Talk Like A Pirate Day 2010

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Part Two: Geographically

Don't see an event listed fer your region? Check out the "pirate crews" page at No Quarter Given, where they list crews by region around the US and the world!

And check out our new Google map, pinpointing as many of these celebrations as we can on the glob!

Around the world, by region:

Events supportin' good causes


We didn't plan it this way, but hard on the heels of Talk Like A Pirate Day is World Maritime Day, Sept. 23, ushering in 2010 as the International Maritime Organization's Year Of the Seafarer. Writes Charles Hansen "I promote Talk Like A Pirate Day ... amonst my seafaring colleagues. It helps add a bit of fun to what we do. However, real Piracy is still an issue and a concern for a lot of seafarers." and asks us to help spread the word. No sooner said than done, mate.

North America



Taber - For the 4th year in a row, the Youth Ministry at St. Augustine & St. Joseph Roman Catholic Parish celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 15 by pillaging for a good cause. Youngsters were invited to dress up as pirates and then pillage the neighborhood for food donations for the local food bank. The event has grown to the point where the parish welcomed other churches and their youth ministries to join in this year; they expected 40-50 young pirates to show up for the event - not bad, in a prairie town of 8,000 souls! Participants gathered at 6 pm at St. Mary's School to set out on their adventure. Prizes were given for best costume, best pirate talk and the crew that collects the most booty - "When else in Christian youth ministry can you encourage youth to gather booty?" asks Cap'n Christy Storrs.

British Columbia

Vancouver - For International Talk Like A Pirate Day, you could try out your best pirate phrase and receive $1 off admission, make a pirate hat or duel with balloon swords. Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site, 12138 4th Richmond, Vancouver, Sept. 19, 10 am- 5 pm, $7.80/3.90

Vancouver - "i be talking like a pirate with my friends and family tomorrow in Vancouver , BC Canada. arrrrrggggghhhhhhh" - Simon


Ottawa - The 150th Ottawa Scout Troop kicked off the scout year with a Pirate Camp on t' 18th and 19th o' September! Cap'n Candice McBride promised pictures "if t'sprogs survive!"

Ottawa - How better to spend Talk Like A Pirate Day than sailin' on a real, live pirate ship with a crew o' scurvy dogs who talk like pirates every day? The Pirate Adventures crew aboard the 50-foot Grey Ghost offers family-friendly pirate cruises year 'round at Mooney's Bay. Check their Web site fer the scuttlebutt. Call ahead for reservations - they expected t'be busy on Sept. 19!

Prescott - Prescott celebrated its fourth annual Pirate Days with family fun, live music, dancing, magic and discounts from local merchants.

Rockton - Capt. John Swallow and QM Seika Hellbound appeared on ITLAPD at the Second Annual Telling Tales Festival (at Westfield Heritage Village in picturesque Rockton, Ontario - Canada)

New Brunswick

Dieppe - Crystal Palace Amusement Park celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day! Those who came dressed like a pirate received half off one-day admission bracelet. Staff were also dressed as pirate. Enjoy the Pirate Cove mini-golf course! Details on their Web site at (go here for the English version).

Nova Scotia

Hammonds Plains - "With September 19th falling on a Sunday I feel it’s my obligation to preach like a pirate that day, so I will appear on the platform in Pirate Garb and regal the crew with tales from the high seas as recorded in the Good Books and our Puppet troupe will perform the ever popular “We Are the Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything” - Denn Guptill, Lead Pastor, Cornerstone Wesleyan Church


Montreal - "The 19 O' September, I vows to speak like a pirate. I've press ganged some of me mates, to go to the harbour here, arrrgh." - Best from the free port O' Montreal, K. Daniel.

Montreal - The Magical Blend Occult Shop in Montreal has a little TLAPD fun every year; this year they did it up with panache. All staff will dress up as pirate-y as they can to greet clients. Clients who visited on the 19th and talk like a pirate with god free specialty blend incense that they make. Clients who arrived ALSO dressed like pirates were entered into a contest for a $25 gift certificate!



United States


Montgomery - First Annual Pirates Ball Cigar Smoker, Sunday, Sept. 19 from 3-7 pm at the Rock Bottom American pub, 2430 Eastern Blvd. (next to Sports Authority and Home Depot). Admission $20. Featuring: Cigar girls in pirate outfits (ARGhhhhhh.), drink specials for purchase Courtesy of Captain Morgan's via Jack Taylor, and Rock Bottom, food (included in the ticket price), live music, prize drawings every 15 minutes or so (prizes furnished by Havana Dreamin' and Captain Morgan's) and "two Cigars that would make any pirate proud furnished by the boys at Havana Dreamin'. Get your eyepatches, hooks and pirate garb ready. Its going to be party like a pirate time." - Cap'n Ben and the Double Sawbuck Cigar Club.


Anchorage - Pirates were urged to put on their pirate gear, polish up their lingo and hit the streets of downtown Anchorage Saturday night for the First Annual Start Pirate Pub Crawl. Starting at any participating pub to pick up a map; voyaging to all the pubs - and getting the map stamped - made crawlers eligible to win two free tickets anywhere Alaska Airlines flies! A portion of the night’s proceeds benefitted the Blood Bank of Alaska. The pub that donated the most booty was to win the Anchorage Pirate Flag and have the rights to fly this flag until the following year! More information on what sounds like a raucous event - including places to stay the night - at

Fairbanks - Fairbanks is throwing a weekend Pirate Festival, with events on Sept. 18 including Dirty Rascal Disc Golf and a Facebook Pirate Pub Raid (A full invasion of pirate-dressed and talking 21+ bar goers invading a local pub, which remain a mystery until the day) and Sept. 19 including The Great River Water Battle (Hordes of pirates and their vessels battling it out on the Chena River, starts at noon) and the costume The Scalawag Ball (costume-required, $20 per ticket, prize give aways, dancing, and fun at the Pioneer Park Dance Hall, 8pm-midnight). Check their FaceBook page for more details.


Phoenix - The land-locked pirates at Arizona Science Center were outfitted in pirate gear and talking in pirate on Sept. 19 - answering the phones, greeting guests, and performing their live demos. The trained Our trained pirate staff taught guests about nautical knot tying, how to use a compass, learn about navigation and latitude/longitude, younger guests made their own hats and eye patches, and other pirate themed activities! Any guest who came dressed in their pirate best or talked like a pirate to the admissions cashier got a $2 discount off general admission.

Phoenix - Westgate City Center hosted Talk Like a Pirate Day Sept. 18. The event was an adult-oriented funfest featuring a pirate parade, sword fights, danders, drummers and mermaids while “pirate wenches” sold drink coins for $2 each, redeemable at participating Westgate restaurants. In addition to making a fun day of shopping and eats, the event raised money for Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Tempe - The Arizona Browncoats and the Arizona Corsairs presented a sci-fi pirate-themed film festival noon to 7 p.m. Sept. 19 to mark Talk Like a Pirate Day — and to raise money for local and international charities. The event, “Can’t Stop the Space Pirates,” was sponsored by Bookmans Entertainment Exchange and hosted and sponsored by MADCAP Theaters in Tempe. Kicking off with local comedy-punk band Thunder Stump, the program consisted of a screening of the 1984 flick Ice Pirates, followed by swordfighting and belly dancing demonstrations by the Arizona Corsairs. Then, Joss Whedon’s loyal Browncoats presented the filmmaker’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and Serenity, part of the annual “Can’t Stop the Serenity” events held by fans of the short-lived Whedon TV series Firefly.

Tucson - in celebration of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, the Southern Arizona chapter of the American Parkinson's Disease Association teamed up with Northwest Medical Center to host a one-mile fun walk beginning at 8:30 a.m. Sunday. The "Walk Like a Pirate" event was on the campus of Northwest Medical Center, 6200 N. La Cholla Blvd. Cost was $5, or free for Parkinson's patients. People were encouraged to wear pirate garb. The gathering offered a chance for Parkinson's patients on the northwest side to meet each other, and highlighted support groups in the area. There was a raffle following the walk, with prizes donated by local merchants. Go to www.parkinsonspirates .com for more information.


Little Rock - Cap'n Gulley writes "For Neptune's sake, don't forget us in Little Rock. It's just a small gathering of wanna be pirates! Grog and bad enunciations! Arrg! My mission is to get everyone involved next year!"


Barstow - Hooz On 1st sports lounge (281 N. First St.) called all "pirates, steampunks, mermaids, savages and witch doctors (no ninjas allowed") to its over-21 Talk Like A Pirate Day party on Saturday, Sept. 18, with costumes "highly encouraged" and great prices on rum drinks all night long. Hosted by the Desert Dragoon.

Brea - The Realm Games & Comics in Brea is hosting a Warmachine/Horde gaming tournament on Talk Like A Pirate Day, starting at 11:00 a.m. Sunday, September 19th. $5.00 entry fee or $10.00 product purchase.

El Cajon - Yukon Don writes "We plan to have a party for my grandsons and nephews/nieces and local friends in Flinn Springs Park, El Cajon, Ca. We will dress up... all must have pirate names, have stories... games, clues, pirate maps, build pirate hats and eyepatches for crafts. Swordfights and a canonball toss. There will be a real hidden treasure near shipwwreck rock loaded with pirate cereal, toys, candy, and golden dabloons." Check out their video from last year's party.

Fontana - NASCAR pirates! The AutoClub Speedway in Fontana is celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day” every Tuesday this month. Buy a $35 Pepsi Rock n’ Rows ticket on any Tuesday in September and receive a free pirate eye patch and pirate hat. To take advantage of the Ticket Tuesday Offer call 800-944-RACE (7223), log on to or visit the Auto Club Speedway Ticket Office.

Livermore - "In honor of the upcoming “Talk Like a Pirate” day, I have made a batch of Sea Biscuits, which I am distributing to fellow employees of “Tri-Valley Haven for Women”, the non-profit that employs me. Only a few of our shelters’ staff will actually be working on TLAP-Day … So to get everyone in the mood, I will be distributing Sea Biscuits* to staff today (Sept. 14) and tomorrow. Whoo-Hooo! (er, ARGH-ARGH). - Paul Hoffman. * (* Sea Biscuits were made using an authentic recipe, and are the deluxe version. (Deluxe: Has not only Flour and Water, but SALT has been added too!). Triple baked to drive out all moisture. Unfortunately I had no casks in which to store it, so paper bags have had to suffice.)

Long Beach - The Long Beach Party Project is throwing its fifth annual Talk Like A Pirate Day Punk Rock Party on Sept. 19 at Clancy's, 803 E. Broadway. The party runs from 7 to 11 pm; admission is $3 for those dressed like pirates, $5 "and we make ye a pirate." Music by Battleflask, The Blob, FLB and the Disgustingtons.

Los Angeles - Naked Girls Reading (Los Angeles chapter) presents "SEA-FAIRE!" Five beautiful naked girls reading tales of High Sea Adventure and Davey Jones Locker below with readings from Robert Louis Stevenson, Alan Moore, Jules Verne, and many more. Sunday, September 19th, 2010 at The Underground Theatre Annex, 1308 N. Wilton Place, Hollywood. Doors at 7pm / Show at 7:30pm. Adults Only / 18 & Up - Tickets at Door: $20 / Online discount tickets from $18. Naked Girls Reading is a group of beautiful ladies who love to read...naked. That's really it. There's not a whole lot more to it. Should there be? )The Chicago chapter is also celebrating TLAPD...

Monterey - MY Museum, 425 Washington St. hosted an International Talk Like A Pirate Day treasure hunt for kids on Sunday. Costumed participants paraded through downtown Monterey and to a Pirate After-Party at the parking lot near the children's activity museum. The hunt started at 3 pm at MY Musem. ickets: All participants must be preregistered. Price of entry includedtreasure hunt, barbecue dinner and after-party concert.

Oakland - "We flapped arrrr gums and hoisted arrrrr grog hearties and wenches alike!" - Dr. Deah S.

Ojai - The Gold Coast Pirate Faire returned for another swashbuckling weekend Sept. 18-19 at Lake Casitas. One of the biggest pirate faires around, and a perennial favorite.

Poway -" I be Cap’n Woods aboard the MS Meadowbrook (Middle School)...leader of a young gang o’ pirate ruffians who bin practicin’ “Pirates! The Musical.” Our performance’ll be November 18, but we be talkin’ like Pirates ev’ry chance we gets. We even developed a secret Pirate handshake. I’ll be talkin’ t’ the Officers (parents) of me scurvy Choir Crew t’morrow night, an’ tellin’ ‘em ‘bout TLAPD. It’s me hopes that they’ll jump aboard and hoist a sail or two in support o’ the little ones."

