Talk Like a Pirate Day 2013

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What are ye planning for September 19th*?

Arrrrrre ye ready for TLAPD? .Let us know what ye're up to , an' we'll tell the world! If ye're at a loss for ideas, check out the year-by-year party reports from previous years:

2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003

(With the risin' popularity o' the Google Map of Pirate Fun on our home page, we're dropping the duplicate Web page for 2013 to save the Webwench some data entry.)

We're always interested in hearing about pirate events organized as fund-raisers for good causes.

(* ... and the weekends on either side. The 19th will always be the official date, but we encourage ye to stretch the fun as long as ye can stand it. Think of it as our own version of "the holiday season.")

What's happening around the world on International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2013

Parties around the world

After a decade of painstakingly recording hundreds of parties each year here on the Website, the growing popularity of our GoogleMap has made that page obsolete. For real-world, parrrrties and events, see the map in all its glory on our home page - and don't forget to let the wench know what you're planning, or what you did.

TLAPD on line and in the media

Every day can be Talk Like A Pirate Day at ...

  • Google, where choosing the "Language" link to the right o' the search box (or just followin' our link, above) pulls up a long list o' languages fer yer search results, including "pirate." But still no Doodle, alas ...
  • FaceBook, where users can "go pirate" on TLAPD (or any day) by selectin' the "English" (or whichever language they're usin') link at the very bottom o' the page and changin' that to "English (Pirate).
  • Tweet like a Pirate for one week only with a special, pirate-ized version of SwiftKey X, an Android-to-Twitter app from TouchType. Try it out here.!
  • Another fine app for Tweetin' Like A Pirate: That Can Be My Pirate Tweet
  • If yer preferred social network, blog, forum or letter to yer granny ain't equipped to translate, you can use Post Like A Pirate (today or any day) to turn yer post into proper pirate talk!

Pirates with a Heart

Charitable events for TLAPD

  • Our mates at, the UK national charity supporting people with learning disabilities and their families, are our new "Official" UK Charity site for TLAPD 2013, and they're makin' it easy for folks to organize their own charitable fund-raisers around Sept. 19. Just go to JustGiving , set up a page for yer parrrrty, and then spread the word; 100% of funds raised will go to Hft. (And be sure to let the webwench know what ye be doin', and where, so she can pin it on the Pirate Parrrrty map). Check out their great little video on Facebook.

On line:

Blog - and Tweet, and podcast - Like A Pirate:

Pirating the Web

  • The SkyNet, a major astronomy project recruiting home computers to help search the universe, was the first site we've heard of this year to go pirate. Cosmically arrrsome, mates!
  • Mi Petit Madrid, a cool graphic design site in Spain, piratized their home page for TLAPD with a fetchin portrait o' Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket.

Social Piratittude

  • In Second Life, Moondance, a Live Music venue featured Talk Like A Pirate FriYAYday! ARRRRRrrr to the sounds of Nad Gough with a mind altering light show by the Moondance Environmental Artists! Wearing pirate garb IS optional, but those without may find themselves walkin planks and/or bein drawn and quartered, not necessarily in that order.
  • Find the Pirate o' year dreams? -, the adult chat site, celebrated TLAPD with pirate avatarrrrrs for chat participants, pirate worthy games of chance and seasoning live chat with all words suitable for the high seas. Thar will there will be pirates poking their fellow chatters with cyber cutlasses and pesky parrots and enjoying the day/evening to the fullest. (Free) membership required.
  • Hong Kong in the '60s, a FaceBook group about, well, Hong Kong in the '60s, threw an invitation-only virtual TLAPD parrrty on Sept. 19.
  • Christina tells us: "My piratey alter-ego is takin' over my twitter account for the day!"

Video Pirates

Game like a pirate

We expect to see pirate action on WoW and elsewhere in the gamesverse- but we're too busy to game, so we count on you to let us know.

  • A sad day for PoTC fans: Pirates of the Caribbean Online will be closing forever on International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2013. On the (briefly) bright side, the game is free to all between now and Sept. 19. A tip ofour tricorns to the game, and a moment of silence for all the online pirates being cast adrift. Log in on the 19th for one last chance to rampage around the virtual high seas, a la Jack Sparrow.
  • Project Reindeer Games is on board with a FREE pirate-themed Windows arcade-style game, Saving Bumboo Bay, for Talk Like A Pirate Day 2013. Check out the trailer here, and download the game here (free through Sept. 19).
  • Let It Ride League, the fantasy sports league game site, has a special Pirate World Cup game running for ITLAPD. Pick your ship, pick your ocean, and may the best crew win!
  • Secret Base Design, the developer of the iPad-compatible strategy game Pirate Ring HD, is doing a “Talk Like A Pirate Day” giveaway that will have landlubbers everywhere saying “arrr!” Pirate Ring HD, regularly priced at $0.99, will be available for free in the App Store all day September 19, 2013. Launched in July, Pirate Ring HD is a strategy game that has the timeless appeal of a classic board game. The goal is to advance to Captain by recruiting the most ships, ultimately winning the pirate battle.
  • The popular, free multiplayer online game Pirates101 is on board for TLAPD, and the fanblog A Pirate's Portal is running contests and giveaways in celebration.
  • Wombi Apps is making its memory game, "The Pirates Treasure," FREE for iPhone, iPod and iPad on Sept. 19.
  • "YARR!" is a new pen-and-paper role-playing game by Bill DeFranza - you can read about it here, and order a .pdf of the game here for $5 (and you get a voucher toward a future softcover version. The game is "rules light" and based on an existing RPG set of rules for kids.
  • Plunder Bros. is a retro style Pirate game for Android devices from Appic Win, reminiscent of the LCD Games from the 1980s. Available from Google Play.
  • One o' the finest pirate games ever made, Sid Meier's Pirates!, ias built-in TLAPD recogniation; on Sept. 19, everyone and everything in the game talks like a pirate.Check the screenshot from Commander Jades!

