Talk Like A Pirate Day 2012

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Part Two: Geographically

Don't see an event listed fer your region? Check out the "pirate crews" page at No Quarter Given, where they list crews by region around the US and the world! Or visit the Talk Like A Pirate Day MeetUp page set up by one of our fans and organize yer own event!

And check out the 2012 Google map on our home page, pinpointing as many of these celebrations on the globe as we can!

For TLAPD activities in the virtual and over-the-air world, see Part One.

Around the world, by region:

(The place names listed here are the ones we've heard from, this year or last. We welcome more!)

Events supportin' good causes


"My branch of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is organising a worldwide raising of the grog glass as the sun goes down to celebrate the holiest day in the Pastafarian calender. Everyone is welcome. All they have to do is find the time of sunset locally (link provided on event page), and toast the day as the sun goes down. We envisage the sun being followed around the world on a Mexican wave of toasts. We will provide a link to a page where participation photos can be posted and everyone taking part can comment." - Cap'n Simon. Facebook event page.

North America



CANMORE - Employees of an unnamed company will be talking - and dressing - like pirates for a company-sponsored golf tournament in Canmore. Cap'n Haley writes: "Der will b hundreds of us there and we be talkin like pirates all day of September 19!"

British Columbia

BOSTON BAR - Cap'n Alison celebrated' ITLAPD with her 2,3 & 4th graders at Boston Bar Elementary School and writes "We love it!"

MISSION - A group o' self-styled filthy skallywags met below decks at the aptly named Captain's Cabin on Sept. 19 for some rum (with limes to keep away the scurvy)

VICTORIA - Vancouver Island Pirates in Victoria British Columbia went on a bit of a pub crawl on Sept. 19 in the middle of the last dog watch (7pm fer yea lubbers) at the Irish Times, 1200 Government STreet. The course takes us to Swans, Canoe, and eventually ends at Rehab. YoHo! Map ~ Facebook Group

VICTORIA - James Bay Coffee & Books, 143 Menzies St., Victoria, BC. Local pirates joined Kim, Winnie, and the crew Sept. 19 for Pirate Shanties led by Bill Huot, then Redmond O’Colonies in his capacity as TOWN CRIER conducted the raising of our replacement pirate flag (generously donated by Jim Moffatt – thanks Jim!!!).

Nova Scotia

EASTERN PASSAGE - "It seemth to this pirate that the Canadian pirates are under-represented! In Mrs. Anne LeBlanc's grade 2/3 combined class (7 and 8 year old students) in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia will be celebrating all day wearing eyepatches and pirate names. We will be making treasure maps and talking like pirates (of course!)" - Cap'n Anne LeBlanc

HALIFAX - Ripe Old Seadogs at Spencer House Seniors' Centre in Nova Scotia celebrated Talk like a Pirate Day with booty and more than a few shouts of Arrr, Avast and Ahoy (with lessons from your Five A's YouTube video!)


BELLEVILLE - Cap'n Robert Hilton has been a follower of ITLAPD from the start, and now he's got a place to celebrate: His new restaurant, Kelsey's, 170 N. Front Street in Belleville. Staff was dressed in pirate garb and guests are encouraged to dress as pirates for further deals. He writes: "This will be the first celebration of its kind for our area and we look forward to having this event yearly (or I do). Just thought I would drop a line and let you guys know we are on board with the Cap'n."

FERGUS - We be havin our 7th Annual gathrin' o' the flee on th 15th at nite of course to evade the revenuers. The ship be rigged, the rum barrels be full and the wenches be braced for hard sailin.(heheheheheh) Be proud to have you announce the event on yer fine map! Thanks for sure! - Capt MadCeltic o' the North

KEMPTVILLE - Kemptville pirates got an early start with second annual Pirate Days, Saturday, Sept. 15 near the riverfront off Highway 44/Prescott Street. The fun started with a Pirate Pancake breakfast at Butler’s Victorian Pantry. Check their Website for more information.

KINGSTON - "We'r having a talk like a pirate party in Kingston on Sept 15 K & R 'grand mighty ship. " - Cap'n Ketha

PORT DOVER - Captain Billys, on Main St., celebrated its first Talk Like A Pirate Day with costume prizes, food specials, an open jam and Port Dover's own House Milner.

SUDBURY - We be plannin' to sing pirate songs in arrrrrr music edjeecashun classes next Wednesday. That is the Concurrent (teacher education) Program in the School of Education, Laurentian University Sudbury, Ontario Canada. Anyone that be wantin to join in is welcome - Room 108. 8:30-10 am, 1:00-2:30 and 2:30-400. We might put ye in the skuppers with a hosepipe though, so be ready. - Cap'n David

OTTAWA - "Gonna start the start the night Talk'n like a pirate on Waverley and then head to Lieutenant's Pub dressed in Pirate wear to drink like a pirate.
Elgin street is gonna be Pirate Central." - Cap'n Ian

TORONTO - Gone Sailing Adventures offered a special International Talk Like A Pirate Day sail on Lake Ontario Sept. 19. Writes Cap'n Howard, "Avast yar maitees. Its International Talk Like a Pirate Day and we're setting sail to pillage and blunder upon all ye vessels that we can ... Captain Blye has summoned me to gather up a press gang and put ye scoundrals to work upon the foredeck to raise canvas and set sail far the evening. Upon hearing the cannon blast at 1700hrs (5:00pm) we shall leave port and circumnavigate the islands. Wear your best pirate outfit and join the crew upon the vessel "Bette K" "Like" them on Facebook.

TORONTO - Pirate Rob in Toronto - home of the Toronto Harbour Corsair Squadron, the scurviest crew to ever plunder a fleet of swan boats - celebratedTalk Like a Pirate Day by giving a shiny doubloon to every landlubbing bilgerat who spoke pirate to him!


DAUPHIN - Ayye ye comely wench. We be celbratin sept 19 at the corner of 2nd St NW and 2nd Ave Nw. - Cap'n Larry

Northwest Territories

YELLOWKNIFE - We’ll all be celebratin the majestic day on the shores of Great Slave Lake in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. - Shaner

Nova Scotia


MONTREAL - The Magical Blend, 1928 St. Catherine West, celebrates ITLAPD every year. On Sept. 19 shoppers who showed up in the shop talking like a pirate received free gifts, and if they came dressed as pirates, they were entered into a drawing for a $35 gift certificate.

MONTREAL - "We're celebrating the high holy day here in Montreal, best and Arrrgh!!!" - kwd...


REGINA - The folks at DinoBouncers, an indoor entertainment facility for kids at the corner of 7th Ave. and Park, celebrated their third annual Talk Like A Pirate Day this year. "It is one of our favorite days. Decorated to the hilt and costumes adorned by staff! We invite the kids to dress up and participate. We play pirate music overhead!! Check out our photos on our facebook page."


United States


FLORALA - Cap'n Leah and mates planned to celebrate ITLAPD!

HOOVER - The third grade classes at Shades Mountain Elementary School in Hoover, AL, celebrated all day at school on Thursday. "Our students work in teams to design pirate ships, jolly Rogers, and treasure maps. We all dress as pirates and talk like pirates. The other teachers and I will be going by Krispy Kreme to pick up our free dozen of glazed donuts for dressing like pirates. This is one of our favorite days each school year! Thanks for providing us with such a fun day!" - Cap'n Deanna.

MOBILE - Cap'n Bradley Flott writes: "Ahoy! I share my Birthday with the same day as National Talk Like Pirate Day. I live in Mobile, AL and we plan a big party for both events."

PHENIX CITY - Yar! We be celebratin at Chattachoochee Valley Community College down in Phenix City, AL. Our mascot is the pirate and we’d love to be included in yer map! Have an arrrrr-some day! - Kelly aka Commodore Jane the Fearsome Eye


ANCHORAGE - Pub crawl! More than just a night to celebrate celebrate your inner Pirate, it's a time to put the FUN back in FUNDRAISER for the Blood Bank of Alaska! Pirates will set sail on Saturday, September 22nd from 7 pm into the wee hours of the night and voyage around downtown to as many participating businesses they can and partake in Pirate themed games and adventures, determined by the fine establishments on the route. Get your treasure map stamped at all participating locations and be entered to win the grand prize booty of 80,000 air miles! The establishment raising the most money will be declared the winner and fly the Anchorage Pirate flag for the entire year. More information at and on the event's Facebook page.


SCOTTSDALE - Ahoy Ye Landlubbers! Pirates from the Arizona Renaissance Festival will taught kids HOW TO TALK LIKE A PIRATE and shared some tales of Pirate adventures at the Mustang Library in Scottsdale on Sept. 19.Information on their Website.

WILLCOX - Red-Handed Lil and the Ol' Inland Sea Dog, late of Idaho, write that they now reside in Willcox, Arizona "in beautiful, historic and fantastically weird Cochise County. Not a lot of tidal action near here, but we do have a huge dry lake next door. Our pirating activities get pretty dusty and necessarilly involve great quantities of brew & grog. And University of Arizona football. Please move my map pin accordingly - I am endeavoring to interest enough lubbers to form some sort of loose group, but in this area, pirates on horseback are generally referred to as RUSTLERS. Different speech patterns altogether, but close enough to work with, we hope."


ENGLAND - "I wanted to let you know that students in England, Arkansas will be Talking Like A Pirate tomorrow. My husband teaches Health and PE at the local high school. He told his students when they speak tomorrow they must talk like a pirate. They are excited and are reminding him each time they see him. I am the librarian at the elementary school. I will be talking like a pirate to the students and reading pirate-themed books. Hopefully, next year we will do more." - Cap'n Stephanie


ANAHEIM - "We will be celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day at Independence Christian School in Anaheim ,California... Our middle school students dress up, I give them pirate names and we will play "Bombs Away" at lunch time.. This is a water balloon toss/fight with black balloons. All pirates get Jolly Ranchers for participating and" Best Dressed Pirates" get a bag of gold coin candy.....This is the 5th year we have celebrated and it is the students' favorite Dress Up day!" - Cap'n Lynne

CAMPBELL and SAN JOSE - Psycho Donuts Campbell, 2006 S Winchester Blvd in Campbell and Psycho Donuts San Jose, 288 S. Second St in San Jose, offered Pirate Headbanger donuts for half price on Sept. 19!

LAFAYETTE - Ahoy Matey! -- Sept. 19 is "Talk Like a Pirate Day," and the Lafayette Library, 491 Mt. Diablo Blvd, celebrated with an all-ages program at 6:30 p.m.

LAKESIDE - Cap't David (aka Rum Runnin' Rita) writes: "I be a pirate teacher. In fact, I be known through our little land here in Lakeside (small community east of the port of San Diego), as "the pirate teacher." I dress and talk like a pirate most of the year. We do lots of pirate themed things throughout the year. My class is very decorated in pirate gear and I cal it my ship and my class is me crew. I have been a-pirating since '03. My class are little buccaneers and cut throats. They be a hearty crew and lookin forward to our special day. Every year I celebrate TLAPD with lessons, songs, and all the kids must dress up. We read about pirates and speak the pirate lingo,( even though from day one in my class, they learn pirate speak), sing many a shanty and drink grog---(well a seven up mixed with fruit juice). We have a grand time." Check out this picture of some of her crewmates from a few years past.

LANCASTER - "Actually it's not so much that I have any event planned, it's just that I'm a teacher and dressing up for world history is always fun. But it's even more fun when Back to School night is on the same day. That means that I get to greet like a pirate. Way too much fun." - Cap'n Chris, Amargosa Creek Middle School

MODESTO - The Gamers & Anime Club at Modesto Junior College celebrated ITLAPD with a full day of gaming, pirate movies and food (free to those in pirate garb) Sept. 19 at the MSR building of Modesto Junior College West Campus, 2201 Blue Gum Avenue, Modesto, California.

REDLANDS - The crew at the Environmental Systems Research Institute, the world's leading mapping and geographic information systems company (and the world's 5th largest privately-owned information technology company), have their priorities in order: The company library, run by Colleen Mad Books, Daughter of the infamous Captain Hook & Puffy Shirt Patty, Swashbuckler Extraordinaire, offered mid-day snacks in a piratical theme on Sept. 19, and warn "ye best be talkin’ like a pirate!" (We got the word from our old shipmate Deepsea Dawn Wright, ESRI chief scientist, and a true swashbucker.)

