Talk Like A Pirate Day 2009

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Part Two: Geographically

Random Talk Like A Pirate Day tidbits from various correspondents:

"Overheard in the lobby of my YMCA yesterday morning, two guys wishing each other "Happy Eid Like A Pirate Day!" - Hanne, in Baltimore, MD.

We have it on good authority that, this year, the staff and patients at the Oregon State Hospital, a facility for the mentally ill, were talking like pirates.

"For Talk Like a Pirate Day we played a fine game of Munchkin Booty, and I translated some piratey things into Esperanto: Parolu Pirate Tago! Arrrr Jimĉo knabo! Jo ho ho kaj botelo de rumo! Literally translated: "Speak Pirately Day! Arrrr Jimmy boy. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!" - Desi

An epic and allegedly true tale of pirattitude past, A Pirate In the Workplace

Around the world, by region:

Events supportin' good causes


Shanah tovah, matey! The quirks of the lunar calendar mean Talk Like A Pirate Day 2009 coincided with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and day of remembrance. We've heard from rabbis contemplating how to incorporate pirattitude into their services, an Israeli who plans to pray like a pirate and others - but the best take we've seen on this cosmic coincidence comes from the Jewschool blog, offering 10 ways to incorporate pirate talk into the Rosh Hashanah liturgy. Paul Kajusky, writing in the Jewish Journal's GeekHeeb column, offers suggestions for blending Talk Like A Pirate Day and Rosh Hashanah. And a quick Websearch turns up a list of kosher rum!

Walk Like A Pirate for Parkinson's Disease - The Wobbly Williams, an advocacy group dedicated to raising awareness about Parkinson's Disease, hoped get more than 1,000 pirates all over the world to take part in one of 50 "Walk Like A Pirate" events to raise awareness of Parkinson's disease and raise funds for Parkinson's research. They had groups signed up in places like Aberdeen, UK; Belfast High School, UK; Belfast, UK; Bury, UK; Colchester; East Anglia, UK; East Neuk, UK; Edinburgh, UK; French Pyrenees, France; Ghana; Glasgow, UK; Hexham, UK; Hong Kong; Inverness, UK; Johannesburg, SA; Kent, UK; Marlborough, UK ; Marston Montgomery, UK; Newcastle, UK; North Antrim, UK; Plano, USA; Ramsbottom, UK; Southampton, UK; St Andrews, UK; St Helens, UK; Stockport, UK; Wellington, NZ; West Bank, Middle East ; West Midlands, UK; Wick, UK. Read more

Pirates around the world helped do a good turn for the world's oceans on Talk Like A Pirate Day: Taking part in the Ocean Conservancy's worldwide coastal cleanup!

North America



Edmonton - At the Edmonton Public Library, Woodcroft Branch up in the hinterlands o' Canada, library pirates Mike Eaton and Anita Carroll hosted' a program Saturday afternoon to celebrate all things Pirate." We're doing a couple of stories (one about a stinky pirate who finds a treasure chest full of soap and another about pirates who try to 'do good') and some crafts (making pirate hats and maps). We've got about 15 people signed up, but I'm confident we can 'parlay' some more participants. We also have our very own ship in the children's area complete with Jolly Roger." writes Cap'n Mike

British Columbia

Delta - Tsawwassen Library and the George Mackie Library joined the pirate-hood, coming on-board to celebrate the same piratical fun enjoyed at Ladner Pioneer Library for the past three years. Check out the libraries' display featuring popular pirate expressions. There were pirate quizzes and games, with contests running all week long, culminating in story time and the awarding of prizes on Sept. 19..

Vancouver - The Pirate Pub (aka Burrard Bridge Marine Bar & Grill , 1012 Beach Avenue in downtown Vancouver,threw a day-long ITLAPD bash on Sept. 19. The celebrations included a costume contest, free ferry boat rides to and from Granville Island, authentic pirate fare, pirate music, rum runners, a treasure hunt and many surprises.


Chesterville - The Jolly Roger was hoisted at the Chesterville Farmers' Market on Saturday as the market celebratedTalk Like a Pirate Day. To set the tone for the event, pirate band "Celtic Sea"took over the market singing chanteys, pirate songs and whaling tunes and raising money for the Dundas County Food Bank. Photo here.

Hamilton - Pyrates of the Great Lakes, Capt. John Swallow and QM Seika Hellbound partied on Friday, Sept. 18 aboard the Hamilton Harbour Queen for A Nite O' Jolly Rogerin'™ Pyrate Cruise in honour of International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Pyratical mayhem abounds as musicians extraordinaire Ceol Cara joined the krewe for an evening of Pyratical tunes, rum, swag and more. Read more here

Hamilton - The Hamilton Spectator took to the streets asking residents to demonstrate how to talk like a pirate. The resulting video is priceless.

Ottawa -"I had the pleasure to photograph a children's birthday party at Pirate Adventures in Ottawa, on International Talk Like a Party day. (Photos are here - and fine photos they are, too!) The party involved a bit of landlubbing, then a sail on the pirate boat on the Ottawa River (Mooney's Bay). There was even a fierce sea battle with another pirate ship." - Steve "Redbeard" Lanthier, Focus On Ottawa photography

Prescott - Prescott Pirate Days celebrated Sept. 19 with family fun, magic, live music and discounts from local merchants. Read more here.

Russell - After hauling down the Jolly Roger in Chesterville, Celtic Sea took to the waterways and sail to Russell to perform at Russell's first Riverfest to raise money for Scouts Canada. Celtic Sea boarded the mainstage at six bells in the afternoon watchfor a rousing 30-minute set before they were either run out of town or keelhauled.

Nova Scotia

Lawrencetown - The Lawrencetown Library invited pirates ages 4 and up to celebrate TLAPD, urging, "Get yer costume in order, mateys, on accoun' o' thar be prizes fer th' best. Avast by an' pillage th' snacks, keel haul th' plank, an' find some loot. Arrr!"

Halifax - The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic hosted Pirate Invasion: A Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day Event, a fundraiser for local charity Feed the Mind Sept. 19. Little pirates had a chance to Walk-the-Plank, go on a treasure hunt, get their face painted, win a prize for best costume, and join in the other pirate fun and activities. Carrie Muller and Jacqueline Halsey, authors of The Terrible Horrible Smelly Pirate (one of our favourite books!), were also on hand.


Montreal - Capt. Seb C Blond Beard. (Sebastien Leblond) celebrated his birthday on Sept. 19 with his second annual Soiree Pirate (aka pirate bash party) at Bar Le Freddy's, 116, rue Notre-Dame Nord, Sainte-Marie-de-Beauce.





United States


Huntsville - Public Radio station WLRH-FM in Huntsville salutes ITLAP Day every year by featuring piratey music as much as possible (we are public radio, after all). This year the music was featured on Friday the 18th. Tunes from Pirates of the Caribbean as well as from Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance were heard, along with other appropos music the Fine Arts Director culled from the music library.

Mobile - "I have been celebrating ITLAPD ever since my daughter in Orlando told me about it. I was born on Sept 19, 1955 and enjoy the pirate style of your website. I promote the ITLAPD theme every year here in Mobile, AL as it is held on my birthday. Thanks for having such a great celebration! Arrrrhh! A broadside salute to ye'" - Cap'n Brad


Fairbanks - Fairbanks was crawlin' with pirates this year - includin' our own Cap'n Slappy, who threw' himself to the mercy of host Cap'n Chuck for two full days of pirate adventures in the far north. We didn't have a detailed schedule (we get the feelin' "detailed schedule" is a phrase foreign to Alaskan ears), but we know this so far: The good Cap'n was at Gulliver's Books on Friday signing books and carryin' on; he had three live radio interviews, and a visit to the UAF Honors Program's Pirate Breakfast, a book signing at Barnes & Noble and a live stage show broadcast over radio station KSUA-FM , followed by a pirate contra dance - after which, presumably, much rum was drunk (as were some pirates.) See the full schedule here


Flagstaff - Molly and Mike, two fine salts, celebrated TLAPD in the most memorable way possible - by gettin' hitched in a pirate-style wedding.

Glendale - The Arizona Corsairs will be on hand at Kidsfaire, Saturday - Sunday, September 19 - 20, at the Glendale Arena from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days. Bring the small buccaneers for facepainting, swordfighting, dancing, treasure, mermaids, and more! Admission is $8 at the door. On Saturday night, Captain Blackstrap and the Corsairs meet up at The Shout House at Westgate Mall starting at 6 p.m. for drinking, singing, sword fighting and more drinking. Admission $5 for pirates / $8 for landlubbers.

Peoria - It's not a TLAPD event, but what the heck: The Arizona Corsairs plan a Raid on Aldea (43rd Ave & Peoria) on Friday. Nov. 13 to raise funds for St. Judes Children's Hospital. Read more here.

Phoenix - "The 5th grade team from Paseo Hills, in Phoenix, AZ goes all out -- making bandanas for each student, giving temporary pirate tattoos, having the kids read about pirate flags and then having students make their own Jolly Rogers, giving each student a pirate name for the day, and decorating our whole room to look like a pirate ship. We read about the various kinds of pirate ships as well as wonderful pirate picture books. We put signs on our doors, give out booty during the day (pirate encils/stickers), and listen to pirate music. We have adapted some of the TLAP day lessons for our kids . TLAP day is one of our most favorite days of the year!" - Cap'n Jamie Wilber, 5th Grade Teacher, History Club Sponsor and Writing Action Team Leader.

Tempe - More than 100 pirates turned out for the TLAPD Corner Crawl - a pub crawl that apparently ran among bars all clustered around the same Tempe street corner. Read all about it (and see some photos) here.

Tucson - The Tucson Hash House Harriers held their fourth somewhat annual Pirate Hash as part of a wild a three-event TLAPD weekend:

  • Friday night was The Pirate Wench Walk (pub crawl), starting from Himmel Park (north center parking lot. Hares: Blocox & Indecent Disposal will be dressed as Slutty Pirate Wenches and participants are invited to dress accordingly.
  • Saturday was The Nautical Beer Mile.
  • Pirate Hash 2009 took off Saturday from Raider's Reef 6475 E. Golf Links. Prelube at 3, Hash starts at 4. Hares: Cap't Newt, Cap't WhoreHawg, Land (A) Ho!, Keg o' Hard Cider, Cost $6 Gold Dubloons. Dress like a pirate! Prizes for best costume, hottest pirate booty, biggest treasure chest, stiffest peg leg. Afters at the North Shore Grill, with Extended Happy Hour prices.


Little Rock - Little Rock pirates got to walk like a pirate and support family wellness with the YMCA of Metropolitan Little Rock on International Talk Like a Pirate Day, at the Burns Park soccer complex in North Little Rock. Along with a (costume-optional) 5K/1Mi fun run/walk a.m.,, there was a costume contest, kids' treasure hunt, climbing wall and live entertainment all day. Proceeds benefit the YMCA.


"September 19th? The lass and I are walkin’ the marital plank in the foothills of California! She found it to be fittin’ to make the invitations resemble a treasure map with burnt edges. Center pieces are treasure chests. We’re foregoing the peg-legs and eye patches, but in keeping with the holiday, perhaps: “do you take this woman to be your wife?”.. “Gyar!” Cheers," John Rotten Liver Gates

Berkeley - Black Pine Circle, a small, private school, celebrates Talk Like a Pirate Day every year on the closest Friday to the date. Students K-5th Grade are encouraged to dress up as pirates (as all the staff do).Writes principal Laura Wolff: "We have an assembly where I tell pirate jokes and give the history of pirates. Then each grade has learned a different pirate song to sing to the group. At lunch we have a contest for the best dressed in each grade. We also have some pirate games we play during this time. We have been doing this for the last five years ever since I heard about your website." Sounds like our kind o' school, Cap'n Laura!

Fairfax - Peri's Silver Dollar, 29 Broadway , a well-known haunt for scurvy types and other maladjusted barnacles, celebrated ITLAPD with the Celtic rock/sea chanty drenched sounds of Culann's Hounds.

Hermosa Beach - Time for the 2nd Annual "Pillage and Plunder Party". Cap'n Mike led his crew on their seaworthy vessel (a rented party bus)... and they went bar hopping in Hermosa Beach California dressed as Pirates. Each carried a satchel with "gold" coins to pay for drinks, and talk continuously as Pirates, as to honor the day. "We say things like, "How much arrrr the drinks?" and we love to annoy the local bartenders when we pay in only gold coin. Last year we had 30 Pirates attend our festivities. This year we hoped to attract more, but there's this damned Oktoberfest going on... If you can post an invitation to anyone who would like to meet us at the Hermosa Beach Pier at 9pm dressed as a Pirate, all are welcome. We will be bar hopping around the bars "The Mermaid", "The Poop Deck", and a few other local pubs." - Kari H.