Sacramento - The second annual Pirate Festival On the River falls a week after TLAPD, on Sept. 25-26 at Rio Ramaza Event Park on the Sacramento River. Live entertainment from Skip Henderson, the Black Irish Band, ZOOM and Sugar Boom Boom. Pirates, Gypsies, Vikings and other scoundrels welcome; there will be food and drink vendors, contests, games, sword fighting, live cannon battles and a kids' area. Free admission with a cash or canned food donation to the Sacramento Food Bank. More information and directions at

San Diego - San Diego Harbor Excursions were gearaed up for Talk Like A Pirate Day. On Sunday, Sept. 19, anyone who showed up dressed like a pirate got a FREE harbor cruise, with pirate-talk contests and prizes! Cruisers could enter to win a free brunch or dinner cruise for two, and enjoy the narrated harbor tour. Food and beverages available onboard (including rum!) See for the cruise schedule and directions.

San Francisco - "TLAPD 2010 celebration included food, drink, and
walking around Noe Valley Neighborhood talking like a pirate to let folks
know it was THE day! Beginning to plan next year's celebration. Our Noe Valley local party & costume shop (One Stop Party Shop) has all necessary pirate gear and adornments...and we told <<them>> about TLAPD so they will advertise 2011 TLAPD."
- Carole Roberts (La Reine des Corsaires)

San Jose - San Jose Bike Party invited cyclists to dress in costume and join in the fun for a (pre) Talk Like A Pirate Day ride - and treasure hunt - on Sept. 17.

San Rafael - The Marin Shakespeare Company is staging a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed version of The Taming of the Shrew this season, with performance dates (July 16-Sept. 26) neatly coinciding with International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Ventura - In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day Ventura Harbor Village (celebrating a day early on Sept. 18) sponsored family activities including children’s workshops, storytelling, photos with pirates and more. Kids in costume received a gift.


Golden - The Whole Foods store at 14357 W. Colfax Ave.celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 19 with costumes, promotions and prizes. Shoppers dressed like a pirate and could enter to win a gift basket; vote for your favorite Team Member costume and the winner will receive a gift card to the store!

Colorado Springs - "I be celebratin’ every ITLAPD, ‘cause it be me birthday…and me scalawag of a brother too (3 years behind me). So me mateys will toast with grog and a good time for me 45th." - WenchErika 

Debeque - The third graders in Susie Galloway's classroom have been getting ready for TLAPD all year. Writes their teacher: "I think pirates need to start early ... so I begin the 3rd grade school year reading Treasure Island, work into hats, eye patches, scars... and by Talk Like a Pirate Day, my third graders are good to go with their own songs, they get to wear their attire all day, and pretty much talk like a pirate for the rest of the year I love the fact that they are full on into it for months, but they LOVE that the whole world is into it on that very day."

Denver - Fans of the Buccaneer Bash flocked to BrethrenCon, Denver's first-ever pirate convention, on Sept. 18. Sponsored by the Sunken Bones Society and open to all. $1 of every ticket sold will be donated to Gulf of Mexico environmental restoration. Among those onboard fer the adventure: Author Marti Melville, who writes "I be joinin' to sell me book, a novel o' th' Caribbean pirate, Captain John Phillips who commandeered th' good ship Revenge from 1721-1723. He be a bad one, he be! An' his story be told in me novel, Midnight Omen Déjà vu."

Denver - Potcheen, Colorado’s Celtic Pirate Rock Band has an annual ball in honor of this momentous holiday. This year the event be taking place in the famous Colorado Cabaret known as Lannie’s Clocktower at 1601 Arapahoe St. in Downtown Denver. There will be costumes galore and contests for the best pirate ensembles of every designation.Potcheen ( will deliver their rapid fire high energy shows of drinking, rebel and piracy songs that will get everyone up and dancing. In between sets will be performances by Burlesque and Aerialists from Burlesque as it Was. Show starts at 7pm. Tickets available at


Bridgeport - Pirates for Prevention sponsored their 1st annual fundraiser “Pirate Fest” on Saturday, September 18 at Captain’s Cove Seaport in Bridgeport, CTwith a day of fun for the entire family right on Long Island Sound. Activities from included music (includin' the singin' of BlackHearted Jenny Barrows, aka Thyme Away, who first tipped us off to this fest), swashbuckling sword battles, magic, great food and drink, games, merchants, face painting, Walk The Plank, contests, raffles, and a Treasure Hunt! Pirates For Prevention, Inc. is a nonprofit foundation whose mission is to financially assist nonprofit groups in furthering their charitable programs. Captain's Cove Seaport is located at 1 Bostwick Avenue, Bridgeport, CT. For more info go to

East Hartford - In Harmony Productions presented "Swashbuckler,..A Parody Pirate Adventure" on Sunday 9/19/10 at The Marco Polo Restaurant in East Hartford, CT. The show is an interactive, original musical comedy. The dinner & show tickets are $35.00 and reservations can be made by calling 860-289-2704. Check out their FaceBook page for more information.

Simsbury - We be setting sales 'n booty fer the day at Ravenswood Natural Health, 1606 Hopmeadow Street . Drop anchor & come talk like a pirate for discounts, raffles, and more. 9:30 - 5:30 on Boxing Pirate Day (Sept. 20) (shop be closed tight on the Sabbath, an' pirates be not the most holy, eh?) - Sara T.


District of Columbia

At Duffy's Irish Pub, anyone who orders a Jameson like a pirate on the 19th gets their first shot free. Or so NBC Washington reports...


Arcadia - "ARRRRRR,,,We Plan to do some River-Sharkin and set sail up the briny-deep of the Peace River and spread the word,,,,,Pirate Style !!!!!! ARRRRRR "

Cape Coral - "There is nothing going on here for International Talk Like a Pirate Day. So, my husband and I decided to be impulsive and ask a few people to join us in pirate costume (or not) at the Nauti Mermaid at Tarpon Point Marina; Cape Coral, Florida. It is a nice, outside restaurant in a relaxed atmosphere with some live music (around 6) ;>) Hopefully, we will start a tradition with this! I posted on the Nauti Mermaid Marker 92 FB page for people not to be alarmed if they see a bunch of pirates, and of course, to grab an eye patch an to join us in the party!" - Nadine

Canton - Sequoyah Library in Canton has taken Talk Like A Pirate Day to a whole new level. Watch their YouTube Video to see how.

Fernandina - The Fernandina Pirates celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day with their famous Pirate School for kids. Once schooled in pirating, they went on a treasure hunt. 2-5 pm Sunday at the pocket park next to Amelia Island Coffee and Ice Cream at 207 Centre St.

Juno Beach - The Loggerhead Marine Life Center invited all young buccaneers and wee pirates to a day of swashbuckling fun on Sunday, Sept. 19 for the Center’s annual Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day. Guests were greeted and entertained by Pirates of the Treasure Coast. Don’t miss Blackbeard’s Pirate Ship on display, a scaled down replica pirate ship, complete with smoking cannons, realistic sound effects and a crew of professional pirate performers. More at the Center's Web site.

New Myrna Beach - "I'm planning to walk up and down new symrna beach with a bunch of
guys... Pretending to be shipwrecked pirates."
- Obready

Orlando - Pirate's Dinner Adventure is celebrating the day by offering special admission pricing for the entire month of September at the dinner theater located just off International Drive in Orlando. If you haven't been yet, this a great interactive show for the whole family - filled with swashbuckling pirates, daring stunts, sward fighting and of course a damsel in distress. In addition to the reduced price, the crew at Pirate's Dinner Adventure will be celebrating the holiday on September 19th, with a "Talk Like a Pirate Day" Buccaneer Bash for guests attending the show that evening.

Orlando - Junior buccaneers learned how to talk like pirates and met up with some of 'em Sept. 16-19 at the Orlando Science Center, where they found craft, games, science-y lessons related to pirate lore (black powder! stage combat! what could be more fun?) On hand to meet (and perhaps recruit?) young pirates were rogues and scalawags from Arrr, Ink, Brothers of the Coast, Pirate Cove Adventure Golf, Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise, Dinner Adventure Theatre, Pyrates of the Coast and Searle’s Buccaneers. More information here.

Sanford - Pirates of the San Juans invadeed historic downtown Sanford on Sept. 17 to kick off a three-day weekend of pirate adventures for the whole family. Along with shopping and dining, they're throwing costume contests, a waterfront Pirate Parade and all manner of piratical fun. See their Web site for details!

Stuart - The weekend of Sept. 11-12 marked the Third Annual Treasure Coast Pirate Fest in Stuart, on the famed eastern coast of Florida, known for the many pirates who sailed up and down the coast in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Tampa - Gaspar's Grotto, 1805 E Seventh Ybor City, kicked off and entire week of International Talk Like A Pirate Day activities with a brunch featuring fun from Ketel One (10:30 a.m.-3 p.m.), a dinner concert with live music by Eagles tribute band Alter Eagles (5:30-7 p.m.) and a cocktail concert by the Alter Eagles with drink specials and samples by Captain Morgan (8-10 p.m.). Make sure to pull together a pirate costume and practice that "Argh!" It's a pirate themed costume party with prizes for best costumes. Price: $20 with dinner; $10 without dinner. Read more here.


Atlanta - Atlantans could celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day on Saturday, Sept. 18 at Castaways, Atlanta's only pirate-themed bar and grill (3140 Moreland Ave), with Half Blacklit Shack rocking into TLAPD, with special opening guest Chloe's House. 'Pirate grog' drink specials to be announced! Come drink ye grog and talk like a Pirate or we'll plunder yer booty!! More on FaceBook.

Atlanta - Theatre in the Square’s Theatre for Youth production for the 2010-11 season, How I Became a Pirate, (based on the award-winning, best selling children’s book by the same title written by Melinda Young and illustrated by David Shannon) , opened Tuesday, September 14, at 10 a.m. on the Alley Stage. On Sept. 19, the theater invited families to bring their little pirates to the theater for pre-show pirate fun at 1:30 (performance at 2:30). Tickets are $8 for kids and $12 for adults. Activities included making pirate hats, a pirate tattoo parlor and more! More at

Atlanta - Kids 12 and under will be admitted free at the Georgia Aquarium Sept. 24-Sept. 26 if they come dressed in their favorite pirate costumes. It’s in honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day (a week late, but who are we to quibble with a good parrrty). Lads and lasses can join in on all sorts of arrrgh-some activities including arts & crafts with pirate hats and eye patches, a navigation station, a walk the plank dive show and more!

Decatur - The Official PiratePalooza PubCrawl took place on Sept. 18 from 1-6 pm, launching from Twain's Billiards and tap and rambling from pub to pub before setting anchor at the James Joyce Irish Pub for a PubSing featuring Men of Melody, The Tenpenny Travelers, The Lost Boys, Wine Woman and Song. More details here. No charge, but not fer the lily-livered; as Cap'n Drew puts it "This event is held dear by pirates what have dirt under their nails (dirt covering blood covering grime covering you-don’t-want-to-know). These are hard people. Fierce people. Terrible people. You’d best turn tail back to your fancy houses and watch another episode of Gray’s Anatomy, you nancies."

Savannah - The Pirates’ House Restaurant, 20 E.Broad St., celebrated TLAPD with 10% off meals for everyone who talked like a Pirate and 20% off meals for those who dress and talk like Pirates. Activities for the Little Pirates included a Treasure Hunt, Games & Face-painting. Evening included Pirate Trivia. Prizes were given out throughout the day and night.

Tifton - September 18 was Talk Like a Pirate Day at the Tifton-Tift County Public Library! Kids of all ages were invited to partake of pirate vittles and listen to pirate tales. The TTCPL Puppet Troup again presented their an abridged version of Pirates of Penzance! Your favorite tunes rendered by people who can actually sing!

Warner Robins - "As the day of days fell on a Sunday, a small but dedicated band of pirates dedicated to the cause and to the code met at Shannon’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant in Warner Robins, GA on Friday, September 17th. Those pictured all work on Robins AFB, GA, and share a love of good food, good fellowship, and watching our captives walk the plank! BTW, we have been celebrating TLAP Day here since 2004!" Check out the photo!


Oahu - "Come party with us on Oahu, Hawaii, leaving on a ship from the Ala Wai canal to head out to a deserted island. We gonna drink like pirates, sail like pirates, party like pirates, and TALK LIKE PIRATES". - Elyse P.



Arlington Heights - Avast ye scurvy dogs! Plunder for the Cure is a fun-filled pirate event to to benefit th' MS Society. Be ready fer a great nightfall includin' music, entertainment, grub, grog, raffle, games, scurvy pirate costume contest, photos, raffle 'n silent auction all to the whole family's likin'. A fun-filled pirate-themed fundraiser to benefit the National MS Society – Greater IL Chapter. Live music, entertainment, food, drinks, gourmet desert, raffle, games, pirate costume contest, quick takes photo booth, raffle and silent auction all in a family-friendly environment. Don yer best pirate gear and join in the pirate costume. Saturday, Sept. 18,l 6-10 pm at The Wellington of Arlington, 2121 S. Arlington Heights Rd. Tickets: Adults $35 in advance/$40 at the door; kids $15. Check out some photos from last year's event! And Author Andrea Jones is puttin' up a copy of her award-winning novel, Hook & Jill, for auction to benefit the cause.

