Talk Like a Pirate Day 2007

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What did ye do on September 19th?

... and the days before and after (we're discoverin' that tryin' to confine pirattitude to a single day is like tryin' to keep rum in a barrel with the bung pulled out!)! Let us know, an' we'll tell the world! Be sure to tell us if yer event is open to the public! Be aware that things are pretty crazy here right now, so we probably wont' be replyin' to yer e-mails, but the Webwench is addin' updates as fast as she can..

Don't miss the photos! And when the party's over, send us your own best picture - just ONE, please! (If ye send photos of events listed on this page, let the webwench know which one so she can link 'em up all tidy-like.)

Find out what the media's saying about Talk Like A Pirate Day here. And what the Pirate Guys themselves (and associated wenches) have been up to here. And don't miss the fan mail!

Your plans for International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2007

On Sept. 19th:

  • Once again, Marie Curie Cancer Care was first out of the gate with plans to incorporate Talk Like A Pirate Day into their annual fund-raising activities. This UK charity does great work making it possible for cancer patients to be cared for at home. And they're teaming up with our pals at, the "official" UK Talk Like A Pirate Day site, to release a fund-raising single in honor o' the day.
  • National Public Radio's Morning Edition hosts talked like pirates in a tribute to the day, and interviewed George Choundas, author of The Pirate Primer. Later in the day, the program Day To Day also mentioned TLAPD!
  • Flickr, the Yahoo-based photo-sharing site (and home ofour own TLAPD photo gallery), added a pirate flag icon to its masthead on Sept. 19, and featured only pirate-themed photos in its "Explore" page. Not only that, but if ye scroll clear to the bottom o' any Flickr page today, ye'll see "Arrrr!" listed among the languages the site's available in. Click it to translate the whole blasted thing into pirate! See their blog entry.
  • Fans report that in a Sept. 18 concert at New York City's Madison Square Garden, Jimmy Buffett acknowledged Talk Like A Pirate Day several times, complete with a few, "Arrrghs!", and encouraged fans to observe the day
  • Spotted by a fan watching NASA TV: Astronaut Clayton Anderson on the international space station celebrating TLAP day, complete with eye patch!
  • ESPN's "Around the Horn" show for Sept. 19 featured panelists talking about sports - in pirate.
  • Weatherbug, the Web weather site, featured meteorologist Rachel Peterson doin' her best to talk like a pirate. Good work, Rachel!
  • The SonOfCheese podcast featured an interview with Cap'n Slappy.
  • Lis Riba, at Riba Rambles, dug up clips of a classic 1981 Michael Nesmith schtick on the Pirate Alphabet, put them on YouTube and posted them to her blog.
  • The LabBratz webcomic featured a TLAPD panel
  • The Steeler Nation football forums were talking like pirates!
  • Some folks over in the musician forums celebrated TLAPD by writing pirate songs.