Hollister - The Northern California Renaissance Faire at Casa de Fruta celebrates TLAPD all weekend with its Pirate Invasion Weekend. Among those who's plannin to attend: STephany Skallywagger, o' Santa Cruz, who writes, "I plan on drinking grog and getting three sheets to the wind,pillaging, plundering, and hornswaggling and telling tales with me fellow bucaneers."

Hollywood/Studio City/Burbank area - Mad Mary Rackham (aka Molly Shock) hosted 130 scurvy geocachers to be solving a Pirate Themed Murder Mystery/ Treasure Hunt featuring more than 40 caches, prizes and fun.

Huntington Beach - Tony Nocerino and shipmates threw a (private) pirate party, live music lots oh rum and fun.

Long Beach - The Queen Mary, that magnificent old ocean liner-turned-hotel-and-events-center, was crawlin' with pirates Sept. 18-20. On the 18th, There Be Pirates, California's premier pirate band, kicked off the weekend with a release party for its new CD, "Pirates in the Desert," at the No Quarter Given 15th anniversary bash. And on Sept. 19-20, the Queen Mary invites all "land, sea and air pirates" to Pyrate Daze, combining the Golden Age of Pirates and the Romantic Age of Steam Punk. Read more here.

Los Altos - Theater-goers were invited to dress like a pirate for the Sept. 19 performance of "Treasure Island" at the Bus Barn Stage Company and get $5 off their tickets. Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale of adventure on the high seas comes alive onstage in Ken Ludwig’s brand new adaptation.

Los Angeles - R Bar, 3331 W. 8th St., planned a "Sexy Talk Like A Pirate Day Party." A speakeasy-style bar decorated to look like the hull of a ship, it sounds like the perfect venue. Read more on their MySpace page

Oakland - "After setting up pirate parties on Sept 19th in West Africa, I'm now back home and managed to get a local bar to celebrate the day. Barclays on College Ave in Oakland is kicking off the celebration at 7pm with a costume contest ($50 in beer to the winner), cheap pints of Drakes Brewery (A very pirate-y brewery) and great pirate food including Caribbean fare and turkey legs! Hope people in the Bay Area can make it!" - John H.

Oceanside - The Oceanside Public Library is proud to host its fourth year of TLAPD celebrations! This year they commandeered a whole week for daily special activities ranging from pirate movies to pre-school pirate story time, pirate crafts and a library Pirate Booth at the Harbor Days festival.

Ojai - The annual Gold Cost Pirate Faire at Lake Casitas opened on Sept. 19 this year, a happy coincidence that won't go uncelebrated. Dress like a pirate, talk like a pirate - and bring a canned pet-food item to get $1 off the regular admission price. A share of opening day proceeds went to the Humane Society of Ventura County (the Faire is one of the few pet-friendly festivals; animals on leashes are allowed in.)

Ojai - Among the plunderers and pillagers at the Gold Coast Faire were Cap'n Linda M. and Friends: " We reserved three campsites for this amazing pirate celebration! We'll have Cap'n Morgans and walk the plank and drink plenty of grog for three pirate days with all our mates! The food be a cookin' and the song's be a playin', the dancing girls dancin' and the rum be a flowin'! Get on board because what happens on board stays on board you scruvy rats!! "

Pasadena - The Black Tempest Merrymakers hosted a pirate bike ride on Sept. 19, winding up at the Old Towne Pub and they be recruitin' sea dogs t' join in. "We be retired pirates and wont be doin' any killin' o' lootin', but Aye, we still be pirates. With our cutluss an peices o' eight we will embark form Port Pasadena and go carousin' an singin' pirate songs. Bring ye bicycle and swashbuckling attire."

Pomona - The Los Angeles County Fair celebrated TLAPD on Sept. 19th with "A Pirate's Life," an attraction full of swashbucklin' fun. The fair brought back "A Pirate's Life," where kids can hunt and dig for buried treasure while enjoying pirate shows including the Pirates of the Columbian Caribbean, a high-wire show that features the Murcias family performing incredible feat above their very own pirate ship. Or how about the Misadventures of Cap'n Arrr? The interactive comedy performance has kids and grown-ups alike rolling on the floor with laughter. Cap'n Arrr's sea-worthy adventure is packed full of audience participation and includes instruction on walking like a pirate, talking like a pirate, and laughing like a pirate too! Young pirates also learned how to hunt and dig up buried treasure at Cap'n Calico Jack's Pirate Academy.

Sacramento - The Pirates of Sacramento plan to party for an entire week! On Sept. 19, dress up in yer best pirate garb and join Captain Cannincali and Captain Jack Spareribs for a pirate invasion of the Northern California Renaissance Faire; The following weekend, on Sept. 26, head over to Rio Ramaza RV and Recreation Park on the Sacramento River for a massive pirate party. Gates open at 2 p.m. with music by Curley Taylor & Zydeco Trouble from Louisiana, and the party goes on as long as there's daylight. Pirate food, games and treasures; pirate garb encouraged. Read more. (Good coverage in the Sacramento Bee, too!)

Sacramento - The trusty crew at Port Claussen once again celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day with games, contests, pirate music and plenty of food and drink.

San Carlos - "Every year my family and friends get together for our "Annual July Horseshoe Tournament and Party in September"... Every year is a different theme..... To my surpriee.......the day of our pirate themed party this year falls on September 19th. We are all so excited!!! Thanks to this website we have enough drink recipes for everyones taste and enough songs to keep us entertained!!!!! Anyways, just wanted to drop a note and tell you that there will be about 35 pirates walking the streets of San Carlos, California on this years "Talk Like a Pirate Day" !!!!" - Jennifer G.

Santa Barbara - The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum - currently featuring an exhibit about notorious California privateer Hipólito Bouchard - celebrated Sept. 19 with Speaking of Stories, a local story-telling group. Activities include hat-making and a sing-a-long for kids, and then a Speaking of Stories performance inside the museum, featuring tales from Herman Melville, James Thurber, Linda Greenlaw, and others. Free museum admission to anyone dressed like a pirate! For those with more seafarin' tastes the musem also sponsored a Pirate Patrons' Party Saturday afternoon aboard the 85-foot Channel Cat catamaran, featuring food, wine and an onboard performance by actor James Lashly of The Fisherman’s Cup Races: Last Act by Sterling Hayden.

Santa Cruz - The band Five-Eyed Hand played for an an evening of TLAPD fun on Sept. 19 at The Crow's Nest, on the beach overlooking the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary. Two full pirate sets - and a great view, t'boot! (Check out the band's YouTube video promoting the event!)

San Diego -" Gentle pirate "Deepsea Dawn" of Oregon State University was invited to give an academic talk on mapping the seafloor (aka Davy Jones Locker) at San Diego State University. Since the talk took place on Sept. 18th, the day before the big day, she ended her talk with a piratical tone, to the surprise of all and the apparent delight of many in the audience: "Avast there me hearties! Fer more information ye best be pointin' yer compasses to the following web sites and email." A poll of the audience showed that only a small minority had heard of TLAPD!! A pirate's work is never done, especially in the ivory tower halls of academia. To be continued ..." Deepsea Dawn, Capn' of the Davey Jones Locker Seafloor Mapping/Marine GIS Lab at Oregon State University, (and Go Beavers!)

Westlake Village - The 9th-12th grade Algebra IB and II students at Oaks Christian School may not know it, but their teacher, Mrs. Jackson, has a family connection to International Talk Like A Pirate Day: Her aunt is Team Pirate's Webwench. Pirattitude runs in the blood, mateys, so those who weren't prepared on Friday may have had to walk the plank!


Boulder - Boulder Pirate Con will crawl from pub to pub a week late, on Sept. 26. Featuring Pirate Poker (collect a card at each location, best hand wins a prize). Read all about it here. Update: We hear rumors that city officials are makin' vague threats to scuttle this event. Fie on the blaggards, say we!

Colorado Springs - Pikes Perk Coffee & Tea House at 5965 N. Academy Blvd. hosted a "Talk Like a Pirate Day" event with E. Winfield Scott signin' his new children's book "If You Want to be a Pirate" and a-readin' to the kiddies too, maties! Dressin' up be strongly encouraged. Aaargghh!

Denver - Patrick Carrolls Irish Pub, 3961 Tennyson, once again hosted an International Talk Like a Pirate Day celebration with the two essential pirate ingredients: drinks and fun!

Larimer County - The Poudre River Public Library District threw free, dropin Talk Like A Pirate Day events all week for ages 3 and up featuring Captain Rosebud and her pirate ship full of fun!

Longmont - Stonebridge Games, 449 Main Street, in Longmont held a Game Like a Pirate Day featuring all kinds o'' pirate games, including 7th Sea Collectible Card Game, Blackbeard (GMT Version), *Buccaneer (Queen Games)*, Captain Treasure Boots, Dead Man's Treasure, Dread Pirate, Loot, Munchkin Booty, Pieces of Eight , and more.

Silt - "Admiral of the Black invites all picaroons, pirates, landlubbers, coxswains and bilge rats to ready ye sea legs on September 19th high noon. Claps of thunder and grogs will be had on The Mighty Colorado River from Silt to Rifle. Lasses and laddies of all ages are welcom to board ships of any type...inner tubes rafts, kayaks and rubber duckies. Persons using blow-up dolls will be made to walk the plank or taste the cat! Land will be made at the infamous Tikki Beach where treasure will abound. Pack your cackle fruit and sea biscuits for some serious charring on ye fire grill. Get yer eye patches, swords and swagger on! For those who don't dress or talk like a pirate on this National Talk Like a Pirate Day ye will be scrubbing the Captains' poop decks! Please see Captain Timothy Aruj Barbarossa and his brother from another mother Captain Scott Hizir Barbarossa for more details."

Sheridan - The Sunken Bones Society held its third annual Buccaneer Bash, billed as the Denver area's premiere TLAPD event, on Sept. 19 at Red and Jerry's, 1840 W Oxford Ave, Sheridan, "from 6 p.m. until they kick us out." Proceeds went to support activities of the Sunken Bones Society, dedicated to preserving and promoting causes related to the Great Age of Sail. Read more here.

The Colorado Rogues also planned to be on hand for the Buccaneer Bash, handing out fliers for their juvenile diabetes fundraising event, Oct. 3 at JungleQuest in Thornton.

Trinidad - Potcheen, Colorado's Premiere Celtic Pirate-Punk-Folk-Rock Band, descended on the port o' Trinidad (Colorado, not the Caribbean island) for debauchery and mayhem on Talk Like A Pirate Day at The Lucky Monkey, 137 W. Cedar, featurin' 2 bars, a costume contest and Carribbean food made by Chef Dan. (and our webwench reports that her sister Toni, aka the Wench in Waiting, planned t' be on hand. We hope somebody gave her a ride home!)


Bridgeport - It's fun ahoy at the Barnum Museum, where Talk Like A Pirate Day activities for kids started on Thursday Thursday with the museum's monthly "Book Tales and Fun" story time for children 3 to 6 featuring be "How I Became a Pirate," written by Melinda Long and illustrated by David Shannon. Following the reading, kids made pirate flags as a take-home craft. On Saturday, the museum hosted a "Pirate Treasure Hunt," an orienteering program for children of all ages. Those who came to the museum received a compass and looked for a hidden treasure somewhere in the museum.

Wallingford - "This pirate lass was born on (you guessed it) September 19th! She be throwin' a Sweet Seventeen Swashbuckler Soiree - but she'd better not see any stowaways at her party thanks to this message!" - Tori S.


Dover - “Pee Wee Pirate Show” was held at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at Kent County Public Library, 2319 S. DuPont Highway, to help preschoolers and early elementary school children get ready for “Talk Like a Pirate Day.” Captain Jean the Pirate Queen, daughter of famed explorer John Cabot (played by Mary Ann Jung) explained what exploration was really like in the 1500s.

District of Columbia

Georgetown University - "Since International Talk Like A Pirate Day is, at its heart, a linguistic holiday, some of us from the Georgetown University Linguistics department organized a symposium to discuss why pirates talk the way they do.  We ended up with a nice selection of brief papers, ranging from where all those words ending in "oon" come from to how Disney's casting of Treasure Island led to the popular perception of pirate speech being somewhat accurate (and beyond).  The local NPR affiliate even stopped in to report on us!" - Tracy C.


Amelia Island - The Fernandina Pirates Club, Amerlia Island's Goodwill Ambassadors to the World, invited all pirates to a freeform Talk Like A Pirate Day on Fernandina Beach and the surrounding community. They started out at the pocket park next to Amelia Coffee, entertainin' the kiddies, and spread out from there with a day of pirate talk, pirate lessons, pirate races and pirate fun.