Chicago - Things that make Cap'n Slappy wish he could be two places at once: In celebration of “National Talk Like a Pirate Day”, the Naked Girls of Chicago (a burlesque troupe with a lit'rary bent) held their first ever “Read Naked Like a Pirate Girl” on Sept 10 at Studio L'amour. Join Davy Jones’ Lookers as they embarked on seafaring tales and expose their treasure chests. Featuring the 2010 winner of “So You Wanna Be a Naked Girl?” – Ray Ray Sunshine! (The Los Angeles chapter ialso celebrated...)

Chicago - The members of the Yahoo Group "chicagoshanties" held having a special "Sing Like a Pirate" sea shanty sing-along at the Chicago Maritime Society Resource Center on September 19th from 3pm to 6pm. Read more on their FaceBook page.

Chicago - "We had a great celebration of International Talk Like a Pirate Day aboard the Evergreen Maiden. (Me apartment) Complete with rum, grog, and treasure hunting!" - -Jim (Captain No-beard). Photo here.

Chicago Heights - The South Suburban Humane Society celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day on Sunday, September 19 with an adoption event called Find Yer Matey Day! Anyone coming into the shelter on that day to find their matey, dressed as, or talking like a pirate can get 50% off the adoption fee of any animal they want. They're using an on-line name generator to rename all the animals for the day, too! The event was part of the We are a part of the ASPCA's 100K Challenge, and the shelter is determined to find homes for almost 900 animals during August, September, and October.

Galesburg - The Discovery Depot celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 19 with pirate-themed activities, crafts and more. .


Elletsville - Seen on the outdoor sign of Long John Silver’s in Ellettsville, Indiana, Sept. 19, 2010: Aaarrr! Talk Like a Pirate Day! Free fish!! - Pirate Judy

Terre Haute - Dragonspire, a chapter of the Dagorhir live-action medieval combat/role-playing group, observed TLAPD with pirate-themed combat at their regular Sunday battle practice on Sept. 19.

Indianapolis - Arrrr. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day on Sept. 18 from 10 am to 3 pm.. Junior swashbucklers learned to speak like a pirate and enjoyed special activities highlighting swashbucklin’ pirates o’ old.

Indianapolis - Each year The Indianapolis Womens’ Chorus celebrates TLAPD on the Sunday closest to the actual date (they rehearse on Sundays). Writes Cap'n Bloody Rose o' the Wandering Strumpet, "This year we arrrr bustin arrrr buttons we’re so happy that the date falls ON a Sunday! Since I am in charrrrge this year, I thought we’d really do it up/ and this year we are having a pitchin and limerick contest (inspired by your FB page)"


Des Moines - The Des Moines Renaissance Faire celebrated TLADP 2010 with "Pirates, Persians and Buccaneers" on Sept. 18-19.


"The Weeks Family in Kansas & the Smith Family in North Dakota will be celebrating TLAP Day!" United in Pirattitude, James "Hook" Smith ;-)

Pittsburgh - Ms. Tims 4th graders at Lakeside Elementary School don't just get to be pirates in September - they do it all year long. And got some great newspaper coverage out of it on Friday.

Warnego - The Pirates of OZ celebrated out in the ocean o' amber waves o' grain (and home o' the OZ Museum!), stirrin' things up on Saturday with a Talk Like A Pirate Day presentation at the local library and then partyin' on the 19th, accordin' to Cap'n Bloody Ed Bushwhack. Arrrrrrrr! Here be a photo o' Cap'n Bushwhack.

Wichita - "TLAPD Is alive in Kansas! I heard about TLAPD on NPR several years ago and have celebrated in my own small way...annoying friends and family each Sept. 19th with me pirate ways. As of last night (Sept 16th) my book club friends now know about TLAPD. (Now they have time to pass the word!) Victuals were served in pirate hats, with lots of gold coins and jewels layin' about to tempt the beauties ( no scurvy dogs in this group...yet) ...and Grog a'plenty! What a hoot! Gotta think of something to do on Sunday. Where o where can I find a pub to invade??? And pirates to join me??? Hmmmm... " - Cap'n Linda K.


Louisville - All three locations of the Bluegrass Brewing Company in Louisville KY will be celebrating TLAPD on both Saturday September 18 and Sunday September 19, 2010. Saturday's festivities will run from 4:00 PM to Midnight. Sunday's parrrty will run from 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Grog specials include Rum Runners, Planter's Punch, Pusser's Painkillers, Hornswaggle Ale and more will be available at the barrrrrr!
Pirate attire is encourage and authentic pirate food specials arrrr on the menu! More information at and on FaceBook.

Louisville - Tango dancers gathered at Blair's Ballroom, 9321 New Lagrange Road on Sept. 18 for a Talk Like A Pirate Day Milonga.

Paducah - "My wife and I host what we call Big Screen Outdoor Movie Night. We have a 10X20 movie screen on the side of our garage and use a digital projector and sound system to show movies to our friends and anyone they drag along with them. We provide hot dogs and and popcorn and our friends bring other snacks and lawn chairs. People throw popcorn at the bad guys and cheer the good guys. It is great fun. This year we are celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day on Saturday night, the 18th, by showing Captain Blood and one other pirate movie (we haven't decided which one). We are not prepared this year to invite the world, but maybe in the future!" - Cap'n Kelly


Baton Rouge - The Louisiana School for the Deaf celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day for the fifth straight year.

Baton Rouge - Our Webwench, Jezebel, hears tell that her mates at Louisiana Sea Grant down at LSU were again up to their TLAPD hijinks on Friday - and they've already posted pictures.

St. Francisville - The Calhoun family chose Talk Like A Pirate Day to launch a new foundation for bone pain research. Their first official event was a half-marathon on Sept. 19. Read more ...


Old Town - The Old Town Public Library celebrated its 3rd annual Talk Like a Pirate Day. All the pirates gathered at the lower entrance to the mighty ship "Library" at 2:00 p.m. Sunday, to line up for a Pirate Parade around the block (the whole neighborhood was trembling). The scallywags then rush the port side of the Library for a performance of Pirates Don't Change Diapers!!! Little Bonney Anne made those pirates quiver with fear!!. All pirates joined in for a rousing rendition of "I'm a pirate, that I be" (by our own Cap'n Slappy). Therewere plenty of pirate stories, riddles, and songs before a snack worthy of pirates to sustain the maties. No pirate left the mighty ship LIbrary without a share of pirate booty to tide them over until next year. "This has been one of our most successful programs and it certainly is one of the most fun ones, for pirates of all ages". - Cap'n Cindy Seger, children's librarian


Annapolis -The Schooner Woodwind offered a Talk Like a Pirate Dinner Cruise. The pirate-themed, 2 1/2-hour cruise on the bay includes dinner, a three-drink voucher and nonalcoholic beverages for $99 per person. It departs the docks at the Marriott at 5:30 p.m., ensuring you'll be out on the Bay for a perfect sunset cruise - a great way to end a weekend of pirattitude. Visit or call 410-263-7837 for more information.

Baltimore - Saturday was the annual Pyrates, Pigs & Pints Bacon & Beer Fest at Clipper City Brewery in Baltimore, where participants could sample over ten kinds of bacon from around the world and dishes made with bacon from area restaurants. There will be 12 Heavy Seas taps plus firkins, live music, and a contest for the best dressed pirate. What better way to prepare for Talk Like a Pirate Day? (Sadly, this year’s event was sold out, but mark your calendars for this time next year.)

Baltimore - At The Maryland School for the Blind, elementary school teacher Adam Stone celebrated last year by having his class dress up like pirates and they terrorized the entire school with their pirate ways and pirate brogue. This year, music teacher Nancy Lindsay planned to add to the mayhem by teaching pirate and sea faring songs during the week of September 19th to all elementary school students and to teach middle and high school about pirate folk music and culture. She also planned to dress up like a pirate wench (no cleavage of course, it is a school) on the 19th and encouraged all students to do so as well.

Elkridge - The Elkridge branch of the Howard County Library ("Yer books be overdue matey, pay the fine or walk the plank!"), 6540 Washington BoulevaRRRd, celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day starting at 2 pm Sunday, Sept. 19with pirate arrrght, games, and stay for a showing of Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (rated PG-13).

Williamsport - Pirate’s Plunder to Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Sunday September 19th - noon to 8:00pm at Conococheague Street, Town Center, Williamsport. Put your Pirate on! To celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day, the Town of Williamsport was overrun by pirates! Conococheague Street closed down as pirates took over the Town. To satisfy their needs, there wasmusic, food, family fun and treasure. Dancing to Paint the Sky, May Weather and The Rhythm Kings. Grab a bite at Mayor Jimmy’s buffet. For little pirates, treasure hunts, face painting, pirate bounce and more! Older pirates can enjoy music, food, pirate contests and a chance at winning treasure! Prizes for the best dressed pirate, best pirate talk and more! The event wass sponsored by Antietam Cable and other businesses and all proceeds go to the revitalization of Williamsport’s historic Town Center.


Boston - Librarians at the John J. Burns Library at Boston College put together a marrrrvelous gallery of "Pirate Treasures" for Talk Like A Pirate Day - books published between 1608 and 2009, most housed in their Williams Collection of more than 16,000 books and manuscripts, almost 100 of which are about pirates. See the gallery on Flickr.

Burlington - The Burlington Public Library is supporting Talk Like A Pirate Day with a table of special pirate-related books for young readers.

Plymouth - Onnce again, Bostons of Plymouth (21 South Park Ave) celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day. with live music, drink specials, prizes, and give aways sponsored by Cruzan Rum - a party not to be missed. ARRRRRRRR!

Plymouth - The Official East Coast Pirate Crew ITLAPD Pub Crawl to benefit Sgt Dana Morrison of the Massachusetts National Guard, recovering from injuries suffered in a roadside bomb attack in Iraq, took place Sept. 19. The crew raised $1205 from partying pirates. Photo here.

North Truro - The crew of the Whydah Pirate Museum threw a Greybeard's Pirate Party in celebration of International Talk Like A Pirate Day Saturday night at the Horizons Beach Resort (North Truro, Cape Cod); a piratical bonfire is scheduled for Sunday night on the resort's beach. Check out the photo.

Worcester - The Higgins Armory Museum 100 Barber Ave., celebrated ITLAPD with workshops and fun, pirate-related info sessions at the Higgins all day long: Included a Make Your Own Pirate Flag workshop, Swashbuckling 101, The True Meaning of "Aaaarrr…" and more. Most were free with museum admission. See their Web site for more.


Holly - The Michigan Renaissance Faire celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day with a High Seas Adventure weekend Sept. 18-19, featuring the 3rd annual Buccaneer Barbeque Competition. Novelist Andrea Jones was on hand signing copies of "Hook and Jill," her new grownup reimagining of the Peter Pan tale.


Duluth - Cap'n Jim writes: "ahoy ther me webwench, after hosting a tall ship festival in Aug Duluth welcomes pirates of all shapes sizes and gender, come hoist a mug of grog or mead at any of the fine tavens (oh be sensiable in the seedy water front establishment - be best served.)
Watch the Vikings of the purpule hue snag harpoon and net the fish headed brethren of a southern sea. Alas last year they be kin to Jimmy Buffett himself. Dolphins tey be. So be thar Sep 19 at the time of the midday sun for the fish fry..."



Parkville - Park University’s Parkville Campus kicked off International Talk Like A Pirate Week ("we have too much pirattitude for just one day") with a Park Pirate Family Fun Night on the university's "front lawn" from 5:30 to 7:30 pm Thursday, Sept. 16. Wear your pirate garb, brush up on yer pirate talk and join in the fun, including a pirate ship obstacle course, pirate caricatures and face painting, a treasure hunt, swordfights (with foam swords) and photos with "Sir George," Park University's pirate mascot. More information here. (And check out this excellent video on the values of pirattitude by Park University sociologist Kevin Payne, Ph.D.) Check out the photos of Thursday night's events, and a few Flip videos here.

St. Louis - The annual St. Louis Pirate Festival straddles Talk Like A Pirate Day this year, running from Sept. 11-26 at Rotary Park, Wentzville, 45 Minutes from downtown St. Louis. Entertaiment includes 3 Pints Gone, Swords and Roses, The Scallywags and lessons in piratry from Capt. Thom Bedlam.


Libby - Keith Meyers of KJRZ 105.3 radio reports " Well, the weather man is going to do his thing, as a pirate, and I will be Djing, as a pirate. Since I have played "Long John" in several pirate plays, and the "Ugly Priincess" in yet another Pirate Play, I suspect I will be able to do 'er just fine."

Missoula - The Missoula Public Library has set up an “All Things Piratey!” book display in honor of TLPD 2010.


Omaha - Better late than never: It's not on the 19th but there is a Pirate Cruise on Friday 9/24. The cruise, aboard the River City Star, leaves from Omaha at 7:00 pm. The Pirates of Tortuga are the scheduled entertainment, along with Sailor Jerry Rum with the Sailor Jerry Girls, a DJ provided by Spot Light Entertainment. Cash bar and doncession; p Pirate or period attire highly recommended Tickets - $20.00 per person; 21 and older only. Read more here.


