Talk Like a Pirate Day 2012

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What are ye planning for September 19th*?

Arrrrrre ye ready for TLAPD? .Let us know what ye're up to , an' we'll tell the world! If ye're at a loss for ideas, check out the year-by-year party reports from previous years:

2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003

We're always interested in hearing about pirate events organized as fund-raisers for good causes; they're marked below with a special icon.

(* ... and the weekends on either side. The 19th will always be the official date, but we encourage ye to stretch the fun as long as ye can stand it. Think of it as our own version of "the holiday season.")

Don't miss the photos! Send us your own best picture - just ONE, please! (We'll also accept links to yer on-line photo gallery).

Find out what the media's saying about Talk Like A Pirate Day here. And what the Pirate Guys themselves (and associated wenches) are up to here. And don't miss the fan mail!

What's happening around the world on International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2012

Parties around the world

This list gets longer every year, so we've given it a page of its own; clicking the links below will get you there). Reports are pourin' in - get yours added soon!

Events supportin' good causes

TLAPD on line and in the media

Every day can be Talk Like A Pirate Day at ...

  • Google, where choosing the "Language" link to the right o' the search box (or just followin' our link, above) pulls up a long list o' languages fer yer search results, including "pirate." But still no Doodle, alas ...
  • FaceBook, where users can "go pirate" on TLAPD (or any day) by selectin' the "English" (or whichever language they're usin') link at the very bottom o' the page and changin' that to "English (Pirate).
  • Tweet like a Pirate for one week only with a special, pirate-ized version of SwiftKey X, an Android-to-Twitter app from TouchType. Try it out here.!
  • Another fine app for Tweetin' Like A Pirate: That Can Be My Pirate Tweet
  • If yer preferred social network, blog, forum or letter to yer granny ain't equipped to translate, you can use Post Like A Pirate (today or any day) to turn yer post into proper pirate talk!


Blog - and Tweet, and podcast - Like A Pirate:

If ye spot - or write - a blog about TLAPD, let us know! Ditto Tweets, etc.

  • Follow the official International Talk Like A Pirate Day fan page on FaceBook - which fans pushed over the 100,000 "likes" limit on Sept. 19!
  • Use the hashtag #ITLAPD for yer piratical Tweets (we're trending on Twitter!)
  • On Google+, (trending there, too), the preferred hashtag seems to be #InternationalTalkLikeAPirateDay
  • The big time: Tweeted by the President (using a photo taken in 2009 for the annual White House Correspondents' dinner and roast. No, President Obama was not meeting with pirates on Sept. 19. Although we're always open to an invitation ...)
  • Lawyer-turned-writer Maryanne M. Wells, creator of the Undead Bar Association, offered a humorous post for International Talk Like A Pirate Day.
  •, a tarrrrific site that lets teachers create and share lesson plans and classroom materials, sent out a call to socially socially-active Speech and Language Pathologists and Special Ed teachers and got the best of them to write blog posts about how to use International Talk Like A Pirate Day to motivate their kiddos. Six outstanding posts to date, with more expected, all containing free materials for the teachers or SLPs, great ideas and even thoughtful commentary. The original call, with links to all the posts, can be found at . It's a great starting point for teachers and speech therapists who'd like to use TLAPD in the classroom, and we'll be adding it to our Teacher Resources page! Organizer Bill Binko has also been tweeting like a pirate!
  •, a company dedicated to training people and businesses to profitably use social media, threw a virtual Talk Like A Pirate Day, including an event on their Facebook Page, and tweeting with #ITLAPD
  • Our Close Personal Friend and Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author, Dave Barry, blogs about his ITLAPD appearance in New York with co-author Ridley Pearson to judge the mustache contest at "Peter and the Starcatcher," the Broadway show based on their best-selling book.
  • Jim Ryan at Raging Gail (who's also writing a novel-inna-blog at ran a Talk Like A Pirate Day post on Sept. 19.
  • Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches (One Shell of a Find) blogged about Talk Like A Pirate Day
  • "Sheddies" are a special sort of UK enthusiast - people who decorate their humble garden sheds and even enter competitions. Check out some arrrrsome pirate sheds featured on the Cuprinol "We (heart) Sheds" site in honor of ITLAPD
  • Bob's Blogs: The Many Adventures of Bob the Rat! (A couple of humans scratch around it every now and then, too.) posted a TLAPD-inspired blog for Sept. 19, Pirat.