Daytona -" th' University o' Central Florida an' run all th' computer labs on campus. We decided t' be havin' some fun an' celebrate National Speak Like A Seafarin' hearty Tide. Here be a link t' our facebook photo album o' th' fun we had. Enjoy!" - Ol' One Eyed Pete

Gulfport - Domain Food & Spirits, 5501 Shore Blvd. Talk, invited people to dress and party like a pirate to the song of the Double M band.

Kissimmee - Old Town, Kissimmee, Florida held its 3rd Annual “Talk Like A Pirate Weekend”, September 18-19. All were invited to come out for all the fun and pirate booty. Costumes optional. Coincided with the Friday Nite (car) Cruise and the World Famous “Saturday Nite Cruise®”

North Escambia - The residents at Century Care Center celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day on Friday, donning eye patches and pirate ships roamed the hallways.See their photo gallery!

Orlando - Pirates' Dinner Adventure, where every day is a pirate-talking day, threw a special Buccaneer's Bash after the regular Sept. 19 show featuring Caribbean Chillers(Central Florida's Premier Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band) and drink specials by Land Shark Beer and Margaritaville Tequila. . Read more...

Panama City Beach - Finn's Sandbar Grill, 17458 Front Beach Road (Across from the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort) celebrated on Saturday. Radio 95.9 broadcast live.; Budweiser (and the Bud Girls) willwere on hand and there were gifts and prize for best-dressed pirates and wenches and a Walk The Plank contest involving vast quantities of grog...

Pensacola - On Pensacola Beach Upstairs at The Islander held a Pirate Party with Live Music and $3 Sailor Jerry's Rum Drinks.

Sanford - Little Fish Huge Pond, 309 E. 1st St.sponsored the First Inaugural Lake Monroe Pirate Regatta on Sept. 19, with a parade, moving on to the regatta at Memorial Park on Lake Monroe, and wrapping up back at the bar with a rousing performance of ""Banny Benny Barton and the St. Whans Pirates"

St. Augustine: The infamous Black Raven pirate ship will docked at Hurricane Patty's Restaurant, 69 Lewis Blvd (in the Oyster Creek Marina), for Talk Like A Pirate Day with a full crew o' swashbucklers and rapscallions. The ship offered short cruises through the evenin' (except at low tide), and Hurricane Pattys featured bands, good food and lots of pirate fun.

St. Augustine - Ann O'Malley's, 23 Orange Street, threw their second annual TLAPD party Saturday night, with a $100 bar tab for the best-dressed pirate.

Tampa - Gaspar's Grotto, Tampa's only pirate bar, hosted a Talk Like A Pirate Day party on Sept. 19 to benefit the National Parkinson's Foundation.


Decatur - Dave Drew's Fifth Annual PiratePalooza, a pub crawl through the streets o' Decatur - this year featuring a Pub Sing - began begin at the James Joyce Pub in Avondale Estates, Georgia. Bands included The Brigadoon Bombshells, Tenpenny Traveler, Joni Minstrel, Syrens of the South, The Lost Boys, Three Quarter Ale and Wine, Woman & Song. More information here.


The only state surrounded by ocean must have had somethin' going' on...


(Location unknown) An enterprising Idaho charter school teacher went on seeking donations for pirate-related books and other learning materials to help her students celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day with meaningful educational activities. Donors came through, and a modest $552 grant will provide the students with everything they need to learn about pirates while supporting a childhood cancer awareness charity. Read more.

Boise - Sweetwater's Tropic Zone, 205 N. 10th St. celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day on Saturday "We will be right in the thick of it with a contest, judged by our utterly biased and easily corruptible celebrity panel, featuring fabulous prizes for the best Pirate Talk, and the best Parrot Calling participants. We will feature drink specials including "The Black Spot" which is guaranteed to put hair on your peg-leg. All the usual festivities will be in swing as well, with oysters on the half shell, conch salad, and the rest of our killer menu and Nathan at the bar. See you and the merry crew on Saturday, if not before. This is an all day event with judging for prizes at 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM" - Joe Zimmerman


Chicago - The Ruth Page Theater was awash in pirattitude Sept. 18-19 (and repeats the experience Sept. 25-26) as Chicago Dance Crash takes the stage with ... something exciting, we're just not quite sure what. But they promise "pirates fighting ninjas," and a spectacle of crazy energy, cheap laughs, and concepts you never thought would ever make it to a concert stage!, so check it out.

Chicago - The Field Museum, currently hosting Real Pirates: The Untold Story of the /Whydah /from Slave Shop to Pirate Ship (which Cap'n Slappy and Ol Chumbucket enjoyed playing host to on Talk LIke A Pirate Day 2008 in Philadelphia) celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day with treasure hunts, prizes for children who come dressed as pirates, crafts, and sword fighting demonstrations. More information here.

Joliet - The Joliet Public Library, 150 N. Ottawa Street, got seaworthy with a week of activities from from September 13th to 19th, International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Potential pirates signed the Articles of Agreement, were given their pirate name, then it was off for adventure with games, crafts, and a search for pirate booty! - Linda Ward-Callaghan, Lead Professional, Youth Services

Peoria - ci|creative group and River City Pirate Co. are hostedan all-ages pirate event at the Shoppes at Grand Prairie on Saturday, September 19th. Brigands and Buccaneers, large and small, were invited to participate in our events. Dig for treasure at the ci|creative(space) or embark on a real treasure hunt through the Shoppes at Grand Prairie! Other activities included a presentation on what life was like as a real pirate. Donations were to be split between the nonprofit ci|creative groupand the Illinois Cancer Care Foundation for children's cancer services.

Woodridge - The Hollywood Boulevard Theater in Woodridge, hosted a Pirates and Ninjas night for their weekly late night Rocky Horror Picture Show. They performed the show in Pirate garb (all of the Ninjas are props and crew) and beginning the show with a special pirate performance.


Bloomington - The Pirate Flags hosted a Talk Like a Pirate Day extravaganza at Max's Place, 109 west 7th street.

Indianapolis - The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, 3000 N. Meridian St.. celebratedTalk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 19 with lessons in pirate talk and other special activities that highlighted swashbucklin’ pirates o’ old.

Nashville - Bushman Brewhouse, 2381 Country Club Rd, celebrated TLAPD on September 19th with a 21-and-older party on Sept. 19 with costume awards and prizes for best pirate speaking. Patrons were expected to place their food and drink orders in pirate, too!

Notre Dame - The Cushwa-Leighton Library at Saint Mary's College held Treasure Island mystery events and made READ posters featuring the likes of Mad Constance, Cap'n Esmeraelda, Keelhaul Rose, and Captain Deadeye Robert Twee.


Panora - The Fourth Annual International Talk Like A Pirate Day Open starts at 11 a.m. Sept. 20 at Lake Panorama National Golf Resort, 5071 Clover Ridge Road. Four-Person Best Shot, 2", 4" and 8" Inch Cups. Enter if ye darr! - Cap'n Gary J. Babcock, PGA Head Professional


Andover - The Andover Library joined libraries across the country as part of the American Library Association’s recognition of TLAPD. On Sept. 14-18, the library’s children’s librarian, Cathy Catt, included the pirate theme during her Story Time sessions including coloring sheets and word puzzles. There was a treasure chest, guarded by two pirates and give-away booty, according to Nienke.

Bradford - First mate Brianne Dennis and the wee pirates o' the Bradford Memorial Library had their celebration on Tuesday and it caught the eye of the local paper. Read more.

Topeka - Washburn University Memorial Union hosted a Talk Like a Pirate Day "Scorch on the Porch" & Sidewalk Sale on Thursday, Sept. 17. Music, prizes, bargains!


Covington - " Talk Like a Pirate, Drink Like a Fish"was the theme Sept. 19 at Leapin Lizard arts and events space, 17 Main Street. They threw a grand re-opening party and equipment fundraiser featuring a DJ, live music, costume contests, giveaways, pirates, mermaids, a silent auction, etc. First Floor Theme: Under The Sea. Second Floor Theme: Pirate Ship with The Plank.


Baton Rouge - Our mateys at Louisiana Sea Grant got a jump on the holiday with their now-traditional Talk Like A Pirate Day office lunch on Friday. Check out the photos..

New Orleans - We hear the place t'be in the French Quarter was Pirates Alley Cafe, where every day is Talk Like A Pirate Day.


Old Town - The Old Town Public Library celebrated TLAPD for the first time last year and had so much fun they're doing it again. Events include a pirate parade, a performance of "Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies," and "hardtack and grog" treats. All pirates will leave with a share of the booty. " We had so much fun last year many people requested that we do it again," writes First Mate Cindy Seger. "We had a blast!!!"


Baltimore - Fourth annual South Baltimore TLAPD Celebration, featured the dread Triangle Grog Guzzle, a piratical pub crawl starting at Cap'n Larry's, 601 E. Fort Ave. and continuing on to the Rafters, Lime, Sly Fox and No Idea pubs. Grog specials, prizes for the bestd pirate garb, trinkets to plunder. This year's TLAPD Grog Guzzle benefits the BARCS animal shelter, soi bring a donation for the furry ones.

Baltimore - In what may be the perfect storm of Talk Like A Pirate Day events, Clipper City Brewing announced "Pyrates, Pigs and Pints" - a festival of bacon and beer for Talk Like A Pirate Day, featuring all you can taste beer ... and bacon .. for just $40. Evidently we're not the only ones drooling at the concept - the brewery's Web site says the tickets for this year's event sold out fast. We only hope someone sends us pictures. (Team Pirate humbly suggests that we would be happy to take part in the 2010 version, if the brewery can get us there...)

Edgewood - The Edgewood Branch of Harford County Public Library, 629 Edgewood Road, celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day by decorating, dressing up, providing a treasure hunt, crafts and handouts (coloring sheets, crossword puzzles etc)

Silver Spring - To no one's surprise, Piratz Tavern in downtown Silver Spring Md celebrated theday. We always do. Thanx! - Tracy R.


Boston - Big Moves Boston presented Yarr! A Pirate Cabaret at September 19 at the Coolidge Corner Theatre. The revue-style Cabaret was filled with pirate themed performances ranging from burlesque to hip hop, from comedy to performance art. Performers included: Big Moves, Babes in Boinkland, UnAmerika's Sweetheart Karin Webb, 86-Years-Young Mary Dolan, Black Cat Burlesque, Honey Suckle Duvet, Brief Awakening, Madame Psychosis, Lolli Hoops, and special guest Tommy Toxic from Montreal! Yarr! is hosted by the Coolidge Corner Theatre as a part of their Midnite programming.

Plymouth - Boston’s of Plymouth (formerly Pilgrim Path Cafe), 21 So. Park Ave, Plymouth celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day with live entertainment by “Angry” Pete, the most angry singing Pirate there is!!!, (seriously). food specials, a pirate grog drink and more. Prizes for the best dressed Wench & Pirate! Plymouth is home-port for two of the most notorious Pirate Crews around, the East Coast Pirate Crew and crew of The Jaded Lady. Both crews were present and in a mood to plunder the serves of RUM!!! T-shirts were available for those who needed to improve their pirate image.

Rochester - Friday, Sept. 18 was Plumb Library’s “Talk Like a Pirate Day”, and they had having a piratical program for any bucko mates ages 5-10, after school at 3:30 p.m. Kids could come dressed like a pirate and enjoy pirate stories and games.

Worcester - Avast ye land lubbers! The pirates take over the Higgins Armory Museum, 100 Barber Ave., on Sept. 19 and 20. Come dressed as your favorite pirate. Games, crafts, cutlass classes, pirate talking workshops, and more! Prizes for the best dressed pirates. Don't be a bilge rat and miss this swashbuckling event.


Dearborn - To celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day, all scalawags (ages 5-12) were invited to enjoy swashbuckling stories, songs of the sea, and a treasure chest of crafts at Snow Branch Library

Jonesville - Visitors at the Munro Bed & Breakfast got a special treat on Talk Like A Pirate Day weekend - free dinners at two local eateries, Saucy Dog's Barbecue and the Chicago Water Grill, that were celebrating TLAPD.

Sparta - Sparta Moose Lodge #50, 11510 N. Division, celebrated TLAPD on Sept. 19 with a live band and costume contest. Proceeds benefit Mooseheart Charities.


St. Paul - Out o' the gate early, The Holy Mackerel Studios, a tattooing and piercing studio was inking custom pirate-related tattoos, designed by their four artists, all day long on Sept. 19. Customers who dressed (and talk!) like pirates during their appointments got discounts!