ROSEVILLE - "We are a surly crew of Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Underwriters and have celebrated ITLAP days for the last five years with rum cake and pirate games. We spend much of our day discussing and considering all the different ways one could become dismembered. I’m guessing that this is also a main concern for Pirates too." - Cap'n Jan

SACRAMENTO - The Pirates of Sacramento planned not one, but TWO events for Talk Like A Pirate Day, both aboard the Republic, 908 15th Street. On Sept. 8, 7-10 pm, they taught participants "ta swear like honest pirates by learnin’ yer Nouns and Arrrjectives. Then we be teachin’ ye ta talk all proper like ta the Buccaneers an’ Wenches so’s ye ken drink yer ale an’ grog as opposed ta wearin’ it! If ye survives that, we takes ya ta Roll th’ Bones tag it yer pirate name (a small processin’ fee of $1 be applied prior ta yer roll of th’ bones)." After a few days to let the lessons sink in, the crew returned to the Republic on Sept. 19 " ta see how many of ye bilge rats ken remember yer own names much less Talk Like A Pirate! Pub Games and Prizes be th’ order of th’ Night!" More information.

SACRAMENTO - Chuck's 5th Annual Pirate and Wench Party to celebrate ITLAPD took place on Saturday, September 15 at Marilyn's on K Street. Costumes mandatory - put on yer best pirate garb and ye be ready fer plunderin' me hearties. Cap`n Chuck says a royal parrrty be sure to be in store. Music by DJ Katz. Caliink Airbrush Tattoos will be on hand to spray on tattoos. They also collected canned food for donation to the River City Food Bank. Facebook Events Page.

SAN DIEGO - The Pirate Queen's Booty is the theme of a piratical burlesque show in honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day from 6-8 pm on Sept. 22 and 23 at the Scottish Rite Event Center, 1895 Camino Del Rio South. Staged by A Bit O' Burlesque, modern-day, traditional burlesque dance company that delivers sassy, saucy and humorous entertainment to audiences in San Diego, and featuring music by Dannicus. For information and tickets call 619-444-4197.

SEASIDE - The Brethren (and Sistren) of the Central Coast held their fourth annual ITLAPD Gathering Sunday, Sept. 15.

ST. HELENA - The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum (where more appropriate?) hosted a TLAPD Pirate School for the little swashbucklers of Napa Valley on Sept. 19th. Kids, ages 5 - 10 yrs, were invited to come by to participate free in an afternoon of fun and crafts. Create you're very own sword and hat, learn songs and shanties, or explore the museum for buried treasures!! It's all up to you and your piratical imagination! Just remember the words of Billy Bones and beware "a seafaring man with one leg...."

TRACY - "My sister is throwing me a Pirate Birthday Party ( I am turning 53 on Sept. 19, I may not be a Spring chicken, but I still like having fun) this coming Saturday Sept. 22 " - Cap'n Denise.


BOULDER - Pirate Con hits Boulder on Sept. 22, from around 7 pm until ... whenever. It's more of a freeform pirate pub crawl than a formal Convention, but it sounds like a whole lot o' fun. See the Navigation Charts for participatin' ports o' call- as they put it, "Thar be no schedule, thar be no route! Stop by any of these fine ports after 7PM on Saturday and meet up with the pirates.
These fine estabshiments be welcoming pirates all night! Look fer the Black Flag outside!"

DENVER - P.T.'s Showclub, 1601 W. Evans Ave., celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 19 with a pirate talk contest ("pirate talk your way into a $50 bar tab") and "make your own grog" featurin' Seven Tiki.Free admission for fans & followers; $5 off admission to P.T.'s After Dark.


NORWALK - The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk plannned a day of all-ages pirate fun on Sunday, Sept. 16 . Lads and lasses were encouraged to come dressed in pirate garb and stop by the activity table for crafts and jokes. In the Toy Boat Workshop, design your own skull-and-crossbone rig ($5 fee). And, weather permitting, kids can lob "cannonballs" at a feisty freebooter commanding a boat on the aquarium's riverfront courtyard. At 1:30 p.m., enjoy a family-friendly performance by the bumbling pirate Billy Bones, who will offer zany lessons about being a boisterous buccaneer.

WINDSOR - The Pirates at LIMRA are going to be plundering pirate cake and grog! (it’s a private event. Me don’t want the Captn’ to keel haul me and grow barnacles on me starboard knacker!) - First Mate Jo Ann

WINDSOR LOCKS - Cap'n Ateneh simply says "Yer a scurvy bilge rat, ya pompous gasbag." Fair enough.

WEST HARTFORD - For the third year running, the Whole Foodss tore in West Hartford was be all pirate, all the time on Sept. 19. The store's 250+ team members dress like pirates, talk like pirates, win prizes, give out grub to customers in costume and generally enjoy their favorite day of the year - just because THEY LOVE PIRATES! (Not only that, but Team Leader Cap'n Kim observed the One True Holiday for three years before that at a store in Bristol, UK - the HOME of pirates.)


DEWEY BEACH - Cap'n Todd writes: "We, the people of Dewey Beach, DE LIVE like pirates all summer long with our dress, speech and especially our dance. We will be raising a glass and a lusty AARGGH! on this special day."

WILMINGTON - The Delaware Children's Museum celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 19. Read Pirate Pete's "Talk Like a Pirate" with us, forge your own pirate hook, discover the secret code of pirate-speak, don an eye patch, dig for buried booty, and put your new swashbuckler skills to the test as you embark on a treasure hunt throughout the Museum!

District of Columbia

We never hear from the nation's capital. Much speculation about why - too busy with Serious Matters of State? No sense of humor? All pirates, all the time? But every year we hope ... in vain. Until this year. When Cap'n Jim, of the Washington Men's Camerata, sent us this link to a bit o' the chorus's Sept. 19th rehearsal. The fun starts about one minute in "unscripted - but from the heart, and from a band of men who have sung their share of sea shanties."


ALTAMONTE SPRINGS - The mates at Kiwi's Pub & Grill, 801 W. State Road 436 once again celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 19. They hoped for the biggest parrrty in Central Florida with many costume contests with many, many prizes and a big Sailor Jerry Rum promotion. Sailor Jerry had their giant trailer in the parking lot and we expect hundreds of people.

DEL RAY BEACH - Delray Beach Center for the Arts threw a Pirate Happy AARRGGHHH! On September 19th at Tryst in downtown Delray Beach. We are celebrating in our Museum as well with our exhibit “Ahoy Maitz!” Don Maitz, the creator of the Captain Morgan pirate image has all of his pirate paintings on display through October 28th. Look for us online at I have posted on International Talk like a Pirate facebook page as well. - Meri-wench Leanne

DESTIN - A local pirate ship is pumped up the Sept. 19 Krispy Kreme donut giveaway.

JACKSONVILLE - The Jax and Jax Beach House Harriers ran a Pirate Hash starting at 7 pm from 400 3rd Street. Bring your booty, eye patch, your favorite gold earring, your best pirate voice to trail and virgins to walk the plank!! $ and ID for on after @ gingers.

KEY WEST - They don't need much reason to celebrate pirates in Key West, but Cap'n Beth Rooney and her mates hosted a huge bar crawl Sept. 19 for International Talk Like A Pirate Day. It started at 8pm and rampaged through the Rum Barrel, Island Dogs, Rumor Lounge, Durty Harry's, The Porch, Irish Kevin's, The Lazy Gecko and Tattoo's and Scars - all famous bars on and around Duval Street. Dress - and talk - like a pirate and join the fun! Best costume contest was held at IRISH KEVIN'S !!!!!!

LAKE WORTH - We OFFICIALLY passed a proclamation declaring ITLPD in the City of Lake Worth! I wanted to be sure we made the map and also wanted to know if there were other governments out there joinin' in the fun??? - Cap'n Michael,
City Manager and Head Pirate

LYNN HAVEN -" I am the personal vanguard of “Talk Like a Pirate Day” at Trane in Lynn Haven, Florida. This is open to all 700 local employees - and me crew will carry on festivities over lunch at Beef O’Brady’s The above agenda will be repeated every year as long as I live. . . . which we hope will be a L-O-O-N-N-G-G time. - Cap'n Mickey Kirksey

MIAMI BEACH - Monty's Sunset, on the beach at the Miami Beach Marina,threw huge Talk Like A Pirate Day Bash Sept. 19. Stop by and party like a pirate all night long! Rum drink specials, specials on some of the best seafood in town from their raw bar, and a costume contest with a grand prize of $200 for the best-dressed pirate couple. They also plan a Treasure Hunt around the entire restaurant and Tiki Bar - and a special visit from their own local pirate tour ship!

OCALA - At The Villages, a a retirement community of more than 85,000 residents South of Ocala, celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day with a photo scavenber treasure hunt. Pirate Crews will be sent on a time-limited trip around The Villages to pillage and plunder and collect as many treasure points as possible. They will then gather at the center after to enjoy some grub and spirits and count up their booty points! This private event took place Sept. 17..

POMPANO BEACH - The Office Elements crew shut down the office at noon on Sept. 19 to partake in the Scurvy celebration, along with 25 invited guests. Good on ye, mates! Team Pirate approves!

SANFORD - Hot on the heels of ITLAPD comes the Pirates of the Saint Juans Festival, Sept. 21-22 with a fun run, a pub crawl and more. Find out more at or visit their FaceBook page.

SEFFNER - Cap'n Dale, at LazyDays, an RV dealer, writes "While this is a private event, I am pleased to announce it is our 2nd annual and participation keeps growing. We will have a Pirate themed lunch with Cuban sandwiches and crab cakes. Thanks for creating a terrific reason to Party at work!!!!!!!!!!!!"

ST. AUGUSTINE - Pirate Lord William Mayhem and the St Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum hoped for a large turnout for an evening of pirate fun, music, games, magic, singing, balloons from 5-8 pm on Sept. 19. At 7pm they invite ever Pirate, Swashbuckler, Scallywag, Privateer, Ne'r do Well, Buccaneer and just all around Jolly Good Fellows to participate in a Grand Photo to be taken of the Museum with all it's Guests and all it's Glory. Details on their Facebook Event page.

TAMPA - Celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day, South Tampa Style with the Gaspar’s Gold™ Provisions Company crew. Gasparilla is not the only time that we celebrate piracy! Open to Public, Come one, come all! Location: Brewburgers, 3681 S. Westshore Blvd. (corner Westshore & Euclid). Sept. 19, 5 pm till closing. Food & Drink Specials for those in costume. · Bonus Special: Kids Eat Free! (with adult food purchase) Prizes. Become a ITLAPD youtube star! The crew will be videoing! Even pets are welcomed (on the deck) as long as they're dressed like pirates!

WEST PALM BEACH - Looking to buy or sell a boat for International Talk Like A Pirate Day? Visit the 2nd annual Florida Marine Market & Seafood Festval Sept. 7-9 at the South Florida Fairgrounds, 9067 Southern Boulevard, West Palm Beach. The boat auction features more than 100 vessels, with previews Sept. 7-8 and an auction at 11 am Sunday. The event also features healthy delicious seafood with all the traditional side dishes, beverages, desserts and comfort foods as well, and dozens of nautical and maritme vendor booths. Not a TLAPD-specific event, but it sounds like a place where pirattitude would be welcomed! Visit their Website for more information.


DECATUR - Scheduled on the weekend nearest to Talk Like A Pirate Day, the PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl is the ultimate inland meeting of pirates, buccaneers, rascals, rogues, scoundrels, ruffians and scalawags this side of the bounding main. It’s an invasion, a sack, a pub crawl and a great way to meet other enthusiasts of the piratical arts ending in a fantastic pub sing starring some of the most popular renfest bands of our time! No registration, no fees, just show up and follow Captain Drew and his crew as they wend their way through the ale houses of downtown Decatarrr on their way to the big Palooza at the end of the night! Details at

TIFTON - Cap'n Judy and Cap'n Tina once again opened up their ship at the Tifton-Tift County Public Library for a pirate fun-filled hour in honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day on Wednesday, Sept. 19, from 4:30-5:30. Everyone was encouraged to come in costume and receive their pirate name, face-painting fun, decorating spyglasses, and eating some tasty pirate treats.


LAHAINA, Maui - The Lahaina Coolers Drinking Team celebrated its 5th annual ITLAPD at Lahaina Cooler Bar and Restaurant on Sept. 19 from 3 pm until closing. Wear pirate garb and get 25% off your food bill. Check out their Facebook page.

MAUI - We wish to be added to ye YARR map! The Maui Diamond II will be celebrating its second annual Pirate Charter, and the boat already be full :) Please let me know what other information you need. The Maui Diamond II is located in Maui and sails out of Maalaea Harbor on a daily basis. You can check us out on Facebook or on our website at


Where be the pirates o' the inland empire?


CHICAGO - The private Everleigh Social Club hosted its annual Naked Girls Reading Pirates on Sept. 14 in honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Naked girls. Reading. Pirates. What's not to love? Information on their Website.

CHICAGO - The Derby Bar & Grill, 1224 W. Webster Ave., threw a TLAPD Party on Sept. 19. The bar opens at 5 pm, but Cap'n Tiffany says she expects the festivities will begin around 9 pm. The staff plans to dress up and they plan to serve up some boozy pirate cocktails.