Las Vegas - Once again, The Las Vegas Blues Society hosted the premier Talk Like a Pirate Blues Jam to benefit Operation Wounded Warrior. Saturday, September 18 at King Tut’s – Charleston at Jones. Featured band – The Shakers. Hosted by Monk. This was the LVBS's third year talking like pirates to benefit Vets!

Las Vegas - For the second year running, the Las Vegas Wargamers tabletop games threw a Talk Like A Pirate Day gaming event, with all players encouraged to dress up as pirates. For more information see Noon-6 pm on Sept. 17 at the Little Shop of Maginc, Durango & Fleming. Free admission, open to all wargamers with 3-15 pirate miniatures. Check out the photos of this year and last.

New Hampshire

Loon Mountain -" I plan to talk like a Pirate all day at the New Hampshire Scottish Highland games. Those men in kilts who are so sexy to begin with ….well, some of them. Need me and Pirate talk to loosen them up. I also plan on unloading a school bus full of pirate talking kids into school Friday. It is my yearly teacher payback as a bus driver!" -- Cap'n Teri

Manchester - Visitors to Van Otis Chocolates received a free chocolate gold coin – no purchase required – if they walked into the store on Sept. 19 and ask for the coin in a pirate voice. It's part of the chocolate company's 75th anniversary celebration., The 75 Days of Chocolate.

New Jersey

Cape May - Children 18 months to 5 years old were invited to a pirate story time on Friday, Sept. 17 at the main branch of the Cape May County Library, 30 Mechanic St., in Cape May Court House. Stories about pirates, sing sea shanties, participate in a treasure hunt and make a pirate craft. All ages were encouraged to come dressed in their best pirate attire. For additional information visit

Clifton - In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, the Teen Department of the Clifton Public Library will hold a pirate-themed celebration. "Pirates" from ages 10 to 16 are invited to attend on Sept. 21 from 4 to 5 p.m. in the teen area of the Main Memorial Library. The teens will decorate pirate shaped cookies and play pirate themed games, with a chance to win some pirate booty. Registration is not needed. For more information, call 973-772-5500 or visit

Fairfield - "Hi This is our first yeah celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate day. We spent the day boating on the Hackensack and Passaic rivers in beautiful NJ and of course we talked like pirates arrrrrr." - Colleen and Frank V.

Highland Park - Oneiroi Productions invited fans to a Talk Like a Pirate Day picnic at Donaldson Park in Highland Park, NJ (right near Rutgers University) from 2-7 pm Sunday afternoon. Matt DeBlass performed shanties and traditional Irish drinking songs. More details at their blog.

Point Pleasant Beach - Ahoy! Jenkinson's Aquarium celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day with arts and crafts, sing a longs, and real pirate weapons on display. The staff of Jenkinson's Aquarium would like to remind everyone that all of our Talk Like a Pirate Day activities are all free with general admission! Jenkinson's Aquarium is located right on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach N.J. For more information, visit

Rockaway -- The Exchange restaurant held its Talk Like A Pirate Day party on Friday the 17th, hosted by NY radio station Kiss FM with prizes for best Pirate costume, pirate givaways, drink specials and tons more !

New Mexico

High Rolls - Better late than never! " Our celebration was a bit late this year, do to scheduling, but we had fun - this is at a library in southern New Mexico." Check out their blog for great photos of the teen-build pirate ships and weaponry!

New York

Baldwinsville - Pirates of CHAOS and the Baldwinsville Public Library, 33 East Genesee Street celebrated TLAPD on the 19th. Gentle, literary pirates from the crew of (our ol' mate) Mimi Foxmorton's Pirates of CHAOS Productionswere onboard as the official Baldwinsville Library BOOKANEERS (We've Got LIBRARY CARRR-DS! And we know how to use them!") Adventures abounded as Cap'n Mimi and crew learned the importance of reading and how to discover the treasures buried in your library. For more information about the Pirates of CHAOS, visit their Myspace page.

New York - On Sept. 19, writer Terese Svoboda read from her novel Pirate Talk or Mermalade at the Hudson Valley Writers Center in Sleepy Hollow at 4 p.m, and at 7 pm at Bluestockings, 172 Allen St,. NYC.

New York - Looking for places to party like pirates on Sept. 19? Try these pirate-themed food & drink establishments. We don't know what they're plannin', but pirates would fit right in at Wicked Willy's, 149 Bleecker Street, and Iggy's Keltic Lounge, 132 Ludlow Street.

Rochester - Aargh, matey! Landlubbers were encouraged to sail over to Strong National Museum of Play, 1 Manhattan Square, this weekend for some swashbuckling adventures during "Talk Like A Pirate Weekend." Activities included: Gary the Happy Pirate: Rochester's singing buccaneer performs. Improvisational Interactive Storytelling, and a treasure hunt, along with cardboard artistry, and pirate puppets. Participants were invited to bring a new, unwrapped toy to Strong National Museum of Play to donate to the Pirate Toy Fund, founded by Gary the Happy Pirate in 1996 to provide toys year-round to children in need.

Saint James - "Again it be the day o joyus ravagin and Plunderin & Wenchin &Such caryins-ons. Thanky Kindly for landing this deboucherous day upon us. I have thee know thats All o Smithtown High School East be celebratin it on Monday, startin at 9 bells. Finally they be learnin somethin o yuse." - Christopher M.

Cheerrs to the lot o yues

The Scally wags of Drownd Meadow Upon Devils Belt

North Carolina

Kitty Hawk - The Outer Banks Pirate Festival, Sept. 16-19, included a free outdoor showing of Pirates of the Caribbean and a chance to "walk the plank into a vat of Jello at the Pamlico Jack's Jello Jump."

North Dakota

Finally, signs that pirattitude is alive on the Great Plains: "The Weeks Family in Kansas & the Smith Family in North Dakota will be celebrating TLAP Day!" United in Pirattitude, James "Hook" Smith ;-)


Columbus - "Talk Like a Pirate Day (Weekend!) on the Santa Maria, Columbus, Ohio -- Sept. 18-19 -- a full-size replica of Columbus's flagship (being pirates, we "borrow" it now and then). We'll have 30 to 40 pirate reenactors on hand all weekend, battles on the water, sea shanteys on Sunday and fun for the whole family." -- Jenny G. (More information on FaceBook .) (Check out a photo from the Mercury crew)

Mount Vernon - Noreen reports: "The party in Mount Vernon Ohio was a blast.. thank ye for
inventing such a day."

North Ridgeville - Join Captain Peril to search for treasure using clues that scallywags will find throughout the North Ridgeville Branch Library. The free International Talk Like A Pirate Day program was Saturday at the North Ridgeville Branch Library, 35700 Bainbridge Road, North Ridgeville.

Portsmouth - The Shawnee Computer Users Group (club) @ Shawnee State University planned their 2nd annual Pirate Day (in honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day), and Team Pirate declared it the Official 2010 Talk Like A Pirate Day event for Portsmouth. Hope ye had a grand time, mates!

Vandalia - "I am an Fitness instructor at Vandalia Recreation Center, Vandalia, Ohio and always plan Talk Like A Pirate Day activities for my group fitness classes. This year we will have a Pirate Music Themed Spinning® Class and a “Walk the Plank” Total Body Workout Class! I make eye patches and hats for all my participants!" - Cap'n Becky


Norman - The Norman Unitarian Universalist congregation, 1309 W. Boyd, celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 19 with a kids' treasurehunt and spaghetti feed, starting at 12:30 pm. Zany characters helped kids figure out the clues to find the hidden treasure. Each young buccaneer got a pirate hat and inflatable sword. $5 per person admission included spaghetti lunch for kids and parents and treasure hunt for the kids.


Albany - In the town that gave birth to International Talk Like A Pirate Day, Jezebel the Webwench celebrated in the traditional manner: Sittin' at the computer an' tryin' to keep up with the parrrty reports. She will, however, be wearin' her arrrrsome pirate hat. And hoistin' a Dead Guy Ale or two. Shoot the Webwench a message in a bottle t'let her know how yer own parrrty went!

Corvallis - "Me birthday is Sept 19, so I plan to sit in any chair that I want to." - Bum Willy

Eugene - "Although it's not exactly on ITLAPD (for which I'll be in Portland ), I'm having a pirates vs. ninjas birthday party on the 25th of September! It will be at McShane's Bar & Grill in Eugene (7pm-ish), and it is my hopes that people will be dressed in costume... I know I will be! Instead of presents, I'm accepting donations to help Mapleton Elementary School, a little back-woods school that can use any sort of help it can get! Anyway... that's my party! I hope you have a great ITLAPD! :)" - Aimee C.

Portland - The annual Portland Pirate Festival, one of the Pacific Northwest's finest pirate bashes, ranSeptember 18-19, 2010 at Cathedral Park. They'll be tryin' to reclaim their Guinness World Record for the most costumed pirates in one place, so gear up, mates! Our own Cap'n Slappy put in an appearance, and even penned a new pirate song fer the occasion. Portland wass the place to be for Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Portland - Family and friendsgathered on Sept. 19 to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day with Harold the Horrible - who was born on 09-19-1919, making him, at 91, the official Talk Like A Pirate Day Birthday Boy. Writes son-in-law ArrRoger Jolie, "Last year we celebrated his 90th birthday at the Portland Pirate Festival. He was celebrated with a Booming Happy Birthday song and dance and a cheering crowd! This year, he is still YARRING and smiling broadly but will not be able to be at the Portland Pirate Festival so we having a family birthday dinner afterwards to celebrate his birthday! What a great way to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day!" Check out the photos from last year - and leave Harold a birthday greeting in the comments there!

Salem - This month's pub crawl theme on Friday, September 17 in Salem, Oreg on was Drink Like A Pirate. It's a free event with discounted pirate drinks at each of the seven bars. They usually have 150-200 crawlers each month. More on their Facebook page.

Shady Cove - The Shady Cove Branch Public Library in southwest Oregon, not far from Crater Lake, celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 21. Check out the photo of their cool display.


Erie -" Avast ye lubbers! Comeador Madaame Statuesque brings you greeting. No common wench, buxom but no beauty, and no lady, & her all Wiccan crew gi' ye fair warning! Midday the 'morrw we board the Brig Niagara out of Erie intent on commandeering her, and sail by the light o' the moon to points west. Wi' cutlass & rum, pistol, hook & womanly wiles, prepare ye fer a "broad"side ye shant forget. Take heed! Prepare to be boarded, your rigging brought down & to serve us on your knees!" Photo here.

Juniata River - "The Juniata River Raiders will be hitting our 5th annual JRR farewell to to summer float. 15-20 vagabonds in 20-25 canoes and kayaks turn a 2-3 hr. float into a 6-7 hr. day of beer, mead, bottle rockets, and general shenanigans. Photo tomorrow... What's a pirates favorite letter? Everyone thinks it's the R, but it's the C!" - Tyler C. Here's the photo.

Marcus Hook - The Marcus Hook Plankhouse Crew was joined by mates from Ye Pyrate Brotherhood, Skullduggery Crew, Sons of the Waves, Crewe of the Archangel and the Vigilant Crew for the second annual Marcus Hook Pirate Festival and Invasion. It kicked off on Friday with a Pirate Feast and ball, and continued through Saturday at and around the Marcus Hook Community Center on the banks of the Delaware River. Read more here.

Philadelphia - Pirates took over Penn's Landing in Philadelphia! Join'em at the Independance Seaport Musuem and Tall ship Gazela (Rumour has it that Cap'n Slappy and 'Ol Chumbucket themselves have crossed the decks of this ancient vessel). Find your Pirate name, enjoy pirate-themed games and activities and see real live parrots from the Philadelphia Zoo's "Zoo on Wheels" program. A special combo ticket included all activities in the museum and aboard Philadelphia's tall ship Gazela and early birds got a discount admission to both venues and a special pirate show onboard Gazela for the little ones. Visitors were encouraged to come dressed in pirate themed attire. For more details, please visit or Proceeds benefitted the museum as well as the continued maintenence of the 100+ year old Gazela and Tug Jupiter.

Philadelphia - The Independence Seaport Museum has been commemorating the int-arrr-national holiday for the past few years, and had even more swashbuckling fun in store this time around. Get your own pirate name, learn about the maritime history of pirating and even meet some parrots from the Philadelphia Zoo. Then, with a special ticket package, you and your crew can explore the Gazela, the 1901 Portuguese ship that sits in the museum's dock. Though it's mainly for young scallywags, this afternoon was sure to shiver the timbers of even the saltiest sea dog. Sunday, Sept. 19. More information here.

Philadelphia - They celebrated eveyone's favorite holiday Talk Like A Pirate Day at the Grey Lodge in N.E. Philly. with Pirate Poetry and Belgian style ales on tap. 