Shakopee - The Minnesota Renaissance Festival runs through TLAPD weekend this year, and Wretched Roxy organized ("in the loosest sense of the word") a pirate invasion on the 19th. Note: The invasion wasn't sanctioned by the festival, but they don't mind folks showin' up in garb...)


Where are ye, Mississippi pirates?


Concordia - The Hanger, an all-ages music and gaming venue, planned a Talk Like A Pirate Day concert featuring local bands (some of the pirate-themed) and discounts for those dressed and talking like Pirates. Read more here.

Jefferson City - Soggy Bottoms, a pirate-themed bar at 510 Ellis Street, threw a Talk Like A Pirate Day party on the 19th including a costume contest (and the usual costumed serving wenches!). Here's their MySpace page.

Parkville - Park University and its campuses across the country got into TLAPD in a big way: The entire university system encouraged faculty, staff and students to celebrate the day! (The school's mascot is, of course, the Pirates).


No pirates in Montana?


Omaha - Omaha Scooter Club's held their annual Talk Like A Pirate Day ride. "We shall be casting off shore on our pillaging cruise, looting as we go. Causing havoc and mayhem on our 2 wheeled vessels. Bring ye sword and ye surly grin." Yarr" - Nate P.

Plattsmouth - "I am having a NEBRASKA Huskers TLAPD Pirate Party.
Va. Tech Hokie (Turkeys) vs Nebraska Cornhuskers - 2 PM. Everyone is expected to dress as a "Husker Pirate" and use proper Pirate Verbage, as it were."
- Jim Knierim


Las Vegas - The Las Vegas Black Hat Society (LVBHS - a family built from fandom geeks) held a Pirate Picnic/BBQ in Sunset Park!

Las Vegas - King Tut’s Pub and Poker, 3650 S. Decatur, in conjunction with American Legion Paradise Post 149 proudly sponsored the Second Annual Talk Like a Pirate Jam and Benefit for Operation Wounded Warrior. Support veterans and veterans' programs with a live jam, featuring The Shakers, a pirate costume contest and all manner of shenanigans. A proceeds going directly to Operation Wounded Warrior and other programs for veterans.

Reno - Natalie held a private TLAPD party in her back yard, and Shane and Micah of Two Cow Garage entertained - and put one great song, "Bury the Maps" (complete with pirate commentary from the party-goers) up on YouTube.

Reno - "The true hearted pirates at the Reno Air Races didn't let little things like world class airplane races, visiting astronauts, military jets screaming overhead or $300,000 race day pay outs get in the way of the TLAPD celebration! No, we besotted and bejeweled pillagers partied on!

"The doin's were held in Rex McBride's hangar, with a pack drop of mechanics working on Ridge Runner, a modified P-51 Mustang, who flew in the Unlimited Class final the next day. We ate, we drank, we sang, we drank, we laughed, we danced, we played the traditional pirate games of Grog Pong and Tippy Stein. We made history by being the first celebration of TLAPD in RAR history!" - Cap'n Cleavage

New Hampshire

East Kingston - "I shall be Surfin fer th' glorious hollerday this year drink up my harties yahoo!" - Micah G.

Portsmouth - Chris the Ninja Pirate will lead a series of sing-and-run pirate raids on downtown Portsmouth on Saturday. Afterward, the regularly scheduled maritime music session at The Press Room, 77 Daniel St., took on a more piratical flavor this month for obvious reasons.

Rye - Rye Airfield, New England's Premier Skatepark & BMX Track, at 6 Airfield Drive, threw a pirate-themed all-nighter on Sept. 18. Read more here.

New Jersey

Cape May - To celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day, the Children’s Department of the Cape May County library held a Pirate storytime for scallywags 18 months to 5 years old. they celebrated on Friday Sept. 18 with swashbuckling stories, piratey songs and rhymes and will be making our own treasure hunts!

Trenton - Nate’s Pub, 979 Lalor Street,threw its third annual Talk Like A Pirate Day party on Sept. 19 . Patrons were urged to ress up like a pirate and come on over to Trenton for a Pirate DJ with lots of pirate music & k araoke, door prizes, drink specials, food specials, games and a whole crew of swashbuckling pranksters.

New Mexico

Portales - The Portales Public Library's regular Preschool Storytime was given over to Pirates at 10:30 a.m Wednesday and 6 p.m. on Thursday, with “How I Became a Pirate.” J

New York

Cornwall - Cap'n Isaac Bonewits, Scourge o' the Seven Seas, spent TLAPD readin' Tay-rot cards all afternoon with the Tarot of the Pirates at Brid's Closet metaphysical shop (296 Main St., Cornwall), then afterwards online at Facebook, Skype, and Yahoo Messenger (ibonewits).

Clifton Park - On TLAPD at the Jonesville Store in Clifton Park ,Rebecca Angel (aka Captain Fweever), sang lots of songs, including All For Me Grog, at the Pub and Grub Fest.  She also taught the crowd the Five A's!

Endicott - The Pirates of the Susquehanna, PHC be threw a great, large, fund raisin' event come this TLAPD!  Some scurvvy scallywaggs plundered and pillaged the local Discovery Center on Aug. 2th o this yarr.  The dastardly ill-doers broke up over $25,000.00 in children's exhibits in the Story Garden of the Discovery Center.  The Pirates stepped up and called the community together Sept. 19 at a port known as Country Pines in Endicott, NY for chicken BBQ with plenty of grog and ale to go around.

Farmingville, Long Island - The second annual Long Island Pirate Festival takes place Sept. 19-20 at Bald Hill in Farmingville. The event benefits the benefiting Mather Memorial Hospital’s Lymhedema Clinic and other local charities, including Island Harvest (bring a canned-goods donation, get $1 off the gate admission). Pirate entertainment, a kids area, Belly Dancer “Court”, Pirate encampments and fun for all. Sponsored by Ye Pyrate Brotherhood,a hearty group of buccaneers and seadogs who strive for historical and educational re-enactment with a fun flair.

New York City - Sea Warriors is a public arts project that opened on on - you guessed it - Sept. 19 and celebrating pirattitude. Artist Michelle Vaughn (aka Black Von) is producing 11 pirate portraits as flags hung on vintage lampposts throughout the South Street Seaport. The project is sponsored by the Seaport and the New York Foundation for the Arts. Read more (and drop a doubloon in the collection jar!)

New York City - Punk Rope, the jumprope exercise company, celebrated its second annual TLAPD with pirate-themed Punk Rope clsses at the at the 14th St Y and the Greenpoint Y, done to rollickin' pirate tunes by the likes o' the Scurvy Bastards, the Dubliners and our own matey, Tom Smith. "Drills were hilarious and included a walk the plank relay race, partner swashbuckling, and pirate tag." - Tim H.

Saranac Lake - "I'll be dressing like a pirate (wench) and seeing my favorite band, Enter the Haggis, perform at the Will Rogers Auditorium in Saranac Lake, NY!" - Fia Fortune.

West Point - The senior class in advanced structural analysis, part of the Civil Engineering program at the US Military, West Point, NY, celebrated TLAPD one day early on 18 September 2009. Throughout the class all the students and the instructor talked, asked questions and provided answers as if they were pirates while discussing civil engineering classical beam theory…ARRRRGH! Check out the photo

North Carolina

Chapel Hill - The East Carolina University Pirates stormed Chapel Hill to take on University of North Carolina Tarheels on Sept 19th at Keenan Stadium. They didn't win the game, but the pirattitude was strong.

Greensboro - "Argghhhh Mateys, Hoisting the colors and givin No Quarter today mateys!!! At High Noon on ESPN the Mighty Pirate Nation of East Carolina University will be forcing the scurvy baby blue Tarheels of UNC to WALK THE PLANK, Arrrrrrrrrrrgh. The Purple and Gold Faithful will chant and sway while shacklin' and stuffing the Heels below deck. NO QUARTER! And listening to the best college football song ever! " - ECU Pirate Mom Karen W

Mooresville - Queen's Landing, a "family entertainment center" on beautiful Lake Norman, is organizing a Pirate Cruise and other events on Sept. 20. Contact them for more information.

Raleigh - The North Carolina Museum of History celebrated TLAPD with a special performance by Blackbeard (aka Benjamin Cherry, actor and historian( in a swashbuckling one-man show. Participants learned about pirates of yore and what's really known about Edward 'Blackbeard" Teach. The museum also held a Make It, Take It drop-in program for junior pirates: Identify the flags of some of the fiercest pirates to sail the seven seas and make their own Jolly Roger to take home.

North Dakota

Fargo - Not one, but two Talk Like A Pirate Day pub crawls in Fargo!

  • Brittney Goodman and Christopher Smith hosted a 21+ crawl starting at 7:00 pmat the Empire Tavern, 424 N. Broadway; and proceedin' at 8:15 pm -- Dempsey's Public House -- 226 N. Broadway; 9:30 pm -- HoDo Lounge -- Corner of Broadway & 1st Ave. N.; 11 pm -- Duffy's Tavern -- 16 S. 12th St.
  • Cap'n Jake Wiser and Lt. "Carouser" Katie had their pub crawl posted here.

What we want to know is: Did they meet upl meet up and cross swords - or tankards?

Mayville - The Barker Clan arrrr hosting a TOWN-WIDE Scavenger Hunt in Mayville (outside Fargo). This be a family friendly event fer all ages!! Come dressed in yer finest Pirate attire 'nd meet us downtown Mayville 'round 6:30pm. There be loot dropped all over town, and the first team to the treasure wins! - Matt & Zoe Barker


Canal Fulton - "I could not be happier to announce that, as head town crier of the Yankee Peddler Festival in Canal Fulton (Ohio), I will let everyone in attendance know that tomorrow is Talk Like A Pirate Day. Small children often come up to me at the festival and ask "Are you a pirate?", apparently confused by the colonial attire and the tricorn hat. Well, tomorrow, I can finally answer "Yes, I be a pirate" when asked." - John Hayes

Cincinnati - The Sin City Hash House Harriers ran their sixth (!) annual “Talk/Walk/Run/Smell Like A Pirate Hash” on Sept. 19, from the Greyhound Bus Terminal & Schooner Point, 1005 Gilbert Avenue. Read more here...

Columbus - The Santa Maria, a working replica of Christopher Columbus' 15th century sailing flagship docked in downtown Columbus, celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day with pirate re-enactors on board to answer questions about pirates, help visitors with their pirate palaver and generally raise heck.

Cleveland - The pirate duo The Rambling Sailors performed traditional and modern sea shanties and ballads of the sea Saturday in the lower level of the Cleveland Public Library's Louis Stokes Wing. There were be pirate activities for the kids and refreshments.

Cuyahoga Falls - "About the best we can manage to sneak past the land lubbers here is a showing of "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl", on Sat. Sept 19, 2.00 pm (aka 1400 hours)". -Mad Capn Bob

Dayton - The US Air Force Marathon was on Talk Like A Pirate Day this year, and a true one-legged pirate, John Alvarez, planned to run it. He writes: "Thirteen years ago on Sept 19th, I could not run because lost my leg. On Sept 19th 2009, I'm running in Honor of those who no longer can. It's the 13th anniversary of the day I lost my left leg and also the 13th anniversary of the USAF Marathon. See my cause page on facebook: 2009 USAF Marathon - Help a One Legged Man Finish His Ass Kicking Contest. This is not a fund raising event , but a request for thoughts and prayers for our fallen comrades and their families. This is also a personal journey for me as well. I will be carrying the names of my fallen comrades and friends. I will also be carrying a coin for the family of Lt Col Lee Collins, a special operations Pave Low Warrior and friend that died on 23 August 2009. If people get inspired and are inclined to donate to a cause please consider any reputable military foundation such as the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, The Wounded Warrior Project, or the Fisher House." - John Alvarez, Col, USAF, Defense and Air Attache, US Embassy La Paz Bolivia


Norman - That Okie Pirate Band the Rum Fellows celebrated ITLAPD by releasing their CD "Okie Maritime Music" (for the landlocked pirate). The Rumfellows performed at the Deli, 309 White Street immediately following the OU/Tulsa game. After the show the Rum Fellows led a pub crawl to several of the fine local drinking establishments and then play edan alley show, behind Guestroom Records.

Oklahoma City - Southern Oaks Public Library, 6900 S. Walker,threw an all-ages Talk Like A Pirate Day party from Sept. 19 with loads of real swashbuckling adventure, including a scavenger hunt, piratical costume contest, crafts, games and more.

Sand Springs - "Our homeschool group will be meeting at a state park, all dressed and having practiced our pirate talk. We'll have a treasure hunt, sword fights, prizes for best costumes and grub." - Liz

Tulsa - The Center for Counseling and Education, Tulsa’s Pastoral Counseling Center, hosted a huge TLAPD event, complete with pirate ship, at Leake Park The 42-foot pirate ship, Sea Pup, owned by Silverwolf Productions, wasbe on hand, manned by pirates and complete with historical displays of pirate lore, entertainment and friendly kidnappings.