GRAYSLAKE - At Grayslake North High School, writes choir director Paul Nielsen, "I have started a Pirate Choir. Once a week, about twelve high school boys get together and sing pirate songs. On ITLAPD, we start out the day going around the hallways singing our songs before classes begin. Throughout the day, random outbursts of Pirate Songs will occur."

HAMPSHIRE - “Talk Like a Pirate Day” was slated from 5 to 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 19, at the library. Children can dress up like pirates and enjoy pirate grub, a buried-treasure hunt, face painting and making eye patches.

RANTOUL - The Rantoul Public Library joined with the Rantoul Theatre Group to present the free, swashbuckling event: “Talk Like a Pirate Day” from on Sept. 19. This joint venture was held in the theater’s space in Grissom Hall. Fantastic pirate-related activities are planned, matey … with snacks and giveaways, too.

WOODBRIDGE - Completely Crazy, the Rocky Horror shadowcast that performs each Saturday at midnight at the Hollywood Boulevard Theater, celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 15 with a pirate theme night. Audience and cast will dress up to enjoy ARRRHPS. Open to the public with a regularly priced ticket. Check out the photo!


INDIANAPOLIS - International Talk Like a Pirate Day Celebration - Saturday, Sept. 22, 10 a.m.–3 p.m. Arrr! Come aboard as The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis celebrates International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Learn to speak like a pirate and enjoy special activities highlighting swashbucklin’ pirates o’ old.

NEW ALBANY - Cap'n Heather, of Grant Line Elementary, writes: "My fourth grade class will be celebrating TLAPD with fun piratey activities! We will be Pinning the Cannon on the Pirate Ship, Engaging in a Reading Comprehension Battle of Wits (and cannon explosions), Making pirate masks, creating clay boats that float (we hope), solving Pirate Poster Math Problems with word problems I plundered from your site a few years ago (THANK YOU) and many other fun (and educational) things. Including a pirate sing-a-long and movie (Muppet Treasure Island or Blackbeard's Ghost). We have been preparing by learning how to draw ourselves as pirates and then writing stories about our Pirate Selves. Learning the history of Piracy and comparing real pirates to Hollywood pirates. Thanks for helping me make learning fun for my students!! "


CLEAR LAKE - The Swabbies o' Clear Lake got a month's head start on their pirattitude when they held the world's first-ever Iowa-Minnesota Pirate Festival, at PM Park & Tiki Bar on the beach along Clear Lake's south shore. They'll be ready for September, that's for sure!


SOMEWHERE IN KANSAS - "T'day be me birthday. And although I be landlocked in Kansas (godforsaken place...never water to speak of for miles!) I'll try celebratin' in true Pirate fashion! ...well, as much so, as someone in Kansas can.... The little ones an I will be dining with the rest o the crew on ....what else....SEAFOOD! ..followed by vast quantities of chocolate and RUM! Thank you and all the other fine pirates from the bottom of my peg leg to the tip of the feather in my hat, for such a comical and fun-filled birthday!" - Cap'n Pete

EL DORADO - The campus of Butler Community College in beautiful El Dorado, Kansas (the oil-drenched garden spot of south-central Kansas) celebratedTLAPD in grand form. The campus radio station, Butler Radio (KBTL-FM 88.1 and will hold a radio remote on campus from 11am to 1pm (or whenever the free swag runs out!) on September 19th. In addition to all of the DJ’s talking like pirates all day, they ’ll be spreading the word of the Pirate Lifestyle. Giving away pirate rubber duckies, foam pirate icons, festive eye patches through games such as translate the famous quote (It be the best of tymes, it be the worst of tymes), sing us a sea shanty or who most looks like a pirate, they’ll also be producing a news package for BCTV 20 (the campus TV station). Writes Cap'n Keith, KTBL general manager (and professor of mass communications): "Next year, we hope to get the Head Political-Type Guy of Kansas to officially recognize us (we’re not hard to spot; just look for the unique folks and we’ll be among them)."

LAWRENCE - Signs of Life bookstore s ran a special in THEIR cafe for ITLAPD: anyone who talks like a pirate gets a free cup o' joe, or a buck off anything else in the cafe! Good all day, Wednesday the 19th. Cafe is open from 8am to 11pm. 722 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence. Find them on Facebook.

PLAINS - I am a juinor high student at Southwestern Heights Junior High, Plains Kansas. I am part of the volleyball team and the team is into goofy stuff like this. We are trying to get the whole school into it! I think it's going to be fun if every one does it. - Cap'n Kaitlin


COVINGTON - The Sin City Hash House Harriers out of Cincinnati ("a drinking club with a running problem" met at the Backstage Cafe, 724 Madison Ave. between 7th and 8th, in Covington, KY, at 7 pm Sept. 19 for their 8th Anal (just 2 short of 10!) “Talk, Drink, Run, Dress, Act & Smell Like a Pirate” Hash. After-party returns to the Backstage. More at their Website (which is almost as cheesy as ours!)

LOUISVILLE - We be talking like pirates and singing sea chanties here in Louisville. I’m encouraging coworkers to dress appropriately and talk in a proper manner, aye! - Kitsune, Ship's Fox of the Free Ship Menagerie.

LOUISVILLE - It's a little late, but we definitely had "Talk Like A Pirate" Day in mind when we scheduled our Pirates of Penzance Sing-a-long for September 28! With catlike tread... - Jeanne-Marie Rogers, Grand Pooh-Bah, The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Louisville

PADUCAH - A fearsome crew o' geocachers will party like pirates at Noble Park starting at 2 pm Sept. 23. Our event is a geocaching specific one, but we won't turn away others. Not sure which pavilion, but it shouldn't be hard to find us. Details here.


SOMEWHERE IN SOUTH LOUISIANA - "...we are trying to pump it up in South Louisiana with all the John Lafitte buried treasure and New Orleans being just down the bayou...perfect for smugglin." - Cap'n Mike

BATON ROUGE - We're celebrating Talk-Like-A-Pirate day at the Carver Library in Baton Rouge, LA on Wednesday, September 19th, with "Speak Pirate; Receive Treasure." Gentleman and Ladies O' Fortune need only consult the Mango Languages unit on Pirate and then present themselves and their newly acquired pirate-vocabulary (or arrrrrgot) as a shibboleth entitling them to 1 share of the Carver Library's renowned treasure horde.

BATON ROUGE - Our mates at Louisiana Sea Grant are movin' their Talk Like a Pirate Day celebration to Sept. 26, due to many of 'em bein' out of town the week before. Writes Cap'n Mad Roy Kron: "In keeping with the pirate theme, we’ve developed this poster – used in coastal parish schools – to teach children that they may be several miles from the Gulf of Mexico, but only a few feet away when it comes to sea level. The poster is used in conjunction with a hands-on exercise where the kids install a geodetic marker at their school and then the elevation is shot using GIS gear. The school’s actual elevation is then stamped in the marker. Just another way that pirates make education fun."


TENANT'S HARBOR - The Jackson Memorial Library, 38 Main Street celebratedInternational Talk Like a Pirate Day with a a pirate-themed story time, crafts and other activities available after school. Cap'n Samantha Cole, associate director of youth services and technology, plans to dress for the day and encourage the rest of the staff to do the same. Yarrrr!


BOWIE - We be celebrating this holiday in Bowie, Maryland on Wednesday the 19th with booze and debauchery! Mark us on yer map and calendarrrr! - Cap’n Dick Grimbeard

FREDERICK - Krys, the pirate-in-residence (also children's programmer) for Frederick County Public Libraries.has a pirate storytime box that's been circulating among the library's eight branches all summer, but it returned home in time for a big storytime for Sept. 19. The usual Wednesday storytimes for 2-5-year-olds had some surprises, and the children's room featured a full day of pirate word searches, coloring sheets, jokes - and, of course, book lists and bookmarks. Says Krys, "I've fallen in love with the story of Grania O'Malley so I often imitate her but most kids think I'm Mary Read or Anne Bonney."

ROCKVILLE - Cap'n Ned wrote:"Ahoy ye scurvy wench! I be drinkin me grog on the poop-deck here in Rockville, Maryland."


BREWSTER - Becca the Rockin' Buccaneer and her Karaoke Show will rock the. Sept. 14th Talk Like A Pirate celebration at the Brewster VFW. 5:00pm-9:30pm Freeman's Way, Brewster, Cape Cod. Mass

PLYMOUTH - It was "Pillage the Village" time in America's home town as The East Coast Pirate Crew descends for a day of pillaging, wenching and drinking in Plymouth Ma Saturday the 15th, raising money for good causes.


ALPENA - The Alpena Senior Center celebrated Dress Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 18 - come in pirate garb and get a free meal!

BEULAH - Darcy Library of Beaulah, 7238 Commercial, celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day on Sept. 19 from 12-5pm: Book Hunt - follow the clues to win some treasure. 4pm: Watch The Pirates! Band of Misfits [PG] with us. Peglegs and eyepatches optional, but be sure to bring your best piratical insults!

HOLLAND - The West Ottawa Art Department celebrated in the Ye'Olde Art
Room on Sept 19 with lessons on talking like a pirate - till the cows come home, they lose their voices or they be thrown in th' bring. - The Dread Pirate Kukla.

LAKE ORION - Good morning from Lake Orion Michigan "Where Living Is A Vacation". And maybe the welcoming sign should also read, "Where Pirates Are Welcomed"! I am a free lance writer for several publications including the Detroit Free Press, The Detroit News, the Oakland Press, Senior Journal, Quality Digest, Frank Talk newsletter, Fort Scott Kansas Tribune, and the Muskegon Chronicle to name just a few. Each September I mention "Talk Like A Pirate Day" in my column and the response is always positive and entertaining. ... Thanks for ten years of merriment and fun! You guys are the best! ARRR! " - Cap'n Bill Kalmar

PLYMOUTH - The Plymouth District Library in Plymouth, Michiganhosted an all-day party on Saturday, September 15 for International Talk Like a Pirate
Day. It got billed as a youth event, but organizer Cap'n Katy promises fun for pirates and pirate fans of all ages. The fun runs from 10 am to 4 p.m., with events including an 11 am appearance by Jeremy Bastian, local comic book artist, presents his book Cursed Pirate Girl, (signup online). A 2 pm showing of pirate-themed films chosen via a Facebook poll - Muppet Treasure Island in the storytime room and Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl in the main level meeting rooms, and an all-day treasure hunt through downtown Plymouth. Pick up your first clue in the library. Retrieve successive clues at downtown businesses. Return to the library to claim your prize! Sponsored by the Friends of the Library. More on their Website.

WESTLAND - The Children's Department of the Westland Public Library celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 19. Children are invited to come in at any time during the day, make a pirate eye patch, talk to us like a pirate and get a bit o' pirate booty. "Aaargh matey!"


FERTILE - The Library in Fertile, Minnesota will hosteda Talk Like A Pirate Day
event on September 19, 2012. Please add us to the map!!

HARMONY - On The Crunchy Side, American Bar & Eats, threw a pirate paaarrrty on Sept. 19. Open to all over 21.

ROSEMOUNT (We think - they sent us map coordinates) - Cap'n Dave & friends be celebratin' with "a large burning fire and a bunch of drunkenness and debauchery."

ST. LOUIS PARK - Empowered-UCLA Extension located in St. Louis Park, MN celebrated Talk like a Pirate Day!! With pirate hats, tattoos, suckers, pirate booty popcorn, and decorations!


OXFORD - Lafayette County & Oxford Public Library held a caption-this-photo contest for their patrons to celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day, on Facebook.


BROOKLYN PARK - Birch Grove Elementary School in Brooklyn Park, MN celebrated! Costumes, themed lessons, and more!

COLUMBIA - "Flat Branch Pub and Brewery in Columbia, MO hosted TLAPD shindigs from 2004- 2007. Not enough for Cap'n Black 'n Gold Sam Rackham (aka Red Sam). We've been having picnic style parties from 2007. This year, we celebrate on Friday, September 21 at Stephen's Lake Park. Last year one of the crew composed an original blues ditty: The Landlocked Pirate Blues." - Black 'n Gold Sam Rackham aka Red Sam Rackham (The Professor formerly known as Keller)

SPRINGFIELD - We be gatherin' in ye olde Galley for a sumptious feast of Bilge Rat Stew (a kind rendering of all that was found below-decks), Hardtack Biscuits and Lard, Scurvy Delight (a beautimus gathering of fresh scurvy-staving ingredients) and Treasure Trove (a bit o'island with a wee treasure).

ST. LOUIS - "I've been celebrating "Talk like a Pirate Day" in every classroom I teach for the last 3 years. Even though I'm not anywhere near the "big water" I'd like to think of myself as the heartiest of midwest pirates. Our party is in St. Louis, Missouri and we talk like pirates, discuss their adventures and enjoy "aarghing" around the school. Thanks for putting us on the map!" - Pirate Captain Diane Abeln


GARDINER - We aren't sure what's happening or when, but Cap'n Tommy asks us to add Gardiner to the map, so we have.