Pirating the Web

Seen any Websites that have gone pirate for the day? Let us know!

  • Spanglish for Gringos, a whimsical phrase-of-the-day site, posted something piratical for Sept. 19
  • The 4000+ teen and adult American Girl doll collectors were once again seein' their posts in pirate talk on the forums! Folks got into the spirit by choosing pirate names for the day to post under and a merry time was had by all for the fifth year in a row.

Social Piratittude

This year, we're seeing more virtual parrrties for ITLAPD on FaceBook and other social media sites.

  • At BookCrossing, the site that urges avid readers to release their books into the wild for others to enjoy, Lazy Eye Shakira (aka Rebecca, aka Bascula) hosted a challenge to get people to release as many pirate themed books as they can in the week leading up to TLAP day. Follow the fun in this thread on the BookCrossing forums.
  • Fans of Melissa Northway's award-winning children's book and storybook app, Penelope The Purple Pirate, joined a Facebook Party starting around on Sept. 19 at .
  • DownWitDat, the Downs Syndrom activist page on Facebook, hosted a TLAPD photo contest. (Trolls will be made to walk the plank)
  • A bunch o rogues and rascals Hung Out Like Pirates Sept. 19 on Google Hangouts. The event signoff: Thanks t' All that joined in here... physically and in 'spirit' fer the fun!
    Until next year... may the wind fill yer sails with a steady as she goes!
    Organizer Cap'n Ronnie Bincer also piratized the weekly HoA video tutorial on YouTube.
  • Hendywen Ddu planned a virtual voyage on her Facebook newsfeed/timeline. She writes: I have a Skipper 14 called Cariad aka Mrs Talbot’s Tug, the gunter lug option. I am intending to captain and crew her with drawings of myself and any Facebook friends who care to join me. the idea is that we shall sail, virtually, from Abercastell to Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire, taking four days over the journey, 14th to 18th September. I am hoping to post pictures of some of the places we visit. We shall be camping as Cariad has no cabin. On the 19th we shall set up a stall (virtually) and load it with photoshopped stock which we shall try to “sell” to the public telling them that it has been “liberated” Just how the story will end and whether we shall raise any money is unknown but we shall have a lot of un making up the story and creating the artwork I’m sure. I think that there will be quite a few Welsh words used as Bartholomew Roberts (Barti Ddu) was from Haverford and sold his wares in the market there which gave me the idea for the voyage." (She promises to post selected episodes to our International Talk Like A Pirate Day Facebook page).
  • Another Virtual Talk Like A Pirate Day: Social Progress, a UK-based company dedicated to helpin' companies get the most out of social media, tweeted with the hashtag #ITLAPD for Twitter & created a special event on their Facebook page.

(NEW) Video Pirattitude

Game like a pirate

We expect to see pirate action on WoW and elsewhere in the gamesverse- but we're too busy to game, so we count on you to let us know.