Tulsa - Cap'n AD Bryant an' family threw their annual TLAPD party for their friends and neighbors (private party) The invitation reads: " All ye skalawags, wenches and pirates be invited. Please attend in yer piratey-attire. We be providin' the victuals (in true caribbean style) and the rum punch. Please feel free ter bring yer beverage of choice. Pipes and cigars be welcome in the tavern room. (None of them newfangled cigarettes er ye be laughed outta the tavern by the true pirates.) Party will go till the last pirate falls."


Depoe Bay - "As per usual, we're headin fer Depoe Bay to become grog-soaked on friday before dippin' our poles fer "fish treasure" on saturday. Narr- ye indecent sot! I'm talkin' sea bass and ling cod! And some of the town's merchants are quite amused when we pay fer all our plunder in the new $1 gold coins. Some are not, but's she's coin o' the realm and they gotta take 'er anyway." - Cap'n Paddy and "Worst Mate" Sheri of Battleground, WA

Eugene - Irving Grange's Pirate Costume Party,on Sept. 19 included a potluck, pirate games with Pirate Treasures, and Pirate Punishment for not being in costume!

Portland - The Portland Pirate Festival returned to Cathedral Park at St. Johns, with mayhem, madness and an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the most fully costumed pirates gathered in one place. Portland, Apparently, they did, with 1,651 pirates on hand. Special guest appearance by Seattle's SeaFair Pirates. Proceeds this year benefit The Children's Healing Art Project. Among the marauders: Harold Clark of Lake Oswego, the oldest member of the Pirates Of Portlandia, who celebrated his 90th birthday at the festival!

Portland - " Ms. Mercy Dillingham and Master Robert Cockroach Blair hosted a party for the Seattle Seafair Pirates (Pirate Kings Of Puget Sound), several local pirates, and even a few novices who were being introduced to the pirate community and way of life. The party was held on ITLAPD and the evening following the first day of the fourth annual Portland Pirate Festival. The party included a call to Capn Slappy in Fairbanks, Alaska... The guests of honor were lead by the famous “White Rhino”, Captain Kidd (Barnacle) who granted Master Cockroach Blair custody of Captain Kidd’s White Rhino Flag. The only regret was that we couldn’t invite more people….but, the ship couldn’t hold any more souls. - Cockroach (Party photo here)

Portland - Rumpspankers, 700 NE Dekum held a 21-and-over Talk Like A Pirate Day "Dinner and Porn" social night with an all-you-can-eat buffet, snuggle & play spaces stocked with safer sex supplies, a cash bar area for socializing, decidedly adult giveaways, and a raffle benefiting Esther’s Pantry. Featuring AVN Award winning Digital Playground Double Feature ”Pirates” and “Pirates II”


Columbia - The National Watch and Clock Museum, 514 Poplar Street, celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day Sept. 19 f with activities including designing your own treasure map, making your own compass, a museum treasure hunt and more. Guest pirates will demonstrate sword fighting, instruct how to talk like a pirate, perform pirate magic, and decorate visitors with pirate tattoos! All the activities and admission to the Museum are free if you come dressed in your favorite pirate’s costume! Even if you’ve lost your costume, come anyway and only pay the regular Museum admission price to participate.Afterward they aired Pirates of the Caribbean with free pirate popcorn and lemonade!

Marcus Hook - The Marcus Hook Preservation Society, aka the Plankhouse Crew, hosts a three-day Pirate Festival, Sept. 18-20, including a pirate feast and a Sunday pub tour. Read more here.

Philadelphia - Having got a good taste of TLAPD in 2008 with a visit from Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket, Philadelphia nonetheless embraced the day again this year with a full day of pirattitude at the Independence Seaport Museum. Pirates-in-training will visit stations throughout the Museum to learn how to "Knot Like a Pirate" -- tie nautical knots; "Code Like a Pirate" -- learn secret pirate codes; "Talk like a Pirate" -- a pirate vocabulary class; "Navigate Like a Pirate" -- craft old pirate treasure maps and telescopes; "Look Like a Pirate" -- make an eye patch, pirate hat, and parrot; and "Fight Like a Pirate" -- watch a demonstration of cannon firing and cutlass maneuvering. Buccaneers can also explore the tattoo exhibit, Skin & Bones -- Tattoos in the Life of the American Sailor, and tour the Museum's two historic ships – the Spanish-American War Cruiser Olympia and the World War II Submarine Becuna.

Philadelphia - The Rum Bar, off Rittenhouse Square, celebrated with $3 Capt'n's and $2 Rum Barrel Lagers for those who speaks the tongue of the pirate.

Wilkes-Barre - Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 421 Arena Hub Plaza, hosted a TLAPD storytime on Sept. 19 with booty for the best pirate garb, and rum(less) punch.

Rhode Island

Wickford - "Not sure what I am doing, but I will be doing something on that day in Wickford, RI. (at my mom's house - I haven't told her yet - sshhh) Last year we had a Tastefully Simple home party that we combined with a ITLAPD party (it was the rum that tied them together, and the fact I had a pirate shirt and bandana on and was talking funny). Don't want RI to not be represented again!" -- Cap'n Jane (retired)

South Carolina

Inman - The second sorta-annual Talk Like A Pirate Day party in the Upstate Area was co-hosted by the Crawley Clan and the Third Continental Light Dragoons ... arrr! Based on the resounding success of the 2007 event, organizer Dirty Tom Rackham reports, "Arr, our wee Pirate ball will be held on Friday evening this year as two crew members have 'other plans' on the 'morrow. Boucan, pelican legs, tropical fruit medley, goldfish, and fresh shrimp will again be consumed ravenously by the crew. Grog in the form of various malt beverages and fruit drinks shall be flowin'. The French buccaneer Foul Bloody D'ischarge will no doubt attempt another mutiny this year, at least that be what we're hoping for, some arm yourselves!"

Myrtle Beach - "Saturday is me birfday and my sister and I will be headed down to Myrtle Beach to search for golden treasure (in the form of tequila and beer) and sportin' our eye-patches!!!!!" - Megg

South Dakota

No pirates on the Great Plains this year?


Knoxville - The Carther Branch of the Knox County Public Library Sytem threw a special program and storytime for TLAPD. Little scallywags learned the fine art of talking like pirates, made hooks for their hands, patches for their eyes and telescopes to ferret out ships for plundering.They got some great news coverage from the Knoxville News-Sentinel, too!

Nashville - Extend your Talk Like A Pirate Day to Sept. 26 with the Nashville Pirate Party, sponsored by the Pirates of Old Hickory. They're expcting up to 1,000 people at their fifth annual event, featuring a pirate ball and pig roast. Costumes required. This year's event will benefit local charities.


"My dear husband passed away on Aug. 1, 2009. TLAP was one of two of his favorite holidays, and we did consider it a holiday. We traveled all over this country with our jobs. We found out about this fabulous day in Virginia Beach, VA, and have been celebrating it ever since, wherever we are working. One year, we were working on the Venetian in Las Vegas and tried to have our party at Treasure Island on the ship in the canal. Of course we were turned down. But it didn’t dampen our spirits…we carried the tradition on, and being desert dogs, it took a lot of learning! This year I am holding a TLAP Party in honor of my dear husband at my home in West Texas…even in the desert, it will be celebrated." - Debbie N.

Austin - A large group of pirates planned an Eyepatch Pub Crawl, starting Daddy's Grill & Bar, 218 E 6th St., "Anyone with an eyepatch can join us as we travel from bar to bar looking for rum, treasure and wenches," writes Cap'n Tyler. Read more and RSVP...

Austin - Texas Tech took on arch-rival Texas on Talk Like A Pirate Day, and plenty o' pirates were expected to be on hand - not the least among 'em Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, who's famous for his piratittude. Alas, the Longhorns came out on top, but not for lack o' pirattitude.

Bacliff - Katie's Bar threw a Talk Like A Pirate Day party and pirate costume contest on Sept, 19 featuring music by Gene Rutt and the Rag Tag Pirate Misfits Band (consisting of whoever they can drag together that can play and sing close to in tune.)

Dallas - . West End's Market Street (Elm Street to Munger Street) was the site for the West End Association's 1st Annual Party Like a Pirate: Island Party in the West End. Swashbucklers and wenches, palm trees and sand, strolling pirate fiddlers and impromptu sword fights (Argh!), people could can even have your special someone locked in stocks & shackles for charity.

Dallas - The Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics celebrated Talk LIke A Pirate Day on Friday, enlivening classes and corridors with costumes and snarls. One class formally discussed the mix of languages that would have been found on pirate ships. Literacy students were reminded of the importance of learning to read the letter "Rrrr". Check out the photo.

Houston - A Convocation has been called for ye, and Piratical Mayhem be the Order of the Day. In the Infamous Port of Ill Repute in Houston on the Gulf of Texas, we shall gather at Mike's Place, (9110 Jones Rd on Friday the 18th! "Sure and it's a day early, but be We not Pirates, Lads and Wenches? We'll take 'em by surprise after the setting of the sun, and Ring in the Official Date with Flagons a'flyin' and Casks 'o Grog a tumblin' whilst we taps the Bungholes. ... Booty Gathering and Treasure Chest Raiding are heartily encouraged, me, um... Hearties. Wear the gear, garb thyself in your finest Port raiding accouterments, and hence be judged for thy Freebootiness! Grog specials, of course, and revelry and ribaldry be a must." - The Grog Master

Irving -"We are partying at State Farm IOC Irving, TX West Coast Appt/Assignments Team are dressed up talking like Pirates, Eatin and Laughn a lot. It’s our first yr to celebrate but not the last. Aarrrrrr!" - Cindy G.

Nacogdoches - The second annual Pirates of the Pineywoods Adventure was be held at Stephen F. Austin State Universit's Pneywoods Native Plant Center, 2900 Raguet St, Sept. 19. Pirates ages 3 to 11 and their parents hoisted sail along the trails of the nature center, hunted for buried treasure, met unusual animals, heard tales from the deep, and polished off some grog and grub. Proceeds benefit the educational programs at the SFA Gardens.

Rockport - The Texas Maritime Museum hosted “Pirate Pete’s Birthday Party” Friday, Sept. 18. The fictional birthday party celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day and is also a fundraiser for the Museum’s education department. All pirates must demonstrate their worth by completing the pirate dare: one-eye exam (with the patch); cannon ball; sword fighting duels; the flagship’s flags; treasure hunt; and much more. T In the spirit of giving, Cap’n Pete asked youngsters to bring an “old” toy they don’t play with anymore. The crew will wrap it up and after the party the presents will be given out.

San Leone - For several years, Gene Rutt and his mates partied like pirates on TLAPD at the Buccaneer Bar in San Leone. Then, a week before the 2008 party, the bar got blown away - literally - by Hurricane Ike. The bar isn't quite back on its feet yet, so Rutt and his mates planned to do their Sept. 19 celebrations at nearby Katie's Bar in Bacliff.


Salt Lake City - The 2nd Annual Bike Like A Pirate Day , "Pirates Vs. Ninjas," set sail (wheel?) at noon on Saturday with a ride, followed by kickball at Herman Frank Park, a race and capture-the-flage event at Liberty Park, and wrapping up with a barbecue potluck at Liberty Park East Side.

St. George - "For the last 2 years the folks at Lake City International, that be a big rig truck dealer, in St. George Utah have had a BLAST talking like Pirates. Found out about it last year when it showed up on my company's calendar and it was GREAT. Heck even bought me wench a "Spicy Wench" shirt LOL
Had a Pirate Day pool party this year and have lots of photos so will send just 1 along then try to get Flicker acct to send more. Not all were great photos maybe it was to much grog but hey "yo ho ho and a bottle of rum" but we had way more than 1 bottle."
- Cap'n Peg Leg Patch Eye Grey Beard Hook



Colchester - Capn' Edward Burke (formally Capn' Seamus Blunderbuss) a TLAPD show in the studios o' WWPV 88.7-FM "The Mike" in Colchester, VT USA. He writes:"I played two of yer You Tube videos: "The Five A's" and "Pirates and Ninjas", as well as Tom Smith's official anthem for the holiday, and a treasure trove of sea shanties and other music with piratitude, includin' some fine pirate music from Vermont artists."

