by." Maybe next year, John!


Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica - "We are already gearing up for a huge (well... there's only a few dozen of us here, but it'll be the biggest thing on station) celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day. The store sold out of Captain Morgan's a few months back, but some of us have been salting away a taste just for September 19th. I think at the very least, we'll have folks dressing up for a Pirate Sing-along ("16 Men on a Dead Man's Chest", etc.) while we swill grog." -- Ethan Dicks

McMurdo Station, Antarctica - Not to be outdone, Adam Horton, general assistant at the US Antarctic Program station, writes: "Just thought you would like to know some of us are celebrating ITLAPD down here in Antarctica."

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