CRETE and KEARNEY - "We will be celebrating here by wearing eye patches, having sword fights and, of course, talking like pirates. Argggg" - Cap'n Michele.


LAS VEGAS - Pirate Lizzie writes: "My fiancee (Captain Skunkbeard) and i are going to celebrate TLAPD this year by getting married on Talk Like a Pirate Day in at the Treasure Island's Song ship and we will be dressed in pirate clothes." Check out the photo they sent! (More on Facebook)

LAS VEGAS - Chris Crossbones and Captain Morgan's Rum are throwin' a Talk Like A Pirate Day Parrrrry on Sept. 22 at Baileys Sports Bar. 8 pm until the rum is gone! 8:00 P.M till the rum is gone. Garb contest, raffles, drawings, food, drink, music and fun!

RENO - They practiced up Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sept. 8 in Reno, with the annual Pirate Pub Crawl. Dress like a scallywag and join in the fun, Setting sail at 6 pm from Harrah's with a costume contest and plundering 22 ports of call before winding up at the Cornrow. More information on Facebook.

New Hampshire

TROY - "We will celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day by having two parrots in the Gay-Kimball Library all day. Yes, LIVE parrots. Staff mAy also dress up as pirates if they feel so inspired." - Cap'n Catherine.

New Jersey

MAPLEWOOD - The Cast of "Arrrr! A Very British Pantomime" began their rehearsals ... on Talk Like A Pirate Day. Follow them on Facebook. Break a leg, mates (but not the peg leg!)

WEEHAWKEN - Cap'n Yvette & her crew are partying like pirates in Weehawken!!!! Arrrrrrr!!!!!

WHIPPANY - Half Point Pub, 29 Reynolds Avenue, is celebratin' Talk Like A Pirate Day.

New Mexico

SILVER CITY - Ahoy, mateys! To celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day, anyone of ye who pays us a visit at Alotta Gelato and gives our crew the secret password ("Yo ho ho!") will receive a child-size cup of gelato absolutely free! One per customer, today only! Q: What's the 18th letter of the alphabet? A: Arrrrrrr!

New York

GREENPORT - Billy's By The Bay, 2530 Manhanset Avenue, celebrated ITLAPD from 5 pm (mid-Happy Hour) on, with live music by Chris & Eddie. Pirate costumes - and talk - encouraged!

LEWISBORO - In honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day children in grades one through five were invited to a "Pirate Treasure Hunt" at 1 p.m. on Sept. 18 at the Lewisboro library. Spend your school holiday seeking pirate treasure within the library, and learn some cool pirate lingo to use whens chool resumes on the 19th!

NEW YORK CITY - The Tony Award-winning Broadway show Peter and the Starcatcher was onboard for ITLAPD 2012 with a tarrrriffic Sept. 19 event they're callin' Stache Day, after Black Stache, the mustachio'd rogue played by Matthew Saldivar. Fans who had (or fabricated) a mustache, headed down to the Brooks Atkinson Theatre Box Office (256 West 47th Street) by 10AM - the first 100 'stached pirates in line got a free ticket to that night's show. And better yet: the three best 'staches (as judged by our Close Personal Friend and Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Dave Barry, his "Peter and the Starcatcher" co-author Ridley Pearson and Black Stache hisself - got a pair o' seats for the performance! Check the awesome photos of the event on Facebook .

NEW YORK CITY - "I'm the founder of a soon-to-be launched website called that helps people to celebrate all cultural, religious, and even made-up holidays from around the world. We've decided to throw together a Talk Like a Pirate Day Party in New York City on September 19th, (6 pm, Wicked Willy’s, 149 Bleecker Street. I know you have the Broadway show, which sounds awesome, but for those that just want to drink rum and mingle with other pirates, here are the details for our event:" - Cap'n Jules

NEWBURGH - Captain Jakes, 40 Front Street, threw an International Talk Like A Pirate Day party starting at 6 pm Sept. 19. " We will be strutting our pirattitude to pirate tunes & grog. Food ,music & merriment will ensue.... Drink specials... Arrrrgh matey see ye thar !!!"

OYSTER BAY - Jack Halyard's American Bar & Grill, 62 South St.,offered a complimentary Dark and Stormy to anyone dressed and talking like a pirate on Sept. 19.

PENFIELD - Ahoy, mateys! Come to Wickham Farms on September 19 at 11 a.m. for a free Pirate storytime. Our special lunch grub will be $1 pizza slices. All landlubbers who dress like a pirate will pay only 2 pieces o' gold ($2) to jump on the jumping pillow (all day). Avast...any swashbucklers who carry a sword will be made to walk the plank! (No weapons allowed). Wickham Farms, 1821 Fairport Nine Mile Line Road, is a "fun farm" with corn maze, jumping pillow, batting cages, animals, etc. This be their second annual ITLAPD event, according to Jenny Bay, Director of Fun (best job title ever!)

QUEENSBURY - The staff at Queensbury Chiropractic celebrated TLAPD - Check out their Facebook page for a fun photo.

SCOTIA - Johnny Dreadfoote writes: "I just want to be tellin' ye about a little gatherin' I be plannin'! We be settin' sail on the 15th o' September at me port o' call way up in the north east in Scotia, New York. Thanks fer ye divine inspiration!"

UTICA - "Avast, we will start celebratin on Sept. 15 at TINY's Restaurant on State St. in Utica NY and run until midnight Wednesday Sept 19. There will be live music on opening day and the last day. In between our pub will be runnin specials of food and drink fer all to feast on, at a good price I might add. We want Utica, NY to be on the pirate world map. Will post special stuff as the time goes by, ARR." - Cap'n Ed.

North Carolina

ASHEVILLE - We here at are planning to celebrate Talk like a Pirate Day here at our shop at 542 Hendersonville Rd., Asheville on Sept. 19. It will be a public event and we are inviting parents to bring the kids to play on our Pirate Ship Playset. Free Pirate giveaways for the kids while supplies last!

ASHEVILLE - When you think of pirates, the beverage of choice would probably be rum. But Asheville Brewing Co. on Coxe Avenue celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day on Sept. 19 with a new beer. Head brewer Doug Riley created a coconut porter for the holiday. It’s his first new beer in about two years. Look for it on draft only.

GREENVILLE - Aye, Fellow Pirates, Wednesday, September 19th is National Talk Like a Pirate Day! Use your best Arrrggh, and save 20% on all regular price apparel and gifts at East Caroline University Dowdy Student Stores! You've got to speak Pirate or you won't be savin! Our cashiers will be listening, so talk it up! It's in-store purchases only, and shiver me timbers: it's one day only, September 19! No other discounts apply. Prior purchases, special orders and purchases of gift cards are excluded. Arrrrgh!

PINEHURST - Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst, NC threw a treasure hunt from 10 am to 2 pm in celebration of talk like a pirate day for all interested students.

North Dakota

LAKE SAKAKAWEA - The pirates of Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota gatheredr on the shores of Pirate’s Cove for ITLAPD to party all day. Plenty of food and drink for all the scalawags, complete with music and dancing around the bonfire. Unsuspecting vessels may get caught unawares by the pirate ships lurking in the shadows of the inlet. - “Scowlin’ Angie Dawkins”


CINCINNATI - The loyal crew Luckman Coffee celebrated ITLAPD again this year, just as they have each Sept. 19 since 2007.

CLEVELAND - Th' crew o' the pirate ship Insanity be celebratin' TLAPD at the berth o' the Pirate Queen's cabin boy, in Cleveland Ohio! We be huntin' fer treasure protected by ghosts an' singin' sea chantys to while th' night away. Drink up me hearties yo ho! - Pirate Queen

COLUMBUS - ITLAPD is always hugely popular onboard the Santa Maria in Columbus - they get hundreds of visitors. This year, the full-sized replica of Christopher Columbus's flagship celebrated the holiday on Sept. 15-16 with pirate reenactors on hand all weekend, battles on the water, cannon fire and fun for the whole family. Check out - and "like" - their Facebook page!

COLUMBUS - Rumor has it that on Sept. 19, one of the vendors for Food Fort, a project of the nonprofit Economic and Community Development Institute's Food Fort Program, plannedto deck out his truck as pirate ship on wheels, offering a complete pirate-themed menu for the day. That's all we know - but if any Columbusite (Columbian?) happens to grab a photo, send it to the webwench!

SYLVANIA - Arr, we be setting sail this Saturday, on the night of the 22 of September at the Isle O'Frye in the great land of Sylvania, Ohio. This be me fourth, or maybe fifth, annual party to celebrate ITLAPD! This year we be asking all that come aboard to make a donation to our "We Treasure ye Chest" fund raiser for breast cancer awareness! Arr! Every little bit helps! A. Frye


OKLAHOMA CITY - " I'm the cafeteria director of a small Catholic school in Oklahoma city. I don't always have time to do A LOT, but every year on September 19 I have a Pirate Menu, and my staff dresses in Pirate clothes and we TALK LIKE PIRATES! I never seem to get the teachers enough time to use pirate stuff in their classrooms, but I will try harder this year. This will be our 5th year!" - Miss Becky

OKLAHOMA CITY - Once Upon A Silver Moon, a metaphysical shop located at 3124 N Classen Blvd in Oklahoma City, loves our pirate patrons. When we do ren faires we always go as pirates! Talk Like A Pirate Day is something we look forward to each year, when we can let our true selves loose. Come in on Sept. 19 talking like a pirate and get a free gift!

TULSA - Pirate Pub Crawl! Pirates and wenches be convenin’ at the honorable Fassler Hall 304 South Elgin Avenue, ter kick-off the fine celebration. Suggested convenin’ time be around 9-ish pm, though many of us be there earlier ter take advantage of the fine brews and brats so as to shore up our stamina (yes, that be a big word fer a humble pirate) in preparation fer a long night ahead! We be pirates, so we will not be beholdin’ to any particular schedule. There be many bountiful options of pubs in walkin’ (‘er staggerin’) distance, so we will ‘set sail’ when the mood strikes and any and all pirates and wenches be welcome to join the crew! Iffen ye’r joinin’ the crew later in the evenin’ and need details on where to set yer course...where pirates happen to be convenin’ at a particular time... take note of said code number from which a message may be obtained iffen ye know the secret password (“pirate”) and request the current location... 918-261-3130. ”Pirate-y” er “wench” garb be highly recommended er ye likely be taken fer a spy and be ordered ter walk the plank!


ALBANY - In the town where International Talk Like A Pirate Day was born, our own Cap'n Slappy (and perhaps the Webwench as well) held forth Wednesday night at their favorite watering hole, Calapooia Brewing Co., from 5:30 pm-ish onward. No parrrrties for us this year, just a few pints among friends and whoever wishes to drop by for a drink. The pub is plannin' a more ... vigorous ... TLAPD celebration on Saturday, Sept. 22, featurin' WALK THE PLANK, that genre-bending trio of troubadours returned from Davy’s locker! We thought they’s gone forever, but they’ve returned, their haunted eyes speakin’ of unknown horrors. Theirs is a music to set the Kraken to crackin’, to put the tune in Neptune, and to send your mind on a voyage from which it will never return the same as when it left! Put on your jaunty best, or worst, and come down to the Calapooia Brewpub this Saturday at 8pm, and bring 3 one dollar bills with ya, soes we can pay those foul gets of a tiger shark.

BEAVERTON - Booty For Boobies is a crew of breast avengers raising awareness and treasure for the chests. They be holding their 4th Annual Pirates Ball for Breast Cancer on October 13th, a benefit for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of Portland program. 100% of proceeds go to the American Cancer Society in support of their breast cancer programs including research, education and free mammogram screenings. Details on their Website.

ASHLAND - Tree House Books held a "Talk like a Pirate" Treasure Hunt on September 19th a free family event sponsored by 10 Ashland businesses from 4-5:45 pm. Pick up a map at any of the sponsoring businesses to begin the adventure. Visit their Website for details.

HARRISBURG - Cap'n Aimee is throwin' her my 3rd annual pirate-birthday party on September 23rd, with a Pirates vs. Super Heroes theme. As usual, all proceeds will be donated to a particular small town school in a logging community.

PORTLAND - The Portland Pirate Festival launched in St. Helens Sept. 1-2, kicking off what's rapidly turning into International Talk Like A Pirate month in Oregon, home o' Talk Like A Pirate Day .Check their Website for information. (Our condolences to Cap'n Kate, whose beautiful Tall Ship Royaliste was badly damaged in a collision with the sternwheeler Portlandia on July 13).

PORTLAND - Our mates Cockroach and Mercy Ramstead threw their fourth annual International Talk Like A Pirate Day party on Sept. 15. (Invitation only, but if ye know Cockroach, chances are ye got one).