Pirate Apps

Each year brings new pirate apps for the Android, iPhone, etc. Here are the latest we've heard of (ye can find more on our Links page)

  • Fat Cat Pirate Chat - Talk, text, and tweet like a pirate, with rapid-fire buccaneering broadsides, and snappy corsair comebacks - whether you can speak or not. The interface is based on the developers' work in assistive technology. Also available on Google Play, and the Amazon Android store.
  • Teaming up this year with the Fat Cat crew are the folks at AAC Language Lab, who are running a special Talk Like A Pirate Day for therapists, teachers and parents of people who use AAC (augmentative/alternative communication): a lesson plan to use with the Fat Cat Pirate Chat app so the wee mates can learn non-obligatory responses (the little words that we use when having a conversation - okay, uh huh, I see etc.) They think Talk Like a Pirate Day is a great way to introduce using these comments in a fun, non-threatening way.  They'll will release the ‘free’ lesson plan on the 16th of Sept and then on the 19th ask everyone to post pics or stories on their Facebook page.  At the end of the day someone can win a free subscription to the site! 
  • iTalkPirate - Translates whatever you say into pirate - and has FaceBook, Twitter and email integration to let you share the fun.
  • Pirate Talk, by BigAndyBee, is a free soundboard app for GooglePlay
  • Dennis "Another Middle-Aged Guy" Gruijs has created Windows phone ap people can chat with artificial intelligences. One of them is Polly, the pirates parrot! Grab it at
  • The British Slang Converter iPhone app is a text converter that promises to turn your everyday conversations to "proper pirate talk." Built by Phil Gardner.
  • Clint Perry and the BooHoo Crew, a family music rock band out of San Diego, have a new song in honor of TLAPD that's guaranteed to get the young pirates singing along: It's a Pirate Day

Laugh Like A Pirate

Webcomics and other funny folk celebrate TLAPD:

TLAPD promotions, contests, sales and miscellany

  • Peter & The Starcatcher was back on board, with a new contest that promises loads o' Pirate fun! They're asking fans to create their own Instagram videos - in pirate talk, of course - explaining why they think free tickets to the Broadway hit are the best treasure ever! Check out our mate Dave Barry's video announcing the contest! In order to be collected, the videos must use both the hashtag #itlapd and tag the show's official Instagram account, @starcatcherbway. Then rally your friends & family to vote for their favorites. On Sept. 18, three lucky winners were chosen for a pair o' tickets to the Broadway show or National Tour production nearest them.
  • The Peter & the Starcatchers Tour comes to Los Angeles soon, and on Sept. 19 Angelinos were able to get 50% off their tickets to the show by talking like pirates when they ordered on the phone or entering a special code on line.
  • Speaking of Peter & the Starcatcher: This isn't strictly a TLAPD promotion, but those who want to catch the national touring company when it hits Seattle's 5th Avenue Public Theatre Oct. 30-Nov. 3 were able to get a 10% discount on tickets by entering a special code through Sept. 19.
  • It won't be out in time for TLAPD, but check out the trailers for the upcoming STARZ network pirate series, Black Sails! Looks like a load o' rollicking pirate fun!
  • Talk Like A Pirate Day has turned into a major charitable fund-raising opportunity in the UK. This year, we at Team Pirate have declared to be the Official UK TLAPD site, with all the rights & privileges attending thereof. They set up a page at where UK crews could put register their own sites to raise money for good causes.
  • Our Belgian mates who brew Piraat Ale are sponsoring TLAPD festivities at more than 250 pubs and distributors around the US that offer their brew - some of them going on through the end of September They're all listed on our map!
  • Yes, it happened again: FREE DONUTS for Talk Like A Pirate Day! Participating Krispy Kreme locations offered one free glazed donut to anyone who comes in dressed like a pirate on Sept. 19.
  • Escapade, a UK fancy dress (costume) site, put together its own ITLAPD page with an arrrrsome Pirate soundboard and a video "trailer" for their garb.
  • Inspired by one of the oldest mixed rum drinks in the world Bombo Rum originates from an 18th century Pirate recipe when Rum was mixed with sugar and spices. It was also known as Bumboo or Bumbo! A blend of golden rum with caramel, spices and fruit, Bombo Rum is available in three flavours - coconut, banana, and spices.
  • Celtic folk/punk band Black Water County from Dorset, England released their debut single 'The Pirate Song' on 19th September 2013 in honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Check out their Facebook page for more information and a rum-soaked version of the song!
  • Mango Languages, a company that produces language-learning software, are avid fans of TLAPD - and have created a language course to teach people *how* to talk like a Pirate, complete with phonetic pronunciations, grammar notes and cultural insights. Here it is, in all its glory:
  • Australian Photography once again ran a pirate-themed photo contest the week of Sept. 19 for registered site members.
  • Author Jim Ryan's new book, The Pirates of New York - a popular history of how pirates affected the growth of New York City - is available at Amazon for Kindle devices at a pittance price of just $1.49. But for International Talk Like A Pirate Day, the book was made available for download for free - as easy to order as rum in Port Royale on a Saturday
  • Author Mark Rayner dropped the price of absurd short collection, Pirate Therapy and Other Cures to 99 cents on Sept. 19 for Talk Like A Pirate Day.
  • Members of the International Coastal Atlas Network, a prestigious group of geographers promoting the development and use of coastal web atlases worldwide for conservation, management, and governance, met in conference call on Sept. 19. At the urging of longtime TLAPD fan "Deepsea Dawn" Wright, chief scientist with Esri (a global GIS mapping company), they planned to conduct the meeting ... in pirate talk.
  • The AAC Language Lab ran a special Talk Like A Pirate Day promotion - would-be pirates can download a free bounty of ideas to help their little pirates parlay a bit more on their talkers, and a chance to win a free one-year subscription to the site.
  • For the young pirates: Children's book illustrator Elizabeth O. Dulemba celebrates TLAPD every year by creating a free pirate-themed coloring page as part of her ongoing Colring Page Tuesdays project, which provides free images for teachers, librarians, parents and bookstores to share with the wee ones in their lives. The Pirate collection is here.
  • The lads at cyscon GmbH, an international cybersecurity firm, offered a free "Check Me Booty" service to detect security flaws in your computer through Sept. 19. Bonus: Results were reported in pirate talk.
  • The English National Ballet, preparing for an October premiere of a new production of Le Corsaire (The Pirate), celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day with free Prate Day treasure packs for teachers and their classrooms featuring quizzes, treasure hunts, crafts and dressup ideas. They also sponsored a Pirate Poetry Contest and Pirate Photo Contest for participating classrooms - and more.
  • Floris Books, the largest children's book publisher in Scotland, launched a riproarin' new children's book on ITLAPD, Pyrate's Boy, by E.B. Collins. The Floris crewnattered like a true swashbucklin' buccaneer all day on Twitter (@DiscoverKelpies), Facebook (/discoverkelpies) and emails, and at a special pirate launch party in Glasgow.
  • The first 50 tables to visit any Between the Buns burger place in South Bend, Osceola or Elkhart, IN on Sept. 19 and talk like a pirate to their servers got free appetizer cards for their next visits (and discounts on Cap'n and Cola)
  • Alestorm, the pirate metal band, have formed a sideproject Gloryhammer, a wizard metal band! They offered half price tickets on Sept. 19 to their upcoming October show in London for TLAPD.
  • is givin' away booty on Sept. 19 in honor of TLAPD!
  • The WD-40 Company (yes, that WD-40) celebrated with a special phone greeting for everyone who called them.. They may be sorry they told us that...
  • Lobster-Gram, a company that ships live lobster, hadcontests and fun on their Website the entire week of TLAPD.

In the media

Print and Web

On the Air (and "air")

Radio and TV stations love Talk Like A Pirate Day, and we don't even hear about most of the on-air pirattitude. When we do, ye'll find it here (and let us know if you discover something we haven't!)

  • Talk Like A Pirate Day was the Moment of Zen on the Sept. 19 of The Daily Show! (links when they post the video...)
  • Craig Ferguson, on The Late Late Show, proved once again that he's One Of Us...
  • Ol' Chumbucket and Cap'n Slappy are doin' the annual round o' radio and TV interviews this week, some at very odd hours o' the morning. Among them (so far) The Voice of Russia (!) and ABC-TV Sydney ... more links when the guys have a moment to breathe.
  • The UK based comedy/production company UYC Productions devoted their UYC Experienbce show to Talk Like A Pirate, and the show pulled received the 'peak' viewing listeners in the station's history. Archived at
  • Freethought Form TV had their second Talk Like A Pirate Show Sep 17.
  • KRBD Ketchikan celebrated “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” with the pirate school lunch menu, pirate jokes throughout the day, and pirate weather at the top of the hour from 10 am to 2 pm (Alaska Time).  For 2013, we have a special pirate show – music, jokes and more – from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. or in Ketchikan at 105.3.  Go to our website for a list of our translator frequencies.
  • B98FM, Wichita, Kansas did Sept. 19 morning show in all Pirate!
  • Radio personality and DJ KeysDAN partied like a pirate on out of Conway, AR.
  • Mountain FM returned again this year with another round of Pirate Karaoke!