  • Our friend Cindy Vallar at the Pirates and Privateers Web site sponsored a contest to see which entrant had the most Pirattitude.
  • Free pirate tunes - offered a pirate mix to get 'ye in the mood.
  • Speaking of tunes, Cap'n Ishtar was back for the second year in a row with her Talk Like A Pirate Day Theme Show podcast, more than an hour of pirate-related music - this year "a lot more child-friendly fer th' wee ones." (Last year's podcast is still available here.)
  • The Urban Dictionary's Word of the Day was "Yarr!"
  • KAOS Radio Olympia ran an hour of pirate music starting at midnight pacific time Sept 19th.
  • In honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day, Shimmer Magazine is offering a preview of their Pirate issue. The issue is guest edited by John Joseph Adams of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and features 10 new stories, with art from James Owen.Visitors to the site can download a free story from the issue: The Sweet Realm, by Jill Snider Lum, and watch a trailer.
  • Beekeeper Crosswords offered up a pirate-themed puzzle for Talk Like A Pirate Day
  • US-HERO, the US Homeland Emergency Response Organization, had a special TLAPD look and feel from midnight to midnight on the 19th.
  • The Haunted Saloon, a "live Internet Western," went pirate on Sept. 18. Check an excerpt of the show on YouTube.
  • Second Life - There were TLAPD parties all over the virtual world of Second Life, including Aazy's Place, Skinny Dip Inn and Nude Beach and ElvenMyst in the Elflands, and a SL radio show by Loki Santana. .SL-er Rosmairta Kilara got some great pictures, starting here.
  • iZs Press launched Panther Bay Pirate Blog, with news and We'll include news and updates from the pirating world
  • Sublime Stitching, the Austin-based creater of "the hippest embroidery patterns ever", offered special pirate-themed stitching patterns for TLAPD.
  • At, they're sponsoring a pirate art contest for TLAPD, with a $1,000 top prize! Check out the clever entries here.
  • The CyberInstitute offered a free Flash quiz "Pirate or Plank." to test your pirate vocabulary. (Flash, audio, e-mail address required)
  • Those who logged in to got a chance to win one of two 2GB custom memorys upgrade by solving a treasure puzzle
  • This Kilted Life, (normally a podcast about being a kilt-wearing man in a pants-wearing world) devoted its Sept, 17 show to pirattitude, according to Kilted Eric, aka the Skirted River Pirate.
  • If ye're on FaceBook, search for "Talk Like A Pirate Day" to join a new group devoted to you-know-what, set up by fan Eric Bellamy.
  • Members of Zude.Com, a social networking site, set their sails for the whitepages an' lobbbed a canonball at the "competitions" link for a little Talk Like A Pirate Day fun, courtesy o' Zude member and pirate fan Jed Kantos
  • At the message board, participants wore piratical avatars, peppered their chat with "high seas" talk and played at being seafarers, wenches and landlubbers. (Free) membership required.
  • HowToDoThings, a popular how-to site, was one of many Web sites that went pirate (If ye want the usual version back, just change "aye" to "nay" in the URL.)
  • At VO-BB, a message board for people who do voice-overs, they love TLAPD. This year they delebrated with a Pirate Promo Contest, with a treasure chest as a prize!
  • WeeWorld, a social networking site that lets you create a cartoon version of yerself and interact with friends, is going pirate all week long, with pirate clothes and accessories for the WeeMee avatars and, of course, talking like pirates.
  • PlusNet, an Internet provider in the UK, went pirate for the week, too. "Several of us here talk like pirates anyway and, not that we need an excuse, we can have a bit of extra pirate fun and a staff 'whip round' in aid of Children in Need," writes support manager Pirate Pete.
  • The VinXperience message board, based in Germany with about 1500 members worldwide, celebrated TLAPD with pirate talk, pirate sigs and pirate avatars. Pirates and Vin Diesel - now there's a marriage made in heaven!
  • There was more pirate talk on the 19th at 24TCG, an on-line trading card game based on the TV series 24.
  • And at Ship of Fools, they played pirate tournaments in honor of TLAPD.
  • Chat like a pirate: Many IRC channels celebrated , including:
    • - a ship fer PHP pirates t' gather 'n' fella-ship. 'Tis 'bout community, friendship, fartin' 'round, 'n' walkin' th' plank.
  • Pegasus News went pirate for the day (screenshot here)
  • At, alas, Cap'n Crunch lost out to Tony the Frosted Flakes Tiger in a "best cereal mascot" poll.
  • The 19th was Pirate Art day at DeviantArt
  •, the international Internet radio station, celebrated TLAPD all day "we Had our auto DJ, Otto The Cabin Boy, The Count became Cap'n Count (a la Cap'n Crunch), There's us, The Dread Pirate Ash and Eva the Pirate Queen and following us will be Mad Dog Kagoo. " See a screenshot here...
  • A Green Pirate YouTube video about solid state lighting, of all things.
  • The Low Country Parrothead Club offered a special TLAPD newsletter. (.pdf file)

Blog Like A Pirate -

Game like a pirate

  • Flying Lab Software invited Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket to become immortalized as characters in their on-line game, Pirates of the Burning Sea. Says Ol' Chumbucket, "That's fairly cool. And geeky!" In return, we've made PotBS the "official" game of TLAPD 2007.
  • Over at Puzzle Pirates, it's all pirates, all year long ... but Captain Countrygirly of the Devil's Crew on the Sage Ocean had special goin's on for TLAPD: "Normally you start out the game with just the rags on your back, but if your readers use this link they'll start the game with 500 poe! And find me in game and I'll be happy to help acclimate you to your new piraty world!"
  • In City of Heroes, the MMORPG, Sarah "lethe" Gray put together a pirate adventure in honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day, complete with contests and a romp through the newly constructed Treasure Isle Grotto.
  • World of Warcraft TLAPD: The Sons of Hell guild on the Khadgar server of World of Warcraft held a TLAPD party from on Sept. 19 at Booty Bay, with pirate and skeleton avatars, drinking and duelling were the order of the day. There were reports of several pirate-themed events on WoW; a fan sent us this screenshot of one.
  • Eternal Nox, a new fantasy RPG forum, featured piratey games an' some plunder ter find. It requires registration, but it's a free-to-use site. Th' users who sign up fer th' event'll be able ter git some very piratey stuff fer their dressable avatars. - Dirtbeard
  • The Myst On-line - URU communities partied like pirates on the 19th, too, a friend tells us.
  • The scurvy scallywags of Armyn ab Treanid, a guild on The Dark Age of Camelot, introduced the old world to the ways of pirattitude on Sept. 19. "We are located on the Guinevere Server (our own wench even), a roleplaying server. We will be doing our usual causing of mass confusion and mayhem." - Lunk
  • At Pegamoose Games, there's a new $10 pirate puzzle challenge for TLAPD.
  • Neverwinter Nights : Aria Roleplay server hosted interactive multiplayer Pirate Roleplay with dungeons & dragons, Forggoten Realms, Sea of Fallen Stars, the Pirate isles.

(Part II - Around the World, by Region)