SISTERS - As a fund-raising promotion, Sisters Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Sisters, OR had a Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th.They will be giving extra discounts on purchases to customers who talk like a pirate, dress like a pirate or bring their parrot into the store. Staff will be dressing and talking like pirates. The ReStore accepts donations of furniture, appliances, electronics, tools, sporting goods, building materials, electrical, lighting, art work and pet supplies, and resells them to help build homes for low income families in our town.

SWEET HOME - "I teach 1st grade at Hawthorne Elementary in Sweet Home, Oregon. My classroom theme is pirates this year. The First Mates of Room 8 would like to share some photos. We are very excited to celebrate Sept 19 "Talk like a pirate day". - Cap'n Barbi Riggs & Your Mateys in Room 8


CRANBERRY - Mad Mex, 20510 U.S. 19, held a TalkLike A Pirate Day event Sept. 19, open to the public, and pirate costumes were welcomed and encouraged.

PHILADELPHIA - The Seven Deadly Seas, is about to premier the latest in their series of Pirate Burlesque Shows, Stowaways and Sellouts, in Philadelphia. It's very cool show with a live band, and this year they did a special show Sept. 13 for Talk Like Pirate Day, aboard the Tall Ship Gazela at Penn's Landing. Proceeds shared with the ship and the Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild

PHILADELPHIA - The Grey Lodge Pub, 6235 Frankford Avenue runs a Quizzo trivia game each Wednesday. On Sept. 19, in honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day, they did a night of pirate-themed trivia. Facebook Event Page.

PITTSBURGH - Kards Unlimited, 5522 Walnut Street hosted a Talk Like A Pirate Day event on Sept. 19 from approximately 1-9 pm. Customers get free "grog" if they demonsdtrate pirattitude and take a shot at talking like pirates.

PITTSBURGH - "We'll be scoffin' the Pirates o' Pittsburgh this weekend as we watch the Steelers (that'd be modern for "pirate") plunder the Jets. Avast! " - Cap'n Mark

SELINSGROVE - FreshRoasted Coffee, 600 South High Street, celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day this month with the aptly named Blackbeard's Revenge blend, "a renegade blend of premium coffees that bring a smile to your face without walking the plank."

WYOMISSING - The crew at Katz Family Chiropractic is "decorating our office in pirates" for the week of Talk Like A Pirate Day, "handing out Vitamin C packets to our patients so Yer don't be a scurvy dog."

Rhode Island

Where are ye, Rhode Island pirates?

South Carolina

CHESTER - Drama Classes AT Chester Park Elementary School of the Arts will celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day all day on Sept. 19.

HILTON HEAD - ARRRGH! It's Talk Like a Pirate Day": 4 p.m. Sept. 19, Hilton Head Island library, 11 Beach City Road, Hilton Head Island. Free children's program.

South Dakota

SIOUX FALLS - The mateys at Siouxland Libraries plan a full day o' Talk Like A Pirate Day fun at all branches, from a pirate language quiz to earn library loot to special treasure hunts and storytimes - and a special class in the Mango Languages (incredibly cool) Pirate module! The whole schedule be available here.


FRANKLIN - Shiver me timbers! We will be havin a pirate night down here at Cool Springs Brewery. 7pm onwards. Ye comes in dressed in the correct attire and yous be havin a great time! Drinks specials and a best dressed prize to be had me mateys.

NASHVILLE - Our mate Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers invaded Music City Roots, a live radio show broadcast from the Loveless Cafe, 8400 Highway 100, beginning at 7 p.m. CST on Lightning 100 FM and simulcast on the Web. The performance featured a guest appearance by legendary Australian singer Dobe Newton, lead singer of the Bushwackers and a bit of a pirate himself. Music City Roots, Live From The Loveless Cafe, is a weekly, two-hour radio show that revives the historic legacy of live musical radio production in Nashville.


ALICE - Alice High School Drama club held private party Sept. 19 to celebrate the day! lots of fun activities for all...

AUSTIN - The original Opal Divine's Freehouse, 700 W. 6th Street, once again joinedin the Talk Like A Pirate Day fun on Sept. 19, from 7-10:30 pm, with costume prizes, music by Superband ATX & Capt. Phil, emcee'd by Quartermaster Griff - and fun for all.

ADDISON, AUSTIN, BEDFORD, FRISCO, HOUSTON, LEWISVILLE, MESQUITE, ODESSA, PLANO, ROUND ROCK, SAN ANTONIO, WEBSTER - Twin Peaks Restaurants celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day on Tuesday, Sept. 18 at all their Texas locations. Learn more from their Website

BACLIFF - The Galveston Bay Parrot Head Club presented Gene Rutt and Talk Like a Pirate on Friday night, Septenber 21 at Noah's Ark Bar & Grill, acliff, TX. Open to the public.

DALLAS - The seadogs and landdogs of the Gradiate Institute of Applied Linguistics once again celebrrrated TLAPD, snarrrling in a frrriendly manner at all theirrr mates, enthusiastically wearrring a varrriety of flotsam and jetsam. They weighed the (sonorrrity of the segments in) “anchorrr”. Instead of rrraising the mains’l, they rrraised subjects. They trrranslated “walk the plank!” into a varrriety of languages, with some discussion about how “plank” is a semantic path but a grrrammatical direct object in English. Though they dug up no burrried trrreasure norrr skeletons, neitherrr, they did ponderrr severrral underrrlying forrrms. A phonetician pointed out that if you monophthongize the firrrst vowel in “pirrrate”, we could have “Talk Like A Parrot Day”: “Pieces of eight!” Check out the photo.

HOUSTON - Captain Jake (and his entire apartment complex at 3314 Branard St.) celebrated with a 4th annual Pirate Party on Saturday, Sept. 15, includin' pirate food, pirate music, pirate movies - and barrels o' rum! All were welcomed, pirate costumes encouraged.

IRVING - At State Farm Insurance Irving, staff dressed and talked like pirates on Sept. 19.


GRANTSVILLE - Wolf Cub Scouts in Pack 4312 made Rubber band boats and learning to talk like a pirate.

HEBER CITY - The Second Annual Utah Pirate Festival invaded Willard Bay Sept. 14-15 with pirate crews vying to commandeer the best treasure. Shop, relax and enjoy sun, shade and the bay. Great food and fun for all! See the website fer details.

LEHI - "I run Tales for Tots (a storytime) at Thanksgiving Point here in Lehi, UT and tomorrow I will be reading How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long & David Shannon, then let the kids decorate their own pirate head bandanna, toilet paper roll telescopes, and a treasure map to color!"

LOGAN - Cap'n Craner reported that her second grade class at Utah State University's Edith Bowen Laboratory School has written a pirate story that they've then turned into an iMovie just for TLAPD 2012. They planned to post it on TeacherTube in time for the big day (and we'll provide the link here when she gets it to us).

SALT LAKE CITY - Cap'n Tom and his crew threw' a Buccaneer Bowlin' parrrty at Olympus Hills Lanes, the evenin' o' Saturrday, Septembarrr 22nd, t' commemorate Talk Like A Pirate Day. Arrr!

VERNAL - Uintah County Library, 204 East 100 North, Vernal, Utah celebrated ITLAPD Sept. 19 with activities for all ages.


GRAND ISLE - Cap'n Jim Fuller , a ranger at Grand Isle State Park when he's not a pirate, planned to distribute pirate booty ton Sept. 19 o "all scurvy campers who dare recline on this mighty day of pirattitude. Danci' a jig will get ye a pirate eyepatch" at Grand Isle State Park.


BLACKSBURG - Cap'n Caitlyn, of Polymer Solutions, Inc, writes: "We’ve been celebrating TLAPD for many years now and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. This year in addition to our annual treasure hunt we are having a photo booth, costume contest, and b-arrrr-beque luncheon. I’m pretty sure you’d be hard pressed to find a company more enthusiastic about TLAPD than ours! I’m attaching a picture from our shenanigans last year."

MARTINSVILLE - Captain Hackenslash visited children at Albert Harris Elementary School in Martinsville, VA to read aloud piratey books!

MCLEAN - "My son Johnny - age 5 - has been in love with pirates since he could gurgle and arrrgh...He has travelled the world - seriously maybe 11 countries - because his father and mother are international management consultants. Pirates have travelled everywhere with him. In every room in our house, in every hotel room where we stay, there has to be a pirate. He has hundreds and hundreds of playmobile pirates, and he plays with them all night. He goes to museums dressed as a pirate, goes to church dressed as a pirate, goes to every birthday party dressed as a pirate. Last weekend he built himself a plank out in the yard, and marched his 3 year old sister off it. He is in kindergarden this fall - and is taking pirate things to school today and making everyone draw pictures of pirates - please, oh, please, oh, please - can you put a note on your map? It would mean the absolute world to him. Tonight, for a few kids in the neighborhood Jewel-thief Johnny and Cut-Lass Lilly's will have a Grog and Dog party (pirates love hot dogs)." - Do-good Daddy Pirate


SOMEWHERE IN CENTRAL WASHINGTON - The medical records department of Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day with a pirate themed potluck, with a menu including pirate stew, pirate ribs, corn pone, caribbean bread, citrus salad (for the prevention of scurvy) and peach cobbler. Writes Cap'n Stephanie, "We be planning to do a little floggin’ and someone may walk the plank before it’s all over."

BOTHELL - All hands on deck! Ye be invited fer a special event of treasure seakin fun for ye pirates at heart! Chart yer course fer Country Village on September 15th, 2012 fer some swashbucklin fun, grub, and lads 'n lassie friendly grog.. Wave yer flag if ye be attendin' Sees ye there if you dare! Aargh!

BOTHELL - Google Bothell was on board with their first annual Talk Like A Pirate Day celebration.

PULLMAN - Owen Science Library had its third annual display of piratically themed library books, hosted by Ol’ Blackhearted Joe. Hopefully we’ll get the attention of “The Pirate” himself, WSU’s new head football coach Mike Leach. If not, who gives an Arrrggghhhh. Hoist the mainsail, here we come…

SEATTLE - Put on you pyrattitude and come on down! Cheesy piratical door prizes after 7pm Sept. 19, $1 rum drinks if our bartender thinks you're doing you're best to Talk like a Pirate when you order! Pillagers Pub, 8551 Greenwood Ave N, Ste 5, Website ~ Facebook Event page

SEATTLE - Congratulations to John Souza and Kelci Erne, married on International Talk Like a Pirate Day at Greenwood Square, Seattle Times photographer Erika Schultz stumbled across the event while on another assignment, and took some arrrrrsome photographs. The newlyweds did't have an official wedding photographer, so these images are also their treasure.

WILLIAMSBURG - The crew at Thomas Nelson Community College had so much Talk Like A Pirate Day fun last year that they're did it again this year!!! More best dressed pirates and scavenger hunts at the Historic Triangle campus in Williamsburg, Virginia.

West Virginia

RIPLEY - Fairplain Yacht Club, 3984 Cedar Lakes Road, threw its fourth annual Talk Like A Pirate Day parrrrty on Sept. 19.


DELAVAN - Pirate's Cove, 622 State Rd 50, threw a Talk Like A Pirate Day Party on Sept. 19 with drink specials, a costume contest, and a pirate trivia contest.

FOX POINT - "We will be celebrating 2012 Talk Like a Pirate Day with a (private) party at my house!" Cap'n Tamara

LAKE GENEVA - ARRRRRGH. My family and friends will be boarding the Next Door Pub in Lake Geneva Wisconsin for some Grog and whatever else crosses our path. We'll be starting at 7:00 pm and going until the last man walks the plank! - magicguy

MADISON - "I be runnin' a ship in Madison, Wisconsin, and I be makin' a meal
among me closest mates on me crew out o' the favourite snack o'the pirate (as evidenced by the ones in Pittsbarrrrgh), the pierogi. There's also t' be a showin' o' the finest Piratical film of all time, Muppet Treasure Island."
-- Cap'n Fox

SUN PRAIRIE - Cap'n Jennifer of Costumes with Character, 815 W. Main Street, persuaded some local bars and restaurants to host a pub crawl for International Talk Like A Pirate Day, hoping to turn it into a yearly event. She provided costumes, decor and giveaways for the event, and there wasbe a bus ferrying people between the four participating establishments (McGovern's, Ski's Saloon, Eddie's and Cardinal's Nest. Needless to say, participants were encouraged to dress and talk like pirates, and Costumes with Character helped with the first part!


CHEYENNE - Jimmy the Pirate is throwing his 5th annual Talk Like A Pirate Day Party in Cheyenne!

RAWLINS - Cap'n Stephanie, Scourge o' the Dryland Sea, is trying out International Talk Like A Pirate Day on her kindergarten students. It's her first year o' introducin' the wee mates to the joys of pirattitude, and she's planning a bunch o' activities for them. Start 'em young, Stephanie!