Waitsfield - "For the fifth straight year, Ruth Ann Pattee and friends will celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day (otherwise and less famously known as Ruth Ann's birthday) with pirate-talking, music, great grub, libations, and general frivolity. Due to the increase in Pirates wanting to participate, and the fact that TLAPD is on a Saturday night, the festivities this year will be held outside on the lawn at Ruth Ann's house in Waitsfield, in central Vermont's Mad River Valley, under a (hopefully) starry sky. Live music and BYOB are the order of the night. In the event of rain we will all be getting to know each other really well in Ruth Ann's small apartment!" - Ruth Ann


Newport News - The Mariners’ Museum celebrates International Talk Like a Pirate Day with special events and programs on Saturday, September 19 and Sunday, September 20. Planned activities include hands-on children’s games and crafts, “The Death of Blackbeard” puppet show, demonstrations, and exotic birds from the Peninsula Caged Bird Society. Visiting pirates Captain Jack Sparrow and our ol' pal Bilgemunky will judge the second annual Talk Like a Pirate contest on Saturday at 11 a.m. - and Bilgemunky will presdide over a Saturday rum-tasting! Visitors are encouraged to dress like a pirate to receive $2 off admission. The Museum will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and from noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday.


Aberdeen - Celebrate all things pirate at the Aberdeen Elks Club #593. There will be singin' of the shanties, watchin' of the pirate movies, tellin' of the pirate jokes and handin' out pirate goodies to the deservin'. And of course, there will be the swillin' of the grogs, ARRRRRR. -- Jewels Little, pirate wench.

Olympia - "I Love You Flavilla," a 20-minute pirate monologue by Olympia playwright Bryan Willis, had its world premiere on Talk Like A Pirate Day with performances every hour from noon to midnight at Oympia Tiny Theatre (actually a home).

Seattle - Pillagers Pub, 8551 Greenwood Avenue N #5 in north Seattle celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day with a party eaturing pirate food and drink specials. They ahve a full bar and feature great microbrews from Baron Brewing and Three Skulls Ales (good piratical choice, that). Rumor has it a few real pirates may have sailed in for the occasion.

West Virginia

Ah, West Virginia mateys, where be you?


(Undisclosed location) - "I am getting married on Talk Like a Pirate Day.  It was a completely by chance that this is the day we are getting married, but we are going to party like pirates for the reception. Our best man is giving his speech in Pirate talk and we our encouraging all of our guess to show up with eye patches, pirate hats, and swords. Arrr! I be gettn' hitched me hearties."

Fish Creek - "This year the scurvy dog and wenches I grew up with will be celebrating our 3rd TLAP day, or as we call it a family reunion. I'll be takin a ship big enough to carry me car across the fine Lake Michigan and heading on dry land to Fish Creek WI. We'll be wearing our finest pirate apparel, it gets better every year. And having a feast as if we set sail to Spain." - The Mermaid Marilyn

Racine - Great Beer! Good Cheer! The 6th Annual Great Lakes Brew Fest in Racine, WI celebrated "Talk Like A Pirate Day" with prizes for the best Pirate costume, along with a Pirate Parade! Unlimited sampling of more than 250 craft beers from 100 brewers.


Worland - Girl Scouts in grades K-3 celebrated TLAPD with a one-day vicarious adventure on the high seas. They chose pirate names, hunted for treasure, and sang, “Yo-Ho, a Girl Scout’s Life for me.” Sponsored by the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming.

Latin America


Sao Paolo - "We're throwing a Pirate Party here in São Paulo, Brazil. We're spreading the chant on that Twitter thing, and we already have more than 30 people confirmed. This is the "map" for the party (it is in portuguese, translated below): 09.19 - 02pm - International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Lay anchor at: #buniiito | Send a message in a bottle to buniiito [at] Sailors are to bring 15 pieces of eight or else will swab the decks. Rum for the cap'n, grog and cuba libre for the sailors. YAR, those who don't come dressed in pirate attire will feel the wrath of the sea wolves! "- Captains: @alvarofreitas @gabrielklee @leoprimo @metamurphy


Chihuahua - "This year we celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day '09 by crashing a bar in Chihuahua, Mexico. Yarrr! We had the beast of times! Never was the grog colder nor the wenches finer. We drank, we sang, and we danced! (We even gave out free noodles, to celebrate the last day of the Pastafarian month of Ramendan) I attach hereby a portrait of our partied party of seafaring buccaneers." - - Cap'n Drake Crowe. Great photo here.


For the fifth year in a row, Black MaGnUs and the proud pirates of the Perdidos En El Eter radio crew threw a TLAPD party - the only one in Uruguay, as far as we know. "So, the Perdidos En El Eter crew had our party, and we taped our show! On the show we talked about pirate surgeons; the literary classic Treasure Island; and about The Pirate Bay and the Pirate political party. Speakin' o' parrrties; we wore our costumes, mock-fenced, played "Sea Rats!", sang pirate songs, and had drinks and food." Check out the photo.



Leuven - "Me and some friends will be heading out into town dressed up moving from cocktail bar to cafe drinking nothing but rum! This is to be considered practice for the main event on october 31st in honor of our captain's 26th birthday. No banter, no barter, no quarter!" - Dennis D.


Aarhaus - "We're a bunch of guys who'll be occupying downtown Aarhus, at the stairs by the "river". We'll be wearing, swearing and drinking (rum of course) - so we wont be hard to spot!" -- Kasper Haugland Nørgaard

Copenhagen - "In my teenage years, growing up in Massachusetts, I was fairly certain that International Talk Like A Pirate Day was not, in fact, international. That it was celebrated in a few geeky communities such as my own scattered throughout the US. Especially since it was called "International" when it was still just two guys from Oregon, as far as I've been told. Well, five years later, I'm 20 years old and studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Yesterday, while stopping by a huge gaming store downtown, I was handed an advertisement for this. Not only is the day celebrated, but there are events leading up to it (TLAPD Advent, perhaps?) Anyway, I don't speak enough Danish yet to be able to understand Danish stand-up comedy, let alone Danish Pirate stand-up comedy, but I suspect I'll be going anyway." --Eli


For more news about goin's-on in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, visit our mate Mad Cap'n Tom's "official" British site,

The Jubilee Sailing Trust is a registered charity UK that owns and operates Lord Nelson and Tenacious, the only two tall ships in the world designed and built to enable people of all physical abilities to sail side-by-side as equals. This year they were urgin' their fundraisers to don an eyepatch on Sept. 19 and talk like pirates as they solicit donations for this fine (and piratical) cause.

Somewhere in the Southwest o' England - "We, the crew of the Good Ship Airbus in the southwest of ye old mother country already has advantage, fer we all be a-speakin’ pirate-like all year round… But as the great day falls on a non-seafaring day this year, we be a-textin’ like pirates… my Cap’n be already a-greetin’ me this fine mornin’ with rapier-like wit in ye electrickery. But he be a real son of a ships biscuit, to boot…. " - Cabin boy J-Bob

Birmingham - Birmingham Musem and Art Gallery celebrated on Sept. 18 and 19 with activities for all ages. Local pirates could meet Hollywood’s most famous pirate, the legendary ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’! and have ave a Captain Jack Makeover with historical makeup artist Julia Hyland. They could also meet some of Blackbeard’s scurvy crew and learn to talk like a pirate. Other events included pirate story telling, pirate songs, and pirate craft activities.

Chorley, Lancashire - Gemma Presscott and Mark Ridler got married on Sept. 19, and Gemma's father had special plans for the traditional "father-of-the-bride" speech, courtesy of our own Cap'n Slappy. As proud father Steve wrote, "Talk Like A Pirate Day is by far the most interesting AND amusing thing associated with September 19th. There aren’t even any famous birthdays or marriages worthy of mention, and all the major historical events are downright depressing. So how pleased was I to find you?!" Congratulations, Gemma and Mark, and may the day be memorable!

Cranfleet - "I me hearties it be my 50th birthday err thats 25 x 2 me off to the Ol club house at Cranfleet Lock in the depth of the canals of Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire UK ...I have a map ...and me and me hearties are havin a piraty party ... we be playing horn pipes n sa shanties on our fiddles and horns and pipes ...and suppin grog cos we are the BLACK PIG BORDER MORRIS alternative bunch o scally way morris dancer who is named after Capn Pugwashes boat" - Ruthy Pig :o)

Hereford - Prince Eugene and his mates hail from the landlocked city of Hereford, but were planning to "sail in a watertight shoe box across the ocean via the River Wye until we join the River Severn at Chepstow near to the Bristol Channel. From here we shall attempt to cross the Atlantic where we will mount a seabourne invasion of our former Colony and reclaim it in the name of Queen Bluebeard III. See you in Davy Jones's bedside cabinet me hearty." - Prince Eugene

Liverpool, Cheshire and the Wirral - The Pirate Run - a 43-mile motorbike ride to raise money for youth charities - coincided with Sept. 19 this year. Participants were expected to wear full pirate garb, of course.

London - The Missing, Inc., a comedy troupe "trying to make people laugh since 2002," celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day by performing their Charles Darwin comedy, " The Beagle Has Landed!" at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London. "It’s a little bit piratey already," writes producer Ben Hawkes (and a fine pirate name that is!) "but we’re going to increase the pirateage by at least 300%!"

London - Wiltons Music Hall (Graces Alley, Tower Hill) celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day a few days early with a Pirate Band Spectacular on Thursday, Sept. 17. Bands included Pirates, Seas of Mirth and Dead Men's Tales. Participants were invited to join the mutiny, bring your scurvy brigade, drink rum and dance to songs of the sea, baudy balllards, drunken songs, piratical parodies and anti-shanties to help raise money to restore this beautiful oldest music hall in London. Read more.

London - "Captain Jack here from sunny *ahem* England. I be gatherin' me crew and heading off for a piratical cruise around London. I've got many mates already but would love for those with nothing to do to join us! We're mostly 16-20 but anyone is welcome and I promise the crew will be on their best behaviarr. We're meeting at 19:45 GMT at Trafalgar Square." Read more on FaceBook

Nottingham - Pirates replaced the Merry Men at Nottingham Castle! To celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day, people of all ages were invited to join the misfit band of buccaneerswho took over the Castle for the day. Nottingham Castle's Crew were on the lookout for more pirates - preferably in costume - to help hunt for treasure, design Jolly Roger flags, make eyepatches, learn to talk like pirates and keelhaul any landlubbers that don't join the crew! Funds raised will go towards the Marie Curie Cancer Care Charity.

Oxfordshire - For the fourth year running, the infamous Pirates of the Acetabulum hired a narrow boat and cruised along the River Thames to plunder as much booty as they can for Cancer Research UK. Last year the group raised just over £1300. This year's event is billed as "The Final Voyage" - the PoTA have decided to sell off their vessel and hang up their fund-raising hats after this year's event (say it ain't so!). Landlubbers can still contribute here.

St. Austel, Cornwall - The Pirates of St. Piran appeared on the tall ship on the tall ship Kaskelot at Charlestown Harbour, and then pillaged the fishing village of Mevagissey for shanty singing in the local taverns. The Pirates of St Piran were sword fighting, performing scripted scenarios and plenty of loud singing. Raising money along the way for Precious Lives Appeal and the R.N.L.I charities.

Salhouse - The historic Bell Inn, in the small Norfolk town of Salhouse, celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day from noon till closing on Sept. 19 with a games, fireworks, a pirate barbecue, fancy dress and live music.

Saunderton - The Golden Cross in Saunderton, Buckinghamshire. More information here.

Stockport - ...On Saturday 19th September the Kingsmill Stockport bakers embarked on a sponsored walk across the region to raise money for the Cure Parkinson's Trust. "Roughly 60-80 bakers will be putting down their loaves and donning their pirate hats to raise the much-needed funds for the charity and we’d love it if you too could grab your eye patch and join us for the morning" (9.30am start @ Allied Bakeries, Stockport). - Rebecca B.

Waltham Abbey - The Waltham Abbey Football Club had a home game on Sept. 19 and celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day by admitting anyone under 16 who's dressed like a pirate for free. More information here and a nice news story here.


Oulu - "Went into Stockmann - big dept. store, and bought me a cutlass, eyepatch and a pirate hat. Stripy shirt, natch. Then waked 3 miles home, shouting AAARRRRR! at everyone I saw*. Scared the bejeezus out of the cowering, snivelling bilge rats and ratlets. Unfourtunately, I tucked said (plastic) cutlass into my belt, which caused me to be inspected by a repetitively passing police paddy-wagon. Still, I might have been the first (or only) person in Oulu, Finland to observe this, the most sacred day of the year! Thanks, and may the barnacles on your keels never itch!" -Andy
*As I'm 53 years old, I can see why - even with only one eye...My God, I'm a poet, and didn't know it.


Paris - Cat o' Nine Tails, a pirate punk-rock band, planned a gig with sea chanties and pirate songs on the Seine near the Eiffel Tower. Location to be announced...