  • Animals Ahoy! is a new iPhone and Android trading game - involving animal pirates. Just launched by indie game designer George Argy, and available on iTunes and Google Play.
  • BingoCams, the UK-based online gambling site, ran a special ITLAPD event on Sept. 19
  • Finally, a game ye can play at work with no technology - and without gettin' in trouble (maybe): Cap'n Mark and his mates came up with The Black Spot Game. As he puts it: "No one wants the Black Spot, cuz usually the pirate what gets it, ah, gets it! It's like a calling card for a hit. Pirates what get the black spot are usually shunned, definitely no one wants to associate with them for fear of being mistaken for the targeted pirates. (Sticky "Hello my name is" badges weren't' around back then.)" No equipment required, anyone can play. They had a fine time playin' it all day long, right under the noses o' the bosses! Here be the rules.
  • Booty Quest is an exciting match 3 game from Outplay Entertainment, all wrapped up in a piratical package and now available for Android and iPhone. Check out their countdown to International Talk Like A Pirate Day on their FaceBook page.
  • Cards Against Humanity is a sort of Apples-to-Apples meets Mad Libs card game with a
    decidedly adult bent. Cap'n Sydd noticed they were inviting fan submissions in other languages, so he put together a set of pirate-talk question and answer cards - now available from the gamesite, and also from
  • DOTA 2, the wildly popular multiplayer action RTS game, has a new language pack that translates everything said in the game to pirate talk.
  • Kill3rCombo is launching the second of a three-phase gameplay revamp for the free-to-play manga inspired action MMORPG Elsword, and in celebration ofITLAPD players have access to first-time pirate costumes and can participate in numerous pirate themed events. Until the end of September, players will be able band together to repel hordes of invading pirates, scoring free costumes and accessories for working as a team.
  • Let It Ride League, a fantasy sports site, is rollin' out its second annual "Pirate World Cup" for a new season of sailin' and plunderin'! They be lookin' for hearty sailors from now through Sept. 22.  All games be free to enter.  Winner gets pirate loot!
  • Our pal and Flash game developer Carson Morton offers Pirate Keepaway, his third annual ITLAPD game. Play free, comment to help him improve gameplay..
  • Raven's Cry is a still-underdevelopment pirate-themed adventure game from a crew o' German developers at TopWare Interactive - the art and previews look terrrrific. Sign up for their newsletter to stay on top o' release plans. And check out their Talk Like A Pirate Day greetings video on YouTube, too!
  • Scallywags is a light-hearted board game by Chevee Dodd, published by Gamewright, that lets players take on the role of swashbuckling pirates divvying up their booty. Looks like right good fun! UPDATE: Cap'n Chevee's enlisted a couple o' kindred sites to sponsor giveaway contests for ITLAPD. Visit Fruitless Pursuits and on Sept. 19 for a chance to win a copy of the game.
  • Check out the Kickstarter page for Cap'n Patch and the Curse of the Peg-Legged Spider, a new iOS rhythm game under development by 2 Lonely Captains, a start-up game studio in Cincinnati, OH. If it sounds like fun, kick in a little booty to help get 'em launched!

Pirate Apps

Each year brings new pirate apps for the Android, iPhone, etc. Here are the latest we've heard of (ye can find more on our Links page)

  • Fat Cat Pirate Chat - Talk, text, and tweet like a pirate, with rapid-fire buccaneering broadsides, and snappy corsair comebacks - whether you can speak or not. The interface is based on the developers' work in assistive technology. For 2012, they've added Fat Cat mugs and T-shirts at . After a year in Apple's App store, downloads of the free version continue to grow, and they've used the interface to build additional fun apps for non-speakers (such as "talk like an Aussie"). Also available on Google Play, and coming soon to the Amazon Android store.
  • iTalkPirate - Translates whatever you say into pirate - and has FaceBook, Twitter and email integration to let you share the fun.
  • Pirate Talk, by BigAndyBee, is a free soundboard app for GooglePlay
  • Dennis "Another Middle-Aged Guy" Gruijs has created Windows phone ap people can chat with artificial intelligences. One of them is Polly, the pirates parrot! Grab it at
  • The British Slang Converter iPhone app is a text converter that promises to turn your everyday conversations to "proper pirate talk." Built by Phil Gardner.

Laugh Like A Pirate

Webcomics and other funny folk celebrate TLAPD:

  • We count on Savage Chickens to come up with a week's worth o' pirate chicken cartoons every Talk Like A Pirate Day - and he ran yet another round in the week leading up to Sept. 19. Because what could be better than pirate chicken cartoons drawn on PostIt notes?
  • Mark Anderson's Andertoons blog offered an excellent tutorial in How To Draw A Cartoon Pirate - just in time for Talk Like A Pirate Day!