Latin America


PLACE UNKNOWN - "My name is Vanesa and I am an English Teacher in Argentina. I'm writing to tell you that today, my students and I will celebrate "Talk like a Pirate Day" here in Argentina!!! We'll be wearing pirate hats, reading pirate stories and playing treasure hunt. We'll also be taking some photos, so maybe I can upload them later so you can see how much fun we had."


RIO DE JANEIRO - "I would like to have our party on the map this year, please. We've been making this party every year since 2009. This year it will be on september 7th ... We expect around 50 people there." Cap'n Raquel

UBERLANDIA - OOZE bar and holds their annual pirate party around Sep. 19, includin' a Pirate Walk (kinda like a one-bar pub crawl).


PTO. BAQUERIZO, GALAPAGOS - The Galapagos Science Center in San Cristobal, Galápagos, Ecuador is throwing a massive Pirate themed party to welcome the new students from the USA on Saturday, September 22. at "Café del Mar" in Pto. Baquerizo (the capital city of the province of Galapagos) ... We'll have lots of rum, pirate themed drinks, talking like a pirate contests and free drinks for the best costumes. We always make this welcome party for the students but it was my idea to make it "piratey" since the 19th is this week and also we are in the Infamous Galapagos Islands, reknown refuge of incredible wildlife and ferocious pirates and bucaneers! - The grog-filled, amazing cap'n Francisco Barbanegra!

Guatemala -

RIO DULCE - Avast Webwench! Me thinks ye must be pooped like a deck, but please enter Rio Dulce, Guatemala on the map! In case ye haven't plundered thar before, thar be maps fer ye below. Yesterday twas a fun Facebook day and t'will be a private parrrrty this Saturday! A Hearty Gracias! - La Pirata Jody


TRUJILLO - The crew at Fleming College is planned day dedicated to pirating activities for Sept. 19. Writes Cap'n Kate, Head of English "We’ll be wreckin’ our normal plans to pillage (treasure hunt), ‘av a talk like a pirate competition, watch some pirating adventures on the high seas, sing some chanties, dress like a pirate competition, pirating trivia ´n´ a whole pile of other pirating goodness."


MONTEVIDEO - Our old mate Black MaGnUs, celebrating for the eighth year in a row on Perdidos En Elter Radio, reports: reports: "So, we had our TWO TLAPD shows, one with party included! On Friday 20th, Nerdinastia had pieces on Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy (our reviewer, Grandpa, refuses to see the fourth film), and about the game Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean. On Saturday, we recorded this month's Perdidos En El Eter with pieces about Captain Hook, the roleplaying game Airship Pirates, and historical pirates and their religious beliefs. We finished the show with our usual "sing along" with Tom Smith's TLAPD song. We also played games, ate, and drank grog (two years aged)... in fact, we invented a new drink, mixing grog and coke... THE TORTUGA LIBRE!!! We had a blast, as usual, and we took pictures, such this one."

MONTEVIDEO - Ignacio Mangas, a friend of Black MaGnUs, contacts us about his own celebration at his store . "We will play Munchkin booty, "gift" chocolate dobloons, play pirate songs, and talk like pirates! And we will part of this comunity =)" - Regards! Capt Ignacio Mangas.



COPENHAGEN - Pirates belonging to The National Survey and Cadastre in Copenhagen, Denmark, will of course be marking this very important day, the 19th of September. None the least as it is the 10th anniversary of TLAPD. As we are the national map makers, we do know where the treasure is buried - and will find it. Starting the day around lunch time, we run a couple of sessions: Learn to Speak like a Pirate - Get your own Pirate name - Pirate quiz and other essential preparations for a night out. " We will steer our vessels from t' borin' shores o' mediocrity and starboard into t' pirate bay o' adventures - fore all you Danish Pirates" - La Olmost´ Raving Mad Ull


THAMES HEAD TO SOUTHEND-ON-SEA - Seven jolly pirates, Kim, Steve, Steve, Bryan, Colin, Ed and Richard the Third . . .We be cycling the length of the River Thames from Thames Head to Southend-on-Sea. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH

ALNWICK - Saturday 15 September : LUSH Acoustic hoisted the Jolly Roger at The Tanners Arms for a night of pirate songs, shanties, plank dancing, and jiggery-pokery music, to celebrate ‘ International Talk Like a Pirate Day’ and it is the 100th LUSH Acoustic event, yes 100 gigs since they started promoting gigs 5 years ago. Featuring all the LUSH hearties and special buccaneering guests ‘Shipcote and Friends’ (arggghhh!) playing geordie-americana swing. Landlubbers and parrots welcome! 8.30 to 11.30pm. Free admission . Full line-up: Shipcote and Friends (americana/Tyne delta/Geordie good times music), plus the LUSH Acoustic collective featuring Bill Read (Northern folk), Carl Cape (skiffle guitar/harmonica), Jamie Robb (fiddle), and Eric Davison (mandolin) and Si-fi (double bass). All of the LUSH gigs are free admission. Facebook page.

BARKING & DAGENHAM - Local Community Group Taken Over By Pirates.

BARNSLEY - The Metrodome Leisure Complex offered a FREE game of bowling to anyone who turns up in Pirate Costume on Sept. 19 as well as 15% off in The Hideout to anyone greeting staff with a pirate phrase or introducing themselves in their pirate name! CopyCat Costumes will also be on site selling an array of piratey accessories.

BIRMINGHAM - Splice the mainbrace, pull up the anchor and set sail with the Birmingham Hippodrome team as we head across the city to The Firs Primary School to recruit a ship-shape crew of young pirates in order to celebrate International Talk like a Pirate Day 2012. Equipped with Robinson Crusoe & the Caribbean Pirates eye patches and skull and crossbones flags, children aged 6-11 years old from the Castle Bromwich based Primary School will be working alongside ‘professional’ pirates of the open seas in a morning of workshops on how to walk, talk and act like a pirate. The children of The Firs will also be donning their most impressive pirate gear in a non-uniform day to celebrate the occasion ahead of their trip to Britain’s biggest Pantomime, Robinson Crusoe & the Caribbean Pirates next January.

BRENTWOOD, Essex - The folks at BT Brentwood planned somethin' for International Talk Like A Pirate Day. They won't tell us what, but that's pirates for ye!

CHELMSFORD, Essex - Writtle College in Essex planned to make talk like a pirate day a freshers week event. We have to dress as pirates all day long as well as talking like a pirate. - Cap'n Jessica, students union social officer

CHESTER - Sept. 19: "We all be gatherin at Telfords warehouse. A fine pub in Chester, UK. Hoist up the flag!! Cap'ns Phil and Andrea Saunder be hostin!"

DUDLEY, West Midlands - "We will be helping you, in our own small way, celebrate your 10th anniversary. We, are the staff and patients of Russells Hall hospital in Dudley, West Midlands. We’re having a TLAP morning on our children’s ward, whereupon we will be joined by, I’m told, a very good Jack Sparrow lookeylikey. We’re hoping to dress and make up as many of our young patients as we can to join in the fun." - Cap'n Steve

EYE, Suffolk - We work in a childrens centre in Eye, Suffolk, UK and we are celebrating talk like a pirate day with a morning of pirate play and craft. We will be making maps, hat and telescopes, going on a treasure hunt and digging for treasure in sand. - Cap'n Sarah, Eye Children and Young Peoples Centre

GLOUCESTER - The Wild Cherries of Gloucester, an official chapter of the Red Hat Society, come ashore at the National Waterways Museum, Gloucester every third Wednesday of the month for their knitting group. On ITLAPD 2012 the wenches planned to land at noon and take them by surprise, all clad in their best piratical finery to click their needles and clack their jaws! - Captain Queen PurpleSue, Bosun Duchess of Dizzyness and the Scurvy Crew Duchess of Hardwick, Princess Cherry Blossom, Countess Clara

HEBBURN - Our brand new school for pupils with learning difficulties - Keelman's Way School - aaaar! in Hebburn, near the salty River Tyne, will be holding a 2 week Pirate Spectacular to welcome our new students into their new port of call from 10th-21st September. We' ll definitely join in the fun on ITLAP Day and many a scurvy knave will be walking the plank if they are not fully involved in the swashbuckling mayhem! -Capt Mac and the Salty Seaweed Knaves

HIGH BROOMS, Kent - "I’m planning to go in to the office in full Pirate regalia! And then go out on the piss on the weekend." - Cap'n Mark

LANCASTER - Patrons of Juicafe, 53 Market Street, enjoyed smoothies & shakes made by the Juicafe Pirates and Wenches on Sept. 19, including an especially themed “Pirate’s Purple Paradise Smoothie” ARRRRRR !!!

LONDON - The folks at The Year Ahead, an annual calendar of events based in the UK, say International Talk Like a Pirate Day is "by far our favorite day of the year." They expected to have the whole team talking like pirates on Sept. 19, taking part in games and generally enjoying what they're calling " the Yarr Ahead Pirate Party!

LOUGHBOROUGH - Cap'n Jaxx cajoledher mates into celebrating this year with a steampunk-pirate themed charity event, where she be producing sponge and fruit cakes (home grown fruit - it's free!) and prodding people with foam sabres until they cough up some dough. Last year we raised around £30 for Cancer Research UK. This year it will be in aid of Alzheimer's Society, as she be a big Terry Pratchett fan too. Check out her splendid invitation poster!

MANCHESTER - GROG! was the (suitable) name o' the ITLAPD event Sept. 19 at the pub/Zoo, 126 Grosvenor Street, Manchester. Featuring three bands: Thee Pirate Band, Hugo Kensdale and New Deity - along with burlesque, pirate fancy dress, prizes and pirate rock DJing till late. The Doors open at 8pm, £3 entry fee and everybody welcome!!! Check out the Facebook event.

MILTON KEYNES - Cap'n Terry o' the good ship Performance Data be havin' a meeting with Milton Keynes Sept. 19 and plans to throw in some pirate talk. Because every business meeting is better when you talk like a pirate!

NEWPORT, ISLE OF WIGHT - Arrh me harties'. The Isle of Wight in England has a massive pirate history going back centuries and pirate events are on through out the year too. On the 19th of Sept 2012 We at the Master of Disguise, are having a Pirate Talking Competition in RRR' shop, arrrrhhh ! Anyone talking pirate gets to share in some of the pirate chocolate booty !! Theres also 10% off all pirate stuff on the day. So come an' talk to me yer' land lubbers !!

NORTHAMPTON - The Malt Shovel Tavern will hosted ITLAPD on Sept. 19 with offers on rum for any persons dressed up in piratical outfits! With over 10 different kinds of rum to choose from, and a blues band playin' from 8 pm! Other drinks available not on offer include 13 real English ales, a few ciders and lagers and more different kinds of gin, vokda, bourbon and whisky than you can shake your sword at.

SEAFORD, East Sussex - The pirate fun doesn't end in September. The Seaford Shags are members of a UK Bonfire Society who dress up as pirates/Smugglers/Saxons, and they're plannin' a torchlight parade on Saturday, Oct. 20 to raise money for charity. The parade starts at 7:30 pm from the White Lion Hotel. (The group takes its name from the old time Smugglers of the area - the shag comes from a type of cormorant seabird.)

STRATFORD-UPON-AVON - Here at Magic Alley in Stratford upon Avon we will be celebrating International Talk Like A Pirate Day by dressing as pirates and using pirate speak all day long!

SUTTON COLDFIELD - The King's Arms in Sutton Coldfield, UK, are hosting Talk Like a Pirate Night, on Sat 22nd September. With grog, costume and walk the plank! All are welcome....

TWYELL - I just wanted to let you know that i'll be hosting a pirate party in celebration of ITLAPD in the sleepy land locked village of Twywell, Kettering, Northamptonshire, England, UK. We are 90 miles from the sea but who cares. I run a pub Called The Old Friar where we will be having the party.- Cap'n Peter

WHITBY, North Yorkshire - The annual Whitby Pirate Day was bigger than ever this Sept. 15, with two sites in Whitby, providing entertainment and actvities, live music, boat trips, crafts, games, appearances from some well known characters, treasure hunt and more to be confirmed. Festivities carry on into the wee hours for the more 'weathered' pirates, with an 18-and-over show by Skull Branded Pirates. The 'Nautical Themed Sand Castle Building Competition' will take place on Saturday on Whitby's West Beach, other activities will be around the bandstand with stalls being in the Whitby Mission and Seafarers Centre, a fun day to enjoy the beach, music, get creative and meet loads more pirates, arrr. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

WHITBY, North Yorkshire - "After a walloping the limp livered pirate of Penzance a group of the finest Hastings record breaking 14,231 Guinness swilling record breakers are having a sortie up north With a fair wind and a good darned sail we hope to hit land around Whitby Yorkshire on Saturday 15 or Sunday 16. All times are precise. So if any of the blood sucking yolkless want to buy us a mug of grog hail us whilst ave a bit of vittle rummaging and we can have a TLaPD celebration in a landlubbers watering hole." - Grey Beard Nick (Fat Northern Bald B*st*rd to his fellows)

WORTHING - The Pirates of Worthing are at it again! The crew at FreshEgg write: "We had so much fun taking part in ITLAPD last year that we couldn’t resist doing it all again at our office. This year, the whole company (nearly 100 staff) has been invited to dress up as Pirates for the day, paying a duty of £1 to our local charity (Worthing Churches Homeless Project) for the privilege. Our kind company bosses have agreed to match the funds raised too! We will be using our in-office studio to take photos of those Pirates who want to be included in our ‘Best Dressed Pirate poll’, which will be hosted on our blog later in the afternoon (19/09). We’ll also host all our Pirate photos on our company Facebook page. The winner of Best Dressed Pirate will receive a prize – the rest will be made to walk the plank, or face a suitable alternative as punishment! A few of our team enjoy fencing in their spare time and didn’t need much persuasion to bring their swords into work for some after-hours sword-fighting antics. We’ve captured this on video to be released tomorrow on the blog and our company YouTube channel (19/09). There’s a surprise guest – probably the most unlikely thing you’d expect to see acting up as a Pirate – that appears in the video too: tune in to see who it is! We’ll also be blogging about our ITLAPD activities, so people can keep up to date via the Fresh Egg blog or by following Fresh Egg on Twitter.