Hamburg - Team Pirate doesn't speak German, but we're told that the forums at were buzzin' with talk of a TLAPD pirate flashmob in Hamburg. If anyone knows more, get in touch - or at least send us a photo after the fact!


Dublin - The Lost Pirates invaded the Dublin Fringe Festival on Talk Like A Pirate Day with the story of Captain Porkbelly vs the dreaded Siamese Pirate Twins in a concept gig fusing Pirate Shanties with Disco, Ska, Punk, and Rum.

Dublin - The Stout Bar, Lower Rathmines Road, Rathmines hosted their first Talk Like A Pirate Day party with "wenches walking the plank and rum spilt and drank." - Johnny


Venice - From September 17th to 19th, at AeBricole Pub, via Martiri della Libertà 381, grog flowed like, well, grog, challenges took place among the buccaneers (such as the olive-stone spitting contest) and diners could choose from the exclusive pirate menu with its special, the Kraken Fillet.


Schateiland Almere - Dennis van de Logt and mates not only partied for Talk Like A Pirate Day, they recorded the festivities and put it up on YouTube!

Goes - "Yesteryear we celebrated TLAPD for the very First time in our tiny little Dutch town of , in a local bar called Café La strada ...Unfortunately, the pub burned down this January, so that would mean the end of that. But no, people continuously reminded me of the sheer awesomeness of our first talk like a pirate day, and I decided to go on with it nonetheless. I sent everyone an email (yeah I know, not very piratey) asking if they’d like to join me parading through the streets as a foul mouthed yet overly friendly buccaneer. I thought maybe what, 10 – 15 people would join me if I was lucky. Boy was I wrong. There’s approximately 110 people joining me tomorrow. Dressed up and all. And keep in mind, I live in a town with a population of just under 18.000. So thanks for bringing some laughter to all of us and not taking things too seriously." -Dennis

Nijmegen - "Yesterday me & my friends were joining a ITLAPD party at our friend's home in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. In the picture it's just 4 of us (+ the very defensive dog ;) ), but there were many other pirates out there! Had a blast! - Best pirate wishes," Anne-Marie, Hansje, Odeke and Kristel


Moscow - In what we believe may be the first official TLAPD event in Russia, Cap'n Vlad reports: "I would like to inform you that Day of the Pirate has passed in Moscow remarkably! As we planned 8 cars participated in Piracy Rally. During show in a bar we have chosen Ms. Glamour Pirate Girl, Ms. Body Art, watched parade of piracy brides. There were cheerful competitions, who is the fastest in drinking the glass of rum, piracy dances. All winners received special gifts. Some journalists attanded our holiday in order to make a reporting. Last week there was a programm on TV channel "NTV +" and issued big article in the newspaper. You can look photos under this reference: НУЖНО В ЭТОМ МЕСТЕ ВСТАВИТЬ ССЫЛКУ НА ФОТКИ!!!! I am very interested how did you celebrate Day of the Pirate? Did you organise any activities? What news? By the way, has thought there is an idea to organise excursion round in the USA in places of pirates for tourists? What do you think on this idea?" Photos here.


Glasgow - They partied like pirates at The Garage, starting at 10:30 p.m. and going till late into the night.

Kirkaldy - The town of Kirkcaldy in Fife ceelbrated TLAPD with Pirate Day on the High Street.  Most of the stores took part, with staff dressing as pirates, and out on the street were Pirate Radio, Sea shanties and a re-enacment of Peter Pan, Capn Hook, Tinkerbell.  A local restauraunt, the Pancake Place, became the Pirate Place and serve pirate grub.  The local Newspaper, the Fife Free Press ran competitions to win a full family of Pirate Costumes and the local radio station Kingdom FM will be rand competitions for the 5 days leading up to the big event.  Our local football (soccer) supporters of Raith Rovers were going to the match dressed as Pirates and singing Pirate songs. Afterwards, they toured he bars raising money for youth development.  They also had face painting, spank the pirate, treasure hunts and lots more. And a nice video interview with local organizer Denis Alexander in Fife Today!

Kirkaldy - Kingdom of Adventure, a games and comics shop, combined Talk Like A Pirate Day with Worldwide Dungeons & Dragons Day on the 19th for a full day of pirate-themed D&D gaming.


Stockholm - At Planet Kids Nursery School, the children all made pirate hats and planned to dress up and talk like (presumably Swedish) pirates all day.


Zurich - Swiss pirates partied at the Caribbean restaurant "Muskatnuss" and in the maritime-styled bar "Hafenbar". Check out their photos.


Cardiff- Swashbucklin' Siggy an' her crew headed the Terra Nova in Cardiff Bay, as they've done fer the past several TLAPDs, (early start this year 'cos it be a Saturday) an' there was be much drinkin' an' carousin'.



Wulah - ARRGH! Seein’ as we gits the daylight before you varmints do, I was one of the first to celebrate and post Talk Like a Pirate Day - Yugan Talovich



Istanbul - Teacher J.P. Murphy (an ex-pat Oregonian) and the children of his 5A class at Tas Private Elementary School planned to celelbrate their second Talk Like A Pirate Day, after having had a great time in 2008 using Penguin Readers based on the Pirates of the Caribbean films to "launch many interesting discussions ... Like what is gunpowder? or Famous pirate women in history." Plans for 2009 include a costume contest, writing their own pirate plays - and, of course, talking like pirates.


South Africa

Johannesburg - When we heard o' Talk like a Pirate Day we just knew we had t' throw a party t' raise funds for charity! We've been organisin' this big party event now for about 9 months, t' raise funds for t' Bookshelf Project, which funds books for sprogs in squatter camps in South Africa, so they too can read about Captain Hook and Blackbeard. Thanks for comin' up with such a fun filled idea and sharin' it with t' world! You can read t' details o' t' event on our blog here." Cap'n Tyranical Telana, Pirate Queen of the Kootenays

Middle East

Iraq -

Baghdad - Members o' the Oregon National Guard serving at Victory Base in Baghdad celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day. Bein' from Oregon, they say, they'd all heard o' Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket before they got to Iraq. See photo.


Jerusalem - "This year, TLAPD falls on the Hebrew New Year (aka Rosh Hashana.) So, this year, not only will I be talking like a pirate - I'll also be PRAYING like a pirate! I've been practicing, and let me tell you: talking to God has never been this weird! In other words: keep up the good work. I am so glad to see the day has branched out to include worthy events and causes! With kind regards and warm wishes from that tiny speck in the mid east," - Jonathan

Caribbean & the Seven Seas

Parts Unknown - " You may or may not know this, but all old diesel submarine sailors are pirates at heart… always have been. Diesel submarines – sometimes called “Fleet Boats” and sometimes called “Smoke Boats” were a big part of sinking tons and tons of Japanese shipping during WWII. Submarines were originally geared to be an advanced guard for the fleet – to sneak up and take a peek at what might be coming over the horizon and alert those big surface vessels that the submarines served. But once Germany in WWII began to do rogue operations (wolf packs) to sneak up on innocent shipping an sink it, the United States decided to change the way our own submarine service operated and our subs were then free to operate quasi-independently to seek out the bad guys and do them dirty …. AAARGH…. and so the officers and enlisted folks aboard those old World War II submarines became, in a sense, the denizens of the deep – and pirates at heart. This was the culture aboard these smoke boats even after the war – during the Cold War where there were many operations that this silent service still can’t talk about. the “smokeboats” continued the pirate culture into the 70’s and early 80’s during which time the last of the “smokeboats” were all decommissioned .... The USS Sirago (SS485) ( keeps this tradition and you can go to our website and learn a bit about the old “smoke boaters”. ... The Sirago is having a reunion in Virginia Beach on October 1-4 and I’m sending out a notice to all our guys about your site. I’m also going to tell them to communicate with you if they end up buying one or more of your books so you’ll know we’re out there….but you’ll never see us…. AAARGGHHH!" - Mike Bickel

Parts unknown: "A term ago ye arsked wot "you'd do" ta celibrate TLPD... This wench nowwoo hars an answerrr... She been plying the gales an storms o' the last 4 seasons in a raggedy tent - sailing at 2316 meter... gales, turbulance, lightning-thunder; freezing cold ta turn the decks to ice...Yyaaaaarrr! THIS TLPD - thisun begins it agin - this time in me small - but sturdy wooden "ship"... wither prow (corner) facin' th' winds and weather... THIS yar to be a water tight - vessel o' me happy pride." -
Jullell - Priate wench

Bequia, St. Vincent and The Grenadines -"An' there was I, thinkin there's no such ting as a special day for us salty sea dogs, when avast and bellay! I'm checking me pirate e-mails at sunrise an there's yahoo tellin' me it's Pirates Day today! But we're in Bequia, 13N an 58W (or around abouts) an it's Pirates day every day here, in fact, if you're not a pirate, you're doing someting wrong! like not drinkin enough grog! or even, not drinkin' enough. So me an me pirate mateys 'ere will be drinkin to yer good health, all day, like as not, and definitely all day tomorrow, seeing as 'ow it'll be a Sunday, God willing, an we won't 'ave much pirating to do so we'll be....drinkin!! An 'ave a look at me photo, start 'em young 'ere we do! ere's me novice pirate granddaughter ah 'er mates, practising marauding tactics off the coast of Bequia. Arrr, it's a good job ye be doing with yer website, mateys, but get up on deck and drink a few bev vies to the glory of pirate life! shiver yer timbers! avast! etc etc...."- Izzy (slung me hook an sold me boat so I'm a landlubber now. Shame on me.)

Nevis, Lesser Antilles - Organizers of the October-November Nevis Pirate Festival planned to get in the spirit of things on TLAPD with a beach party. Charities benefitting from the festival include the Pink Lily Cancer Centre, The Nevis Bicycling Club, The Change Centre (for single mothers), and two schools.

Frederickstad, St. Croix, USVI - Team Pirate's own Ol' Chumbucket signed books and scared the cruise-ship passengers down at Polly's at the Pier, a coffeeshop/restaurant/alehouse on the waterfront. That evening Chumbucket and Mad Sally headed to Cane Bay on the north shore for will attend a major pirate party sponsored by their friend Captain Killy, "These gatherings run from 9 p.m. to 9 the following morning. There'll be LOUD pirate music, plenty of liquid refreshment, knife and ax throwing, cannonball tossing, and more.", Chumbucket writes.(Don't you wish you lived on the islands?) (We are told that there is nothing as hot as watching Mad Sally throw a flaming ax and hit the target dead-center - twice).

Oceania & the Antipodes

Where they get first shot at Talk Like A Pirate Day each year:


Somewhere in Australia - Plans were in the works for a Talk Like A Pirate Day Flash Mob. Somebody send us a report!

Airlie Beach - Scarves, eye patches, parrots and strange accents were part of a special event being held in the Whitsundays today, complete with plank walking and pirate jokes. Organiser of the Airlie Beach event, Captain Dan van Blarcom, says all pirates will be on their best behaviour. "We're the polite pirates and we always use our manners and say please and thank you and ensure our visitors always come first," he said.

Agnes Water, Queensland - The Sports and Recreational Club at Captain Creek on the Coast of Queensland planned a special Talk Like A Pirate Day event of activities and fun for the whole community. The local choir sang pirate ditties, and organizers arranged for a diving tour boat to go out onto the Great Barrier Reef so that someone could talk like a pirate under water. Agnes Water is a popular surfing spot, and organizers enlisted the local surf school to get board riders out there talking like pirates as they ride the waves. Fundraising proceeds go to the Agnes Water Surf Life Saving Club Building.

Ballarat - Irish Murphy's Bar & Restaurant, 36 Sturt St., joined the rest o' Australia in takin' advantage of the fact that - due to the way time zones work - they go first crack at International Talk Like A Pirate Day. They celebrated with live music, plenty o' grog and - if photos of past events are any proof - pirattitude galore!

Brisbane - "We live in Brisbane, Australia and down the road from us the third Chronicles of Narnia film is being made. Next Saturday, ITLAPD, we are going to dress up like pirates and spend from 6am till 6pm down at the set, even if they are not filming. If they are filming we are going to try and talk to as many of the cast and crew as possible and try to encourage them to embrace their true pirate selves and talk like pirates all day." - Dirty Prudence Wiggins

Brunswick - Cap'n Harpoon Hooper, inspired by Talk Like A Pirate Day and the efforts of other charitable groups world wide, launched EyeEye Day, what he hopes will be an annual Sept. 19 fund-raiser to benefit vision-related charities including Eyes for Africa and the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital. He raised money by selling - what else? - pirate eye patches!

Canberra - The Pirates Basketball Club celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day this year by pillaging the pubs and clubs of ye old town of Canberra, in Terra Australis (AKA Australia). Ye fellow buccaneers were welcomed to join the band of swashbuckling renegades.