Wilkes-Barre - The Barnes & Noble in Wilkes-Barre celebrated TLAPD the week before durin' their weekly story times for the wee ones, Tuesday, September 14th at 10am and Thursday, September 16th at 6:30pm. Writes community relations manager Donna "Yes That's Me Real Name" Wench: " Ahoy, matey! Shore up yer sea-legs, ya landlubbers, it's time to talk like a pirate. There be no hornswoggling, just good clean pirate fun! Arrr..".

Rhode Island

North Kingstown - The North Kingstown Chamber Charitable Foundaiton held a Harbour Fest Sept. 10 to raise funds for the local food pantry, school volunteer program (including a mentoring program for at risk students), and for post-high school scholarships for NK residents. The event took place in downtown Wickford on the harbor, and featured a mock pirate invasion put on by the Rhode Island Pirate Players, as well as exciting tales of pirate lore. Children's entertainers as well as singers of jazz/standards performed. They hoped to attract more than 1,000 people!

South Carolina

Charleston - Two pirate-themed restaurants, The Buccaneer and Queen Anne’s Revenge celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day. The Buccaneer, 5 Faber St. in Charleston will donate 10% of its total daily sales Sunday to the American Heart Association. Check out Joan Perry's blog post about the event. Queen Anne’s Revenge, 160 Fairchild St. on Daniel Island, hosted live music on the outside patio from 3 to 6 p.m. and a balloon maker in the dining room from 4 to 6 p.m. Followed on the weekend of Sept. 25 by a pirate-themed benefit for the Heart Association.

Greenville - Our favorite children's book author, Melinda (Dirty Jenny Read) Long was signing her books Saturday at Fiction Addiction, and writes: "Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day Mateys! Shiver me timbers, yer a fine lot. Thanks fer all the hullabaloo! Thar was a enormous lot of young swashbucklers at the bookstore yesterday all talkin like they was Cap'n Jack Sparrow! I signed books till me hook almost fell off!"

Myrtle Beach - A HAM radio operator known as KJ4NUY writes: "Ahoy, me hearties! It's talk like a pirate day, so hoist a signal and fetch the two meter band spyglass. KJ4NUY sets sail with treasure for a Fox Hunt. I'll be somewhere in the city limits of Myrtle Beach, SC with a chest of goodies for the first to find me. (I might hold a few dubloons for a second, if I get enough participants.) Arr! I'll answer yer hail if ye talk like a pirate! I might even regale ye with tales of other trackers chasing pirate radio. Listeners may also participate in this event, as no license is required to receive a radio signal; bottle me an email at prior to Sept. 19th or team up with a ham. Licensed operators may check in by email, or on the day of the hunt at 2PM on the 147.120 repeater. I will verify the list of participants and announce the hunt frequency at that time. Start will be between 2:15 to 2:30, and the hunt should conclude no later than 4PM. There is no official start line, so be ready to sail when I hoist the Jolly Roger. Avast! If I can't get waves on the sea, I'll take waves in the sky."

Surfside Beach - Come join us for Pirate Themed Board Games down at Dueling Ground Games NEW location 510-C Hwy 17 North in Surfside Beach next to the Surfside Bowling alley. We'll be playing games like Winds of Plunder, Pirate King, Vikings (hey they were pirates too!), Blackbeard, El Capitan and we'll even through in some nautical and oceanic related games like Shipyard and Reef Encounter! Price for admission is free, starts at 5:00pm and last until they kick us out (could be as late as midnight!)

South Dakota


Clinton - "We have been celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day for a few years now at our Antique Shops in Clinton, TN. We have fun with it and so do our customers. This year we added a discount if anyone showed up dressed like a pirate. No takers, but maybe next year. We did have some extra eyepatches for anyone who wanted to get the discount, or they needed to at least give us a good ARRRRR! That worked. We hope to have more takers next year. We have had a lot of fun with this and we are glad we found your website years ago." - Angela Galen, The Antique Market (Photo here.)

Franklin - A wild and wet Talk Like A Pirate Day was celebrated Sept. 19 by the Westhaven Town Center merchants with a pirate party from 4- 7 pm at Paddle Dog Adventures Boathouse on the lake. Dress like a pirate, talk like a pirate, bring your Super Soakers for canoe galleon wars on the lake. Bring a picnic or buy grub on the scene, enjoy pirate games like "Sink The Canoes - Water Balloon Launch Game" , "Pin the Beard on Blackbeard" , "Pirate Canoe Racing On The Lake" or bring your Corn Hole Set-Up, Frisbees or Sidewalk Chalk , etc. Those in pirate garb get half off rental of canoes and paddle boats ($5 per boat / hour).

Memphis - It was pirates galore in Memphis on Sept. 18-19, when the first-ever Memphis Pyrate Fest comes to the City of Kings. They're plannin' a fun-filled, family-friendly day on the banks of the Mississippi, presented by the Desert Rose Studios and MidSouth Buccaneers ship, The King's Revenge (and sponsored, among others, by our friends at Dress Like A Pirate).


Austin - "September 19, 2010 is International Talk Like A Pirate Day and Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy® Austin would feel quite remiss if we didn’t celebrate. We’re holding a Best Dressed Pirate competition! Just fill out a submission form with your contact information and let us take your picture and you’ll be entered to win the Pirate Prize Package. Winners will be notified within a week or so of the contest and may even be announced on the website and facebook. So stop on by, talk like a pirate, walk like a pirate and find out if you’re the best dressed pirate!"

Conroe - At Oak Ridge High School, teacher Anne "Bonny" Hayden gave her senior English students extra credit on Sept. 19 for original sentences using pirate vocabulary.  "It must, of course, be kept school appropriate, but the students are still learning how to use the skills of vocabulary development and usage."

Dallas - The members of the Well Community plan to have fun and celebrate "International Talk Like A Pirate Day" in our community center on Monday, Sept. 20. We are located in the North Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. This is our first year to "celebrate" this fun and wacky event. We plan to have a "talk and/or dress like a pirate" contest, with judges awarding prizes. We plan to sing a few songs,share some pirate jokes (cleaned up, of course, as we are a faith-based organization), use a website to select our pirate names; divide into teams who will select their "identity" by choosing a ship name and a Captain; teams will compete in a Pirate Trivia quiz, and do an online "pirate treasure hunt". In the afternoon we plan to watch the first "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl". -Karen aka "Corair Katherine of Big D"

Dallas - Talk Like a Pirate Day was celebrated by AVAST mob of linguistic pirates at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics in Dallas, TX. The scurvy scum practiced pronouncing the letter [RRR], translated “walk the plank”, and dressed up forrrrrmally for the event, as sorry a lot as ever mispronounced the seven C’s. Check out the photo.

Houston - Pirates came to Mike's Place, 9110 Jones Road in Houston on Friday, Sept. 17 to get a head start on Talk Like A Pirate Day. Fuzzy Side Up played for the joint's annual Talk Like A Pirate Party.

Houston - The folks at ChemOne have been celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day all week, and this year sold pirate hats, eye patches, & gold coins as a fundraiser for our team’s, the Walking Warriors, Komen Race for the Cure on Oct. 6.. Check out the photo on our gallarrry.

Killeen - C&J Divers Scuba shop in Killeen celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day - check out the photo!

Port Aransas - Rumor has it they were partyin' like pirates at the Port Aransas Inn. That's all we know.


Orem - Pirate Island Restaurant celebrated“International Talk Like a Pirate Day” Friday, September 17, 2010 and Saturday, September 18, 2010 with music, magic, games and great grrrub. The pirate-themed restaurant and arrrcade invitec the whole community to join in the fun. All through the weekend a host of special events were planned. As always, the staff were dressed in their finest pirate attire and Pirate Island rewarded anyone who showed up dressed as a pirate with 10 free arcade tokens. Visit .

Salt Lake City - Admiral Sue & Cap'n Jr's have been with us from the start - they threw their 8th Annual 'Talk Like a Pirate' Party in Salt Lake City Utah this year! They expected more than 100 Gentlemen, Ladies, Swabbies & general Riff Raff and bilge rats. Breakin bread and hoisting the Devil" Grog were the order of the day."When the moon is past the yardarm ye'll not be able to tell the Gentlemen and Ladies from scoundrels & wenches" Admiral Sue wrote.

Yuba Lake - Paige Celeste "Plunder Bunny" Morgan and Jeremy "Black Rackham" Putnam committed the crime of matrimony on Talk Like A Pirate Day, with vows provided by our own Cap'n Slappy. And they captured the whole thing on video.



Annadale - "Yer loyal signal man has the honor to report that the proper flags are hoisted today. Now all we need is some wind. Happy TLAPD!" - Peter Ansoff (Check out his signal flag photo from a previous year).

Smith Mountain Lake - US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 81 held a Talk Like a Pirate Party at Smith Mountain Lake VA at their facility on the lake. Writes Flotilla Commanderrrrrr Susan Lowe "We have door prizes for the best Pirate - there will be the worst : What is a Pirates favorite ?................. Answer: AAARRRRR joke. We are having food a movie and other fun ......!!!!!!!!!"


Bainbridge Island - Capt'n Ron and the pirates of Puget Sound held a sail-in event on September 17-19. Six boats commited to the festivities which included a rousing round of Pirate Idol, and of course, that favorite, War at Sea (involving ships maneuvering while pelting each other with water balloons). For those interested, the coordinates are 47 35' 44.49N 122 30' 51.57W. Also known as Blakely Harbor, on the southeast side o' Bainbridge Island.

Enumclaw - "Well not only is it “talk like a pirate day” but it is also my man’s birthday. . . . so we will be talking like a pirate and singing happy birthday like a pirate." - Cap'n Kim

Federal Way - Enterprise Elementary School not only celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day on Friday, they got local news coverage of their event, including a great pirate performance by school superintendent Robert Neu.

Issaquah - The crew at The Amazing Society game design studio celebrated TLAPD at the office. Check out the photo!

Lake Stevens - "Jacob and Candy Barr celebrated their marriage today at Lake Stevens, WA and they dressed up as pirates and had guests who dressed in Renaissance period clothing :D Even the pastor started to talk like a pirate!"

Snohomish - in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, Cap'n Tasha's paint-your-own pottery studio offered 20% off pirate-themed bisque.  Anyone dressed like a pirate (more than just an eye patch!) got receive 30% off! Clayful Creation Studio, 110 Cedar St., Snohomish

Tacoma - Tacoma Little Theater celebrated TLAPD with three showings of Brian Willis' "I Love You Flavina," described as 30 minutes of pirate madness. We approve! Shows at 7:30 p.m., 8:15 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. See one or see them all for a mere $10. SPECIAL HALF-PRICE DISCOUNT FOR ANYONE DRESSED LIKE A PIRATE!

West Virginia


Green Bay - "We be hoisting the grog in Green Bay WI with that Wild Irish Gerry on the night after ½ way to St Paddys and the eve of International talk like a pirate day a perfect storm of grog hoisting in the Woods wench inn!"

Waukesha - The Nice Ash bar in downtown Waukesha, WI partied on Talk Like A Pirate Day - costumes encouraged.

Wausau - Intermission Bar, 325 4th Street, planned on doing up TLAPD in a grand styler. Writes open mic host TJ Greene: "We will of course be planning drink specials and prizes all night, but welcome any ideas for making this a grand event."


Latin America


Rio de Janeiro - Rosane Abreau celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day aboard a Festas No Mar party boat in Guanabara Bay.

Costa Rica

Playas del Coco - "We are a community of pirate culture junkies who are now celebrating thanks to your influence, our second TLAPD party on September 19th. ... This will literally take place in a pirate boat located on the Pacific Coast of the country, its a real sail boat with cannon shows, 17th century custom details, pirate flags, and we´ll be given a tour around the various islands of the near Pacific Coast. The boat rental for the activity goes from 3pm to 1 am Central Time, so we´ll have the awesome chance to watch all tropical bird species and see the sunset on the boat, afterwards comtemplating the sunrise on the beach after a long night of rum and pirate folk metal tunes and of course lots of pirate talk. ... we expect to welcome 50 scurvy pirates, the capacity for the boat is 60 people. (The ship) has a bar incorporated and a big stereo so we play our pirate songs out loud! :)" - Cap´n Gabrielle le Grande. Here's a photo of last year's party.

Puerto Viejo - Kaya's Place is full of Pirates everyday, so why not officially celebrate the Annual Day International Piracy Celebrations?! AAAARRRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!!! We are located on the beautiful black sand beach (appropriate I know!) of Puerto Viejo about 200 meters before the entrance to town. We’ll be swilling rum out of our man mugs all day. Take no prisoners. Mischief, mayhem and madness….and oh yes, pillage with consent! Check them out.


Quito - On Sept. 20, two Liberal Arts teachers (Alvaro and Sabrina) threw a ITLPD party at Universidad San Francisco in Quito, Ecuador, have teamed up to write a blog about pirates (you can visit at )They plan to launch their new blog, which is a form for updating progress on the academic journal they will release in May at 11 30am, at the main hall of Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Read their blog post about the party, and check out the pictures!