YORK - Busy Bees nursery in York, UK celebrated talk like a pirate day by dressing up, making a cardboard pirate ship and sailing the nursery playground in search of hurried treasure! - Cap'n Laura


TURKU - Student groups at the University of Turku are threw a pirate-themed sitsit at Kirkkotie 6, 20100 Turku, for International Talk Like A Pirate Day. See their FaceBook Events page for details. The event requires enrollment at and all exchange students and others are welcome. Drink up me hearties! When the buccaneers have had enough grog and fish head soup we'll be heading to the legendary Pirate party organized at Kiinanmyllynkatu by Digit, Asteriski and Anglica.


TOULOUSE - "We (Rêves Temporels) organize the French Pirate Day (for the third time! This year on Sept. 15 we make an big day with a Pirates's parade in Toulouse and go to a stopover at the edge of the Garonne (with many animations). We finish this day in the Pirates's tavern (at 8pm), with more animations, concert, and others surprises!" - Captain Sam Perfi Facebook event page.


BODENSEE - I'd like to have my pirate party on th' map. Thee party starts at 6pm at thee Bodensee(Lake Constance). It's a private party with a small crew, gilling, drinking and watching "The Crimson Pirate". Thank ye and Ship Ahoi, Ol' Bilge Rat Mertens

KREUZAU - Just wanted to say, that some friends of mine and I will also celebrate the Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day. Luckily we have to go to school that day, so we will be dressed like Pirates then! Wish you an awesome 19th of September, me lady, and don't board yer ship! - Capt'n Juliet

ROSTOCK - Cafe Median, 18057 Rostock at Niklostreet 5/6 threw a Talk Like A Pirate Day party.


SISI, CRETE - We shall be holding a special night in our bar - The Jolly Roger in Sisi, Crete, Greece. We did it last year and it was a big success, so a repeat run this year. The staff dress up in pirate costumes and everyone who orders their drinks like a pirate gets a free shot. - Cap'n Daniele


DUNDALK - Cap'n Marcio celebrated a birthday on Sept. 19, and invited his friends and colleagues to join him at the Bartender, 77 Park Street, after work to talk - and drink - like a pirate.

TRALEE - "We at the Osborne bar in Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland be having our 2nd annual talk like a pirate day party on September the 19th, Ireland's longest running annual Pirate day celebrations ( as far as we know anyway!). We'll be having fancy dress, shanties, drinking games, plundering and other shenanigans for the entire day. After perusing ye'r chart we noticed that there be no Irish peg on ye'r map and we'd like to be the 1st." - The sea dogs and wenches of The Osborne


FLORENCE - As best we can tell from Google Translate, Flotta Nemesi (Fleet Nemesis) planned to conquer the city of Florence, spreading piracy in the streets and among the common people on Sept. 19. Meeting point: Santa Maria Novella Station area Escalators, at 16.30- wearing pirate uniforms. Check-out: 17.00. Check-in: Loyal Taverna del'One Eyed Jack! See their Facebook page for more.

FORLI - Here's Cap'n Mattia! I'm warnin' ye that me and my infamous galeon be sailin' tonight at 8 p.m. frrrom Circolo Arci Valverde, Forlì (Italy). Whoever wants to pour me some grog, sail with us! ARR!

NAPLES - AT 22:00 on Sept. 19, at Doria 83 Club in Napoli, Italy, we have
a party for the Talk In Pirate Day with pirate clothes and lot of Rum. Cap'n Dario D'Avino

ROME - Two great ideas that go together: International Talk Like A Pirate Day and Pastafarianism. Celebrated on Sept. 19 by Chiesa Pastafariana Italiana at Viale Appio Claudio 336, Rome. Check out their Facebook Events Page

VENICE - For the 6th year at "AeBricole" Pub, Grog will flow, challenges will take place among the buccaneers (such as the olive-stone spitting contest) and you must not miss the exclusive pirate menu with its special, the Kraken Fillet in guacamole sauce! Absolutely free entrance for everyone. Pub AeBricole, via Martiri della Libertà 381, 30174 Mestre - Venezia ITALY, Tel. +39 0415346323


EINDHOVEN - Join Pyrates, for folk rock sung pirate style, on Talk Like A Pirate Day at Café The Jack, 55 Stratumseind, 5511EP, Eindhoven.


EAST KILBRIDE - As part of Kilbryde Hospice’s Hospice Month activities, costumed staff and volunteers from Kilbryde Hospice will hoisted The Jolly Roger at Sainsbury’s, Kingsgate Retail Park on Wednesday 19 September for a charity bucket collection and bag pack in honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

INVERNESS - Highland Aviation Flying Schooltook pirate speak to the skies on Wednesday. We be anchored at Inverness Airport in Scotland - the furthest North post for arr business. - Cap'n Neil, Chief Pirate, Highland Aviation Training Ltd.

KIRCALDY - "i be Cap’n MacKenzie, berthed in Kirkcaldy, Fife – That wee nook on the east coast o’ Scotland. I be sendin’ this message to give ye fair warnin’ that me and me first mate, Cap’n Hamish the cat, will be freely piratin’ around our local waters on the 19th’ of Septembarrr. All ships be warned ! I pledge ter be talkin like a pirate all day, an’ I is hoping that if I is lucky I may even end up bein’ the first person charged wi’ piracy in British coastal waters since the 1600’s...That’s if they’s can catch me. Har-har! I be needin’ a ship first o’ course but I be crossin’ that bridge when I’s come tae it. If’n ye wish tae be markin’ my own personally staged (and non-criminal) event on yer World Pirate Map, then I’d be delighted if ye’d do so. All be welcome aboard." - With kindest regarrrds, Captain Stu ‘Mad Jack’ MacKenzie.


BELGRADE - Sandra, Branka, Darja and Zeljko, the crew o' American Corner Belgrade, a library in the center of the city, celebrated ITLAPD with little pirates from a nearby elementary school. Check out their photos from 2011.


LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA - The Irish Academy Las Palmas de Gran Canaria,España planned to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day!


UMEÅ - Jens Choong & mates celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day (we don't know what they're doin', but we're glad to have 'em aboard.)


CARDIFF - "I look after the events at Cardiff University Students Union, which is Wales, UK. (Many Americans believe Wales is part of England - it's not! It's kind of like the relationship you have with Canada, we're pleasant to each other but there's that undertone). However to the good stuff - this year in our pub The Taf (Tafern is Welsh for pub - original I know!) will be open on Wednesday 19th September and we'll be celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day." - Cap'n Katrina

CONWY - The Conwy Pirates (who throw a whole Pirate Weekend at another time o' the year) planned to observe International Talk Like A Pirate Day with a Pirate Lantern Parade. Dress like a pirate, bring a lantern (and tea-light) and meet outside the Liverpool Arms Pub at 7:30 pm Sept. 19 to join the parade through town. More information on their Website and Facebook page.



HONG KONG - Cap'n Max an' his matey Jack be 'avin a gatherin of sea dogs after sword fighting schooL in Sai Kung, Hong Kong

SHANGHAI - Cap'n Jeff invited his mates to join in a casual evenin' o' dressin' and talkin' like pirates, startin at 9 pm on Sept. 19 at Rhumerie Bounty (Yongfu Lu) 1F 47 Yongfu Road, near FuxingXi Road.

SHANGHAI - "I am having a huge day in my first grade class at Shanghai Community International School. All the kids are dressing up, we are having a treasure hunt, they get pirate booty at the end of the treasure hunt, we are watching Peter Pan, studying maps, putting pirate words in ABC order, and eating pirate treats all day!!! And of course talking like pirates!!! We are promoting ourselves as Explorers and Pirates of Peace. :) Making the world a better place by traveling and trying new things and being kind to all we meet. After tomorrow we will climb aboard our imaginary Pirate ship and travel around the world in our imaginations. It will be a year of exploring new things, places, and people." - Cap'n Lisa


TOKYO - "Ahoy there ya bloated bilge rats! Captain Mattias here. Every year on a weekend closest to the 19th (this year the 16th) Japanese and foreign resident pirates alike come out in full force to take over the good ship Salvia-Maru for a few hours of all-you-can-drink raucous behaviour. Last year we rallied a force of around 180 pirates and this year we're aiming for more than 200! If you have some decent pirate attire you are more than welcome to join in by RSVPing to their Facebook Events Page.

South Korea

SEOUL - We'd like to add our Talk Like a Pirate Event to the Map. We will be celebrating in September 29, 2012 all day in Seoul, South Korea at Seoul Christian School. It will be a school wide event with students, faculty and staff dressing up like pirates. We will celebrate with games and prizes. This is a closed event but we would love to see it on the map. We'll even try to send in a few pictures of the costume winners. - Cap'n Lisa


KOH TAO - Just wanted to let you know that we will be hosting a party on the 19th at the Fishbowl Beach Bar on the Island of Koh Tao, southern Thailand. Drink specials, costume prizes and lots o' pirate talk ...

SAWANG DAEN DIN - "My son's birthday is the same time as Talk like a Pirate Day, so we're having his party on the 19th, Arrrrr, Great Idea! He loves Pirates, Daughter Loves Mermaids, what more can I say! We're holding the Party at Ken's Jing-Joe Pizza, Sawang Daen Din, Sakon Nakorn, Thailand - A town of about 10 000 people in the middle of no-where, but lots of locals are fascinated with the idea! Talk like a Thai Pirate Day! Pillage the Rice Paddies! Burn the Main Sail! OOOPS!" -- John Hawker


South Africa

JOHANNESBURG - We be here in Johannesburg, South Aaaaaarfrica and a fine beauty of a party has been arranged for this Friday at which I’ll be showing some piratitude for sure and swilling down some hearty grub with a barrel or two of grog......Arrrrrrrrr!! And remember the wise ol’ words of the Zen Dawg, “He knows not where he’s going, for the ocean will decide, it’s not the destination, it’s the glory of the ride”. Geoff ‘Jack Jefferson’ Simmons

PRETORIA - Cap'n Dickson and his motely crew WILL be celebratin' and talkin' pirate all day in Pretoria, South Africa. Even if we be doin' it all alone like. Free grog seein' as we be 'bout the only African pirates out there. Arrrrr.

Middle East


EILAT - We be Arrring it up in Israel, Eilat on the beach with som' Capn' Morgan and a lot of good friends! Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!$@#$!%

MODIIN - The mini-pirates (4 year-olds) were out for a treasure hunt and learning to say "Arrrrghh" in Hebrew on Sept 19th.

Saudi Arabia

RIYADH - "ARRRRRR, me wench we be having a party with the finest grog east of the Caribbean. Also in the middle of a desert. I am hosting what looks like the first ever International talk Like A Pirate Day party in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. I am stationed here in the military and I am hosting one on the base here for my fellow military pirates. Some of us are actual pirate hunters. I would love to be placed on the map. I will also send a picture to hopefully be posted. As the Saudis do not believe in costumes all of our costumes are hand made out of whatr we could find in out exchange here on base." - Bosun's Mate Chief Peter Rossi, US Coast Guard Maritime Division


DOHA - We do be havin’ a Pirate celebration here in Doha, Qatar. We be swabbing the deck (working) all day, but if any land lubbers come aboard the Blasted Fellow (our office, or ship) then we'll give 'em the curse's cure if they don't be participating in our little holiday! I'll be pleased to see our jolly spree added to yer map. - Fartin' Clive (Jacob)

Caribbean & the Seven* Seas

*more or less

SOMEWHERE ON THE SEVEN SEAS - "I just wanted t' make ye awarrr that t' entire crew o' USS Oscar Austin will be celebraten International Talk Like A Pirate day.. and we will be doin' it in full force. Due t' operation security, I can not discuss t' where abouts o' us while we be doin' it.. but it will be a day t' remember by t' whole crew. Just wanted t' let you all know, deployed forces have yarr aft, for covered that map. I know I need t' do some practicen before t' 19th (I had t’ use ye translator for this)." - Samuel B.