Gingin - The Gravity Discovery Center on Military Road in the Shire of Gingin, just north of Yanchep, celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day with a Pirate Feast including a surprise pirate menu, live entertainment and of course PIRATES!!!!!!!! "We’ll scrub the poopdeck and put on our best pirate manners. Hope you can join us for some pirate fun! Little pirates welcome. Unleash your inner Buccaneer." the organizers wrote

Hobart - "I'm planning on going to see Root! tomorrow night (Australia time) dressed as a pirate." - Cap'n Pete

Gold Coast, Queensland - "My sister and I have been celebrating our own personal ITLAPD for a few years now. We're stoked it falls on a Saturday this year, so we are having 2 parties at her house. The first will be a kid's party for her son and his cousins and friends (age range 2 yrs to 4 yrs old)- complete with a cake and treasure hunt/obstacle course and pirate kiddie's games. We'll send the kids off to grandma's and then the fun begins with the adults. She has just about bought out local party shops of all things piratey, and my costume is almost complete." -Peta-Anne

Melbourne - "TLAPD 2009 coincides with Spin in Public Day (not spin on bicycles but spinning yarrrrrn, yarrrrrn get it, it even sounds piratical). Since the weather is pretty good this time of year myself and the wenches from the Ravelry Rocketeers Stitch and Bitch group are going to take our spinning wheels, families, picnics etc to the park at the Arboretum on Dorset Road in Ferntree Gully and sing sea shanties and spin some darn good yarns (verbal and textile)". - Kathy T.

Melbourne - The So'Bar in Melbourne, Australia held TLAPD celebrations urging patrons to come along to talk, dress, and/or drink like a pirate!

Melbourne - Organizing via FaceBook, more than 150 pirates rallied at at the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne and parade through the streets, yarring and arring at anything that moved, spontaneous swordfights upon the green at the Botanic Gardens and general piratey goodness. Check out Neil Creek's photo, (And look at the rest of the terrific shots this professional photographer got of the Melbourne mob, too!)

Perth - "Once again the Crew of the good ship ‘Commission’ will join our pirate colleagues around the world in celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Our theme (once again) is Aye Aye for Eyes – an idea we initiated in Australia in 2007 to raise funds for the Fred Hollows Foundations (an international eye-care charity). Crew participate by purchasing an eye patch and Jolly Roger and by dressing and speaking – like a pirate. Piratical foods will be eaten, planks walked, devils paid and anti-scorbutics (lime juice) drunk." --Michael “Cat-o-Nine” Carroll, manager, Commonwealth State Relations and Funding Analysis Branch, Policy and Strategy Directorate, Disability Services Commission (Aftermath: "The crew celebrated by dressin' in their best pirate gear, eatin' pirate food and raisin' funds - $200 was raised and much hilarity was had by all." - Lisa H.

Sydney - The Pyrmont Bridge Hotel, 96 Union Street, Pyrmont celebratedits 139th birthday on TLAPD and pirate fun was planned.

Sydney - Sea-goin' pirates were invited to cruise Sydney Harbor with a mad band o' pirates aboard the 1912 square-rigger Svanen on Sept. 19, in a benefit for the Children's Cancer Institute. departing from Campbell Wharf, Campbell Cove, The Rocks. Tickets included a complementary drink , a fine lunch fit for an admiral along with prizes for the best-dressed pirates.

Sydney - The first (and hopefully annual) Ride Like A Pirate bicycle ride and treasure hunt departed Martin Place near George St outside the old GPO at noon sharp. Details on FaceBook.

Victoria - As they did last year, staff at the Mt. Buller Chalet resort restaurants in Victoria planned to dress - and talk - like pirates on Sept. 19, and invited guests to do the same.

Warrnambool - Need some pirate hats and eyepatches for your Talk Like A Pirate Day festivities? Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village was selling "Pirate Essentials Packs" with proceeds to go toward maintainingthe museum's historic tall ships collection. On Sept. 19, pirates get free admission to the museum if they talk like pirates at the gate - explore your pirate side and complete the Sea Chest Challange! All children who complete the challenge trail will get pirate booty.

New Zealand

Auckland - The MagnumMac 1st Annual "Pirates of the Waitemata!" regatta. Ol' Cap'n Prew, Beer Wench, the Happy Native, the Admirals Spoilt Daughter and Crew set sail tonight for a night of "Shivering our Timbers" and fine Ales. Meat will be distributed on the Poop Deck. -- Regards Black Heart Barratt

Christchurch - As a celebration of Talk Like A Pirate Day for all those who usually celebrate at work with colleagues, because it falls on a Saturday this year, Christchurch-based pirates were meeting near the Kate Sheppard Memorial at 12:00 noon on Sept. 19. Pirates were invited to wear a white camellia as a button hole. A number of women may be milling around who will want to know if you are real pirates. Practice your best "Argh, ah'll be amaking yer walk the plank, wench!"

Christchurch - "Here In New Brighton By The Sea, Christchurch, New Zealand The Natural Magic Pirate Ukulele Band will be gathering at New Brighton Pier, to play our pirate songs and perform with our Parrot and Crocodile and generally indulge in piratical rumbustifications! Shiver me timbers and Rattle me bones!" Lots Of Love from Captain Long John Knickers and the Natural Magic Pirate Crew

Hastings - First in with a TLAPD event report! The crew o' the good ship Hastings Library hoisted the jolly roger early on Friday. While those of us in the Western Hemisphere were gettin' ready for bed, they spent Sept. 18 usherin' in Talk Like A Pirate Day. Wrote Cap’n Hap’n, "The crew be dressed as their pirate selves and much scarin’ of landlubbers (library members) be a’happenin. School classes heard swashbucklin’ stories from our own Rory Krakenslayer, oh aye, he be a good teller of tales arrrggh. The crew have refrain’d from makin’ the scurvy landlubbers with overdue books walk the plank, but the day be long maties, and there be no tellin’ what might happ’n yet." See photos here.

Lyttleton is a famous port town close to Christchurch with a reputation for rum drinking scallywags and salty sea dogs. The Wunderbar, a local watering hole, was the site of a TLAPD party with 300 buccaneers expected. Read more.

Queenstown - The Remarrkables Ski Area in Queenstown, New Zealand be hosting a talk,dress and ski or snowboard like a pirate day this Saturday. We are expecting a few hundred Pirates and Wenches to attend. Weigh anchor and set sail to join me and all our scurvy crew as we slide down the mountain on one plank or two. - Captain Manuel Nucleation

Wellington - Local folk joined in with the worldwide Pirates for Parkinson's event on the 19th. Thirty people aged between 5 and 64 participated, and even before TLAPD they'd raised over $2000 for Parkinson’s New Zealand. Read more.

The Phillippines

Manila - We be the crew of Black Pearl Philippines, as vile and villainous a gang o' scoundrels and cutthroats that ever sailed the South China Sea and we be hopin' that ye would send out a metaphorical message in a bottle to us, yer brethren o' the Asian coasts. We plan to get dressed in our finest o' finery and sail our ships to a wretched hive of scum and villany, otherwise known as ye olde 'Big Sky Mind' tavern... our very own Captain Hank Sparrow be the bartender there an he sends many a salvo of rum and jello shots our way. ... while the shebang may not be a big as last year's we shall still be gathering to celebrate freedom and loot lovin' scallywags of the sea. Though our current motto be: 'Don't plunder, the gov't hates competition.' Those in pirate costume get a free rum coke and BPP members get jello shots while supplies last. So if ye be a BPP member and arrive in a costume then you get a shot and a cuba libre. Fancy that." Read more on FaceBook

The poles

McMurdo Station, Antarctica - "Here at McMurdo Station Store me mateys got fine badges for using their bonny pirate-parley skills while purchasing our finest grog, and the pirates took over the video selection. Unfortunately, they chose to screen Cutthroat Island! " - (Cap'n) Laura Omdahl, Retail Supervisor and Pirate of the Ross Sea, NANA Services, United States Antarctic Program

Parts unknown

"I'm a rabbi, and I've been challenged by a congregant to work pirate terminology into my Rosh Hashanah sermon. (For you goyim, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year 5770, falls on September 19th in 2009.) Picture this: "We ARRRR gathered here this morning....." - Motie

"i might just stay at home with my kids  and watch PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, all 3!!!! and have sum RUM truffle chocies!!!!" - Tess R.

" Thought I would send ye a bottle o' messages t' tell ye of me plan t' celaaarrrrrrrrrrrbrate me betrothal, this coming International Talk like a pirate Day. We have requested all hands on deck & ordered the scurvy dogs to show thar pride by following th' pirate dress code or to Davey Jone's locker with th lot of 'em. " - Ffyona

"Me and my friends are celebrating a little early, because since there's no school on saturday 19th, we will dress up as pirates at school on friday 18th. We're so going to be the only ones:) And of course we will talk like pirates." - Ania N.

"I be decorating my class room into a pirate ship and turning all my landlubber student into little fisty pirates!!! ARRRRR, if me students don't talk like a pirate well they have to WALK THE PLANK!!!!!" - Pirate Sealegs Landa.

"In January of this year, my fiancée and I chose September 19th 2009 as our wedding date. It wasn’t until months later that we realized the OTHER significance of that noble date. I was thrilled, since I’ve been enjoying TLAPD for years. The fiancée (Shirley) wasn’t especially pleased, but neither was she unhappy. So, while we don’t plan any piratical goings-on during the wedding ceremony itself, we’re sure that our fun loving guests will have lots of pirate fun during our reception (pass the grog!). This also means that I will NEVER forget the date of TLAPD again! Avast and finest regards," - Scribe Mad Eye

"We just heard about it. We my wife and I are going to invited a few friends over and have some captain morgan's parrot bay rum and coke while we play Pirate dice. we will probably make it into an annual event and build on it each year with more activities and decorations." - Darryl

"Ahoy thar! I be Savannah. Year af'er year I be dressin' as a pirate fer school. Fer 2009 we be doin' an event fer te 'ole school raisin' money fer Africa! Sellin' moustaches and eyepatches to te landlubbers :) 'Njoy TLAPD, mateys! We be holdin' our party fer te 18th." - Savannah

"I'll be video conferencing with me grandgobs on Saturday at three bells as Cap'n Gaba"

"Every year since I heard about Talk like a pirate day I've been celebrating it in one way er another. This year I decided that it was about time to one up meself. My birthday is the 23rd and since most of me family and crew work during the week I've always partied the weekend after. But this year I decided to change things up because National Talk Like A Pirate Day falls the weekend before my birthday. So I'm having a big birthday bash and who ever attends is required to talk like a pirate! If Not I'll make them walk the plank! (which will be interesting because people of all ages including my old grandma will be there)"-- Pirate Wench Brinker

"Yarrr me matey. Going to drink some grogg and find me a matey." -- First mate Connie

"My son and his fiance are getting married tomorrow. Guess what the theme of the reception is? There's even an inflatable 7' pirate. This could get out of hand. I am second-guessing my decision to have an open bar of top-shelf liquor along with a martini bar. Arrrrrrrrrrrrr." - Cap'n Joyce, soon t'be known as the Best Mother-in-Law Evarrrr

"Every year on Talk Like A Pirate Day, my parents and I put a pirate flag outside. September 19 is also my birthday, so we commonly have pirate-themed plates for the party. This year we couldn't find any good ones, but I'm Tweeting like a pirate for the day." - Alex K.

"planning on having a pirate birthday party with 18 7 yr olds" - Benoite

"Just wanted to let you know we're having a Pirate Day Pig Roast - all will be properly dressed, as will the house, and we'll have lots of grog and The Pig." - Kris

"don't know bout you but i'm dressin up as pirate corn...i put a doller bill in each ear...can you guess?...i'm a buchaneer...arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr matey. "("Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." ---- Dr. Seuss) " - LT

":Today is me birthday. We're headin' to the beach to hunt for buried treasure." Linda S.

"I'm an automotive journalist, and today I drove an Aston M-ARRRR-tin DBS." - Aaron

"I took the ship’s cat to the vet. Don’t sound like much, but the contrary lass committed MUTINY!!!!!! She hurled and she shat all over her cage and on the seat of my poor first mate’s conveyance. Needless to say, mates, we turned into galley slaves. WHAT A MESS!!!! Then after cleaning out the cage and having water spray all over the galley floor, we had to clean up a growling, howling, hissing ship’s cat. After all that, I listened to sea songs on my computer (how do you say computer in pirate? --- GIGGLE!)and called a friend who knows about TLAPD and TALKED LIKE A PIRATE, LADDIES!!!!!! Happy Belated TLAPD," -- Ship’s cook and Galley Slave, Christie Saunders