Montevideo - "As usual, since 2004, the Perdidos En El Eter crew Uruguay, recorded their TLAPD show, this time with the following pieces: The Lord Of The Mists, about Etienne Moreau, a pirate that terrorized the coasts of what would later be Uruguay; a piece on modern-day piracy; a review of the strategy game Pirates Of The Spanish Main, and a nostalgic piece on the movie The Goonies. Everything peppered with good music, while we drank grog, homebrewn beer, and ate some grubb. Later, more friendly pirates showed up, and we played Seventh Sea, a roleplaying game about swashbucklers and pirates, while downing more grubb, 8-year aged rum, beer, and wine. YARR!!!" All told, the celebration lasted for FOURTEEN HOURS. - Black MaGnUs. This year's photo.



Leuven: Cap'n Dennis D. writes: "Just like last year me and some buddies will be celebrating. This year though instead of roaming the streets, we'll stay at home, BBQ, drink rum, play liar's dice, watch movies and play music. Only our 2nd year yet our own numbers are already dwindling. Hopefully next year we'll get more pirates on the streets of Leuven!" Get a look at their 2009 festivities on YouTube.

Czech Republic (Bohemia)

Prague - Frink Lyle and mates at Avast! anti-virus software have been workin' like seadogs to get their Web site shipshape for International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Besides buildin' and offerin' a version o' their software that lets users software users run it in Pirate English for the day (or forever*), they've added an impressive Talk Like A Pirate Day subpage to their site, explainin' the day for all visitors. Nice work, lads! (* For example, "Threat has been detected" gets changed to "Avast! Tar be a scurvy man-o-war off yer starb'rd bow!")


Copenhagen - Talk Like A Pirate Day (aka RockPiraten) is celebrated every year at The Rock in Copenhagen, supported by nearly 800 mad 'n' rum-sniffin' pirates. In fact there's two pirate parties a year - one in May and the main party in September! With "mini-cannon shooting tent", rum-tasting, grog, caribbean food etc., they have everything a true pirate will need. The venue even bought a real cannon which will be fired during the night! The local pirate rock band Dead Men's Tales will be headlining. This year's Talk Like A Pirate Day bash will be celebrated a week late, on September 25. Check out photos from previous events here.

Randers -The Murshin Durkin Irish Pub, Storegade 15 in Randers, celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 19. "We be settin sail at 4 Bells(14.00 to ye landlubbers). Join Cap’n Barry and his Motley Crew for some ale and grog."


For more news about goin's-on in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, visit our mate Mad Cap'n Tom's "official" British site,

At Sea - "Aargh! As luck would have it, this year sees 5 intrepid friends afloat in the English Channel on September 19. As I write, we have sailed from Lymington to Weymouth today, in order to sample the local contraband. Saturday we storm Lulworth Cove, and then onto Poole Harbour to spin ripping yarns about the voyage and drink the fine brews of Swanage. We will be planning our assault on Isle of Wight whilst anchored in Poole - the campaign for Sep 19th will be finaloised then (especially if we can find an Inn of the name "Admiral Benbow". Yours in Piracy, The mutinous dogs of the Meeru

Basingstoke - A pirate-themed sing-along workshop by Basingstoke Amateur Operatic Society is raising funds for a cancer charity. To mark International Talk Like a Pirate Day, BAOS is spending an afternoon rehearsing Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance with anyone who wishes to join in the pirate fun, before a sing-along performance in the evening. The workshop is on Saturday, September 18 – the day before Talk Like a Pirate Day – at the United Reformed Church, in London Street, Basingstoke. Anyone is welcome to join in either as part of the ad hoc choir, or as an audience member in the evening. Rehearsal starts at 2.30pm and the performance is at 7.30pm. Tickets to take part, or watch the performance, cost £6 and can be reserved by writing to or calling 07792 408979.

Bromsgrove - For families who wondered what life would be like as a pirate, they can join in with the Avoncraft Museum's International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Children will be given their pirate name as the enter the museum, and then can take part in numerous themed activities, from crafts to storytelling and a treasure hunt to pirate themed games. Admission prices are £6.60 for adults, £5.50 for seniors, £3 for children and £16.50 for a family ticket which includes two adults and three children.

Cardiff - Sadly, Swashbucklin' Siggy, Scourge o' the Seas, an' her crew be all at sea this year, but still be suggestin' that other pirate crews who be docked in Cardiff meet up at the Terra Nova an' the Packet in Cardiff Bay. Siggy writes "We be hopin' ter join the celebrations next year an' mebbee raisin' some funds for a nautical charity, but fer this year we wish ye all good drinkin' an' talkin' like a pirate!"

Cornwall - "I’ll be talking like a Pirate on Pirate FM in Cornwall, UK!" - James Martin J

Chatham, Kent - Bandits, Brigands and Buccaneers , A pirate weekend event for re-enactor and role-player pirates, privateers, freebooters, smugglers and wreckers, Sept. 24-26 at For Amherst, Dock Road, Chatham. A "full immersion" pirate gaming experience. Public information page here; participants page here.

Exeter - Talk Like A Pirate Day pub crawl! The Exeter pirates planned to hit 18 (or thereabouts) pubs on Sept. 19 while collectin' donations for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, saving lives at sea since 1824. Check their FaceBook page for details.

Halesowen - The Waggon and Horses pub, Halesowen, UK have held a 'talk like a pirate day' for a few years now and this year was no exception! A local band called Tin Shack played for the festivities.

Liverpool - Everyone that arrived at Knowsley Safari Park on 19th September dressed as a pirate wasadmitted to the park half price. What’s more, all pirates were allowed one free ride on the Pirate Ship in the Knowsley Safari Park’s theme park. Height restrictions do apply to the Pirate Ship, but worry not, as there is also a Mini Pirate Ship for all those junior pirates so they don’t miss out on the fun. A minimum of three pirate-related items of clothing had to be be worn at park in order to qualify as a pirate and gain half price admission. More information at at

London - At the National Maritime Museum, they planned ' a special Talk Like A Pirate Day event for deaf visitors: Sign Like A Pirate Day! It promised to be strange and silly fun, and they've been boarded by even more pirates offering more activities for aspiring pirates of all ages. All events were accessible for BSL users and their landlubber non-signing crew-mates. Activtities included a family workshop where Captain Christopher Sacre helped people make a pirate ship fit for a fearsome pirate crew, complete with the stolen treasure cargo ... and Sign Like A Pirate Day with Dread Captain John Wilson and his wretched crew (including interpreters Jeni Draper and Leah Hall) for an afternoon for pirates of all ages, including a pirate performance, a treasure hunt through the museum and a talk and workshop on how pirates talked, then how to sign like a pirate. There were were prizes for the best treasure hunting team and the most fiercely stylishly dressed pirate as voted for by the crew. Reports Howard H:. "Sign Like a Pirate Day went really well - we had sixty people turn up! Far more than we'd expected, so it descended into total chaos, which was brilliant, and everyone had great fun. Thanks again for telling everyone about it, I'm not sure I've recovered yet, my ARRR is a bit UGHHHHH still."

London - "We sailed out under pirate flags, 40 of us, on S B Lady Daphne – – all grrrowling merrily and had Tower Bridge raised." - Rrrrespectfully yars, Michael. Photos here.

London - The incredible smart boffins at the Laboritoire Garnier have just completed their seven year mission to finally confirm that dressing as a Pirate actually makes it easier to talk like a Pirate. True Story. So they planned ter partay on the Tattershall Castle to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day. They invited all comers to join them on Sat., Sept. 18 to dress, speak and yarrrrrrgghhhh as they danced to cheesy tunes on this shipboard nightclub. Pubcrawls and other events on the south bank were also being considered. Details at their FaceBook page and Web site

Lyme Regis - International Talk Like A Pirate Day was celebrated in full style at the award-winning (Best New Cheese Retailer 2009) Town Mill Cheesemonger in Lyme Regis. Justin "Ol'Cheese Head" Tunstall and the rest of his crew, Josh "Longshanks" Mostyn and saucy wench Katy "Bone Bender" Tunstall will be abandoning their usual lubber speak and will be parlaying proper pirate-like in honour of the great Ben Gunn from Treasure Island. Says Ol'Cheese Head "Prepare to be cheese-boarded! Look for the sign of the Jolly Pirate Fish and stock up with vittals and grog at the 'monger. Don't be a son of a biscuit eater - afore visitin' make sure ye knows yer "Arrrrs" from yer elbow." (We say: Pirates and cheese! Sounds like a Monty Python sketch come to life!)

Matlock - Matlock Live! sought energetic crew to set sail on a High Seas Adventure in Hall Leys Park on 19th September for their second celebration of International Talk Like a Pirate Day in Derbyshire! Shipmates (and would-be shipmates) of all ages gathered at Hall Leys Park starting at 12:30 pm Sunday, Sept. 19 for a day of adventures, starting with a pirate picnic and including a treasure hunt, the group building of a galleon (bring your old wheels, skateboards and rollerskates) and culiminating in a grand Battle for Skater Pointt. Costume prizes, a "Spot the Parrot" treasure trail around Matlock and many other activities. Matlock Live! is a group of professional and community arts organisations and individuals committed to extending and building an interest in the visual and performing arts in and around Matlock. Read more on their Web site,

Newcastle - The Wobbly Williams, an advocacy group for people with Parkinson's Disease, hoped for a repeat of last year's successful "Pirates for Parkinson's" events. They werelooking for volunteers worldwide to don eye patches, sport bandanas and hoist the "Jelly Roger" on Sept. 19. The Running Team was be out in force pillaging from Newcastle to South Shields in the Great North Run.

Oxford - "Well we went and got ourselves married this TLAPD! Well it was actually on the 18th September 2010. We got married in Clovelly, North Devon UK which was absolutely perfect - lots of smuggling history! Anyway there was 18 of the crew at our splendid nuptials. All dressed as pirates. We even used the vows sent to us by Cap'n Slappy - they went down a treat! We are usually part of the Cancer Research UK booty collectin Pirates of the Acetabulum from Oxford but this year gave it a miss to get wed. We had a truely awesome day - and made it into the national papers!! ... Madness!! This year we have however still managed to collect some much needed cash for a place called the Brodey Centre, Horton Hospital Banbury, Oxfordshire where I am currently being treated for breast cancer!! Oh the irony!! So the cash we shall get from a magazine deal we just secured and the money taken over the bar will all be donated to the Brodey Centre to say thank you for looking after me and supporting my new gorgeous husband!" - Vikki and Mik Ashfield. Check out the photo o' the wedding crew, courtesy of Nick White.

Nottingham - The crew of Nottingham Castle, Nottingham, England UK threw a Family Fun Day to celebrate ITLAPD on Sunday September the 19th. SHIVER ME TIMBERS!! The Pirates were "recruiting" crew members to go on Treasure Hunts, Make their Own Treasure Chests, Sing Sea Shanties, Meet the Captain and see his Galleon, Hear Stories of Pirates, and learn about REAL Nottingham-born Pirates. All with Pirate Themed Lunchboxes available too, to see off the Scurvy!! On TLAPD those dressed as pirates get special low admission.

Penzance - The Cornish Pirates rugby team (the REAL Pirates of Penzance) had a championship league game on Sept. 19, and planned' to do it up good for Talk Like A Pirate Day. GEMS Bolitho Schoolsponsored 50 x 'Pirates booty' sets and 20 x Pirates bracelets (gold with skull and crossbones) to be presented to the first 70 children who arrive at the match with a paying adult. Club stalwarts Sue and David Holmes were on hand at the main entrance to dish out the booty, and the best-dressed pirate, young or old, won a prize.. Writes Sue Holmes: "Many supporters dress as pirates at the match anyway, and I'm hoping to get even more for this day. We are the British & Irish Cup holders, and on the day of the final (which was televised by SKY TV) we ran a best-dressed pirates competition." More information here. (The Pirates won their match against Birmingham Solihull, 32-15!)

Portsmouth - The New Theatre Royal openedits doors on Sunday 19 September to all wannabe girl and boy pirates in honour of International Talk Like a Pirate Day. The free afternoon of activities included pirate themed drama, poetry and singing workshops; a treasure hunt around the NTR's deepest, darkest corners; colouring-in your own parrot and pirate games on the Nintendo Wii projected onto the stage. There wasa free soft drink for all youngsters who showed up in pirate dress! The fun took place between 2pm and 4pm on Sunday 19 September at the New Theatre Royal.

Southend-on-Sea - Pirates on the Pier' took place on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th September, and was set to be great fun for all. It coincided with Adventure Island 's 'Talk Like a Pirate' weekend and the visit of the tall ship Artemis, one of the world's last traditional square-rigged whalers. The fun and games ran from 11am to 5pm each day and attractions include a face painter and a dashing Jack Sparrow look-a-like for the children to be photographed with. Everyone was encouraged to get in the spirit and come dressed up as pirates, although parrots were optional! The event was organised by Southend-on-Sea Borough Council whose staff got into the pirate spirit by donning fancy dress throughout the weekend. (At last! Local government recognition of Talk Like A Pirate Day! Go, Borough Council!)