ARUBA - "We will be celebrating with you in Aruba aboard the Jolly Pirates Ships talking like a pirate – as we do all year long! sunny regards, Carla Cavallaro, Jolly Pirates Aruba. Facebook page.

OFF THE SHETLAND ISLANDS - "This Talk Like a Pirate Day party, my sister Kirsten will be on a "pirate" ship. She is going to a folk high school in Norway, and the school (120 kids age 18-20 or so) is taking a week long excursion on a full-rigged sailing ship, the Statsraad Lehmkuhl. They will be doing all the work involved in sailing it; two of the instructors will be the only experts aboard. I told her about Talk Like A Pirate Day, and she almost exploded with glee. They will be departing from Fetlar, a small island in the Shetland Islands, and having a grand party on that date. I don't know the details, as they had not yet fully planned when I spoke to her this morning, but I know there will be beer, piratical attire, and singing of sea chanties. They were learning the guitar parts to the sea chanties by the end of my Skyping her."

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS - They celebratedat Pirates Cove bar, Salt River Marina, where the sign over the bar reads "Prepare to surrender yer Booty!”

Oceania & the Antipodes

Where they get first shot at Talk Like A Pirate Day each year:


NATIONWIDE - Australians have been among the most dedicated fans of International Talk Like A Pirate Day since the beginning. Each year on 19th September, people throughout Australia and around the world loosen their ties, lose the school uniform and get ready to Talk Like a Pirate! Throughout the country , Talk Like a Pirate Day is dedicated to raising awareness of the impact childhood cancer has on families while raising vital funds for a great cause.

ADELAIDE - Ahoy thar me hearties! We be celebratin' International Talk Like A Pirate day (A wee bit late but you see!) at the Worldsend Hotel in Adelaide on Saturday the 22nd of September. Pirate band Captain Hellfire and The Wretched Brethren be hosting the night, dress in yer best pirate rags and party like it was 1699! Thankee! - Captain Hellfire

BRISBANE - The Queensland Maritime Museum celebrates Pirates Week in the September school holidays, Sept. 24-28. They offer a full day's piratical fun from 10 am -2:30 pm each day for children 5-10 years old, complete with nautical lessons from how to row a boat (on dry land) to how to tie knots. $20/child, $15 for each additional child in the same family; fee includes lunch. Bookings are a must; contact the museum at 07 3844 5361 by 3 pm Sept. 14 to sign up.

EMERALD, Victoria - Emerald secondary in Victoria wrote their year 12 practice exam in pirate!

FREMANTLE - Just wanted to let you and the rest of Western Australia know about our plan for some piratical fun and games on Wednesday 19th. Some local tall ship and pirate fanatics, along with their families and frrrriends, will be meeting around midday at Quinlan’s On High in Freeeemantle, Western Australia. Afterwards we will continue on to whereverrrr the rum takes us – but if we can at least have the above info on your worrrrld map then we’d be reaaallly grateful!! - Cap'n Wendy

FREMANTLE - West Australian Medieval Alliance (WAMA) is hosting "Talk like a Pirate" outside the old Town Hall in Fremantle, Western Australian. The event will run from 10am to 4pm on Sunday, 23rd September. It is a free event with much entertainment. Come one - come all, yaarrr.

FREMANTLE - Some of us down-under-and-on-the-sunset-coast pirates will be endin' th' day with a greg fest an' pirate karaoke at th' Bar Orient in Fremantle (this be in th' great state of Western Australia). The establishment has requested we tone down the rapin' an' pillagin', but assure us they be havin' plenty o' rum! All pirates welcome. Cap'n Squidlips Galliano

GLEBE - In celebration of ITLAPD on Wednesday, this week at Mr Falcon's is Pirate week. All THE bands this week have been worded up and will be including some pirate themed entertainment in their sets. They will also be serving up some special cocktails for the occasion and will have a special selection of rums on offer for all thirsty pirates. Wednesday of course is the big day and the band for the evening is very excited to be able to regale the crew with "sea shanties and other pirate themed madness" On pain of death, all the staff have 'chosen' to dress in theme rather than walk tha plank and any landlubbers that wish to do the same will be handsomely rewarded wi' a warm (or cold if that be yer preference) glass o' grog on arrival. Thar looks t' be a storm a brewin' o'er ol' Sydney town, but all who seek safe haven at Mr Falcon's will be rewarded with a fine evenin' of entertainment. And fer all th' lovers out thar, they can cozy up in front o' the 'Most Romantic Fireplace in Sydney'.

IPSWICH - The mates at Battery World Ipswich celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day with the staff in pirate garb, BOOTY giveaways for customers and generally having a good time promoting the event around our corner of the world.

JANDOWAE - "We be holdin a TLAPD on Septembaarrr 15th to celarrrbrate, we be avin cardboard boat races for big and little Pirates, then we be sendin the little pirates home and doin some grrrrown up Pirateing into the night Savvy." - Cap'n Brad.

JOONDALUP, W.A.- Moments Café in the township of Joondalup, Western Australia we arrrr ‘aving a special fancy get togetherrrrrrrrrrr. We be ‘aving fun wiv it all, yer know, arrrrrrrrrrrr…………………….. ‘appy treasure ‘untin’ to yer all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Capt’ Mo-Mo

MAGNETIC ISLAND - As part of the 2012 Magnetic Island Bay Days Festival, local beachfront restaurant, Noodies on the Beach at Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island Queensland Australia hosted a Pirate Party to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day on Wednesday 19th September 2012. Guests are invited to come in costume to record "What shall we do with a drunken sailor" then we hope to upload it to YouTube. "As we are the first region to celebrate the day, I think the timing will work out really well.", writes Cap'n Sue.

MOUNT MAGNET - The Mt Magnet Gold Mine Processing Department and Maintenance team was ARRRR Talking like Pirates

MELBOURNE - The scurvy crew of Teambeanarrrr (class 1/2B) and Captain Emma at Brunswick North Primary School will be again celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day. We'd love it if we could be located on your map - we'll be looking at it on Wednesday!

PERTH - The Moon & Sixpence and the Boheme Bar and Restaurant, conveniently located at 300 Murray Street, will celebratedTalk Like A Pirate Day in fine style.

PORT DOUGLAS - "Port Douglas Yacht Club ‘ere, the only seriously non serious yacht club in the tropical north of Australia. We is again hosting ScallyWAGS this Wednesday. Every Wednesday up to ten ships take the public on a free sunset sail followed by a meal and plenty of drinking at the club house. We skippers all get a bottle for our troubles and the rum is the prize to be winning. The tradition is known as WAGS and last year we celebrated with ye pirate talking folk for the first time. We’ll be doing it again this week and setting sail in search of Spanish galleons and British merchants in the not so far off shipping lanes. Anyone not dressed in their finest pirate gear will be walkin’ the plank AAARGHH!" - Mick Gwilliams, Rear Commodore, Port Douglas Yacht Club Inc

SHEPPARTON, Victoria - Delicious Di and Me Hearty Margaret are back with their rowdy crew of the ARCBS. "We want nuthin more than to be part of the festivities again to drink, be merry and see the 10yr anniversary in with a bang!!!..." they write.

SIDNEY - FPA Toastmasters Club No. 6370 will observe ITLAPD a bit late on Oct. 9, with a 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' theme. Writes Cap'n Phil, "We will arm our members with some Pirate Lingo from your site to 'liven up' our meeting.The meeting is 'open' and if any pirates want to attend please let them know they should contact us in advance of the meeting." The club meets at Sydney Mechanics School of Arts from 12:15 PM to 1:45 PM.

TAMWORTH, NSW - The New England Institute of TAFE, a career learning school, is planning an International Talk Like A Pirate Day online challenge for its students and staff.

WICKHAM, NSW - The Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club threw a big pirate parrrrrty for ITLAPD, complete with bar, band and a Pirates Treasure Chest Raffle (for the Seafarers Mission, Newcastle. In port f'r the occasion and the rest o' the month: the 2.3 metre 500kg steel “Pirate King B."

YAMBA, NSW - Pirates took to the Coldstream St (main street in village) talkin up the pirate phenomena ! - Cap'n Vanessa


TREVALLYN - The rogues and rascals of Trevallyn got an early start to ITLAPD with a Talk Like A Pirate BBQ on Sept. 12 at the Village Green. Check out their photo and YouTube video!

New Zealand

AUCKLAND - The Voyager New Zealand Maritime Museum extends the holiday to Sunday, Sept. 23, with special pirate sailings aboard the heritage vessel Ted Ashby at 10.30am, 12.00noon & 2.00pm. Family activities include story telling, sword fighting lessons, create your own Pirate Ship and Pirate Hat! Visit for more information - and check out this photo of some o' the crew gettin' ready for the big day!

AUCKLAND - The rogues at Electronics for Imaging talked - and dressed- like pirates at work on Sept. 19.

CHRISTCHURCH - Captain Martin Brill reports: The Fencing Institute, a "small group of oldies have fun swashing and buckling with swords (especially epee)", fences for fun on Wednesday evenings. So this year TLAPD coincides. They have invited all the other fencing clubs in Christchurch to come and join them for a round o' swashbucklin on Sept. 19. With a bit of luck the Aikido club (Takemusu Aikido Canterbury) who share the facility will join in. (And when ye think about it, that's practically pirates vs. ninjas - WIN!)

CHRISTCHURCH - Our Burwood primary school will be celebrating talk like a pirate day by dressing as a pirate on the day and learning all about pirates through various fun activities. - Cap'n Tanya

CHRISTCHURCH - "Five of us will be celebrating at a gathering round the Bridge of
Remembrance in earthquake struck Christchurch New Zealand, at 5.30
tonight (Sept. 19)"
... Cap'n JR

GISBORNE - "Hiya, just ti let yer know, we're havin a pirate party in Gisborne , that's in New Zealand, September 22nd:-) aye aye aye" - Cap'n Nicole.


MANILA - Just wanted to let you know TLAP is alive and well in Manila, where Cap'n Karen of the Black Pearl Philippines and 'er mates with a host o' events, includin' a music/art/indie fashion benefit for the kids at the Silahis ng Kalusugan. Writes the Cap'n "These kids have all sorts of serious medical conditions but they've got the spirit to go and attend classes at a small school area on hospital grounds." Ye can read about it all on their Facebook Event page, and see pictures o' their 2011 TLAPD celebration here.

The poles

Multiple locations

COAST TO COAST, AROUND THE U.S. - " This year the Corgitales of Yahoolie will be celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day as they do every year, by causing as much mischief as they can, stealing treats from their moms and dads at sword point, making chihuahuas walk the plank, and Barkin' Like a Pirate! This is about the 5th or 6th year we have been observing this holiday, although some of us took 2010 off in memory of our dear departed Unca Phil, who left this mortal world of toil just a few days prior to TLAPD that year. Faye and her mom didn't feel much like celebrating, so we kept things pretty quiet. Last year was a bit better, but Faye and Auntie Cookie were still in mourning, so they don't really know what went on. This year, we are hoping for great fun, throughout the country, from California, where there will be chickin' chasin', to Texas, where there are so many corgis we can't even count them, but they are ALL pirates into Louisiana and Florida, great pirate states, up the coast with side trips to Tennessee and over to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan. We can't forget Tegan, our Pittsburgh Pirate! We have pirate corgis in Connecticut, Philadelphia and Maine, too. We will have a jolly day, and so will our moms and dads. Faye says to tell you she is so excited she got Mommy's velveteen pirate hat out of the closet today already, and couldn't resist giving it a few premature licks and nibbles, much to Mommy's disgust. But hey, we're pirates, we do such things. So scurvy sea dog better be on the lookout on the 19th of September. The Corgitales will be partyin' hearty, and barkin' like pirates."

Parts unknown

Some people don't want the world t' know where they be. Others just get so excited they forget to pass on their locations. Here they are:

"Today, thirty-one years ago, I married my husband. We plan to celebrate our anniversary by "crashing" our country line-dance class with pirate moves, grooves, walking the plank, etc. Okay, maybe I plan to do it, he has to work. Interestingly, one of his ancestors was a Scottish merchant ship captain, and others were sea captains who transversed the waters during the Revolutionary War. The true makings of a pirate if I do say so myself. Arrrrr," - BL

Viv and I celebrate our silver wedding anniversary. Yep, 25 years and it's on TLAP Day! Arrrr! - Ian

"Dear Cap'n Chumbucket........ahoy me ol' bucket of bow waves ... arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Pete the Pirate.......original!