TLAPD promotions, contests, sales and miscellany

  • Best promotion EVER: The Tony Award-winning Broadway show, "Peter and the Starcatchers," got in on the ITLAPD fun with a contest in honor of the show's evil pirate,, Black Stache.
  • The Australian Photography online photographers' community celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day via the weekly themed "photo of the week" contest - the theme for the week o' Sept. 16 was "waterborne."
  • The Banished Privateers, a band, a crew an’ a soup kitchen who think that gettin’ new interesting bruises, mixin’ the perfect tar “perfume” an’ getting’ the audience to vocally overpower them is at least as important as hittin’ the right notes, released its new album, Songs and Curses and gave it away for free on Pirate Bay. The band plays "original songs inspired by traditional sea shanties, bastardized irish folk, old scandinavian ballads, plays and court protocols of the pirate era and puttin’ it into a cracked and homemade 17th century punk mold." Check them out on Facebook and their Website.
  • For the fourth year running, BPOD Cycling held its annual Talk Like A Pirate Day Sale: "Pirates have seized the international shipping lanes and are giving a one day amnesty on ALL INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. This means anything purchased on our site on Sept. 19 ships world wide for free!"
  • Fresh Roasted Coffee, based in Selinsgrove, PA, ran a pirate special on Sept. 19Check out their Blackbeard's Revenge blend...
  • Greeting Card Universe, an indie company with more than 5,000 contributing artists has a great line of original Talk Like A Pirate Day cards suitable for the occasion.
  • (coffee pirate)  celebrated like a pirate day here in the Netherlands Matey!  I am responsible for all our social media work and have been doing my best to promote the day. H. - Ehlers
  • Shiver me Timbers! Krispy Kreme got on Talk Like a Pirate Day with a tasty grub giveaway. On Wednesday, September 19, any buccaneer who dared enter a participating US Krispy Kreme location talking like a pirate got one FREE Original Glazed® doughnut - and those dressed like pirates got a free dozen! Includin' Ol' Chumbucket ....
  • Also onboard (again) for 2012: Long John Silver's: Pirates visitin' one of their participating US restaurants talking or dressed as a pirate on Sept. 19 got a free piece of fish with any purchase!
  • offered a special 15%-off code for pirates on Sept. 19! (we hope some of our fans took the prime opportunity to pick up some o' our books, includin' The Li'l Pirate's ABSeas, Cap'n Slappy's Parade o' Pirate Poetry and the swashbuckling adventure tales from the Festerin' Boil!)
  • Mango Languages - a legit language-learning course - has released a new Pirate Language module ye can get for free (for a limited time) - just in time to brush up for ITLAPD!
  • MapDiva, makers of Artboard and Ortelius vector drawing software for the Mac, threw Talk Like A Pirate Day drawing contest for Artboard users on their Facebook page. Prizes include our own Revolutionary Slappy T-shirt!
  • Myo Massage, Austin TX, offered $10 off all 60-minute (or longer) massages to clients who came in talking like pirates on Sept. 19 and the week after. Writes Cap'n Catherine,
    "It's our favorite holiday. The first year, one of our clients (a man in his 60s, a former marine) came in speaking fluent pirate, to my amazement; my measly Arr? in response was all I could muster."
  • From the far shores of England, our mateys, the Peerless Pyrates have a fine collection o' pyrate tunes to get yer Party a' swingin. Bein' generous fellows they gave a-way a FREE DOWNLOAD of 'The Ghost of Captain Kidd' for yer listening pleasure. Be sure to check them out here:
  • A German mate alerts us to what looks like an amusin' meal: Piratensuppe!
  • Pirate's Booty, a new kids' album from Clint Perry & The Boo Hoo Crew, hit the iTunes store on Sept. 17, just in time for ITLAPD. Check out a track for free.
  • Looking for a way to get the youngsters off to a good start for Talk Like A Pirate Day?
  • Plush Addict, a new UK company offering plush nappy (diaper) fabric and custom-embroidered nappies and bags, offered Talk Like A Pirate Day specials Sept. 19 on all pirate and skull-themed fabrics.
  • Check out the interactive iPad book by first-time author Cary Snowden, "The Day I Became A Pirate" recently named this year's Best Multimedia In An eBook at Dan Poynter's Global eBook Awards
  • The launch of "Swords & Sails; The Legacy of the Red Lion," a new pirate adventure novel by David McAvoy II, coincided with International Talk Like A Pirate Day.
  • Looking for pirate fun beyond Talk Like A Pirate Day? Sydney Treasure Hunt arranges pirate-themed treasure hunts on land and sea, in and around Sydney, Australia. Visit their site and contact them for a price quote!
  • WestJet is nuts for TLAPD. Along with sprinkling pirattitude all over their Facebook page, they offered a Talk Like A Pirate Day discount on flights to the Caribbean booked on Sept. 19.