Southend-on-Sea - We don't know if he's plannin' anything special for TLAPD, but Cap'n Reg is a man after our own black and bloody hearts. He's turned a common garden shed into an altogether uncommon bit o' livin' art dubbed The Lady Sarah Out Of Worthing, which won the 2010 Shed of the Year honors (who knew there was such a prize?) from a group of shed fanciers. No, really: Look at the pictures. It's a one-man pirate extravaganza, and a mate could spend a fine Talk Like A Pirate Day just sittin' by the shed enjoyin' his grog.

Stourbridge - One-eyed Dave, Cutthroat Phil, a cabin boy and the ship's dog celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day on the Stourbridge Canal (known as
"the Cut" in this part of the world - Stourbridge in the West Midlands
of England). Enjoy the photo.


Toulouse - Depuis 1995, l'International Talk Like a Pirate Day (ITLAPD, en français la Journée internationale du parler pirate) est un jour férié parodique inventé par deux Américains : John Baur (Ol 'Chumbucket) et Mark Summers (Cap'n Slappy). Ils ont décidé que le 19 septembre serait chaque année une journée où chacun dans le monde devrait parler comme un pirate. Par exemple, on saluera ce jour ses amis non pas avec "Bonjour !", mais avec "Ohé, moussaillon !" En cette année 2010, nous (Mickey Artworld & Lady Demise), deux passionnés de piraterie , avons décidé d'honorer ce jour férié en organisant une invasion de Toulouse. Sortez vos jambes de bois, vos crochets et vos tricornes et rendez-vous le 19 septembre ! (The Webwench does speak French, but has just enough of a classical education to grasp that they're planning a pirate invasion in Toulouse on Sunday. Update: Lady Demise and Mickey, the organizers, tell us they had a small pirate parade, a picnic and a pirate quiz. Read more on their MySpace page - and check out the great photo.


Athens - The Athens Hash House Harriers ran a trail to find Cap’n Fair Cop’s treasure at Loutsa, Eastern Attica on Sunday. "Walkin’ the plank and drinkin’ grog,".


Bergen op Zoom - "For more than 6 years our crew has been drinking and scallywagging the streets of our little harbourtown on the 19th of September. And, as one of our matey's noticed, our event be missing from yer calendarrr! Alas, the feast will only be for our dearest crewmembers, but the honour would be ours if it would added anyway. The party be at the port of 'Bergen op Zoom', in the southwest of the Netherlands. Yarrr." - Mr. Jørgen B. Piraat Hopmans

Somwhere in Holland, a group of piratical Tolkien fans celebrated Dutch Tolkien Day (Sept. 11) with a contest to see who could come up with the best Tolkien-to-Pirate translation. They sent along too many to print here, but our favorites include:

One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them
One Ring to bring them all,
and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where shadows lie

Translated as:

“Arrr! Booty' be steerin’ them landlubbers,
Aye! it be findin’ them
Beauty' be' makin’ them walk the plank,
arrr! it be,
In t' holes of bilge rats where black spots placed be”

Tilburg - Incubate, the multidisciplinary festival, has taken "piracy in the arts" as its 2010 theme. This year's festival, which ran from Sept. 12-19, included pirate cinema (all sorts of copied/pirated movies), a tattoo project (visitors could get free tattoos, thus copies, of artworks) a pirate conference with speakers like Charles Leadbeater (author and former advisor of Tony Blair), Matt Mason (author of The Pirate's Dilemma) and Hank Shocklee from Public Enemy/The Bomb Squad. "We even have a copy/pirated version of our whole festival!" writes marketeer Roel van Oosterhout. All this is just one part of a week-long festival with an extensive program of music and the arts. Check out the program.


Kirkaldy - Sea shanties, a treasure hunt, "pirate" radio and more happened in Kirkcaldy on 17 September for International Talk Like a Pirate Day.


Sept. 19 was the national election day in Sweden, when Swedes voted for those who will govern their kindom for the coming four years. The election is always on the third Sunday of September, so it's luck o' the calendar that it fell on International Talk Like A Pirate Day this year. And appropriate: The up and coming Piratpartiet (Pirate Party) was among the political parties vying for seats in the Swedish parliament. Alas, despite gainin' more than 7 percent of votes in the 2009 European Union elections, the party failed to garner the votes it needed for a place in Parliament.

Stockholm - The Swedish Maritime Museum is hosting "Who is a Pirate?" an exhibition tracing the history of pirates from the 14th C. Baltic Sea to the Gulf of Aden today - and featuring what may be the only surviving "Jolyl Roger" skull and crossbones flag, on loan from the Åland Maritime Museum on the Åland Islands.

Somewhere in Sweden, Sept. 25: - "AYE! Last sunday, the 19th, we were supposed to have a huge party. But everyone was too hung over from the day before... So we've temporarily moved 'til today! The traditional Rum Breakfast has already been served! We've already gathered at least 20-30 brave pirates to have a giant parrrty on this beloved holiday, and more are incoming! Just to prove that Sweden isn't lost for the landlubbers yet! We still be a sailing! ARRRGH!" - Herman


Venice - Arr! TLAPD is now a tradition in Venice! For the fourth year, next to Venice, September 17th and 19th, at "AeBricole" Pub, Grog will flow, challenges will take place among the buccaneers (such as the olive-stone spitting contest) and you must not miss the exclusive pirate menu with its special, the Kraken Fillet in guacamole sauce! Absolutely free entrance for everyone. Pub AeBricole, via Martiri della Libertà 381, 30174 Mestre - Venezia ITALY



Bagram - Aye, me witch doctors and staff be ready to celebrate this Sunday with all the other pirates o’ the world. We be landlocked in Afghanistan but we be proud to serve those pirates in harm’s way and get them back to their wenches. Drink a pint or 12 for us lads as the Capt’n be hold’n our rum ration until we leave this port. Charles W. Campbell, MSgt, SAF, Flight Chief, Outpatient Services, Craig Joint Theater Hospital, Bagram Afghanistan

Unidisclosed location - "The Crew of the U.S.S. JOC (the Joint Operations Center) mutinied today
and forced the Command Sergeant Major to walk the plank. Even a land locked country is not immune from the scourge of piracy! "SUSTAINING FREEDOM!"
Steven G. "Snake" Shepherd, LTC, LG
J3-CHOPS, Joint Sustainment Command Afghanistan (JSC-A)


Xiamen - "Unfortunately, the cruel bastards that set the holiday/school calendar make this Sunday a school day so I and my maties'll be talking like pirates in mandarin class. Arggg!" ==>Lancer---- (Who reports back: "Lol! You should have seen the look on my teachers face when she asked me a question in mandarin and I answered her followed by "arrgg!" It was precious!")


Wu Lai - You will be relieved to know that TLAPD was celebrated in Taiwan , and commemorated here. Now back to holystoning the decks, ye miserable curs, and if I catch ye playin’ around on the Internet durin’ workin’ hours, it’ll be the keel for ye!! Yours in Piratese, Talovich / Yugan Dali in Wu lai , Taiwan


Pattaya - The owner of the MV Edina, aka the Pattaya Party Boat, is planning a big celebration of Talk Like A Pirate Day, with a party cruise setting out from the Bali Hai Pier at 11 a.m. on Sept. 23 (hey, who are we to argue with those who want to stretch the holiday out?) The day will include a REAL treasure hunt on one of the nearby deserted islands with cash prizes and cash prizes for the best pirate impersonnation, costume and best looking wench. Past pirate days have been an absolute success and the ship's standard fare for birthday parties is for the guest of honour to "walk the plank". More information on the Pattaya Party Boat FaceBook Page.




South Africa

Durban - Fluxosaurus blogs about the convergence of TLAPD and the Flying Spaghetti Monster, with a photo givin' evidence that the grand holiday was celebrated in South Africa!

Middle East


Camp Arifjan - "Just to be letting ye know that we be trying to celebrate the day the best we can. Seeing as how we are in the sunny country of Kuwait and nowhere near the water. We be spreading the word as much as possible though. Thanks for the day." Phillip G. Cacciatore, SSG, 53rd IBCT, Assistant Brigade S4 NCO, Camp Arifjan, Kuwait


"We be in Iraq this year and limited to a few head scarves and a make shift eye patch while at work. We can't have cameras where we work because of secret information posted everywhere. But the "Arrrr"s are flying." - SSG William Perry, Louisiana Army National Guard

Caribbean & the Seven Seas

"We'll be stahhhhrrrting a Caribbean cruise the day before. Hope no one on board with us has any serious notions of hijacking the ship. That would put a damper on the funnier side of "pirates" and bring us back to the dastardly side of the idiots today who are real-life pirates." - Janet Mohr, Plain City, Ohio

Fredericksted, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands - Hurricane Igor has changed the plans of Ol' Chumbucket and Mad Sally for Talk Like A Pirate Day this year; with heavy waves still poundin' the beach at Cane Bay where they'd planned to party and a drownin' reported. So it wasa quiet evenin' at home fer the Chumbucket clan, (well, as quiet as it ever gets there), barbecuin' ribs and toasting another successfull Talk Like A Pirate Day. On Sunday they planned to head out with their mate Capt. Killy to fire off his flintlock (not so quiet after all...)

Oceania & the Antipodes

Where they get first shot at Talk Like A Pirate Day each year:

American Samoa

"I be livin' in American Samoa and we be celebratin' yer TLAP day fer quite some time now. I be pennin' some piratical poetry fer invitations and such fer three years now. In 2008, we talked an talked like pirates. An I forced me hearties to dress up like pirates on Halloween. The second year (2009), I figgered I be gettin' a better response if I force 'em to dress up like pirates on the appropriatical day. And we spent the day buildin' boats n rafts n other floating devices and sailin' them around me peninsula (with a long run n grog break at Coconut Island) before we parrrtied. An' this year, I be plannin' a more formal-like build yer own vessel regatta. With actual rules and stuff (fer violatin'). Me brother be buildin' a catapult to add some excitement to the raft race fer the land lubbers... and pirates. And we be hidin' a treasure chest o rum on the island so the first to arrive that isn't already too drunk to find it 'll have somethin' to quench their thirst." - Ju'uulia from Nu'uuli


Brisbane - Mana Bar, 420 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, partied like pirates from noon until midnight Sunday.

Canberra - Brush up on ye shanties and grab ye colours mates, 'cause we be settin sail fer Canberra. We'll be drinkin' 'nd dancin' and maybe find some loot. We got us a parrot that be flyin' faster than th' wind. Call 'is name and he be flyin' to ye. 18th-19th September (as clubs etc aren't open on Sundays, and it's the 19th at midnight). Time and place are unknown at the moment. We might go to more than one club, the Facebook event will be updated when it's known. Who: Anyone can join us. (Facebook event page)

Frankston, Victoria - In good ole Australia In Frankston Victoria we are having Pirate Day at the Robin Hood Pub in Frankston...Rum and Ole Scrumpy.

Hervey Bay - As usual the crew of the M.V.Mikatturned their whale watch tour into a fun fest of pirate action. They will raise money once again for the Oceania Foundation, ( a non-profit whale research organization ) in Hervey Bay, Australia. They plan to turn a day of whale watching into a day of pirate fun involving all the other boats in the fleet and local business' as well. All of the crews from each boat dress up in pirate gear and fleece each passenger of all loose change. Last year they raised over $1800.00 and the target this year is $2500.00.

Mooloolaba - Rain almost scuttled Errol Morrison's effort to observe TLAPD raising money and awareness for Childhood Cancer Support; his mates failed to show and he was stuck all alone, in full regalia, tryin' to interest the few passersby in the day and his cause. But it all worked out with a happy ending, as reported by Sunshine Coast Daily.

Pakenham - "I’ve convinced my very corporate office to have a dress-up day and we are having a gold coin donation to the cancer foundation. The reason being that the woman who has organized a pirate day for at least the last 3 years has suddenly left work to undergo some fairly intensive chemotherapy for the next 6 months. The gold coin donation is in support of her. Of course I’ll organize a photo on Friday the 17th – I’m going to try to get it pasted to our office intranet – which will then legitimize the Pirate theme day for 2011. Of course my family think I’m weird, but I’ve been celebrating TLAPD for several years now. Pity that my sister in law’s birthday is also September 19th… Thanks for all the years of mirth – and an excuse to be silly." - Mad Capt’n Bronny

Perth - Once again in Western Australia the Disability Services Commissionembarked on a rollicking voyage of piratical jollility and fundraising. Last year they raised over $250 in donations to the Fred Hollows Foundation for Eye Diseases through our “Aye Aye for Eyes” event. They aimed to surpass that target this year. Michael “Mad Dog” Carrolllive-blogged the event on on Friday the 17th – "which being down under we decided was acceptable given that on the 19th the ship will be deserted. Also because we are already ahead of the rest of the world we could blame the failure of the scurvy knave who forgot to wind the ship’s clock. Only hope we don’t run aground on account of me charting being all wrong now."