In the media

Print and Web

  • While it's not an Official Government List (as one of our correspondents hoped it was), we're right pleased to see International Talk Like A Pirate Day on this list of "US National/Federal Holiday Dates."
  • Freelance writer Bill Kilmar wrote a great column on ITLAPD that's been picked up , by The Lake Orion (MI) Review, Patch (published in Michigan, Missouri and Florida), the Fort Scott Kansas Tribune and the Oakland (CA) Press, among many others.
  • The Alabama news site writes about TLAPD, and offers readers a chance to vote for their favorite pirate. (We wrote in Cap'n Slappy ...)
  • The Bradenton (Kentucky) Herald offers some good tips for talking like a pirate.
  • From the Eugene (OR.) Register-Guard, a heartstring-tuggin' story about a wee girl born on International Talk Like A Pirate Day, and her family's struggle with her rare health condition..
  • Fhtagn Magazine!, an online, Spanish-language publication about comics, scifi,
    fantasy, and games is packed with Pirate content for its September issue, including an article about the origins of ITLAPD and how to talk like a Spanish-speaking pirate (by our ol' mate MaGnUs, host of the annual Perdidos in Enter TLAPD radio show), a Goonies review, and an article about the roleplaying game 7th Sea (also by MaGnUs). Free (and legal) downloads at
  • Huffington Post picks up on the Krispy Kreme ITLAPD promotion.
  • The French magazine Science & Vie Decouvertes, a junior version of the adult science news magazine Science & Vie, features our own Pirate Guys, Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket,iin its October feature "P comme ... PIRATES".

On the "Air"

Radio and TV stations love Talk Like A Pirate Day, and we don't even hear about most of the on-air pirattitude. When we do, ye'll find it here (and let us know if you discover something we haven't!)

  • Woohoo! Craig Ferguson (who pretty much sounds like a pirate all the time, thanks to that Scots accent) devoted a good bit of his Sept. 19 opening monologue on the Late Late Show to Talk Like A Pirate Day - even callin' out the Pirate Guys by name! (the good stuff starts around 9:30)
  • If we had a doubloon for everyone who's told us about the new-for-2012 Hyundai commercial, we could all retire from sea. But we have to admit that hearing Jeff Bridges mention our little holiday - not once, but twice - give us a thrill.
  • The Learning Station ("Healthy Music for a Child's Heart, Mind and Body") crew figured that since children love pirates, it would be a bounty of fun to invite all of our fans from around the world to join-in on the 10th annual, “Talk Like a Pirate Day”! Besides sending an email blast directing everyone to our children’s page for some pirate fun and games, they ’ll be socially interacting on Facebook and Twitter and featuring their video, “Baby Sharrrrrrk” which opens up with a little pirate adventure!
  • The popular Disney TV show, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, airs a new special on Sept. 19 - and one of the young stars says the Talk Like A Pirate Day timing is awesome. GeekMom, over at Wired, is pretty excited about it, too. And the Disney Junior email newsletter for the week is full o' ideas for celebratin' Talk Like A Pirate Day, too!
  • and will simulcast a Talk Like A Pirate Day special pirate movie marathon podcast, featuring interviews with Captain Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa.... If anyone else would like to join in, email the host.
  • The Grinning Beggar Celtic Music Podcast, out of Bethlehem, PA ( hosts the second annual TLAPD show on Sept. 19. (Also available on iTunes).
  • Cap'n Terry writes" I had tremendous fun 2 years ago doing a ITLAPD day radio show. About 2 weeks ago my 16 year old son asks, "Dad, can I do a pirate radio show?"
    Imagine my joy! I said we can do a pirate show for ITLAPD this year. So Sean and myself will be doing a ITLAPD radio show on Saturday September 22 from 10am-noon Eastern on, broadcasting from Garnerville, NY.
  • We're told we were to be the Kim Komando Kool Site o' the Day on Sept. 19 - an honor, t'be sure!
  • KAIL TV, Channel 53 in Fresno aired weekly original show "A Day At The Ritz." on Sept. 16 with International Talk Like A Pirate Day was the theme. Catch it on YouTube after it airs!
  • KLMR in Lamar CO,  ran a Talk Like A Pirate Day contest for their callers am (Mountain Time) Sept. 19.
  • Captain Cornflakes, the corniest, flakiest Pirate ever to sail the seven galaxies, hosts Dunedin, NZ's children's radio programme Space Station Kiwi on Otago Access radio 105.4FM. (Podcast at He'll played some piratey goodness this coming Saturday morning 800 -900AM NZ time, to celebrate talk like a pirate day.
  • B98fm Wichita Kansas Broadcast all morning in Costume and encouraged the Listening Audience to carry on the rich tradition of talking like a Pirate!
  • Q93FM Charlettown Prince Edward Island Canada gave a nice shout-out to ITLAPD, accordin' to a fan.
  • On Mountain FM, out of Squamish, Canada, hosts Matt, Kirstin and Carl sang pirate karaoke for Talk Like A Pirate Day! Ye've got t' give it a listen. "Call Me Matey," indeed ...

Read on for what else is happening all over the world...