Queensland - Capn Blood [ Congealed ]writes: "I be on board on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and settin up me own Treasure Island , where the swabbies can take there chance and place their mark where they thinks the treasure is buried, [ treasure pillaged from several good ships of the retail line and mostly of a nautical nature]. We also be getting others involved, dressed up of course, and trawlin along the beachfront accostin unlikelys and askin fer a Gold Dubloon donation for our treasure chest.[ A Gold Dubloon in Australia is either a $1, or a $2 coin]" The event will benefit Childhood Cancer Support.

Sydney - Pirate Harbour Cruise 2010, Saturday 18th September, 1.30 to 4.30 pm. "Welcome aboard me hearties on the Pirate event of the year! You are now part of the crew of the good ship Svanen, built in 1912 and still working under full sail. We will be boarding at Campbell’s Wharf, The Rocks at 1.30 pm sharp for a 3 hour cruse upon Sydney Harbour. Tickets b $70.00 and include a complementary drink on boarding along with a fine finger food lunch supplied. The vessel has a bar at reasonable prices so strictly no BYO grog you hear! On returning to port at 4.30 pm, if you still be in high spirits, we will meet up with a raiding party of Pirates from to take the taverns of Port Sydney by storm, ahrrrrrrrrrrr! Be sure to break out your finest Pirate outfit as we b voting for the best dressed scurvy ship mates. Pirate King and Queen will also be elected with great prize for all. Now should you need any additional information your need to contact, just call your good Capt’n Sea Dog Phil 0412-089-402."

Traralgon - We don't have details, but we're told that they partied like pirates at Flanagan's Irish Bar in Traralgon.

Victoria - Shipmate Bonnie Elizabeth tipped us off to this: Official notice from The State of Victoria provincial government about International Talk Like A Pirate Day. In pirate-talk.

Victoria - "About 30 of us be celebratin by dressin and talkin like pirates this sunday down in the Otways (national park near the beach along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia). We'll also be fashioning fantastical swords out of cardboard and tin foil to smash our pirate pinata. Our event wont be open to public. It'll be part of an arts weekend that we had already planned months in advance and only just realised after gettin your email that it happened to be the same weekend as talk like a pirate day! It feels as though last years has only just been...." - Cap'n Jess

Wollongong (Sydney) - ‘Tis that time of year again, Cap’n – where the sound of arrrrr’s, gasping of wenches and sliver of swordfights can be heard across the briny deep. Here at Skydive the Beach Sydney we’re quite partial to a bit of pirate action (who isn’t...umm...hello, Johnny Depp??) so we saw it fitting to dress up some of the lads and have ‘em jump pirate style. Check out the swashbucklin’ action at our Facebook page: . They had a ball arrrgghing and waving their hooks around during freefall! We're also running an insane Pirate Promo whereby all customers who book in to jump on International Talk Like a Pirate Day and who turn up dressed in pirate or wench attire will get our GOLD DVD package upgrade for only AUD$100! That's a massive 30% saving! That's right, save ye treasure this Sunday 19th, mateys. Arrrr! So if you're in Sydney this Sunday, get bookin' and start jumpin' from 14,000ft! Call us on 1300 663 634 or visit . You'll be shoutin' like a mutinous reef monkey the whole way down - we promise!

Thevenard Island - Seems to have some hardcore pirates; on Sept. 22, Cap'n Richard, owner/operator of Mackerel Islands Charters, reports: "we are still goin arrrr at thevenard island at 21 degrees 27.6 minutes south 115 degrees 02.436 minutes east"

Yeppoon - "We wenches be performing our pirate bellydance at Village Festival in Yeppoon Australia today 19th september at 4pm & also repeating the show bigger and better next weekend for our Raks in Rockhampton Festival." Captain La Corsaire, Arabian Nights & Black Thorn Belly Dance


Nusa Lembongan - Where better to celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day than on a small tropical island east of Bali? Cap'n Robin and mates at the Shipwreck Beach Villa have been fans of ITLAPD for years, thanks to hearin' about us via Melbourne Public Radio, and this year they decided to join in the fun and help support some good causes. The plan was to gather on the beach ( in best pirate gear!) at 5 pm then board the good ship Ware-Ware for food, drinks and fun.The after-party report: "Our numbers be not large but hearts were generous; fair winds and smooth seas, plus miss sally’s skill in the galley, made for a fine evening. Ware’s boat was a fine venue, the capt’n and crew having recovered from their early bemusement. We be thanking the generous donors of the raffle prizes; batu Karang for a two-hour spa voucher for lulur spa (won by zach), scallywags for a barbeque dinner for two (chris), world diving for a dsd (Jacqui) and deb martin for a lovely piece of jewellery, encased in a waterproof phone pouch from rick Dobson (joey). We also be thankin’ the cash donors; sue and john, kaye and derek, steve and belle, murray and joanne, bruce and wendy, lynne oliver and robin and rick for their support; all told we have raised Rp2,700,000. We be thinkin’ ahead to 19 september 2011; be spreadin’ the word. There be photos on the news page of the shipwrecks website ( for yer amusement!" - Cap'n Robin.

New Zealand

Auckland - The Wine Cellar celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sunday night with music by Heart Attack Alley, The Bayonets and Matthew Crawley.

Christchurch - "Now look here, ye skallywags! We in Christchurch have more class than, well, I can't think of anyone offhand, but as soon as I do, rest assured we will have more class than them. We especially scheduled the opening day of the Lawn Billiards season on ITLAP Day so the savagery of our competition could be matched by the sluberdegullionness of our parley. ... Nay, hang me fer a coward, but the opening day was really scheduled for the 5th of September, but there was an earthquake in the early hours of the 4th and we spent the next week or so hiding in a hole. And now we can't persuade the Temporary Secretary to play at all until his stupid election campaign is over. It's only local body politics for god's sake! I'm off to improve his portrait on various hoardings around town, glasses, horns, moustache, that kind of thing. Perhaps I should give him an eyepatch and shoulder parrot instead! Ooh-aargh!" - Nic Farra, Acting President-for-Life, Woolston Lawn Billiards & Bat-and-Trap Society. A followup: "Enfeebled by too much grog, and exhausted by firece contests, we just couldn't be arsed going ter New Brighton by the Sea! We had ter keel-haul plans to visit and wreak a TERRIBLE revenge upon Cap'n Long John Knickers and Nudger, on account a being too shagged out. Also the ship's cat has taken French Leave after the Earthquake and we do have priorities, ye lubberly scum!"

Christchurch - In New Brighton by The Sea, despite 7.1 Earthquakes, pirates of all shapes and sizes came out to celebrate TLAP Day with a Pirate Market (Sept18th ) and a great rumbustification ( Sept19th ) at The Pier Side Café , featuring a ukulele sing a long with Captain Long John Knickers and Nudger and the Natural Magic Pirates.

Port Chalmers - Dunedin pirate rock band, Scurvy Dogs,put on a ITLaPD bash. Being a Sunday it will be a more spiritual affair this year, and early starting and finishing for those that have to earn their daily tot of rum! Featuring Scurvy Dogs, RAW Wenches, The Threads, and Kitten Surprise.
Sunday 19 September. 4pm - 8pm, doors 3pm. $5. Chicks Hotel, Port Chalmers, near Dunedin. RAW Wenches are a theatre group. +Scurvy Dogs 'Radio Single Release Show' for the song PIRATE BLOOD.;

Featherston - " It is my son Austin’s 5th birthday on the 19th so we are having a pirate themed party for him. WITH CANNON!!!! I have lovingly constructed some rather industrial looking slingshots that will hurl water bombs. The sling shot assembly is encased in a 100mm plastic water pipe, and it is mounted on a base, so it does look like a real cannon. We are going to have ship to ship bombardments with water bombs. I think the adults will have more fun than the kids! The kids are also going to make their own pirate ships out of plastic containers and we are going to race them down our stream, have a treasure hunt and a big dig in the kids sandpit to find the last clue!" - The Dread Cap’n Paul Butler

The poles

Antarctica - "SO  we here on the ice have had a good time with TALKING like pyrates.  If you could add it to your google map. we down here would sure like it." Thanks Capn. Deadman


Parts unknown

" Garrrr !! Lookin' fer me limes right now... Pillage it be fer me ... swearin' n' drinkin' bavarian soda ... i'm ready to hoist sails fer the keys... Aaarrrrr !!" - Adrian R.

"I am flying out to the USA on the 14th September and will be talking like a pirate all day everywhere I go on the 19th. Ahar!! me hearty's. Aye aye cap'in. Indeed, I shall be talkin' just like old Long John Silver when I am in Northern America, and I will be a proud Pompey pirate!!" - Captain Tommo

"I will watch all three Pirates of the Caribbean and guzzle grog." - Leslie L.

"Sept. 19 is my birthday and for years, on special occasions, we have a tradition where Captain Kidd visits and leaves notes around the property for the young buccaneers to follow in order to find the treasure. It's just a bunch of Dollar Tree schwag but the fun is in taking the adventure as any swab knows, and the adults remember this ritual from their childhood and they probably have the most fun setting things up. Also, recently we have been digging up another treasure in our family genealogy where we find that one of our early American ancestors (John Sharp) was known to have dealings with Captain William Kidd. Aargh!" -- Sidney S.

"In 2009 I somehow remembered it was ITLAPD in time to wear my tri-cornered hat as I rode my bicycle about town. I only got one accolade from a passing car. I plan to do the same this year, and I will report what happens. I'm 67 years old and sport a white beard and pony tail, so I look cooler than most of ye do, ye young rapscallions! Ahrr!" - Mogo the Mugger

"I plan on sending all emails and tweets and FB posting in Pirate Talk!  arrrrr" - Lorraine

What an old tar does on Talk Like A Pirate Day: "I tells my young Grand Children Buccaneers about Talk Like A Pirate Day, and they unleash a broadside of AVASTs and ARRRS! on their Mommy & Daddy, there by winning me the victory of revenge for all the torture and villainy they wreaked up me whilst I was a raisin' 'em." - Cap'n Scott

"I'm celebrating the sinking of the BlackGoldCat voyage with a clay mug of grog, then sinking treasure ships computer-generated in front of me for the day. And in the meantime, I'm christening the Dragonwing75 for the voyages ahead of me So, Roommates beware! Enter the Cap'ns quarters at yer own risk, unless ye bear grog or gold!!!! Any flapping tongues will be cut away, and dagger pinned to the mainmast!!!"- Captain Cat

"Q. What goes "Hack, slice, Arrgh! Hack, hook, sand, Double Arrgh!"?
A. That be me golfing on TLAPD!"
-- D. Morgan

"I watched my 'Pirates of Penzance' DVD, and joined in singing 'I Am A Pirate King'. Luckily there was nobody within hearing distance at that time." Jennifer W.

With TLAPD fallin' on a Sunday this year,Rachel W. translates the Lord's Prayer:

Ahoy, Pirate Cap’n in the Sky Sea
Bounty Hunter is yer Name
Yer Kingdom come, yer swashbucklin’ be done
In Davy Jones’ Locker, on land, and on sea
Give us blaggarts our belly timber,
Grant us buccaneers a King’s Pardon on our plunderings
And we mighten release them scallywags as has hornswaggled us
A calm of conscience come athwart our stomachs
Aye! Bare up the helm for home
For it be yer Ocean, yer Port,
Yer Quarter to keep us from Davy’s grip.
Ho! Blimey.

"Was our first official TLAPD and we as a family talked to each other like the scurvy-dogs that we are. Woke the kids from their bunks, the scallywags couldn't rise by themselves. Twas hard to do, but more fun then chugging grog from a deck swabbin bucket. Next year we be experts, thank ye for the fun! :)" - The Griffis Family ( Amber, Tracey, Damian & Christian)

"Every year, the boys in the office and I basically act more like idiots than normal, and have downloaded a large list of pirate phrases to use through the course of the day. As we are in international sales, we can easily use many of your phrases to make sales and entertain clients (and ourselves). We have worn eye patches in the past, however, this is not as effective when on the phone (it does make our colleagues laugh). All a bit of harmless fun. However, for this year, my wife and I did something different. We actually gave birth to our 3rd Daughter, Grace Ruby Mclean. She is a very welcome addition to our clan of three now. Now that will make ITLAPD a date to remember. I certainly won’t be forgettin’ her birthday in the future." - Keiran and Melissa Mclean (Team Pirate hereby recognizes Grace Ruby Mclean as the Official Talk Like A Pirate Birthday Baby of the Year.)

"This year we celebrated TLAPD with home made Grog. read about it here. First I changed my facebook page - then we broke out the grog put it in the local fresh water to chill. (Photo here) Arrgh!" - Capt. Neil

"That's right, it's me birthday, ya scurvy dogs. I drink rum, and wear
me captains hat, every year."
- -Black John